LIVING ON A SAILBOAT is NOT Easy. We SAIL from Ibiza to Mainland Spain

LIVING ON A SAILBOAT is NOT Easy. We SAIL from Ibiza to Mainland Spain

The Balearic Islands. Resting in the
western part of the Mediterranean. The plan. Sail from Barcelona Spain to
Majorca and onward to Ibiza. Many boaters would certainly agree that one of the
most character building situations in recreational boating… We got issues. We might have just ran aground. This video is sponsored by Google Chromebook. Click the link in the description to find out more. Totally just ran aground. In the event of running aground you basically have five options.
In a light grounding you might be able to just motor off. Maybe you can heel or
lean the boat. Blast! We’re still aground. Perhaps the tide is in your favor and
you can just wait it out. Maybe you need to drop an anchor far out and kedge off.
If you’re still stuck you should call a tow. Lucky for us a mix of motoring and
using the rudder we were able to unground ourselves. We did it! We dropped a new anchor and paddled into town and picked up British bruva Danny. After 34 hours, I can stand on hard ground. You’re sailing brother. Yeah, buddy. Blessed, grateful, happy. So with the outboard, it ran briefly a few
days ago and we’re thinking is just because we don’t have any ethanol in our
fuel so we’re siphoning the bad fuel into an empty diesel Jerry. After a few
attempts to fix the outboard motor we were determined to get her running and
by the way there was nothing wrong with the fuel we just had no idea what we
were doing. The salt had jammed the pull cord but we fixed that by pulling on it hard. We had to take apart the carburetor and clean it. We did that and by golly it
actually worked… Now we go to shore. Let’s do that. What the hell kind of top is that? It
doesn’t twist off. Knowing that the oil change was only a temporary fix for our
overheating engine I contacted Bobby from Sailing Doodles and I asked him what he would do. He suggested cleaning out the coolant system with vinegar. He said it was very simple you just remove the hose and you
put it in a bowl of vinegar and it’ll suck it up. What Bobby failed to
mention was that this hose here is wire reinforced and incredibly difficult to remove. Ergh Jesus. How do you get that thing off? Best thing to do is take a break and visit an authentic Ibiza house party. I got the hose finally unattached from
the seacock here. Put the hose into this Jerrycan which is full of vinegar and
then turn on the engine and then wait until it sucks up all the vinegar and
then ugh…the hose is too big to fit in this Jerrycan. The hose is too big to fit in
the Jerrycan. We need to find a new container for the ginger and I need that pipe. So I got the ginger. Here we are good sir. Alright let’s go and give this a good
old college try. There is no suction so that leads me to
believe that there’s a blockage. The engine is cooled by fresh water and that
fresh water is cooled by salt water or something like that and so it just
intakes it from the bottom of the boat but it’s got to strain all the organisms
out of it. I think this thing is all blocked. Also this starter is like hardly holding
on here. Yeah I guess you could say it’s a little clogged. It’s taken me literally days to get to this point. From one clogged drain to another. Chest compressions. I was very confused how to put this back together, for a second. You sit there screwing it forever and doesn’t even thread off. Start the motor. Need to jump the battery. Do you want to tell us what happened? Went for a little run in town today and I was coming back and I was ripping it! I hit a little bump motor came off and so it’s hanging
horizontal and the propellers beating against the pontoon and I’m like holding the throttle trying not to flip the dinghy while like holding on to it because it’s like I’m not losing this motor again and
then the top falls off and my hat’s gone. There’s some guy over there and he goes and gets my hat for me, which is super kind. I had to swim around for 20 minutes but
luckily I just bought goggles so. I have to take the engine back the motor
back apart to get it running again but luckily I’ve done this three times. Today’s
a shoot day so I’m essentially going through the gear we do have and
I’m sorting out what we’re gonna use, might use. I’m gonna try to put as much of it
as possible into our Pelican case which is waterproof so that way if something
goes overboard. This is the video that we filmed. Up here on the ceiling, we have a 3.5 meter satellite. This is our inventory list of what’s in
that lock in that locker there. I’m trying to find if we have any spare
electronic parts and see if we can use this generator to jump the battery to
start the motor to then suck up the vinegar but we don’t have any cables so
I took this cable and cut it apart and created these little ports so we’ll
see what happens. We’ve got a fire extinguisher on standby just in case something were to go horribly wrong. Dylan, what happened? It sucked up the
vinegar finally. Tomorrow when we run the engine we’ll just be sure to open this C
cock back up, pull this lever. This is Anika by the way. Welcome. Today we’re
headed down to Formentera which is south where we are now. It’s gonna be like a
two-hour sail should be on like a beam reach the whole time down there so we’re
heading almost due south. I think we made it. Hola. Esta abierto? La restaurante? Para beber? Si. Para comer, no. Gracias Senor. I believe that the purpose of life is to experience. Whatever it is around you, the place that you’re in, the people around you, the smell.
To be there. To go new places, to expand your mind to expand, to expand your horizon. To be. Lost a piece to the sea.

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  • Thanks for watching. Life at sea seems to be a constant source of hurdles to overcome. What hurdles are you facing and what is you plan for moving forward?

  • Belle Bonnebranche says:

    I would have liked more footage of Ibiza but the beautiful shots at sea make up for it….. (the shirtless shots, also) 👍🏽😎.

    Funny how earlier today, I was wondering when you were going to release a new video, I needed an inspirational travel boost and – TA DA!!! I conjured it!!😹.

  • Oh hon, you have far more guts than I do. Proud of you though, all of you.

    Who knows, maybe one day right? Never say never. I’d love to see Ibeza, so yeah, one day and hopefully sooner than later.

    Sending prayers and good wishes to all of you on this magnificent journey.
    Be well, hold strong and stay smiling,

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  • You're actually killing it with these edits. Undertones of Wes Anderson and overtones of good vibes. Keep it up. Maybe think about introducing a little more of the other characters on the boat, their reactions to the ups and downs and their back story could really add to what you're sharing here.

  • People as wonderfully entertainingly cluesless about boats and life on the oceans as you guys (I love it really), should consider wearing life jackets…… Until atleast your a bit more clued up….. Especially when alcohol is consumed….. Or taking a piss when drunk on the deck….

  • Dylan, you are amazing. Your perseverance is inspiring. I wish it were easier for you guys, but the grace you handle the struggles is helping gain perspective right now. Thank you.

  • haha–caus eliving on a boat iss totally awesome right.. And Ibiza yu could alwuys drop some "x" and party hearty at that place.. You guys r great

  • Not wearing life-jackets is just plain stupidity. As a captain you are responsible also for your crew. You´re gonna blame yourself for the rest of your life if anything goes wrong. ..Believe me. I know what I´m talking about…

  • Was just backpacking though Barcelona! Getting my skippers license in Thailand by the end of October, maybe we could charter a boat out this winter.

  • GUYS! I know we all subscribed to Dylan because he did a realistic van life that we all want to do and interviewed other people who were doing great things. and now that hes on a boat by himself, i know a lot of us kind of stopped watching, including me, UNTIL NOW! these videos are actually great. im very impressed Dylan, these videos are entertaining and impressive and I will now be tuning in again for every upload. love you

  • This is the most REAL no filter boating vlog I’ve ever seen. Bring another thousand! The two best days in a boaters life are the day they buy the boat and the day they sell the boat. You’re awesome. I LOVE your positive attitude.

  • De Klussenier problemen says:

    damn, you have sponsorship? kind of a corporate bummer, but i guess we all need money. how did you get sponsorship from google?

  • Ok what is everybody’s previous employment? Would love to know how you’re continuous cash flow allows you to live this lifestyle

  • Jeeze that brought back some memories! A tip for you, put a much longer painter on that dinghy when you’re towing it. You want it so that the painter acts as the shock absorber not the flimsy front of your dinghy. You’re dinghy will last a lot longer before it delaminates that way. If you can put a permanent cover over the topsides and not leave it tied alongside overnight it will also live a bit longer. Fair winds!

  • Q Balls Adventures says:

    Your van to sailboat inspired me to stop bitching and do somthing. I am going live aboard a sailing vessel soon what is your advise on financing a lifetime adventure I plan on dropping off east coast and sailing to Caribbean how would I stay out there and earn the money I would need to stay afloat.

  • Oh my those winds in & around Mallorca… l grew up there! But l guess that is great for a sailing boat right??
    Where you all able to get close to Es Vedra? Legend states no one can… the magnetic pull l hear pulls boats away…

  • Awesome, honest & creative . This is next generation TEDtalk for new sailors. I'll venture out past the Delaware & Schuylkill rivers when my nest is empty….2021.

  • says:

    Also had similar problems trying to open the vinegar bottle, ended up stabbing the top with a knife! Pouring some vinegar into the toilet and leaving it for a spell from time to time helps dissolve the crud.

  • this is a riot…one chic two dudes one boat hummmmm what more you you ask for. Maybe sailing leasons, charter outtings ah to be that young again…LOL

  • It’sIve been around boats since I was 10 all motor boats. About 25 years ago I got this crazy idea to buy an old 30 “ sailboat. So I’m getting a huge kick watching all you guys make the same mistakes I made 25 years ago. 25 years from now I hope you all will look back and laugh as hard as I am now doing. Fair winds and happy sailing!

  • I believe the people who give a thumbs down on these videos are other Youtube sailing channels afraid of the competition.

  • Like your editing style and your unapologetic honesty. Anyone owning a yacht over 15 years old, which is most of us, has dunked an outboard or had to unblock the cooling system. When I spent three days battling to get my engine going it was frustrating but hugely rewarding and that knowledge is banked. It isn't all about gin and tonics in the cockpit. Fighting the good fight and winning, at least some of the time is good for the soul.

  • Phil McCracken says:

    Awesome. I plan on buying my boat in a year b4 I'm 40. No wife or kids and job I can always get back to why not?

  • The constant onslaught of problem after problem reminds me of when I first started programming – It definitely teaches you to take setbacks in your stride!!

  • La Bitácora Arcoiris de Carol says:

    Congrats bro..hugs from Argentina and I admire you. That's why he inspired to don't surrender to suicide as he explain on other video. He and many people that I included after depression because cities matrix unsens "modern Life"on a concret jungle we CHOOSE other alternative real nature life's . Thanks and let's keep on a heart way 🙂

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