Make An Impact with NC State Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

I grew up as a boy scout backpacking, hiking
and camping. My family is really big into sports. We go
to sporting events. We’ve been to nascar races, we’ve been to football games.
I grew up on a golf course. Playing golf everyday. It was owned by my grandfather. Played with
my brothers, my grandparents, my dad and just loved the game!
Traveling is something I love to do! I am passionate about learning about different
tourism attractions. I love, love, love, love, planning and programming
events! My name is Mark Phillips and I am a senior
in program management. My name is Luis Breve, Kira Stewart, Matthew
Williams, David Gamble, Matt Whitlow, Amanda Dinkel, Ashely Berfield, Jennifer Crum.
My name is Patrick Stephenson, I am from Garner, North Carolina, Richmond Virginia, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, Pleasant Hill, California, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
I am a junior in Natural Resources Recreation, Tourism & Commercial Recreation, Professional
Golf Management, Sport Management, Program Management.
I don’t want to wake up bored and go to work and hate my job everyday.
You’re passionate about it and you go to work everyday doing something that you love.
Working in Parks & Recreation has allowed me to make a contribution to society by being
personally involved in people’s lives. And being a sport manager allows you to target
those people while they’re doing something that they love.
I would like to inspire young players to improve and guide them toward success.
It’s cool knowing that I am having a huge impact on at least one of these kids lives,
and that they can take it home with them and transform it and use it in their life.
Planning, organizing, marketing, executing goals, directing people, designing objectives,
interacting with visitors, special event planning, budgeting, recreational programming, manage
natural resources, determining locations of trails, running a tournament, promote physical
activity and creating partnerships that develop economically healthy communities.

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