Marlize Devoe is the Key! Thinker needs Flash to Time Travel! The Flash 4×22 Promo Trailer Breakdown

so this week’s episode of the flesh
didn’t feature to vote but it did raise some interesting questions and it had
some great moments firstly Harry wells from earth-2 was kicked out of the
Council of wells and joined the softer gentler council of Harrisons
which allowed him to put himself in devotions and explain why the thinker
had not yet launched the five satellites which will send pulses of dark matter
and make everybody stupid Harry was able to surmise that the reason the ver
hadn’t launched was because he didn’t have the thing that mattered to him most
his wife divorce left him in last week’s episode because her love had strayed
from the path and was now more concerned with ruling the world than saving it we
also got no further indication of where my lease currently is this is probably
going to be a big part of next week’s episode
however the trailer for next week’s episode shows us that DeVoe needs one
last thing to complete his enlightenment device before the launch and that is to
take the last surviving metahuman fallout AKA neol Borman from the Auguste
facility where we last saw him next week’s episode is entitled think fast
and we’ll also see team flash ask John Diggle from arrow for help remember John
Diggle is currently working for August on arrow and his wife Lila is the
director of August so it appears that team flash will figure out exactly why
devote one’s fallout and how it will complete his enlightenment device
remember fallout is essentially a nuclear bomb and I think it’s possible
that there is a lot more to this enlightenment device and just making
everybody stupid and more on that a little bit later team flash are seen
here in the promotional photos working with August and interestingly Caitlin is
seen with a new glove and I think it’s possible that Caitlin figures out a way
to use killer frost powers somehow this glove will come into play and I think
that she’s going to be able to use killer Frost’s powers without actually
going full killer frost frosting out as it were with the white hair and all of
that the fact that Barry is bringing Caitlin on the mission to stop to vote
probably is further evidence that Caitlin will have figured out how to
unlock her killer frost powers otherwise why would he take her on the mission and
not even with a cold gun so I think we can be pretty certain that she will get
her powers back after all this episode also explained that the gene splicer
that emanates used on Caitlin didn’t actually work it only provided after
SIBO effect the placebo effect is defined as a beneficial effect produced
by a placebo or treatment which cannot be attributed
to the properties of the placebo itself and therefore must be due to the
patient’s belief in their treatment I got that straight from Google in other
words Caitlin has it inside of herself to fix herself and get killer frost back
now we’re also going to see the return of Barry using flash time and training
Cisco and Caitlin in flash time for some reason this is obviously part of the
plan to stop Dafoe from getting fallout and what does DeVoe need fallout for
does he just want to take his nuclear powers I mean he doesn’t need his powers
to get the enlightenment satellites in orbit as he already has nulls gravity
powers so he could just float them up into space so they aren’t showing my
lease and the trainer or any of the promotional photos of next week’s
episode but I think that there’s a good chance that she shows up and helps team
flash in some way back to some of the big moments of this week’s episode I
actually quite enjoyed Emma net lack whose real name is revealed to be former
flight attendant lesley jo koy in the comics eminent black is now known as the
blacksmith however her real name is never revealed she ran a criminal
organization known as the network and employed only the most powerful members
of the Rogues which included weather wizard
mirror master magenta murmur Gerda plunder and the trickster she got her
powers from stealing a special elixir from her ex-husband gold face and was
given the power to perfectly fuse metal and organic material including fusing
metal with her own body in the show she’s found running an illegal gambling
operation after going into hiding following des Vosges murder of warden
Wolff at iron Heights on the show she definitely works more as an antihero
than a straight-up villain and some of our interaction with team flash was
hilarious especially this moment when she tells Barry he’s a regular David
Caruso of course referencing the lead CSI and CSI Miami but the funniest part
of this interaction is Barry’s reaction at the end of all of this emanate black
gives Caitlin some of the shards which she makes into a concussive grenade by
bonding some of her dark mana energy to it and I must be honest I was really
glad when she cut off the snake eye from Norwalk iris also writes an article
detailing DeVoe and his plan the city believes it and na DeVoe has nowhere to
hide so why does the Oh need fallout for his plan does he
perhaps just want to have his powers and use them as a nuclear deterrent for
anyone who tries to stop him or is there more to the enlightenment plan than just
making everybody stupid I personally think there is a darker side to the plan
of enlightenment that he perhaps hasn’t even told his wife and I think he may
have actually predicted that his wife would leave him and it fits into his
plan that she left him after all he could have just continued to control her
with the weepers tears if he wanted to and for me the big mystery left in the
season is not who the mystery girl is for sure she is definitely a speedster
from the future related to Barry and iris and this language is the language
of intellect but the big mystery is how does devar and Marley’s know this
language Barry was writing it when he was trapped in time but how does Devo
know it what is his connection to the Future we also know that DeVoe said he
still needs the flash as he’s still part of the plan could it be that Devo needs
Barry to do some time-travel to complete his plan I really want to know from as
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