Mars One – Over 200k Want One-Way Trip To Red Planet

Mars One – Over 200k Want One-Way Trip To Red Planet

turns out that more than 200,000 people in the country are willing to travel to
mars on a one-way ticket which is cool breezy so currently Mars
one is shuffling through all these
applications and so far they have a hunt 202 thousand asses from application for people who are
totally willing to colonize at mars now unfortunately only about a
twenty four to forty people will get chosen for this mission I am but the I’m and I should note it’s
not all from the United States there from over 140 countries they submitted
videos explaining why they should be chosen for
the mission it’s a one-way ticket the mars yet are
you friggin insane K I’ll I did you know this but there is
a anything on Moore’s okay sees Kelly the red planet discovered
downer before the brass this kinda plain weekly get a load ’em mars okay now we
have one of these lunatics in the studio 0 John I roller joins us now John FPV see you spoken
positively about a this in I’ll have you submit a video
versatile I did not apply yeah I do have to say I
like the idea a lot more before I knew that there are about 200,000 people
going and there’s not many people are really
care anymore owner go or a loner I its Julian 2,000 people
apply ok the number people going early 2440
it’s a very slight the presence they would exceed your get a little groovy this is a reality
show to find out who the twenty four to forty
a this all private companies okay so I mean and their goodness for me
now to another company to actually do the flights out there and
this happens in 2023 but the selection process begins in 2050
know the selection process starts now the training process starts in 20 fit
that’s right sorry there to train for a number of years of course prior to
actually going to mars but a you don’t know if you’re
going to be successful in getting there and then you’re unlikely to ever come
back to the United States or to to the world I should say yeah I Jan I don’t see any ideas
universal you have no job great because you go train for seven years
yeah you’ll acquire new skills and new job and it will be a lot of competition for
jobs is on 25 people know planet but there are no companies that run okay yeah but part
because right now it’s over you’re going to arts okay so yeah obviously there would be
some big life changes and everything but honestly with some sort of high-speed internet beaming like movies
and games my life really wouldn’t change that much I don’t
they I can’t happen eventually together they get white why do they are
just a few of the other part at mars will be fine your yet you get netflix on mars maybe I keep
going to lie to you like honestly if I understand that there
will be a lot of pressure from the company to have people with like skills like being a doctor an engineer
but I think one person analyzing martian politics is a bad investment yet plus you know the media
got to do the videos hello ok I get it graphics right i mean we gotta know what happened
on mars right okay look I defend overall why I might actually go if I
could I can’t wait so look at you told me youth group
processing you might not actually even go I’m not gonna I’m not gonna do that for
a chance it going but if they said you can go I would probably go I think in the
reason is that there are not a lot of opportunities in the modern era to do
something unprecedented something historic
something no one else is doing to be a part of the first group in what
could become a permanent lasting like step for Humanity out into the rest
of our solar system in the universe I think that that’s a pretty amazing thing if it means that
my life is damaged in some way people’s lives ruined by tragedies all
the time at least I would be making the yes but you know this side up for the
tragedy I I really think about what a disastrous
decision you make it to levels okay number one these 25 to 40
people have apparently no family and friends
like billy goat yeah leave everything behind know you family
and friends sorry no I mean like are you can I would leave
my kids forget my cue to leave my parents with my wife I will leave you
guys like these 2558 forty people like I have
no why see you signing up to be with folks who
have no why well together yeah that’s one that’s one
way to frame it in other ways to frame people who are bold courageous willing
to try something new explores what if what if I would like
Magellan and Lewis and Clark had the same opinion what if columbus and decided to go he would have been
able to label the native americans and everything I people have to make bold steps for
Humanity from time to time midge and bear but maybe this way a 2020 240 people I met in the prolly weighted
towards female for breeding purposes lot very little competition for women on
mars can you imagine if you had all the way
to mars and you’re supposed to like breed and they you can’t get laid anyway I
better because I really it’s already a suicide mission
because it’s no return flight you suicide may be expedited and by the
way within the first three days on mars like the first the US
would hope like I would need to get some easy world mourns its so I was role or second a campfire over 30 like army terrible said actors from Mugabe to do here okay that’s crazy on one
portable hard drive you could put every novel that’s ever been written I get have olive seinfeld in you know
Always Sunny in Philadelphia like I could have all sorts of TV shows and
movies and books nowhere else with him you receive TV in
books planet Earth I and we also other you will be a senior I no guilty jokes P you’re crazy

100 thoughts on “Mars One – Over 200k Want One-Way Trip To Red Planet”

  • This guy has no clue. Bravo to the female for keeping an open mind and (quite obviously) being disgusted by his ridiculous outbursts. I understand that being that rude and inappropriate makes good radio and TV, but I think even this guy could dial it down a little, if only to save his co-host from being stuck on a show with someone that detracts from anything related to serious journalism.

  • It takes much more than that.

    It's for the port

    and I lack the capacity to give a shit about your projections at this point.

    this debate is going in circles say something new (or factual) or fuck off, I'm quite tired of this shit now.

  • @videogamplyr1234 (Youtube is being a fucking bitch)

    It takes much more than that.

    It's for the port

    and I lack the capacity to give a shit about your projections at this point.

    this debate is going in circles say something new (or factual) or fuck off, I'm quite tired of this shit now.

  • I wonder how long these people would last if shortly after settling on Mars there was a massive extinction event on earth. "WTF is going on on Earth? I don't know, that's like the 5th nuclear explosion I've seen today… oh shit."

  • When you mention us being used as lab rats, you can't compare one eating GMO food to being sent to Mars until you die (which probably wouldn't take very long)

  • How can you be so sure of it? Have you gone over the details of the project and they were like "We don't know how it'll go, but fuck it"?

  • You're missing the point (and yeah I know about the vikings.) What I tried to say was that if Columbus just gave up cuz of the risks, history wouldn't have happened the way it did and America as we know it wouldn't have been discovered. For progress to happen, certain sacrifices have to be made. If they (TYT) don't want to take those risks, then they don't need to go to Mars but there are others (like myself) who'd do it in a heartbeat.

  • Big E-Begger Gaming says:

    Just imagine if we were able to create a stable atmosphere on Mars. How amazing it will be to watch the planet turn into its own community, Just imagine the Martian Army storming Earth and destroying everything! And forcing the people of Earth to follow their strange, elitist religion! This is gonna be awesome.

  • I already know enough information for it. No more details needed.

    When you throw yourself off a building without a parachute, what more details do I need to know?

  • I already know that it takes way too long to get there and that they haven't got any means of returning. I already know that there is no possible contingency plan of something goes wrong. They're on their own.

  • What a huge cacophony of mixed up subjects… I don't even know what to start answering. What do wars and costs have to do with the fact that this mission is irresponsible and pointless for the time being since we can't transport ourselves properly to Mars?

  • How about investing the money they used in this mission in space transportation instead? Wouldn't that be a more rational use of it? What can you possibly do in Mars if you can't even get there properly? You're just wasting tons of money and risking people's lives for things that don't make the least difference for us at this point. Tell me something that will be worth it, something that they will do there at this point that will be worth spending all that money…

  • Regarding wars and Space exploration, that's a whole different subject altogether. There will always be wars because the bankers will always want to invade other countries to plunder and steal. The only money we should be talking is the money which is relative to this space mission. That's the money which is available to them and the money they are wasting to send people on a mission without proper conditions…

  • Big E-Begger Gaming says:

    I think you know why…

    Im not bashing religion, im just referring to a sci fi fantasy. What you said was offensive to many people who dont deserve that kind of treatment

  • You're wrong, I don't know why. I didn't insult religion at all. Why is the term "atheist" so insulting to religion. Just the term alone is taboo? Thats insane. I said nothing negative about religion. You hear the word "atheist" and call me offensive. I still have no idea how that could possibly be offensive.

  • I thought I was an introvert… John must have a really shit family to not care whether or not he ever saw them ever again. I also like how he thinks it would be so leisurely on Mars. From what I understand, the people will be tasked with building their shelter, growing their own food etc… No idea in hell how they'd get water. Not a lot of time to sit on your ass and play video games, eh?

  • Well clearly you don't understand the phrase then. "Reason minded" is coined for people who need sufficient evident reasoning to accept a claim. A religious person does not need reasoning to accept a claim because their beliefs are based on faith and personal experience rather then evidence. You're taking offence where offence isn't given. You don't get to decide something is offensive just because you think it sounds bad when in actual fast you have no idea what it means.

  • Do you want to be in the HISTORY BOOKS FOR ALL ETERNITY. As the first group of people that ever set foot on Mars.
    This is NOT going to be a One Way Trip for much longer, Scientist are working hard to develop new technologies to make sure the people on Mars can come back to Earth in the future and be replaced by new people.
    Cenk has no clue about Science or Terraforming. We have the tech to talk to Mars, to send info to and back from Mars, they can get Internet, and CO2 will make Mars Green again

  • Mars Exploration, Other Planet Colonization & Mars Terraforming is the ONLY hope for humanity's future. Earth will NOT EXIST for too long, the way everything is going around here (Pollution, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Economic Crisis, Nuclear Wars, Resource Depletion, Overpopulation, Diseases, Droughts, Poverty etc.). EVERYDAY HUMANS WISH THEY CAN ESCAPE AMERICA AND THIS EARTH, AND GO TO ANOTHER PLANET AND START LIFE THERE (with NO Problem Creators from Earth – Neocons, Currency, Greed)

    NASA has already found Water on Mars, and found signs of Great Lakes, Oceans and Plants that existed in the past. We have found signs of bacteria on Mars too. Scientists are working on BRINGING PEOPLE BACK FROM MARS. With our technology, you can send info to and from Mars and get Internet on Mars and talk to you family back home too. Mars Terraforming puts huge amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, use Hydroponics for food.
    en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Terraforming_of_Mars

  • "Pff, they wants to go to the new land called America. What idiots. They won't be able to afford to come back, and they'll be stuck there."
    – TYT, if they had existed 400 years ago.
    Where's your inner explorer? Going to Mars could be pretty cool. Shitty, sure, but also pretty cool. Being literally the very first people to set foot and fucking conquer mars? That shit's badass son. Besides, we need to spread. One meteor and we're done. Possibly the only intelligent life, wiped out. No thanks.

  • Hmm, face a barren planet that can kill me if I step out of the protective environmental unit that was brought with me to become the first colonists? The alternative is to what? Stay back in the states and wait out the collapse of the dollar and let the public destroy itself while the suits hide in other countries laughing while they convert their savings into other currencies giving each other high fives that they got out before the shit hit the fan? Sounds like Mars is a much safer bet.

  • Of course it is, but technology is also evolving. That was not the point of my remark. Of course it's hard, dangerous, and there is a chance ypu may die. But out of the 7 billion people, there will always be some the are up for almost any kind of challenge. That's all. And I thought this should be pretty obvious, I did not understand the huge surprise on Cenk's and Ana's faces at people volunteering for such a mission.

  • I only pointed out the times with current technology in mind since you're first comment you wanted to go to mars. I know it was rhetorical but i based my comment on that since i thought it was an interesting fact. Nonetheless you're right about everything else, funding things like this would be far more useful that wars/oil subsidies/banker raises….etc.

    Although i will just say that in 50 years or whatever, Mars might not be the most attractive place to terraform. Venus could be up there

  • "Of course it is"
    How so? At least other continents have others ppl,air, animals for food and several other resources…Mars? Not so much.

    I think they were surprised because it seemed like the participants were "trowing their life away".

    I thought about it and I guess it isn't as bad as I thought, so long as they are doing something productive there.

  • I don't know if they will be alone completely. SpaceX founder wants to put 80 thousand inhabitants on Mars as well and it may not be as a big deal after all.

  • Chelsea Callahan says:

    I could never do it. Never, never. I wonder how many people will back out if they actually make it to the final selection process.

  • mm . . that and the fact that the atmosphere is not even 1% the thickness of the atmosphere of Earth. This causes water-ice to sublimate. The only place abundant in water ice is the northern cap, and that's only accessible during the warm summer months. Otherwise, it's buried underneath a layer of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide; around 2 meters thick).
    This would take a lot of energy to store. You can probably use solar power, but the sun only shines at 40% maximum brightness as compared to

  • earth. That's a lot of solar panels. I suppose you could go nuclear. But that's a whole other issue.
    Speaking about the sun, there's no magnetosphere on mars, meaning the planet is constantly bombarded by deadly solar radiation. This is what stripped mars of it's once abundant supply of water. Sputtering is what it's called.
    It's very cold and it would require a lot of energy to properly conserve human life.
    Mars rover landings have had only a 50% success rate. The last one was too heavy

  • to land on air resistance alone, and needed a complex jet powered, sky-crane to safely land. The vehicle that would carry humans is likely to be much heavier, and much more complex, than the 1 ton rover.
    Etc. . etc..

    The mars one website is too simplistic. The timeline too unrealistic.
    Accepting applications from people, whose only space ambitions are rooted in fantasy, and whose interest only sparked by media sensationalism, seems clownish.

  • Ana: FUCK YOU!, you are crazy you fucking bitch. Don't you dare judge people you don't even know your fucking brainless bitch!

  • Sangeeth Prakash says:

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    He remained, weeks after awakening, in that period of early-morning consciousness that allows easy re-entry to dreaming

  • That is interesting even though I don't completely understand it very well. The fact that the atmosphere is much less dense is probably what allows much more meteors crashing into the planet's surface than on earth? The "water-ice to subclimate part" I didn't get very well. Is "subclimate" a verb in that sentence?The rest I understood and is clearly an issue to get water. Frozen 2m layer of frozen CO2? Yikes!

  • If I went on a one-way trip to Mars, I'd go mad within a day or two – tops. Wandering the Martian wastelands, scrounging for sources of food and water that don't exist, yelling at the sky in despair. It would feel like I'm stranded in a desert, but there's literally no escape.

  • Meh, the host was totally biased and close minded. He has to understand that even if 99.99% of non-crazy humans won't be willing to do it, there's still 0.01% of non-crazy people who will be willing to do this and enjoy it as well.

  • Scott Christiansen says:

    A good way to go down in history. The first men who went the new world were thought to be crazy as well, calm down guys people are needed to push the boundaries.

  • Those natives originally made the journey from Africa during an ice age. Mars has all the resources needed to support human life en mass (cities) for at-least thousands of years, given the right combination of technologies to harvest and process them. Unlike all of human history, we are very close to those capabilities right now, its just an engineering problem. We can see the path to Mars and its easily within a young adults lifetime.

  • Well yeah, ice age- discovery of america are far between.

    But I guess you have a point. If they are genuinely doing this to start for expeditionary purposes, more power to them.

  • But…they were already here (they being humans and here being earth). All they did was walk. And there was no one to mass murder when they got where they wanted. There's no way that if we hypothetically stumbled onto a planet with intelligent life, we wouldn't kill everything in our path if it got in our way. That's my main problem with something like this.

  • the one thing that bugs me is the constant mention of america in this video.. it seems like it's hard for them to keep in mind that there are other countries in the world. And they explicitly explain that "not only americans get to go"… when the creator of the project is dutch?.. cause that makes sense..

  • If you can be one of the first beings to colonize a whole other freakin PLANET, you have have the prestige title of being one of those people. You be one of "those" people. You will always be remembered. Just like Leonardo Da Vinci. Not to mention you get to explore and see things no one, out of the 7 almost 8 billion people living on earth, will ever get to see.

  • Who is the slack-jawed host? What a moron, this guy can't fathom the possibility of doing something above and beyond what the huge majority do everyday, or will ever do. It is amazing this douche even has a job.

  • I would definitely apply if it weren't just 20-40 people going. Having such a small amount of people to communicate with in a small space forevz would definitely cause insanity in some people.

  • Does Cenk think that if he stays on Earth, he'll live forever?  No, he's still going to die, and nobody will remember him after 40 years.  If you go to Mars, you'll still die, but your name will be immortal.  1000 years from now, schoolchildren will still be reading about your life and accomplishments in their textbooks.

  • Adriatic Scarecrow says:

    He claims it's a suicide mission but really, it's not. You are going to a new planet. We don't know much about it, but it can definitely be colonized. Earth is exciting and lovely… For the most part. I live in a first-world country, I've seen the better side of this planet, we all die. I would much rather die out on Mars then here. Spend my life for the name of Humans. I love humanity, it's truly amazing what we've accomplished. But we are just on the brink of astronomy and really, us. Humanity hasn't been around for very long. Like 1% of earths time, and we've changed this world so much! We need to leave the planet and expand. We need to find new places to live. I don't have much longer on this planet, I mean I am fourteen years old. I would rather spend my days doing science and helping humanity progress.  

  • They probably might return, but apparently by the time they get there, the technology won't be available. But the technology probably will be be invented and they could return. This presenter is awful, if he was in charge of the world, we would never advanced at a civilisation.

  • TheRedSamuraiMK says:

    I totally agree with John. Cenk is such a dick sometimes. I know he partly does this for entertainment value but still.

  • I teared up listening to John. I wanna hug him. Tell him that it's not too late to make friends and lead a happy life on Earth.

  • Bernice Panders says:

    Actually CENK, just because a person has nobody left in the world who gives AF about them, doesn't mean that person is a bad person you don't want to hang with. It
    s known from my experience though, having no support system at all, watching your entire family slowly move away and not bother telling you goodbye, never having made friends to begin with, and being alone every day, are the kind of experiences that can make you bitter and depressing…

  • chance to explore the frontiers of space. actual beginning of deep space travel. i understand its not everyone cup of tea but what kinda moron makes fun of the idea.

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