London Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

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  • Yellow Productions says:

    Watch more videos from my London series in this playlist:

  • shizukashiawase says:

    Hi I just sub’d, somehow I love your narration and videos. I thought you were British b/c you look like one haha

  • Dorothy Groudas says:

    Thank you Mr. TOUR Tipper!  U r fantastic at giving us much information….AND VERY Important info!  I enjoyed ur video and will watch others made by Yellow Productions…THANK YOU!Dorothy in Tampa Bay Florida USA

  • London is the capital of England not Great Britain. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The capital of Wales is Cardiff.

  • With the exception of one or two words the "British English" is the similar to Australian English, and maybe other areas of the "British Commonwealth".

  • As a Londoner i’d recommend end of August or beginning or September, it’s less busy but we always seem to have good weather in September

  • Bryan C. Martin says:

    Any advice on places to stay in London? Is it better to stay in apartments or hotels? What about safety eg. pickpockets?

    I'll be visiting London in June, can't wait. Thanks!

  • Engaged with the phone not you scam.

    The big scam in London is your "friendly " corner shop. The person behind the counter on the till is on the mobile phone chatting. He hands you change and you walk out. 10 times out of 10 he has short changed you and 910 people trust these guys and NEVER check their change. If you notice straight away they blame the phone call.

    They will have 1000 customers that day – if they short change you £1 then they make £1000! A DAY!

    The best thing to do and will irritate the hell out of them is to say: "l am not in a hurry – l can wait until you finish you're call!". then pay for your item and check your change.

    If its 1.59 count it as 1.50 , 1.39. that's 1.40 and so on …


  • Sahil Sambyal says:

    As a Londoner I will advice better to take Piccadily line from Heathrow rather than Heathrow express to save money. Also avoid London black cabs.. they are expensive but if you dont have an uber app, then black cab is better than pre-paid taxi service..

    One more thing… Beware of SANTANDER BICYCLES… By their advert, you will think that they charge 2 pounds for the fist hour and then another 2 pounds for every extra 30 min. riding.. NO… Actually its 2 pounds per 30 min. right from the time you pull the bike out of the dock..

    And one last thing.. TIP is not mandatory or necessary.. if you feel like you can but its not an obligation and no waiting staff will ever push or gesture you for a tip.
    I love London.. 🙂

  • As a Londoner who has lived for a very long time in Western Canada must admit you do a great job for an American.

  • Don,,t like to live there only go there dat trip for our. Chinese foods tins bottles and dry stuffs will last us about 6–7–months apart from that we don,t go to. London thank you for sharing your beautiful video

  • London is not the capital of Great Britain!
    Haha agree with the other comments it's not British English it's just English and the alternatives made me laugh, especially the pronunciation of Harrods.

  • There is absolutely no need to tip anyone. Unlike the US, waiters, bar workers, etc. don’t expect you to tip them – in fact the majority of workers will have the impression that tips should only be given for exceptional service. It might feel odd as an American or otherwise to not give tips, but trust me as a Londoner, we do not expect a tip 🙂

  • Do people really tip 12.5% if the service is normal? I'm from the UK (not England) and we only tip if the service is good

  • For central London:

    1) There are some affordable (below GBP9 per meal with drinks; proper ones, not sandwiches) cafes/restaurants in central London, one can search for these places on TripAdvisor. p.s. Brits obsession with sandwiches and treating it like a proper 'meal' displeases a lot of tourists who look for actual filling meals.

    2) Some hotels or B&B might allow guests to use their microwave. Ask them and if they do, you can get packaged microwavable food from groceries and heat them up, saves you from eating out or miserable sandwiches.

    3) If you stay longer than a week, get the weekly/monthly Tube pass, that's a lot cheaper than pay-as-you-go Oyster.

    4) Avoid trains whenever possible, its price is exorbitant and one of the most expensive in the world if you're not senior citizen or at/below 25. Travel to other cities/towns by buses especially via the National Express, far cheaper and book online.

  • Fantastic video.I really enjoyed watching it.
    Continue with it please.subscribed to you.
    I would appreciate it when you sub back 🙏 🙂 ❤&✌

  • Brian Freeman says:

    Don't catch the Heathrow or Gatwick Express services. Much better to use the Heathrow Connect service or any train heading North from Gatwick into London – way cheaper but a little slower.

  • Love you World says:

    Can someone tell me what is the best option… oyster card or travelcard ? We are planning to go to London for one day only.

  • Brittany Supachana says:

    I will be watching more of your videos from now on as I am visiting London and Ireland in September of 2020.

  • I am from London. July and august are the hottest months and since 5 years now, temperatures exceed 30 degrees. This year (2019) we had 38 on a July day. So no..summers are not good for visiting London. Stay home

  • A £1 as a tip? Come on?! Better not give cos a pound is an insult! Brits don’t expect a tip unlike Americans, if your really feel you need to then at least a fiver is not so insulting otherwise no

  • Arriving at Gatwick Airport and want to take the train to London? BEWARE THE TOURIST RIP-OFF THAT IS THE GATWICK EXPRESS. Save your money. The savvy traveller gets an OYSTER card from the ticket office at Gatwick station and uses SOUTHERN services. Look for the green and white trains! UK based travellers can use CONTACTLESS payment cards or phones with Android/Apple pay. There are SIX trains an hour during the day and it takes the same 30 minutes, nicer seats and free Wi-Fi too. It costs (2019 prices) £8.30 off-peak and £15.10 peak time. Peak time is MONDAY-FRIDAY 06.30-09.30 and 16.00-19.00 all other times are off-peak. However, in the Gatwick to London direction, as long as your journey ends in ZONE 1(central London) peak fares are only charges in the morning 06.30-09.30.GATWICK EXPRESS is £19.80 at ALL TIMES… PLEASE DON'T GET RIPPED OFF. You can use your OYSTER card to continue your journey on London underground, London buses or any other national rail station in greater London. If you're staying in London you'll need an OYSTER card to get around on public transport so get one at Gatwick and start saving straight away.REMEMBER. THE GATWICK EXPRESS IS A RIP-OFF OF UNWARY TRAVELLERS AND VISITORS. To find out what fares you will pay search 'TfL Single fare finder' you can also download the OYSTER area map called 'London's rail and tube services'

  • Using the term “loo” for a toilet now is a bit old fashioned. If you want to sound like a local ask for the khasi (pronounced Kazi)

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    I found the channel content very good, I really like it. Wish you and your family happy weekend.

  • As far as riding the tube goes don't bother paying for an oyster card if you have Apple Pay (I assume Android Pay works as well) or a contactless card (it has a wifi looking symbol if it's contactless)

  • UK currency. £5 note is a fiver (or if you meet a real cockney which you won't, a fiver is also called a Deep sea Diver). A £10 note is tenner. A £20 note is a score. A £50 note is a bullseye. And a £1000 in notes is a grand. A 'Pony is £25 quid. £100 quid is a 'ton' and £500 quid is a 'monkey'. If an ice cream van in Central London try's to charge you more than 2 quid for a can of Coke, tell em to 'sod off'. If they try to charge you 3 quid for a cone, tell em to 'pi## off'. Try not to use £50 notes as you will be viewed with suspicion as 'nifty's' is the curency of the black market and drug dealers! Youre welcome. On a serious note. Come and enjoy my city. But be warned, bring plenty of dosh!

  • carolyn witmitz says:

    LOL British English , its also Australian , Or like we all call it Real English . Americans are the only ones who ruin the English word , always long – winded . Eg Trash can , its a Bin ; Its pretty self explanatory what goes in it . Also Fall , its Autumn , No kidding leaves 'fall off trees lol …. Nice vid's (videos) yes in Oz we shorten everything; the day is to good to waste on long words , lol

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