11 thoughts on “Live from Disrupt SF 2019 Day 2”

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  • New Balance 2019 USA says:

    Jordan Crook, it seems You are not really a CROOK, so may I suggest politely You to better change Your name!

  • New Balance 2019 USA says:

    Install sufficient DiXi-Toilets wherever this people are staying. Install CCTV in the entire area of SFO with night vision. Fine those people defacating on streets in San Francisco with a instant fine of
    USD $ 100,- at least and force them to clean it themselves . Or send them to jail with proper sanitary systems. That's what Salesforce Co-founder should promote. And give the lowest social welfare in the entire USA. Not the highest which attracted this homeless people. Also don't give much money, just food & shelter! So they can't buy drugs & cigarettes! Not even food stamps who are converted into cash by the Muslim shop owners in USA.

  • The naΓ―ve openAI founders will help the dictators in the world to use this free technology to defeat the countries with freedom

  • New Balance 2019 USA says:

    7:34:43 Life Couple guy and SALESFORCE-CEO were the best performers & speakers. The worst the stuttering Spanish bloodsucker!
    And I enjoyed presenter Jordan Crook who doesn't seem to be a fraudster!

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