Eamon and I have spent the last two
years living working and travelling in our sixty square foot camper van and
over the last month and a half we’ve given our home the makeover she truly
deserves with our renovations complete it’s time to move all of our belongings back
into our teeny tiny house and gear up for our next big adventure today our
journey to van life in Europe begins with a 17 hour drive to Halifax Nova
Scotia our van will then board a ship and sail across the Atlantic to meet us
over in England morning and a good morning it is we are feeling a little
bit of stress as we were supposed to leave yesterday they got pushed back to
today but our AC is working I was kind of little a huge win!
we are looking to figure out what’s going on with that massive pile of
clothes and that massive pile of food morning Bob feeling excited and nervous
and all of the good things mixed into one oh by the way if you’re new here you
don’t know what’s going on we’re going to Europe and we’re leaving today
good good summary we are three and a half hours into our
drive we’re heading east from Toronto I completed my first driving shift we
stopped at one of the en routes along the 401 we got a quick bite to eat because
we noticed that we didn’t really eat this morning and the stress and
everything was propelling us and turning into a little bit of hanger whatup Eamon
we love your new sunny jacket it’s nice to see you in some color and the reason
we were feeling a little bit stressed this morning was not only are we packing
up this house for it sailed to Europe but we also had to pack a separate
backpack for Iceland kind of feel like I forgot something I have that feeling as
well it was a late night last night we’re
gonna be gone for four months my mom wanted me to clean up this room I still
have like a lot of different clothes that’s our mess scratch mat that’s have
already been in the world this is like all of our stuff everyone’s last like
where’s other stuff like this bookshelf is our stuff that’s it no no no no this
is this is old door though yeah this is stuff we have one closet at my mom’s
house are you gonna reduce we’re gonna hit the road listen to some podcast
check you guys in a little big game tonight big game tonight Raptors in six baby
Raps in Six! do you have any vegan food? do you take
reservations? bonjour do you have any tables
available? I think we’re gonna have a tough time
here buddy… we are deep deep in Quebec now for those who aren’t aware this is
what a lot of people think of French part of Canada a lot of people
traveling Odie’s big French no we do not speak French but Quebec does speak
French since province within Canada and we’re heading into Quebec City which
is and I think really really French – pretty beautiful name
oh you like that but I can’t I can’t distinguish my Spanish for my French now
we put the first name there nice night no minute to Quebec City it’s
raining we found a Boston Pizza you guys know thought we might be bandwagon fans
of the Raptors but we are the best darn bandwagon fan there are six obsessed 108 30 seconds to go dudesman boy parade is Monday and
reckoning the record wrong yeah let’s go wraps are you filming me dry brushing buddy do
you even dry brush good morning buddy good morning buddy and good morning
everybody I had the best sleeping back in the van I’ve so missed it like we’ve
been living in the van but we haven’t been living in the van on the road and
it has such a different vibe doesn’t it you guys thought that was a little bit
insane last night in Toronto I just woke up and saw what blog Gio posted oh my
gosh I’m so jealous hahahaha
let’s go boys I wish I was there old school I’ve been running past otter has
been too safe to say we are settling back into life on the road just fine
we’re having a nice slow morning yes we’re still trying to go to the gym but
this is where we parked last night and we thought we would show you guys around
real fast have a quick cup of joe I think the st. Lawrence River is just
down this way oh yeah we got our hands we’ve been adjusting to our new van on
the road there’s a few squeaky things we think we need to put eye hooks where we
had them before because the drawers keep coming in and out and you guys would
think we’d be giving you an update on using our brand new toilet you would
think so but Amon decided against getting peat moss and tried to convince
me we shouldn’t use it until we ship no you didn’t want to use it until we
shipped so that you didn’t have to empty it and then it wasn’t sitting there
smelling on the van for seven minutes no but guess who’s got to use the toilet
right now a man’s gotta go he’s doing that thing where he freaks out and he
just put stuff everywhere all right so our walk is cut short and we’re headed
to the toilet just like old times anything no you’re
kidding me triple baguette you’re kidding me I suggested that we do it
this morning Oh you’re a crazy kid planet goodness what
it is but in the States it’s not a same thing about guys if you
want to trim it’s $15 okay we should we look like we need it okay that’s good like day let’s get it that’s it but I’m down you go let’s go any parking tickets oh great workout baby great workout to
be honest I’m starving I’m starving but I wanted to ask you something and
before and I think I’m gonna know your answer you’re not gonna think it you’re
gonna think it’s kind of disgusting oh gosh you’re asking me the question yeah
but oh and also then they can weigh in as well okay but and I keep in mind like
I’m such a hygienic person in the shower well of course a penis yeah I’m not what
is it get to it okay my question is is it gross that I found soap and use the
soap the bar of soap it’s soap it’s wet understand is like in
theory it’s disgusting like I rinse the soap off it’s not that weird really
would you ever do that probably yeah I don’t think it’s that weird it’s soap
how dirty soapy that’s true I mean the only thing I would say is think of the
bar of soap where it might have been I know that’s why I I just like really
like yeah I didn’t I got my soap so was looking very promising for a beautiful
day and walk through Quebec City and now it’s like hurricane hang outside holy
smokes do this but don’t fear lunch is here we’ve got
Yves chicken skewers these are actually incredibly good taste like chicken pita
and an unbelievable salad and the salad we’ve just dressed with some fresh
almond ricotta where did you get the almond ricotta Amon and she’s cooking
class with aiming for the freezer and it’s boy boy meat though and although
Beck and I are fairly similar sometimes we do things totally different that’s my
lunch that’s bat I thought more like a talk on burrito I tried to stop it on
the pita but it completely fell apart so mmm CC after lunch sad to say we have
decided to journey onwards unfortunately this rain is gonna make
exploring Quebec City really miserable well I have lack of it we’re gonna hit
the road I’m gonna change back into Singham I even put on a cute outfit to
explore Quebec City can we just appreciate that I have a
skirt on for two seconds and now I’m gonna put my comfy thanks buddy
all right back on the road we go friends always got the first shift
no I’ll do that you’ll do it yeah okay then Quebec City is the capital of the
province of Quebec and is made up of narrow cobblestone streets stone
buildings and is rich in French Canadian culture as even mentioned earlier Quebec
City is dominantly french-speaking and while 95% of Quebecers
do speak French we also have not encountered a local who doesn’t speak
English smart folks I tell you so smart in fact
that Quebecers actually invented poutine and they also produce most of Canada’s
new pure maple syrup now that is a city I can get behind at 10:00 p.m. a man and I have done a
lot of driving between the two of us today and as you can see from some of
those clips it rained and then it was sunny and then a torrential rain and
then it would be sunny again so it’s been quite the day I was just popping on
the vlog here to let you guys know that Amon has actually found this deep deep
sleep spot take a breath that worries me just a Titch neither of us are planners
I would say that of the two of us I would do more planning only because he
doesn’t plant oh wow this bad lighting and these bumps are
making it very difficult to make a good shot I apologize for the terrible
lighting here just let’s let you know even pick a spot and I’ll show you where
we I think gaming they’re good little private abode I mean yes there is a road
here but it’s pretty quiet and go first women tomorrow how fresh is that taste good good picking babies you Tim pieces
these so here’s our van here’s the river here’s a man peeing and there’s the
police coming to catch a man for public indecency mm-hmm even and we can see you
peeing I know a man and I have lived in our van
for two years now well maybe you don’t know that but we’ve lived in this van
for two years we’ve just done some major renovations to the place and while we
were doing that we were basically living in our office in terms of cooking and
everyday stuff and just sleeping in our van so rearranging our lives in 260
square feet is a ton of work and not something that happens just with a time
lapse or a snap of the finger I should say so to be quite honest with you we’ve
got stuff like that’s sweaters and stuff we don’t know where they’re gonna go yet
because we had to end up using those areas for food because we lost the
drawer down here so we’ve got a sink full of dishes we don’t have peat moss
in the toilet yet but hey but hey we’re happy we are happy I’m not a cereal okay
enjoy maybe we’ll catch him in the morning
yeah let’s catch her in the morning catch you in the morning what an amazing
sleep I’m feeling jacked up you know I needed a good rest and I
it’s now 10 o’clock you look for 12 we’ve got a pretty busy day we’re gonna
start with a smoothie so if we had more time I would have loved to shown you
guys a little bit of New Brunswick but I’m pretty sure we’re a little crunch
today is Saturday this vlog here it needs to go out tomorrow and we’re
fiving a bit hours away from Halifax our final destination let’s show you a
little bit about this area here huh we just had pulled over to switch
drivers a man’s like two minutes into driving boy and we hear you think it’s a
flat tire yeah I think we just we just got a flat tire shoot up the hill these
guys aren’t even changing lanes they’re just varying beside us dude oh my god
should I go and try and put something like me on one of your throw pillows me
it’s just gonna ruin the tire that one covered that is so weird though the only
time we’ve ever had a flat tire issues was literally probably on this Highway
yeah I’m going the other way but still if you don’t lock the journey honestly
don’t where’s the seventies rock at man whoa listen to music
pile on so aim is trying to reflect everybody tell them to get another one
aim it be careful I try to set up a perimeter that is one way to spice up a roadtrip
then I just wanted to say you always make me feel loved and safe but watching
you just fix that like a pro nothing sexier get back to a classic Raj it welcome to Halifax everybody Halifax is
the capital city of Nova Scotia and this is our second time here in a couple fun
points about Halifax the people are just as charming as the houses and you don’t
even need to look either way when you’re crossing the road it is also there are
more bars per capita here than anywhere else in Canada so perhaps that has
something to do with the friendly nature of the people one of my more favorite
facts that we are able to Google is we are geographically closer to Dublin
Ireland than we are to Vancouver BC Victoria BC get those facts straight
which is still crazy though honestly and I guess that is why we will be shipping
the van from here so if you guys want to join us in the journey of shipping our
van it will be beginning in next week’s episode and thank you guys for watching
this one we’re going out for dinner make sure you stay subscribed smash the
bell – fast fast I smash lucky guys wait I just wanted to just like take a moment
and seriously say thank you because while we had like our tire thing and we
realized we were here two years ago we weren’t vloggers and I know we brought
that up a couple of times just made me realize how far we’ve come and we
wouldn’t be here without all of you so thank you thank you thank you thank you
the best is yet to come okay

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