Magens Bay Sun, Surf and Secrets – Let’s Roam U.S. Virgin Islands

Magens Bay Sun, Surf and Secrets – Let’s Roam U.S. Virgin Islands

Travel is about moments. Big, small, and everything
in between. Magens Bay in St. Thomas has been hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches
in the world. Despite its popularity it still maintains
that laid back and local island vibe. I came here to meet HL — a paddle instructor
and Magan’s bay expert. His adorable sons took on the task of giving
me my first paddle board. You don’t want to be slicing through the water you just want
to pull. What many people don’t know about Magans bay,
is that it’s a 319-acre nature preserve. And just steps from the beach you can enter
a completely different world. Should we go for a nature walk? Daddy are we going nature
walk? Nature walk, yeah let’s go! HL is a nature nerd. In the best sense. Right
here, you hear this? The wood of it is very buoyant and this was used by the early indians
to make dug out canoes. It’s a bay leaf! A huge bay leaf! Wrinkle it up and then take
a whiff. Wow! Oh gosh! He had me running around the forest pointing
out all kinds of cool flora and fauna, that I might very well have breezed by. This looks like the normal palm that you’re
used to seeing with the fan fronds. Like these knoll lizards. His keen eye spotted
dozens. Oh you found a hermit crab! Cool! Ok, just
let him walk across. When you try to stop him, that’s when he’ll pinch you. And this tree, climb at your own risk. This
neat looking tree right here is called “Monkey No Climb.” I don’t think anybody would climb
it though. Fresh papaya? They’re just about ripe. Probably what I’ll do is come back here and
get it in the next day or so because if it turns more bright yellow then the birds get
it. The beauty of Magens bay extends far from
its sandy shores. So don’t miss the opportunity to go deeper and take a minute to recharge
with nature.

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  • Magens Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the #Caribbean. In this week's #LetsRoam, Courtney Scott discovers the sun, surf and secrets of this 391-acre nature preserve. #StThomas  

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