Living Cheap in NYC- $10 For A Day?

Living Cheap in NYC- $10 For A Day?

What’s up guys. I’m coming to you from Greenwich Village in New York City. My home neighborhood. And today we’re going to find out. Can I survive on just ten dollars? For an entire day. I’m about to walk into stop number 1, bagels on the square. And i’m not saying these are the best bagels in New York City. I’m not even saying their the best bagels in my neighborhood. But they’re the best bagels closest to my apartment. And when you live in Manhattan I think a lot of people get pretty lazy. So this is my lazy stop but a good choice. Hey could I get a sesame bagel with cream cheese. So for breakfast i’ve decided to take you guys to Washington Square Park. Manhattan has a lot of neat parks. Central Park, etc. But I still like Washington Square the best. Maybe because it’s not so big And there’s always live music here. You can just relax, it’s all free. And the perfect place to enjoy my dollar ninety-five bagel. They have some really really impressive street musicans at Washington Square Park. A lot of these guys actually sell their CDs. They perform at some of the local jazz clubs. Certainly worth stopping by if you’re on a budget. So I just had a bit of a break. I went home. Got some work done. And now we’re kind of experiencing one of the unique issues with this 10 dollar challenge in Manhattan. It’s that to leave Manhattan, unless I bike it. Would cost me 2.75 each way. On the subway. So I can’t go to Queens or Brooklyn where there’s tons of cheap food. So i’m going to be going to Chinatown now to show you a very cheap lunch. With some dumplings. I’m in front of Vanessa’s dumplings right now. And I could probably do a 10 dollar day just on Chinatown alone. But Vanessa’s dumplings is in the top five of most website sfor dumplings in Chinatown. So let’s go check it out. Can I get a chive and a pork and a sesame pancake. It’s so cheap. This could be one of the most filling two dollar and fifty cent lunches you’ll ever have in New York City. Seriously. Alright went to the gym, did some stuff at home. I still have five dollars and fifty cents left. Night has fallen. We’re in the Chelsea district right now. And every thursday night this area is known to have art gallery openings. And because of that, you can get free drinks a lot. Sometimes free food. We’re going to go check out a gallery right now. And i’m going to go bring in my friend Tim. Who is going to be joining us. And Tim is from Belgium but right now living in Charleston. Tim are you excited to be checking this out? What’s up Youtube? Definitley, i’m here with Alan and Jon. We’re going to have a great time. It’s always a great time in New York with these two. Looking forward to save some money. What’s up everyone. This is my brother Alan. You may have seen him in other videos. He has a haircut now so now look even more like identical twins. Yeah. Good luck. Underage alcohol abuse. And this is what I was talking about. Most of these galleries provide you with some wine. And some light snacks. So total cost so far 0. We say you get beautiful children when you drink the last of the bottle. So look my dad and my mom they drank a lot of the last of the bottle. We’re all art galleried out right now, we’re going to go downtown try to grab some pizza. So we came back to the village for our final stop of the night potentially. I have five dollars and fifty cents left. Maybe you heard that over the car beeping ? And we went to a spot that has 1 dollar pizza and 2 dollar beer. So this should be a pretty filling dinner. Taste test You know not the best pizza in New York but for a dollar can you really complain. It’s thin slice, I like it. This is especially good late at night if you’ve been drinking. Or if you want to drink more perhaps. We’re doing this a little early in the night but it’s a Thursday so. Gotta have some standards. Alright we’re not done yet. 1 dollar and fifty cents. I’m in front of a deli. I’m just going to get a dollar scratch off ticket. I’ve got nothing to lose and if i happen to win something. I’ll just spend it with my friends what kind of ending would be better than that? I want to win up to 1,000, let’s go with number 5. It could be a fun night for you guys. Last chance. One dollar, one dollar, one dollar. I won a dollar. So the night continues. I’ve never won anything in my life. I won a dollar, so i went from .50 cents back to a dollar fifty. Last chance. And we lost. No… You win some, you lose some. Tim would you like this for .50 cents? Would you like a gift? Do I have to buy it for fifty cents? I’ll buy it for you. 50 cent gift would you like it. I would love this. I will eat it. It matches your shirt. We’re going to close this out with a gift. We’re going to close this out. A New York Gift. I’m actually going to keep it. And put it under my pillow. Okay, and eat it in the morning. Special thanks to Tim and Alan for helping me out with this video. I managed to spend exactly 10 dollars over the course of 9 to 10 hours. And i’m fairly full. I’ve had beer, i’ve had wine. I’ve had pizza, dumplings, a bagel. It was a total New York kind of day. I appreciat everybody watching this. I’m going to put a list of useful websites in the bottom in the description. And link to a video I made about cheap websites in New York City. Be sure to check that out. If you haven’t hit the subscribe button already. Please do so. At Here Be Barr, we have travel vlogs and travel tips videos coming out weekly. Looking to help you travel smarter. Be a part of where you go, thanks for watching. Meet a rich woman to pay for the rest of the night ? Yeah go to uptown and find a rich woman. That’s an even better idea. I’m going to do that. I’m going that way.

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    FAQ from the Comments:
    1) This Diet is not Healthy!! : You bet it's not. This was a challenge I did with some other Youtubers to showcase our cities. I actually have a very healthy diet normally, but I wanted to show some fun spots in NYC. I realize I could have done this by just going to the supermarket and cooking stuff. But that video would not have been A) interesting B) what I normaly cover on this channel

    2) In my country I can eat for $2 a day/$20 a day: Yes, that's the #1 thing I've enjoyed seeing in the comments. In SE Asia the cost of living is a lot cheaper. In Scandanavia, $10 a day is almost impossible by eating out.

    3) Is that your twin? : Yes it is.

    4) Is Tim Belgian/Single/Have his own Youtube Channel: Yes, Not Sure, and he should.

    5) Your channel rocks, I subscribed: Thank you ! I have a lot of other content, from all over the world. But I do live in NYC, so this is my top spot for videos.

    6) Do you like Casey Neistat- Yes, his channel is amazing and an inspiration. But I like to think I have my own style.

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