Longest Travel Day WE’VE EVER HAD 😳 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!

100 thoughts on “Longest Travel Day WE’VE EVER HAD 😳 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!”

  • Baking Sweet Hope says:

    Crossing my fingers for a kanga postcard! Don’t envy those long travel days but great fun to watch from the comfort of the couch!

  • Chelsey Krause says:

    Oh man, that's brutal! I feel your pain, it took my family and I about 24 hours to get from Canada to Sydney. Edmonton to Denver, Denver to San Francisco, and San Francisco to Sydney.

  • Goodness me you guys! I’m kinda glad that you guys didn’t have such a bad time with the border security. Especially like Vietnam. That was bad! I’m excited for these ones! The lights are gunna be beautiful in the videos if you have them in them!

  • On Hawaiian Airlines, the little bit more for extra comfort seats is well worth it on the long-flights. Also I think the hot pesto chicken sandwich is a staple of theirs.

  • James Butcher says:

    Try flying PERTH Sydney Dallas Toronto . That’s how I visit my in-laws. We didn’t it 4 weeks ago 45 hours bed to bed

  • Vanessa Norlander says:

    As an Australian I feel your pain. Getting to Europe especially is awful every. single. time! Sooooo long.

  • xpswebstar420 says:

    You probably know better than I do but I’ve seen information that advises against showing your airline boarding pass on social media. If you google it there are several websites that will explain why not to do it.

  • Those long travel days are brutal. We once flew from Canada to Australia. First was a 3 hr flight, then a 4 hr flight to LAX followed by a 15 hr flight to Sydney!

  • David Rathmann says:

    Love the drone footage of Melbourne. Sorry to hear about the issues with security, but glad you arrived back in the USA.

  • Amanda Leung says:

    I have once took two red-eyes and one overnight bus to travel from Vancouver to Hamburg. It much longer than yours ;-). My trick of suriving that huge long flight is packing your own snack bought from supermarket before the trip. Trust me, munching on raspberries and blueberries are wayyy better

  • Hooray for long travel "days". I'm not sure which was longer for me: Chennai > Doha > Washington Dulles > Charlotte > Louisville (in 2014); Louisville > DFW > Hong Kong (16 hour 47 minute flight) > Chennai (in 2018); or the return Chennai > Bangkok > Hong Kong > DFW > Louisville.

    It was probably the return trip in 2014, because the day started with a 3 hour train ride from Nellore to Chennai. That was followed by a day of sightseeing leading straight to the airport.

  • Really, for as much as you spend time traveling, you need a Priority Pass to get into lounges. And get yourself "Global Entry", you'll thank me later. Those two things alone will improve your travel experience.

  • Why did you guys choose to go to such hot places over the summer? Vegas and Central America in the summer is brutal.

  • Travel-Blog-Repeat says:

    London has the same trash-collecting floaty thingies on the Thames. Brilliant concept, just sad that it’s necessary. We humans (as a species) tend to thoughtlessly create problems, usually by inventing stuff that seems so helpful and modern and comfortable and “good for us”, which we then have to patch up by inventing more stuff…

  • Foodie Trekker says:

    You know how i feel. Different time zones ,Jet lag at its best. I hope you guys enjoyed my hometown Melbourne

  • Aussie Farmer says:

    I think the last leg to Vegas was a domestic flight. That is why it wasn't the same standard as the one from Australia.

  • I feel your pain when your passport doesnt work and your told to go elsewhere, you cannot help but feel irritated but main thing is you made your flight😊 you kept your cool, well done girl👍

  • I hope your Vegas video(s) don't focus too much on food; everyone knows what an all-you-can-eat buffet looks like. 😉 I'd be more interested in what one can do in or around Vegas that isn't related to food or gambling.

    Just curious, so how much more expensive would it have been to take a more direct, faster and/or easier route to Vegas? How fast can it be done compared to your 24hr trip, without going crazy?

  • Airport foods are always expensive in most countries. Any plan to travel to Dubai and the Middle East someday?

  • Just finished a 2 month travel spree in Europe, flying home we had 4 flights Heraklion to Athens to Vienna to Reykjavik to Portland. Can never sleep on flights too, was a long day. Glad you guys survived 🙂

  • Malik Barrow says:

    LOL I think that's the first time I've ever seen Alison angry hahaha. Awesome! That look on her face, you got some Black in you girl 😀

  • Tube Watcher says:

    That breakfast looked delicious!

    And the reason you got nothing on that flight out of Honolulu is because it’s a domestic flight. Only international flights give you some freebies usually.

  • DeeJay Lopez says:

    Why don’t you guys have at least a priority pass at this point?! It doesn’t cost much and it would make your layovers a little more bearable.

  • Now you know how Aussies fly to get most places… 😎
    SYD to HNL is international, HNL to LAS is domestic… Reason why free 'adult beverage' vs paid beverage – so annoying…

  • 45 min to drive between terminals?! That's insane! They're next door to each other. Holy moly would have been faster to walk. How embarrassing Sydney

  • The Wandering Wife says:

    I feel your pain! We once flew from Auckland, NZ to Virginia, USA. Took 3 planes and over 30 hours. We were like zombies when we got home. And, we have never found many good food options in the Honolulu airport.

  • Carla Hughes says:

    Speaking as a Melbournian who LOVES to travel, 24 hours and multiple flights to keep within a budget is pretty normal! That’s the cost of living in the most livable city in the world. 🤷‍♀️😂

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    Thank you !!

  • Guys, that meal in Melbourne looked great. In Sydney the fastest way to get to other terminal is by train & $6.So you got Hangry lol. Yep, I've worked in Sydney Airport for years&we are not a 24hour airport as in the burbs. I generally liked the Japanese soups or Arabic food in airport.I don't get why people in US are not paid living wage, hence the forced tipping. Random fact, macadamias are native to Australia, Thanks&Enjoy your new location

  • 〈easy〉coding says:

    I think it's important to just remind you guys how great your channel is. Consistent and regular content with great personality, charm and production value!

  • first video ive watched of you guys, and compared to my chicks kara and nate, and the flying the nest channel, yall complain ALOT. damn.

  • Claire Garvey says:

    The food in the virgin terminal in Melbourne sucks. There's more food before security, after checking in you go past the pub and keep walking and there's more food where the international check in is – pretty pointless info now though.

  • Stuart McGill says:

    I did Newcastle – Hong Kong – Auckland – Whangarei – 1 hr drive approx to Marsden pt. Up all the previous night mostly … Followed by ok we're leaving in 30 mins it's your watch … 🤯

  • Scott McMurray says:

    Totally feel your pain! Just back on Sunday from Sanya, China to Edinburgh, Scotland and took 28 hours via Beijing! Horrendous!

  • April and Tim Travel says:

    Now you know the pain of flying out of Australia! We're in the middle of nowhere 😂 Looking forward to watching the Las Vegas vlogs. We're going there in October so all the tips will be much appreciated 👌

  • Kuro fukurou says:

    The reason I love this channel is that you guys show airport and visa troubles you ran into on your way to different countries.Usually travel bloggers just film the countries they are in. But rarely anybody talks about the problems they had on the way to those countries. It's very useful!

  • My boarding pass was also rejected by the Sydney scanner a few years ago. I was traveling with my son who had already scanned his and was inside the checkpoint. I told the attendant what had happened, and he directed me to his supervisor. The supervisor told me to go to the end of the terminal and enter there. When I got there, the line was about 20 people deep. I then went back to the supervisor and told him that my son was already inside and insisted that I be with him. He then brought me to the front of the line and I got through. So sometimes being a squeaky wheel will do the trick. Nice channel – just subscribed.

  • You guys are living my dream life! I am loving your series on Australia. I'm going in July, and I really enjoyed your series on Alaska, which is where I am from. But come'on, after being in Alaska, how can you say that is good salmon? Keep up the great content. You have the best travel vlog channel!

  • Flying to OZ is akways a huge pain in the butt. Literally, after sitting on an airplane first for 5 hours to Abu Dhabi or Dubai and then another 15 hours onto Sydney or Melbourne. There is no way to make a flight this freaking long, comfortable unless you have the money for a first class upgrade.

  • Positively Christie says:

    That's the Starbucks I ate at Honolulu airport when I was flying back to Sydney after my second trip to Hawaii haha.

  • You guys have experienced exactly the reasons that I avoid the Sydney airport at all costs! A bit more expensive and longer going non-stop from Melbourne to LAX, but so much less stressful, and Melbs is awesome! Also the not scanning American passport is a thing in Australia because mine does the same thing, and TSA in Sydney told me it's pretty common.

  • Melbourne CBD is very fancy smancy well known for their cuisine and coffee hope you enjoyed your time here 👍💯🙂

  • Get ready for the "Longest Travel Day" of COMPLAINING !!!! Long Haul of bitching about people, buses, security gates, airlines, bad food, etc etc etc…………………………… Get the Bose N.C. headphones out!!!!!!

  • Eric could have EASILY gone and gotten food while Alison was held up for so long he is just a lost puppy without her

  • Mike Allison Allison says:

    Hi Thomas, is it ok to fast when on a 23 hours flight (Sydney to Scotland!) thought it would be a good idea as plane food isnt the best. But does it stress your body too much? Im travelling with 3 young kids too, how would fasting but having a glass of Red wine to help sleep go? Love your information, its changed my life!

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