Logic ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid – 1-800-273-8255 (Live At The MTV VMAs)

100 thoughts on “Logic ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid – 1-800-273-8255 (Live At The MTV VMAs)”

  • Are we not going to talk about how little autotune there is?
    It’s kinda like the 3 kids who don’t use grammarly doing a project

  • No will ever know the pain I been through. I been tortured twice with deadly weapons at 12. Being abused by drugs I don't need since age 6. No one has ever cared about me or wanted to. Everyday I want to die.

  • I attempted suicide at the end of July this year. Thankfully I was unsuccessful! I am on new meds, I am feeling better, and I want to live!

  • Logic i'm not lying you really saved me thank you i recently got rejected from someone I loved for 5 years thank you. You just saved a person who was going to kill himself, thank you I hope that you will go to heaven and have a good life!

  • The fact that he spends the time to do this and celebrities show fake emotion trying to look mature and then go right back to acting like two year olds and Taylor Swift puts out a crappy song about acceptance and has always had shallow music but will probably win a grammy for it. And Logic has always has fire music and even if you disagree that's fine but his lyrics are deep and powerful and he really fights for a change and always has and is very mature and thoughtful and acts like a normal person having fun while other people get in stupid fights and throw shoes at eachother like kids and then get all the attention and win tons of awards.

  • Danielle Collison says:

    Back here again after leaving a comment a while ago, hands down one of the best songs ever made for the message it Puts out! Well done x

  • Choose life, build every day on your whole self and confront, be honest and stay in communication! Life is also working, on everything ,everyone and please love yourself ,you are YOU…1of a kind, I am also still trying, that is living till the end, so it won’t get boring,very important…try to laugh or have fun every day .(I also saying this to myself over and over, still here,life is special,everything belongs into it,then you are really living. Wishing you all well,kiss…

  • I don’t want to be alive so everyday I cut my skin because I’m not in the best state on minds the what I have been through and that’s all I know is to cut when want to kill myself

  • It's a really nice song, and I thank you so much for giving people who are not "normal" in the opinion of other people. I think I'm gay and that I'm in love with my best friend.
    Some times it's hard, but with song, you give many people new hope. Thank you !!!!
    (I'm from Germany, so sorry for my bad English!☺️)

  • Everyone can be who they want gay, transsexual anything this world might not be meant for some people but one message which I want to get out there is gods watching over u and friends family. If u are an orphan remember gods here for u never judge someone by what they look like there beliefs or who they are everyone’s unique in there on way and u should never judge

    I cried watching this 😭🙏for everyone 🙏🙏hope is with u all
    -YT Wolfz
    Why does the world have to be so cruel sometimes

  • Zoe Samuel Loren Taylor says:

    Greetings to u all that is reading this. I respect every human beings, REGARDLESS OF THE AGE, COLOR, SEX, RICH or POOR. Well to start with, This video was good at some point, but at the end, IT JST A BAD MESSAGE to EVERYBODY. (THERE IS NO CURE FOR THE INJURED, U jst add a poison to the sick prescriptions). Okay let me break it down. MARRYING THE SAME SEX IS ABNORMAL. Am saying this from a practical or natural view, I will bring Spirituality (God) later. If someone is avn feelings for d same sex, Its abnormal. At the same time, tell them with respect and love, (with rebuke to an extent, if d person dnt wanna change). There is a way that seems right to a man, but leads to DEATH -PROVERBS @.
    I'll start with my own story, maybe some may want to talk as if I don't understand. NOBODY IS BORN GAY. EVERYBODY is born to be LOVED. the stages of life; TODDLER and TEENAGERS experienced the wildest widest of LIFE. My story –> "I was born straight, the first born, the only child in that big child, grow up with only books, and my mom, to sch she picked me up, then to extra lesson, then back home, this was my daily routine during my early yrs. Then I moved from pre or kindergarten stage, to secondary sch. There I was sooo bored,no friends the 1st yr, some colleagues wold call me names like, gay, hp, coward,..Then, I used to av a friend that I thot loved me, he wld buy me lunch, we wld go to places, then at one time he told me my penis is nice, before I relize he started playing with it, cut it short, I started feeling for boys, till 3d yr, then I encounter a girl that change a bit of me, bt Loving her and avn feeling for boys,bt bcuz of d way the girl was showing me true love n she later find out I ws falln for men she got shocked, disappointed n ws mad. But she really loved me she did her best for me to change, she took me to a church, (by d way I ws raised ina christian bacground, mom a worker, dad a steward as well, aunt a Reverend), So to cut it short time to time I started seeing things differently, (and to myself I ask, bt I av been going to church, Y all dis while my eyes were blind). 2011 Since I met JESUS CHRIST, my life has been a testimony to many, by the way I av many christian brothers n sister that were gay, some d Lord use me to convert (I neva forced them, I show them the TRUTH, JESUS CHRIST)".

    My dear, PEER PRESSURE is the roots of all these deception (The devil Satan is presenting evil before u as if it is good or gold. Even my master Jesus Christ, he wanted to deceive him Matthew 4:1-11, click or copy n past dis link on browser –> @t HOW CAN YOU BE FALLING FOR D SAME SEX, U SIT N THINK IF ITS NORMAL.. Now lets look at what your creator, NOT me, NOT YUH SPOUSE, NOT YUH FATHER OF MOTHER WHO IS SUPPORTING THAT DECEPTION OF YUHS,,

    The Bible consistently tells us that homosexuality is a sin (Leviticus @; Romans @-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans @-27 teaches explicitly that homosexuality is a result of a continual rebellion against God. When people continue in disbelief, the Bible tells us that God “gives them over,” allowing them to experience their sinful desires and the resulting consequences. First Corinthians 6:9 proclaims that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. Homosexuality is immoral and unnatural. It is a disruption of the “natural order” and, more importantly, of God’s view of sexuality.

    With all that said, the Bible does not describe homosexuality as a greater sin than any other. All sin is offensive to God. Homosexuality is just one of the many things listed in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 that will keep a person from the kingdom of God. According to the Bible, all have sinned and are outside the kingdom of God in their own merit (Romans @; @). No one is good enough. But God’s offer of forgiveness is through Jesus Christ is extended to all people; anyone who puts his faith in Jesus can be forgiven of all his sin and become God’s child (John @; @–18; Ephesians 2:1–10). God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, fornicator, idol worshipper, thief, greedy person, etc.—it is equally available to all sinners, which is all human beings. God also promises the strength for victory over sin, including homosexuality, to all those who will believe in Jesus Christ for their salvation (2 Corinthians @). First Corinthians @ says, “And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (emphasis added).


    Does God approve of homosexuality? NO !!

  • I wish this song was out when I was young I try to kill my self because of the fact I was bullied for being gay when I was in middle school I will never forget it the thing is though that it made me stronger in the long run because even thou I went thru that I’m still the same humble loving funny guy that part of me never change I’m just not ashamed to share my story someone who goes thru this and has tried to hurt ourself and overcame and conquer that pain has a responsibility to help someone who may be going thru that

  • All the things he mentioned the mainstream media does discuss regularly. You know what they don’t talk about, the war in Yemen. Nice guy but he is clueless.

  • Logan The Music Guy says:

    Logic is a life-saver. He has not only saved MY life, he saved my sister, cousin, uncle, and more! My family is going through some tough times, but we’re fighting through!
    Thank you Logic, Alessia Cara & Khalid!

  • I found this song recently and I can’t stop listening to it.. I’ve tried suicide 3 times already and almost a fourth recently and I’ve realized that life ain’t that bad but it’s still hard to try to move on. My cousin committed suicide, my old platoon sergeant committed suicide, both by hanging. And my buddy that was in the army reserves just died 1 month ago. And I’m getting a divorce now on top of it. Music is my life and I love this song❤️. I will always be here for whoever needs too talk. I think everyone should have each others backs

  • All the people who clicked the dislike button they do not have a soul and there are the type of people who want to kill not save

  • Listening to this song now makes me realize how far I’ve come but also how I’m still struggling and other people are still struggling and now I’m crying

  • NinjaKing808 king of ninjas says:

    The fact that not only speech was inspiring and great they sang so good that it sounded like it was the original song

  • We are the Super says:

    Yes all of the people who beaten depression like me rocks u rock shout out to logic and Alessia cara and Khalid thank you all

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