Live Cruise Ship News: Plus Tips For First Time Cruisers

Live Cruise Ship News: Plus Tips For First Time Cruisers

all right we’re here how you guys doing
today welcome to traveling with Bruce I’m
Bruce your host I hope everyone’s doing all right today uh it’s Wednesday June
27th its 2018 we’re coming to the end of the month already unbelievable coming
into July in no time Wow justjust insane how was everyone doing happy to report
the channel is doing great folks are commenting on on video saying hi to me
people are seem to be enjoying the shows which is great
I think we’re growing as well I think we’ve had new people join us in the last
week or so two weeks especially on the live streams I’m noticing new names
which is wonderful if you’re new to this channel we love talking about cruise
ships and cruise ship vacations I’m located in in Canada I’m just north of
the well oh I think I got information I’m just north of the thank you Peter
thank you I just north the US border here in Canada three miles north of
Idaho gorgeous day today sunny beautiful but not very hot now we’re in about the
mid 70s which is quite comfortable thank you very much although I am a bit more
because the light is shining on me today whatever what was I gonna tell you oh
but the growth of the channel fantastic we’re almost at 2,300 subscribers this
is great we were at 100 on December 13th we were at 200 and 225 on January the
17th when YouTube lowered the bomb on monetization and now we’re at 23 just
about 2300 the channel got re monetized for those of you who don’t know we got
romana ties a week ago today at 10 o’clock tonight actually it kicked in I
remember the first two hours from 10 o’clock till midnight
I made 29 cents but ever since on a typical 24 hour time frame this channel
now generates about five to seven dollars a day us give or take with the
were the views are at the moment it’s summer it’s summer now
cruise cruise views for my channel are off from their peak in the middle of
winter because that’s when we’re talking about getting away to Caribbean cruising
but I expect in the next ole month and a half or so by about August things will
pick up again quite noticeably as we get ready for the winter season but that our
diehard regulars and there’s always something to talk about in the cruise
business there’s always something going on so I’m more than happy to stay on top
of that for you guys also what developments on the channel I’ve been
talking to the cruise lines through the PR departments and I’m having a very
good success I’m introducing myself as a youtube channel of creator and I have of
course the traveling of Bruce website the traveling with Bruce Facebook group
page that you guys are finding and enjoying I have a Twitter account I now
have an Instagram account and I’m exposing the channel you know everywhere
and the cruise lines are looking at that going here what can what can we do fran
and in the Piera PR department what I’ve been after and asking is permission to
use photos and what’s called b-roll footage from the cruise lines from the
professional photographers that they hire to produce video of their new ships
or a video of their repositioning or that sorry a refurbishing chef’s when a
when they you know cut them in half and expand them and when they refurbish them
from top to bottom they send the professional photographers in there and
take take some fantastic videos of the transformation of a cruise ship being
built right to finishing coming on coming out of the the dots and I’ve
asked for permission to have access to that kind of footage so that when I do a
report on a video about cruise lines such as such for cruise ships so and so
you’ll see a far better video presentation than than than I could ever
put together and it’s a lot faster because there’s so much going on in the
world with the ship being refurbished in them
Cadiz Spain and another one being refurbished in the Bahamas and a brand
new ship being launched out of Germany I can’t be there in person to film all
this stuff I’m not I’m not a videographer and I don’t have
team of people too well to do this for me so if I can get access to
professional professionally produced product like that then I can put
together some nice some nice eye candy via video and they’ve been more than
supportive wonderful support so far I just got a email today from Viking
saying absolutely we would not mind at all if you used any of our footage that
would be great because they figured it out this guy is talking to 2300 people
on his subscriber list we know that there are probably four times as many
people who watch this guy from time to time and there are around the world and
he also does a daily live show and he’s talking to cruisers and cruise addicts
yeah that’s exactly who you want to be exposed as to exposing your product to
so I’ve got the call in now to Norwegian I’ve had a preliminary discussion
already at another quick chat with Royal Caribbean and I’ve sent in my my my
credentials or a new my links to my sites to Carnival and I’m waiting slowly
but surely I’m building this house it’s gonna take a few weeks hopefully I’ll
have all the green lights from everybody and that will help a lot so what standby
the videos could get even more interesting as we go forward and I’m
quite looking forward to that so what’s happening on that front otherwise of
course I’m I’m working away on just building the flow of this channel
staying on top of things with with the requests from you guys also my affiliate
link Amazon affiliate link which is down below here is is working people are
visiting the Amazon site through my Amazon link just below here and if you
buy anything on Amazon I get a I get a finder’s fee from Amazon and another one
came in so I’m like a dollar eighty five came in yesterday yeah doesn’t matter
what it is I can’t screw it up because I don’t touch the order I don’t touch
anything it’s just amazon’s link and they do a great job i’m going to move
the camera movements so i can hold my phone a little closer to me here and
talk to you guys donations have been coming in from some
of you if some of your regular donors of my i cannot thank you people enough for
help you get through the this business as I grow this channel out it is
fantastic I’m trying to build as many income
streams as I can to to be a full-time youtuber that I am and it’s now
affiliate links through Amazon my red bubble store with the merchandise the
advertising donations patreon it just just goes on on I’m just keep just keep
growing as much as I can and try not to screw it up and keep moving forward so
thank you everybody for all of your support your encouragement your help I
really appreciate it it is fantastic folks we have been talking on my channel
for quite a while before I went on the air almost now before I came on the air
if you’re new to the channel say hi to me tell me were you watching me from
what’s your high temperature today are you a new Cruiser if you’re new let us
know tell us what true ship are you going on
and where are you edit for your first cruise all of us here who are talking
would be more happy to give you any advice you need any questions you have
about cruising just fire away this is an open Q&A anytime today’s show the theme
that I put together is cruise tips for first-timers I figure today I would
utilize the services of my followers here who have been on a number of
cruises and are addicted to cruising like I am and we are more than happy to
answer any questions you folks have and we are more than happy to pass on any
advice or tips that you might need to know as a first timer so today I want to
talk about what you should be packing what you should be taking onboard the
ship when you actually board the ship your carry-on carry-on luggage what you
should have in there I want to talk about packing cubes an idea that that’s
mmm else will be new last few years it’s really catching on big time what you
should be doing the day before the cruise and what you can bring on board
what you’re allowed to bring and what you’re not allowed to bring on board all
that kind of stuff to help you figure out what it’s all about the first thing
I’ll mention though about for newbies if you’re brand new to cruise II you want
to know how to you know how to become a cruise ship passenger and kind of know
what you’re doing right off the bat YouTube is your friend
you you couldn’t have picked a better platform in this modern era YouTube is
just the most incredible resource to figure out information on anything you
want to know I’ve been inspired for years by people who’ve been posting on
YouTube their trips their holidays on cruise ships I learned a lot before I
even got on my first cruise which is second oh 8 when I was on all in America
the oyster dam i was watching youtube videos back then of people who were just
filming walking around the ship and filming ships and i found videos on the
oyster dam that other people had made the year or two prior and so i was
watching those very closely to see the what my ship looked like that i was
going on i found people who there who were in the similar cabin that i was
gonna rent so i was watching their videos to see what my room would look
like and of course they would film themselves in the room that gives me an
idea of scale it gave me an idea of just well how small are these rooms I know
ship cruise ship cabins are smaller than hotel rooms I know that well how much
smaller and of course they’re highly efficient they’re they’re extremely well
designed and so these videos came in really handy so that when I became a
youtuber myself I was taking advantage of all the experience that I had
witnessed all this knowledge I had gained from other youtubers and started
to incorporated into my work and and I suggest you do the same if you’re
thinking of going on a cruise by all means check out the ship you’re thinking
of going on check out the islands you’re gonna be
visiting or sore ports if you’re gonna go in a European cruise or Alaska check
out Skagway check out Anchorage check out their manga wherever you’re stopping
check out the videos of people are making when they go on their day trips
and you’ll see what folks are doing for there on shore excursions who give you
all kinds of DIA ideas and then there’s the topics drink packages specialty
dining spa packages it just goes on and on and on it’s complicated but it’s not
if you’ve ever been on a resort an island a resort on land before you’re
gonna be just fine on a cruise ship it’s just a moving resort but it has its own
unique quirks anyway I’m gonna say hi to the gang and then we’ll continue on with
the tips for new cruisers right now Peter hekima said hi to me first hi
Bruce and everyone another gorgeous day in Tarpon Springs Florida with a high of
92 who degrees really enjoying the pictures
that everyone’s posting on the Facebook page really great pictures yes
Facebook group page called traveling with Bruce folks are posting photos like
crazy on there it’s fantastic every time I go and check on what’s
going on I’ve got ten twelve fifteen alerts I got to catch up with what’s
going on on this thing and all kinds of photos are being posted from your
favorite cruise that you’ve ever been on the ships you’ve been on islands you
visited you name it there are stories on it it’s fantastic and I welcome all of
you to join in come on by and visit the Facebook group page for traveling with
Bruce it’s a great way to stay in touch with the twb family when the show is off
the air fantastic Richard C hello Bruce and all hello Richard C welcome back and
Jordan is here good morning afternoon Bruce and all its 21 Celsius today in
Brisbane sorry I missed trivia yesterday replay was awesome we did trivia last
night every Tuesday night and Thursday night at 8 o’clock we played trivia live
Monday to Friday at 5 o’clock we do this show right here talking about cruise
ships and Saturday at 2:00 it’s a mix of the two and Jordan is saying hi
everybody Richard C great show today wow what an ending for Swiss Costa Rica the
great soccer game today that’s what he’s talking about and Jordan it’s a draw
Richard while steaming beam 19 degrees here in Sandy Bay Saskatchewan steamer
welcome back buddy and Jordan hey steamer uh last day of school today
you’d be way to go Steve area you survived another one Richard C and yes
but did you see the penalty kick by Costa Rica bounced off the goalies head
oh my goodness I have been watching you I can’t watch the World Cup don’t have
time if I watch that I won’t have a show can i watch it
Richard see congratulations beam and no more little buggers for a while a
steamer all week I have had a total of three kids basically the kids in the
North stop coming to school as soon as it gets warm out there that comment Wow
another reason I like the hot weather Peter hekima hi answer or you must
tribute to lots of fun last night steamers saying who here’s booked Edie
Jordan AE a beam that’s awesome how long to your cruise the steamers saying
seventeen days until his cruise that is fan
tastic and was talking about the soccer game here a Blaine is here hi Bruce and
all 87 in Hilton Head welcome back Blaine 2007 did it have you
buddy Peter says Bruce toys comes up with interesting trivia questions I
don’t know I just keep doing let’s see here
blame me and 133 days he’s saying on the horizon and Jordan is saying I see here
a streamer saying I’ve saved Carnival yet and saying me and 168 days on the
Royal Caribbean ovation looking forward to it to be a great cruise steamer
saying I want to try the magic Blaine my wife and I will go on Norwegian next we
have we have done Royal Caribbean and of course Carnival is the one we always go
on so there you go and it’s wondering if he’s never been on
Carnival he says no stray sea down low hi Bruce and all 90 Fahrenheit hot and
sunny today in Naples Florida beautiful blue sky no signs of rain yet but you
know that was late afternoon showers can kick in any time steamer saying I will
sell current sail carnival after I sail Royal Caribbean anthem in July of
nineteen Peter hekima carnal seems to have a good reputation now steamer Tracy
I’m hoping for rain here don’t eat any fires that’s right northern Saskatchewan
you want to keep that from getting too dry up there and Royden have fun in the
anthem being that should be awesome I’m doing a repo on majestic in 2020 steamer
I greet Peter I would not hesitate going on Carnival either everyone saying hi
here hand Jordan let’s see she’s just repeating herself
let me continue forward Peter saying we’ve been at several carnival cruises
I’ve always enjoyed them steamer 17 days I’m on escape that will be my first
cruise since 2014 and in fourteen I sailed on the getaway let’s see here
Tracy bean you’re gonna love the escape Dec 17 amazing to see everything
fantastic Wendy Thompson good afternoon everyone hi Bruce 92 and bland Missouri
boy stock price Norwegian 48:10 RCL 104 and and Kara carnival down to 48 10
interesting how these prices have dropped right carnival when I talked
about carnival just a few days ago it was
58 dollars it’s now 48 Norwegian I was talking about it at 48 and it’s now 48
again and I wrote there being a 105 it’s carnival actually down to 48 dollars
that’ll be a $10 drop from here I’m not sure if it did that much but you know
the the markets have not been kind to the crew stocks this past week no
carnival is at 58 it was down 169 today Norwegian down 138 to 48 bucks and/or
Royal Caribbean to 104 77 down 153 the Dow is off 165 points again today
another down day on the markets it’s been a bad week for the Dow Jones
Industrial Average that is the Dow Jones Industrial Average the Dowell 30 that
was the beginning of the week here a week ago and that was a couple days ago
and misses today right here down we go and I think it’s gonna get worse I am
NOT optimistic with the straight horse that the markets are just gonna be
happy-go-lucky and just everything somebody you know peaches and cream I
don’t think so Tisa these analysts are going to be going through every public
company with a fine-tooth comb looking for public companies that have exposure
to tariffs tariffs from Canada tariffs from the economic European Union in
Europe tariffs from China US us said tariffs when the United States put
tariffs on steel and maluma gnam oversees all the domestic producers of
steel and aluminum they raise their prices surprise add so Americans got
shafted by their own steel companies because their own steel companies were
selling had to sell pristy lat prices everyone else is selling at so now they
can raise the price because the steel coming in is 20% more expensive and so
the US companies raised their prices and that means American companies are paying
more for steel and aluminum your car is going up in price that’s just from your
own tariffs just President Trump making tariffs on the imports
makes domestic prices go up it’s it’s gonna be bad and it’s going to be
shocking how many corporations are going to be revealing to the analysts yeah
this is gonna hit us by that 10 15 percent profit warning
going over the next three or four quarters forget two tax cuts all those
tax cuts are only on profits if we don’t have the profits we don’t
pay tax anyway and so there might be some shocks in the markets and I hate to
be a downer but that’s what’s going on not good richer see looks like cruise
lines will impose a surcharge on fuel now the barrel is prices over 70 bucks a
barrel don’t know how much Australian cruises will go up oil today 72 bucks a
barrel up the tube another two dollars it’s up from 66 last week it’s up 6
bucks a barrel that’s 10% we haven’t had 10% inflation as a country in Canada or
us for years inflation could be in for a shock which means interest rates will go
on and if interest gurko interest rates go up the housing market stops slows
right up car sales slow down and here we go it’s gonna start spinning it’s not
looking good I don’t like what I see here tracing all the plans for Royal
Caribbean Mariner of the Seas September and back-to-back in Carnival victory in
February are still searching for deals later in 2019 good plan Tracy Scott
whoever I Bruce is 72 and sunny here in follow spur days welcome back Scott Tom
Henry hello everyone happy hump day yes sir
Sylvia hydrous name 187 and cloudy in Greensboro welcome back so via sunny
Wallace hi Bruce and everyone 90s in the south welcome sunny Peter hekima and my
next cruises symphony in November yeah that’s gonna be great Scott Bashi hi
Bruce and everyone once again another nice day and made sure of 68 degrees
waiting for my next cruise Gregory Hartman 88 in Tampa human can hear
thunder in the distance but nothing here yet steamer
uh Peter during Halloween maybe as Gregory Hartman being the escape is
awesome I was on it the week before Christmas so you’re gonna enjoy it
apparently that is fantastic Peter saying bean Thanksgiving November 20 50
s gonna be on the ship and steamers going ha ha
he says steamer says I’m gonna vlog when I’m on the escape and I hope you do let
us know what’s going on keep in touch with us to see keeper hi Bruce and all
90 degrees Fahrenheit and muggy here in Tequesta Florida thumbs up
whack wax wax he’s ready for a wax he’s in case any trolls show up trip Thomas a
gang high 90s here in Northern California welcome back nice to see you
cliff it’s great to have you back Gregory I say nice being Peter heck of a
great look forward to it I see keeper Wacken trolls
tammer at the ready that’s right we’re ready to hit them cool jazz from the Big
Apple hello Bruce from and from overcast in New York 73 here
that’s a nice temperature though welcome back buddy graciously keep up the good
work CSC keeper Tom Henry a Seabury who see keeper can we harass them first
before you whack just give us a shot just one shot oh man Gregory Hartman
bring bring one dollar bills for tips bathing suit and carry on here come the
tips for new cruisers if you’re going on a cruise you’ve got to have bring with
you at least 50 one-dollar bills at least and bring some fives and that way
you’ve got tip money you want us the first guy you’re gonna tip the first
person you’re gonna tip is this is the sky cab guy the guy who handles your
baggage when you check-in down below at the pier but even before you get into
building they should be out there taking your luggage if you’ve got your tags
your bag tags you tip those guys I’d give them at least a bucket bag and they
will they will ensure all as well and they’re worth the visit are working
their tails off those guys and it can be hot down there and hard work they’re
getting those bags from you on the sidewalk into the the to the pier to the
dock and then onto the ship and it is a tough tough job um arrive the day before
you fly as well that’s right Gregory saying don’t be trying to get to your
cruise ship on the day of the cruise especially if you’re flying in you are
asking for trouble you are gambling thousands of dollars and losses
unintended charges you might have to fly to catch your ship if you miss your ship
you got you want to buy ticket for today on a plane today are you gonna pay are
you gonna pay there are no deals today there are no stinking deals you will pay
yeah do not do it on the day of the cruise a sunny wall spring aspirin and a
little first-aid kit oh yeah and put it in your carry-on all
your meds all the meds that you have whether you’re on a regimen whether your
doctor has told you that you know every day you have to take this these bills
you bring those of course I’m talking about everything else I’m talking about
band-aids aspirin point mints you know like first aid first aid stuff
all that’s of your toothbrush you or your your toothpaste I guess
everything you’re bringing the wives makeup kit in your carry-on put it in
your carry-on because you don’t want in your luggage because if your luggage is
delayed or lost don’t get it for three days on an island on the third day your
cruise oh no you don’t wanna be going on with your makeup it happened in your
carrier absolutely make sure on your carry-on you’ve got your bathing suit
everything you need for the first day your flops put bring your sunscreen with
you of course clothing for the evening whatever you’re wearing when you get on
the ship you’re wearing for the day and then later on in the afternoon you might
go for the pool then you’ll have a shower you know you know get washed up
and get ready for dinner make sure you have clothing for your
first night for dinner and that way you’ve got basically your first full day
covered with the carry-on all your valuables are in the carry-on and the
first thing you’re gonna do when you get on that ship is you’re then I just roll
hopefully have roll on carry-ons roll them into your cabin and take all your
valuables out and put them in the vault in your room lock them away leave your
phone in there let’s use you for photos turn your phone on top airport mode
airline mode do not not try to use your telephone for texting and telephoning
unless you’ve got a full-blown Wi-Fi package from the cruise ship which I
would highly recommend you look into and otherwise just turn your phone off and
put it in the vault and forget about it and use a camera for photos if you can
go and explore the ship from there and have a great time those are just are
just a couple of couple things to talk about
check the cruise website Blaine is saying steak things change without
notice see what you can take such as soda or a bottle of wine per person on
your carry-on as well if you can stuff it in there
by all means do so otherwise have it in a bag add the wine you know a couple
balls of wine bag you know durable type of thing if you’re bringing coal on
board if you love to bring soda do it and bring those on as well and take them
right to your room tell the wines to tie your Stewart your room Stewart if
there’s anything in the mini-fridge like if it’s full of stuffed treats and
everything tell them to take all that stuff though they will they’ll empty it
for you give you the fridge for yourself and then you can put your own coal in
there you can put your white wine in if you want to keep it chilled or if you
brought some chocolate bar bars on board you put them in there and keep them cool
that type of thing let’s see here Gregory Hartman book your
stuff early online before getting on the ship of available stuff like short
excursions if you have any in mind or shows you may want to book them or you
want to book them right away once you’ve checked in your room get everything done
there get out of your room and head to either the spa and book your spa
treatments if you figured those out when you want to get a massage a couples
massage if that’s in your in your you know plans and or go to the dining room
the main dining room and book your seating arrangements there with the
maitre d and or head to some of the specialty restaurants that you know you
want to visit and book your make your reservations for those spots as well and
get them done in the first couple hours while you’re on board get all that pre
done and that’s now done not to worry Reggie Enderman do lots of research on
the ship you’re sailing on and research the ports many times there are a lot of
free things to do so you don’t have to pay for excursions through the Cruise
Line absolutely right if you do your homework like on YouTube and you check
out what you can do in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands you may find it we
don’t need to I don’t need to book anything with a tour group for a hundred
bucks a person I need to do that we’ll just grab a cab grab a cab and take us a
seven mile beach and we’re gonna hang out there or you might rent a car in the
Cayman Islands for the day you know to couples for adults grab a car and go
explore you’re driving on the other side of the road there’s an explorer there’s
fun drive around the eye a little bit and see it do see you do your research
as to what’s to see it’s a lot of fun Gregory Hartman try to learn the ship
before boarding absolutely right Sonny Wallace check out videos to see the food
to see which restaurants you want to eat at exactly if you’re not into sushi
forget about the sushi restaurant but if you’re into Asian food I’ll check out
the variety of Asian food that they’ve got you love pizza you may find that
they have one or two pizza locations or one or two choices for pizza there might
be the this the the pizza thing on the pool deck where they’re just cranking
about pepperoni and you know ham and cheese but you may find that they have a
higher-end pizzeria on board either that or through the Italian restaurant check
it out see the thing about getting on the cruise ship is once you’re on the
ship you can walk to the okay of each of these restaurants and out in
the front in the in the aisle way there in the hallway they got the menu for
that restaurant so you can check out the menu on the Italian restaurant and see
what the dishes are so before you commit on the ship let’s say to reserve a
specialty restaurant meal you can look at the menu go home I like the I like
the idea of this Italian dish here or they have this or they have that yeah
let’s let’s book that for day after tomorrow perfect go to the main dining
room though head over there and check the menu out because it changes every
day and part of my routine when I’m on a cruise ship and the morning after I’m
after I’m up maybe after I’ve had my breakfast order up after my son I’m
doing a tour of the ship I go to the main dining room everyday the lobby area
there the waiting area and I’m looking at tonight’s menu and I’m deciding with
my wife and I we’re deciding Jen and I figuring out are we gonna be in the main
dining room tonight because look they’ve got this is their special today they’ve
got this so they’ve got that we don’t need to go to a specially restaurant
tonight the main dining room is included in the cruise let’s eat here now if
we’ve got a seating assignment for 7:30 or or we don’t and it’s just anytime
dining hey if I know that we don’t have a reservation chances are that when I
get down to the dining room I may have to wait a little while to get a table I
don’t care I’m on a holiday what I would do is I know that if I’m gonna be hungry
at 8:00 I’ll be down there 7:30 and we’ll get our little you know flashing
light thingy that they give you they take your name down okay how long it’s
gonna be we hang around the air a little bit wait for the thing to start shining
go in fantastic so check the menu everyday on the main dining room it
changes yes sir yeah also of course the waitstaff is very flexible
they’re very eager to please and you ask them well you know can I have I don’t
see it on the menu but is it possible get a shrimp cocktail tonight let him
find out for you they might be able to bring you a shrimp cocktail because the
kitchens down below service all kinds of different restaurants you let the waiter
do their thing remember bring a bunch of $1 bills with you when you’re in the
dining room and slip that waiter at the end of your meals you know two or three
dollars two or three extra $1 bills for the service that they gave you I hate
these show up tomorrow night can’t wait to see it
all right let’s see here a few for a few crews wrister see saying for a few
cruisers don’t forget to join the crews to join cruise critic which you can find
info on the cruise line ship’s cabins and stops that the ships makes it’s a
sight for your comments on cruises you can you can go to that you can become a
member of cruise critic comm if you want or I believe you’re allowed to read the
postings without being a member and just sort of read and learn type of thing
some of the folks who post there’s post photos another way to get research is of
course on Facebook Facebook go to the search bar on Facebook enter in the name
of the ship you’re going on or enter the name of the port you’re going to and
you’ll find all kinds of postings on Facebook but youtube is where you get
the where you get the you know you get the moving pictures of course channel
like mine you find a channel like mine you go to my home page you go to the
playlists hit the playlists that I have and you’ll see all these playlists that
I’ve made of different cruise lines cruise ships tips for new cruisers
packing tips check out all my videos I got 300 videos up a lot of them are
these longer videos but a bunch of them are 5 10 15 minute videos tips are on
what to do on a cruise check it out and same with other youtubers as well Reggie
and her man watch you to cruise watch cruise on YouTube channels like Bruce
Don’s family vacations cruising with wheels cruisetipstv absolutely right
askew part Hybris its askew in Thunder Bay Ontario it’s 19 celcius here son Ian
I see like almost 70 fantastic get some decent weather now Gregory Hartman
remember to keep by ID and password on you for morning absolutely your papers
have your papers with you at all times Randy Lucas hello Bruce and all sunny
here in Paradise California with a high of 92 degrees still under the weather
but hopefully on the mend I hope you are Randy I know Michelle is trying to take
good care yeah take it easy and get better fast Reggie and her man 300 plus
they still get away Baltic 308th is a long one but it’s coming ran a Robert is
here Robert Brandt 84 st. Thomas us Virgil’s welcome back Robert to the show
steamy bean Baltic would be a cool cruise yeah Henry bean is escaping
Canada laugh out loud Tom Henry
do I want to escape do I want one the escape or getaway not sure her do I want
to escape or get away well either or play on words
Debbie Emanuel hi Bruce and all of the chatting that happens here before they
even show even starts a high of 93 in Chico today
I can’t hear show can but can read a lot can’t hear show McHenry oh I see because
you’re at work and you’re sneaking the show behind your boss over there I know
what’s going on well done Debbie that’s what’s it – three more days and you’re
on a cruise just three more just hang in there did you go to work today work
Thursday are you taking Friday off and then get out I I’m hoping for the best
she’s going to the the Bliss in Seattle weather I think with her mom fantastic
Gregory Hartman I wanna I wanna I want to try to get away the escape was a
blast steamer I like to escape over epic Debbie Manuel
it’s a mani-pedi day for mom and I oh that’s what she’s doing all the pressure
of free cruise errands it’s mani-pedi day she’s not at the office act know
she’s watching me getting her manicure I love it fantastic Debbie’s a great
you’re hurt when a kid a kid I met on the slide said the same thing bean
he liked the one ship over the other interesting steamer Debbie Manuel are
you a football fan and Jordan hey Debbie how long now to the Bliss I think it’s
true did steamy bean the epic lack of feel at sea feeling Tom Henry 84 in
Richmond with impending storms coming isn’t it Gregory I’d still like to try
it if the price is right Tom Henry have a good trip tomorrow Debbie and Jordan
saying hey Tom Henry the Dow is my cruise money Richard C says Debbie
Emmanuel American football not so much since kneeling for anthem though a world
football I don’t really keep up with will have to before will will have to
before World Cup though there you go and Jordan asking how jazz is doing the
steamer bit Debbie and I at Debbie I know you live near Redding California
and the CFL hag’s has two quarterbacks from Redding California right now Tom
Henry is mom is mom your companion on the cruise I was wondering if you were
going single or not Henry’s asking Debbie cooljazz saying have dollar bill
like you’re going to the strip club did I just say that out loud
ooofff friends of yours who have gone to the strip club not you of course no
people you’ve heard of if you saw movies you saw it in films Wendy Thompson 98 on
Saturday oh boy hot and the cards are playing that day oh man that’s gonna be
tough baseball cool jazz hello Lady Anne how was your
day Tom Henry and only 276 days till my next cruise lots of Bruce to keep the
craving at bay man let’s see here Anna staying high to jazz school jazz was
actually pretty good things busy today let’s see here Debbie Manuel bean do you
remember their names the quarterback names he wants to know
and how do you put put a name uh in the color box how do you put a name in the
color box I don’t even know what that what he’s talking about what do you mean
Scott Weber will I need a bathing suit on my Alaskan cruise well yeah it’s
onboard swimming pools yeah and they’ve got they they enclosed them with with
the moving roof yeah take you trunks absolutely there’s
hot tubs do you know they got the saws I wouldn’t go on I wouldn’t go on a cruise
without my trunks for sure see keeper bring a roll of duct tape and a can of
wd-40 if it won’t move spray it if it won’t stay put duct tape it that’s right
if you’ve got you’ve got closet doors of a clanking or something like that
duct tape them I’ll stop it that’s why you bring duct tape absolutely let’s see
her before you go Tracy says book your reservations for dinner and shows
excursions if that’s possible do it Tom Henry Scott may be long underwear suit let’s your steamer saying I have to get
once he’s saying here I have to get a pedicure before I head off on the 15th
my two big toenails look ugly and George boy Tom color box was a Scott Weber
bring Lysol or some laundry bleach to disinfect surfaces those hand wipes and
Purell if you can get them in hand right bringing
PRL and by all means keep your surfaces clean even in your cabin baby wipes if
possible cooljazz saying a Gregory man a hangers for the walls how about that
Scott Weber which ships need show reservations the big ones the big ships
need show reservations Eliza is here hey from California hi Bruce hi ELISA ELISA
nice to have you back me steam you mean if I’m wearing flip-flops I won’t like
those looking pretty that’s exactly right
cheers everybody from traveling with Bruce welcome one welcome home Peter
hekima Bruce we booked the inaugural cruise out of Miami on the symphony of
the season a year ago only to see that Royal Caribbean snuck a cruise in just
before us disappointed that we won’t be on the first cruise from Miami how about
them apples if they promoted that cruise to you as a you know big-time inaugural
and now it isn’t that isn’t cool but they may well still say it’s an all-girl
week or something like that I don’t know but that is a bit of a downer Robert uh
Brett a clothes pins come in handy to hang things on the clothesline in the
shower and those giant clothes things they’d look they’re about this big big
six inch long eight inch long clothes pins you use those to keep your towels
from blowing off of your loungers by the pool use those those clip-ons to keep
your your towels hung on there I have a link in my Amazon store that I’ve got
for those if any of you need them cooljazz check TripAdvisor for info
about ports you’re visiting interesting blame beam don’t forget the penny
don’t forget the penny at least I know guys burgers no guys burgers on the
splendor that’s a downer they haven’t got them all built out yet isn’t that
something steaming beam I disembark from New York at 9 a.m. and my flight leaves
LaGuardia at 8 p.m. any recommendations ah steamer I’m is it the day before
leaving the night before to get to your trip I hope you don’t miss it a Robert
Brandt guys burgers are pretty good Scott who ever talked about dining
choices check out the new celebrity edge she
says there will be choices their steamy bean Blaine my big toes are hideous and
and Jordan saying I ELISA Blaine they would they would charge double for that
gnarly says my nails are gnarly tell I’m Henry Scott all the big ones from my
understanding you need the big ships you need to reserve the theaters are not
much different than the smaller jewel class ships but with 1500 passengers is
the problem the shows are full that’s right if you have you have five thousand
passengers on board a cruise ship and the theater holds 1500 at a time oops uh
you know chances are Nairobi nights where two thousand people want to see a
show so you’re gonna have to reserve your seating to be sure you get in there
absolutely right Peter hekima takes sanitizer with you to
wipe down your cabin and lots of $1 bills for those extra tips you will be
surprised at the service you will get for a few extra bucks Scott whoever has
anyone here been on Celebrity they look interesting I have not myself but I’ve
heard good things about celebrity it’s a notch higher it’s kind of like a Holland
America equivalent so all America is owned by carnival celebrities owned by
Royal Caribbean and it’s kind of a it’s like five five and a half stars it’s
kind of nice ships they they haven’t had a new ship for a number of years but the
edge that’s coming at the end of this year will probably be the first ship in
five or six years their first new one they’ve been really been doing
refurbishing zon there others of course the steamer my brother like celebrity
says and Jordan definitely agree TripAdvisor app is great jazz Tom Henry
bean walk over to the Empire State Building and see Scotty from the start
from Star Trek do his show Oh about that Mary Mary Ellen is here September on the
Oasis I will be enjoying the deluxe beverage package for the first time I
don’t son doesn’t drink gotta prove to just buy my package for the cruise just
get my own and he doesn’t have to get very good at Mary that’s great ELISA
booked at the steakhouse on the first night and got a free bottle of wine so
make your reservation for the first night at the steakhouse and he’ll send
you they will send you an email how about that that was in carnival that’s
great Robert Plant so true one dollar one two five dollars goes a long way and
they remember they do not forget they know steamer maybe 30 rock it’s another
place to go in New York Scott Weber try cruise line also steamy beam Bruce do
you sell lanyards do I sell lanyards uh me think let me think on RedBubble do
they have lanyards I can’t remember we’ve got the tote bags uh I don’t think
so steamer I’m I’m I’m not I’m not I don’t think I do sell lanyards on the on
the thing I can send you a lanyard from the the Super Bowl that was held in
Detroit Michigan if you’re interested because I have some leftover from my old
sports store and you can put your stuff in the what would be the ticket holder
for the Super Bowl tickets you can put your stuff in there if you want that
I’ve got but I don’t have I don’t have any a cruise-ship lanyard so anything
like that nothing with chip travel with Bruce liners Tom Henry just logged into
my Norwegian account still no tours or Costa Rica but they
are saying only one more day for the dollar deposits but they still don’t
have much posted for 2020 looking for the for the star repositioning cruises
interesting Tom it’s interesting the thing you may want to call the 800
number I just talked to him directly if you can’t and ask him hey what you know
what can you find for me you got this one dollar deposit deal what kind of
Cruise is on a repo and then find out maybe they make you maybe it’ll help you
on the phone and Jordan sorry guys my tablet is playing is playing up Iike
Robert Brandt the passport card is very handy and waterproof Jim Thomas dead the
manual is off already that’s fantastic that’s right that’s right Jim she’s
already off work as it is she’s getting ready for her cruise just thinking about
the the lanyard thing I did have a link on my Amazon page in my Amazon store I
have a link in there for a lanyard with the holder holds your cell phone
and holds your your ID and stuff you want if you need one of those it’s
waterproof sand proof so if you take it on the beach you’re not gonna get any
dirt on your phone you can grab one of those through Amazon they’re not that
expensive and you always get that through my link if you want uh Tom Henry
I would skip the epic just due to the rotten bathrooms I set up in the cabins
you got the toilet on one side you got the the shower on the other side and
then you have to think over here on the outside yeah I remember that weird
French designers I guess he said ah let’s see Richard C cruised dip magnets
with hooks can hang hats bags backpacks two walls of the cabin keeps the clutter
down that’s right get off the floor Tom Henry Bruce what do you know about
Europe’s apparent lack of wash cloths in Barcelona they didn’t even know what I
was talking about our stay in holiday in the London was similar weirdest thing
I’m surprised at that I can’t really comment on it I don’t know why Europe is
that way can’t can’t address it yeah I mean you know you’re in in a typical
hotel I mean you go to a motel 6 in Chattanooga you’re gonna get a washcloth
and in a sort of tea towel size and then the full baths you know the full bath
robe which will cover it kind of this much of your body but yeah I don’t know
Tom that’s kind of weird a steaming beam the Kyoto backs are drew Willy and Ricky
Ray Ricky Ray for the Toronto Argonauts drew Willy who’s he playing for is he
with the the the Alouettes is ISA the other wits is he Ottawa
who’s he playing for I’m not sure but Ricky Ramos is off for a while Ricky
took a nasty shot from our Stampeders the other day he’s out probably for the
rest of the earth Suzanne Hoffman when you have an interior room you can leave
the TV on all night turn to the station featuring the ship’s webcam it gives you
a nightlight and a window to the outside yeah you can do that if you like
otherwise shut everything off and it’s nice and dark in there whatever you like
steamy beam drew Willy place from Montreal and Ricky Ray for Toronto there
we go Tom Henry Bruce the color box I refer is
when a name is in color to stand out no idea how this is how that is done okay
but but where Tom are you talking about on this chat or are you talking about
Facebook where you I have no idea what you mean
Robert Brett if you at a name it gets highlighted oh okay well there you go
there’s a tip for it cool jazz at Tom Henry put the @ sign and type first
letter of name okay I could say any color virus here but whatever see me
mean Bruce drinking that darn caffeine concoction the caffeine free is brown
fuzzy water it’s just brown fuzzy water in my traveling with Bruce monk right
there Cheerios ah brown fuzzy water Judy and
stess is here hi Judy how’s it going hi Bruce long
time no see I know where have you been you’re busy summer my daughter and
son-in-law are on their 10th wedding anniversary cruise to Mexico
nice I’m ready for another one too I bet nothing wrong with a tenth anniversary
cruise or any kind of cruise Tom Henry bean I have the toenails done in CL blue
with Ed CL on the big toes done done on my Chris the part slaughtering the spot
there’s free with the pedicure I wanted to get my money’s worth oh my in a steaming mean a beauty work
on the ship is costly cooljazz that first cruise might not be revenue cruise
could be for travel agent so that’s the symphony of the Seas that might be one
of those promo cruises for travel agents and that may be why they snuck that in
there might not even be for sale I don’t know steamy bean getting my big ugly
toenails looked at when I’m in Saskatoon next week Stevie no Bruce I leave the
ship and have almost 12 hours before my flight takes off oh okay oh okay great
okay perfect okay I got I see what you say this is when you’re coming back
not when you’re going out okay okay Blaine you may need to call a tow truck
when you’re in Saskatoon be tow truck steamers live it Oh Tom Henry
I seem to notice someone subscribe to my youtube channel what channel laughs
upload I never did anything other than sign up I don’t I don’t really I don’t
know tom you’re doing something I don’t know what it is Robert Brandt on
Carnival if you go to the casino they will give you a free lanyard ah that’s
right yeah they give you free lanyards that you can always ask for them too
sometimes you can ask for free landed at the front desk on cruise ships right
what do you know when you get into the main lobby go to the front desk ask them
if they have language they might give you one for nothing you know with the
logo on it the cruise line yeah Robert Brandt uh saying that okay Stephen beam
you send me that one please that’s they mean what do you mean Scotty from Star
Trek steamers one ray sixty dollars he’s saying on a seven-day cruise Gravatt
good deal Alisa Corrections I saved three sixty dollars on my trip still
working on an upgrade on upgrade suggestions oh okay okay being 28 day
cruise on golden in April he said Richard Richard C is saying steamer 28
days is awesome for weeks Wow Richard C at the steaming bean thanks
will be fine Matt Bruce I’m live again and one day before my symphony cruise
welcome back Matt to the show Paul had a sin is si an is out on this beautiful
day the Sun is out on this beautiful day and Musa factory Ontario welcome back
fall to the show it’s nice to have you here steaming bean I am so jealous Tom
Henry steamed bean it’s been a while so he might not be there anymore but they
had Scotty doing a video tour of New York City a very interesting would be
kind of cool to watch steamer I wish my big toes look normal
Chevy first I all welcome back Chevy first 87 days and Counting I already did
the online check-in fantastic you’re getting ready you are organized this
fantastic laugh-out-loud bean from an jordan a chevy first make sure your
passport has more than six months life in it when you get on that ship you
don’t want to be trying to get on the cruise ship with only two two months
left but if you’ve already done check-in online you probably already have your
passport info in there it’s all good fantastic stuff other tips for
first-time cruisers is the advice show we’re giving advice
the first time cruisers those are cruising wannabes folks who haven’t been
on a cruise in a while stuff you need to know stuff you should be thinking about
ideas tricks hacks all the terms that are being used right now on social media
packing cubes I was I did a I did a little love link a promotional link to
an Amazon item for packing cubes and then I did a video about packing for a
cruise and how these packing cubes have are really handy where you you might
have like four or six of them that once they’re filled up with product or you’re
good–you’re stuff you can fit all four or all six these packing cubes in one
suitcase and one one packing cube might well be just your your your makeup you
know your your bathroom stuff well that goes you’re carrying you have another
packing cube that might be just your shoes all the shoes and what ill that
that goes in the suitcase you got another packing cube that’s all the
pants for for him and her but all the pants nice and flat in won’t you layer
upon layer by layer inside the packing cube you can pack a hundred and thirty
five percent of stuff in there that we debt would normally take a hundred
percent because a packing cube it will condense it a little bit more so you get
a third more stuff inside a packing cube and then the cube goes in the suitcase
or in the carry-on and you can take 35 percent more stuff or you have room in
your suitcase for stuff to bring back stuff you’re picking up whether you’re
buying souvenirs some t-shirts down there hat or to whatever you your fancy
when you’re on a holiday you’re picking up some souvenirs you can bring some
back because you got room in your suitcase or your carry-on because you’re
using packing cubes to take it packing cubes are kind of cool because they’re
they’re they have a mesh top so you can see what’s in them
right just told the cube running oh yeah these are the shirts these are the
dresses these are the shoes these are the meds these are the there you go you
don’t have to open the bag until they pack in that one and then close it up
again no that’s not it what am i packing that would you just look in the top and
see exactly what you have make a list before you even pack before you go on a
cruise make a list of what you should be taking with you all the meds that you
have to be taking go through your medicine chest in your house
and look at your you know look where your band-aids are and find out all the
or where the ointments are and whatever you need to take your headache pills and
whatever and then write write it on a list so the ones time to pack you just
go over your listing oh yeah check check I got that I got that I got that and
that will make it a less lot less stressful for you haven’t forgotten
anything very good now if you haven’t if you’re
supposed to take you’ve decided I want to take some bandages and then you
remind your your mind you find out that we got a troll here you find out that
you you find out that you don’t have the item you want to take some look a band
aid kit or something like that a first-aid kit you don’t have one at home
now that the list turns into a shopping list you make it different signals
symbol say I got to go buy that before the cruise you do that okay let’s see if
we have any more morons who’ve come in here we’re trying to make make it some
havoc here steaming bean I saw that packing cubes
link you did a good job on that purse need to get you on the Home Shopping
Network there you go okay we got that guy out of there let’s see here cool
jazz I’m 3% for might make you overweight will cost you more at the
airport depends on ya of course if you’re traveling by air be careful Wendy
Thompson we got one I just got rid of see me I and leave me sandy baby with
two carry-ons right on that’s well done trollhunters are ready Wendy saying see
keeper eat lunch in the dining room on embarkation day because the buffet will
be glorified a glorified zoo sit back and relax the service boy is that X
that’s an excellent suggestion I have yet to do that I’ve been on six or seven
whatever number cruise I’ve always gotta do my thing and you’re right on every
time I go into Bobby’s pack there’s all kinds of people in the buffet cuz it’s
the first day the cruise don’t do it next time I go on a cruise I’m gonna go
to my room get rid of my stuff if I’m hungry I’m gonna grab Jenn and we’re
gonna go to the main dining room and be seated for lunch in the main dining room
they have seating for five six hundred people there’ll be plenty of room and
it’ll be calm it’ll be quiet the music will be playing in the background and
the waiter will take care of your order and it’ll all be made to order right off
the you want a steak for lunch if they offer
steak sandwich have a steak sandwich for lunch thank you very much
check out the special restaurants on the first day of your cruise even for lunch
they might have a special an embarkation Day special for lunch at a specialty
restaurant if I recall if you’re on Carnival and they’ve got the guy for
you’re ready barbecue restaurant going the one in the in the restaurant lounge
area that might be free on the first day that might be no charge but the other
specially restaurants might be on it on a deal and I feel like regularly 20
bucks mighty be 10 now if you can get yourself a Philly mignon steak baked
potato and veggies for your first meal on a cruise on embarkation day I checked
that out if that was on sale absolutely as Lisa was saying she booked that first
evening for her her restaurant they threw in a bottle of wine what’s wrong
when they knew that nothing so I would take a look at that for sure just see if
we have any more comments here from anybody else trollhunters already wendy
is saying a good tip to see keep her absolutely good tip and Jordan saying
same thing keep her I liked that tip sherry first is saying steaming bean on
my first trip I was confused with ship was on which line on my first trip I was
confused which ship was on which line right well that can happen is so many
ships so many names Shammi versus a dining room woman for
lunch on the first day it should be oh yeah oh yeah should be it’s also open
for breakfast on the last thing yeah avoid the buffet on the last day to go
to the dining room be pampered one last time and throw a couple $1 bills around
love you let’s see here see keeper never follow the herd excellent excellent vie
sir very well said ELISA waterproof phone floaters I use them for my insulin
pens to keep cool in my ice buckets if your cabin does not have a refrigerator
it works great excellent point ELISA very well said Richard see Chevy first
it depends sometimes they will have the buffet open and one or two of the
restaurants for lunch you just walk around check it up ask ask the staff
they’ll yeah no worries see keeper check out
first night done right on Royal Caribbean it’s a good deal first first
night done right right on look into that Blaine guy’s burger is a zoo as well on
embarkation day I have seen videos guys lunch at guys is free but dinner has a
charge yes that’s right they BBQ I think their lunch time it’s free but in the
evening it’s a charge so govern yourself accordingly absolutely chef Ian first I
joined the Facebook for my cruise and I’m loving it I am getting even more
excited if that’s possible exactly as the barley on embarkation of
the Norwegian star we ate lunch at the ocean of Shannon’s view of the Irish pub
Oshin Oshin hands oshi hands I can’t pronounce it yeah you
know avoid the crowds and and have a better quality meal the main dining room
was a great way to go or especially dining for sure
so I’m Henri anyone have a good tip on what to do with a cell phone to secure
it with a strap wish they had a screw hole like cameras could get a strap to
screw in I’m paranoid the cell will fall into the h2o yeah like I said I had this
one item that was a lanyard went around your neck and the phone would just go
inside this container like a snap shut unit waterproof it’s a sand proof dust
proof that’s one solution but then you gotta wear it around your neck but
otherwise yeah the problem Tom Henry unless you’re using a you know if you’re
using a selfie stick be careful the phone is okay as long as you don’t hit
anything with it you know I mean you bump into something with a cell phone
stick in the jars the phone out and it’s going overboard be careful with
something like that so watch that steaming bean section first good tip I
joined my Facebook group and has helped me getting into my cruise let’s see her
and Jordan shimmy first welcome to the Facebook page Tom Henry say Steve that
is the best place to eat a buffet is too crowded yes teeming I gave up on selfie
sticks he’s saying I gave up a Blaine fanny packs Tom that’s old school but
use it I’m not sure if they’re waterproof
La Follette Chevy and first a tan Jordan I am Carolyn clam in there laugh out
loud Robert Brad many cell phones overheat by
the pool or Beach so cover them that’s another factor – absolutely
and you know those of you who have been I’m not sure Chevy are you a member of
my facebook page traveling with Bruce I hope you are those of you who don’t know
we have a Facebook group page called traveling with Bruce and you’re all
welcome to join that post anything you like what else is I going to talk about
bringing what you can bring on board a cruise some Cruise Lines lets you bring
a bottle of wine some don’t allow any alcoholic beverages
don’t bring plastic bottles cruise lines or getting into the no plastic at sea
deal so if you want to bring something to drink with you beverage make sure
it’s in either in aluminum cans or glass bottles otherwise don’t do it in plastic
alright drink packages yes or no this is one of those age-old debates should I
get a drink package should I not get a drink package if you’re if you’re
looking to drink more than seven or eight or nine drinks a day then you
might be okay with a drink package otherwise I would go ala carte I would
also recommend it to keep in mind if you’re on seven-day cruise and you’ve
got three or four port days where you’re at sure you will be able to drink
alcohol on shore at much cheaper prices than on the ship during daylight hours
and so if you’re in Puerto Rico and you’re taking just a walk through old
town porto rico there’s all kinds of places corner store so you can buy a
beer and drink it like you’re walking along the street going to the little
park area and enjoy and take a spritzer with you or whatever you’re picking up
if you’re into that but otherwise you know Cozumel you’ve got hooters there
you’ve got Senor frog’s there and you get a bucket of beer for 20 bucks or
something like that and enjoy or buy a pitcher for four adults together it can
chip in and enjoy themselves and at much cheaper prices and on the cruise when
you get back to the ship you’re drinking in a little more moderate
pace because you’ve been drinking the whole afternoon anyway why I overdo it
no point might be time to head for the spots sweat it out anyway let’s see here
Tom Henry the problem is I want it attached to my wrist while taking
pictures so I don’t drop it the holders and fanny packs don’t sell my issues ah
there you go I see what you’re saying Tommy yeah this is a problem with phones
how do you handle it I really don’t know a wristband that it’s attached to it is
inconvenient I yeah I don’t know what that I see me bean but the but they sell
plastic beer bottles well I think the cruise lines are getting out of that
though I think they’re going glass Shammi first I will join Bruce I found
you when I first book my cruise in December I just resurrected my facebook
all right on yeah sure having with Bruce come to the site come to the page and
I’ll let you in as a member for sure that’ll be great
Robert de Brent at the break-even on most drink packages at six or seven a
day there you go Nina hi Bruce and all regards from a
sunny Sweden hi Nina are you done let’s see your am Jordan awesome shaving
first please join traveling with Bruce on Facebook I see keeper get yourself
one of Bruce’s travel mugs great product and environment-friendly great for hot
or cold packages there you know one of the travel mugs with the TWU logo on it
and and use that on the ship absolutely let’s see here Tracy for us for us
cheaper to buy a drink or get a drink in the casino then then a
drink package bring a bottle of wine and have a drink in Port yeah absolutely go
to a casino and you know you want to play a slot machine little bit they
should come around and offer you a drink if they don’t if there’s two of you you
know leave the slot machine lecture let your better half keep an eye on it go to
the bar in the casino and say we’re playing those slot machines on there can
we have a couple drinks they’ll give you drinks there’s no charge for drinks in
the casino they shouldn’t be charging you make sure you get some free drinks
that’s because you know they they they will pour they will pour blame be
careful at port days when they have all-inclusive drink pack just don’t get
wasted and forget your cruise departure type that’s right
well said wait always a good Tom Henry I guess the Sony camera has a purpose of
life for a while I guess so I guess so the steamy bean I don’t need footage of
myself running for the pier no I don’t look at that guy running with those
painted toenails oh man that guy’s late oh he’s in trouble
Robert Brandt I used to sell alcohol to the cruise ships it’s st. Thomas and no
plastic is 100% correct they only want glass see there you go they are shifting
over and Jordan Tom Thomas Henry I think you can get a grip holders for your
camera or or phone on Amazon check it out go to Bruce’s link and then shop on
Amazon see what you can find that’s my suggestion to you is go to my link first
please please Robert Fred they crushed the bottle and
they dumped glass at sea they actually dumped it at sea or do they wait till
they get back to port and offload the giant those giant metal
containers follow the broken glass I always thought they did that I don’t
know hard to say I’m you know I’m not I’m not an expert in that area
Nina Frank missed many steaming screaming’s Babbitt but been ill Nina
stop getting sick please get better pace yourself welcome back to my show and I’m
glad you’re able to join me today Tom Henry and how did you get my name in
orange I have tried that thing with the logo
and then but I can’t make it work and Jordan hope you’re feeling better Nina
steamy beam sir to hear that Nina Richard C for a 28-day cruise for two a
drink package would be 3,800 bucks I think I’ve supplied by the glass yeah me
too I agree Wendy Thompson a maple leaf on his big toe that’s right there’s
who’s that guy running on the pier with the Maple Leafs on his big toe sighs
sure seems to be an awful hurry be playing the same bean you must be
related if you’re running yeah he would be situation critical I think so
dumped glass recycle aluminum interesting and Jordan definitely
Bruce’s link on Amazon bye definitely I thank you and I see keeper dump glass at
sea I don’t think so steaming beam I try to be back like two
hours before the ship leaves port Maryellen Tom Henry check out pops
sockets for your phone it helps you to hold more securely top
sockets hmm Robert Brent they dump food waste also well then I can see the fish
can eat that champagne first put in front of put this Swingle in front of
the name okay Robert Brandt the crushed glass is basically sand crushed glass I
see so I’ll be crushed first then dumped up Robert a Tom Henry ascends you’re
traveling with Bruce bottles to me I’m getting about ten gallons of water from
the new demeanor humid these humidifiers every day you guys want some water he’s
got water Tom Henry’s got water coming out of his
dehumidifiers that’s awesome ed Jordan why can’t we take on plastic water
bottles for water on ships but they charge ridiculous amounts for the
bottled water yeah and they’re trying to get away from plastic that’s what
they’re trying to do now I think they sell bottled water in plastic bottles on
the cruise ships but I think as these months go by and over the next year or two
I have a feeling that bottled water may no longer be in plastic bottles anymore
it may just be in glass bottle so I have to see how this shifts because all these
cruise lines are signing up to not using plastics at sea if at all possible
welp see how that plays out cool jazz have to take your own straws also yeah
and I wouldn’t take plastic straws take paper straws Chevy first Tom Henry put
the thing in front of the name Steven bean that drink package on NCL is a
wackadoodle water is not included isn’t that crazy a cool jazz that Tom Henry
freeze that water and start selling ice there your cool jazz as the viceroy ice
ice kid in the ice cube business oh my god seem you mean I’m going to be using
tap water and why not take your drink take your sport mug that you bring on
board another tip bring one of these on a cruise either one of traveling of
bruce’s or big one like that take that on a cruise
empty and then fill the fill that up with
and cold water in the buffet at the water station you can get all the water
you want enough to buy it from anybody and then just walk right out of there
with your sports mug enjoy buffets you can walk in there and walk out of there
all you want let’s see here a Chevy first question how is the water on the
boat at the buffet restaurant should i order the twelve back to water spine
waters absolutely fine psych restaurant detect the water the the tap water is
completely drinkable is safe it’s very good highly treated it’s well monitored
you should have no problems whatsoever all the ice cubes are made with ship
water it’s fine yeah yeah go to the go to the buffet they’ll bring you a glass
of water if you want one or you can get it yourself at the water station where
they have the coffee and the tea you can go get your own but take along your
sport mug just before you leave the buffet to walk around the deck and
wherever you’re going if you’re in the you know workout area or just going to
the pool deck or whatnot grab your sports mug to the to go to the
water station fill it up and there should be a ice dispenser there but a
bunch of ice in there fill it up with water you have to buy water on board a
cruise never you don’t have to let’s see here in your room I’ll tell your steward
to bring a bucket of ice every day into your room bill he’ll have one there
probably by 10:00 in the morning if you leave by 9:00 9:30 by 10:00 in the
morning he’ll be in there likely he sometimes she they will make your bed of
course and clean up your room and leave a bucket of ice it’ll be waiting there
and in the evening they’ll be a fresh bucket of ice and if you just want to
get some water to drink to take around the ship with your sportmen go to your
room grab the ice cubes throw them in there go to your bathroom and run the
cold water and use a small cup to fill up your sport but it’s fine it’s
absolutely fine one or nothing wrong whatsoever let’s see here at least a
GoPro has a wrist cell phone strap that you can connect to your cell phone I
bought mine at Best Buy for 25 bucks hold my GoPro my waterproof camera and
my iPhone eight just have to buy the attachment there you go there’s an idea
and Jordan had Thomas Henry Chevy first how does it taste water’s great
it’s it really it’s really yeah it’s it’s real tap water it really is blade
it’s the real deal Robert the ships have high filtration
systems for the tap water it’s fine Tom Henry is saying I having issues with
its covering steam you mean I got tap water from the buffet but not my cabin
no anyway you want cool jazz a Tom you don’t see the color it’s the alert the
person you’re sending the text to oh you don’t see it the person who gets yes
let’s see Tom then cool jazz probably learn everyone’s talking about how to do
coloring posts no space to go brother what song we’re coding anyway yeah the
water is fine absolutely a-ok bring with you on your
cruise power a power strip bar but you can’t have a surge protector on it can’t
have a surge protector bring the power strip bar for all your electronics a
number of the cruise lines the older ships in particular only have one plug
in the room today we have so many electronics that we need to get
recharged every night our laptops our tablets our cell phones our cameras you
need you need multiple plugs to do all that bring your own I’ve got one in the
link in my Amazon store if you go to my Amazon store you can find it and tonight
on this description I’ll put a link into my store as well as the Amazon homepage
but you can find the perfect cruise ship power strips there 10 15 20 bucks
they’re not that expensive let’s see her JC some of us just don’t drink anything
but bottled water and no ice especially when you’re in an uncompromised I’m just
I’m not just that’s know JC it’s okay it’s all cool whichever way you want to
go it’s fine with me you know person I don’t care but I will
say if you want to buy bottled water you can if you want to bring it on board
most cruise lines will let you do it I know and you know right now bottled
water is basically in plastic containers for as far as I know you can still bring
them on a cruise ship I haven’t heard that you can’t but I have a feeling a
bench you won’t be able to but maybe not for a
year – I don’t know so whatever works for you my dear go with it but as I say
I have I have found for my personal experience that yeah I don’t mind
bottled water I enjoy it do but on a cruise ship I’ve
had no issues drinking from the either from the top or from the at the buffet
or when I’m in the dining room they bring me a glass of water I’ve had no
issues but that’s me that’s just me Tom Henry okay thanks everyone for the help
and Jordan can we bring glass water drinking bottles on a cruise ship
can we bring glass water drinking Bluff depends on the cruise line and some
cruise lines won’t allow bottled water on board it’s the dumbest rule I can’t
believe it why they would go stoop so low to do that but they’re
nickel-and-dime and some of these guys so check with cruise line on what’s
allowed Robert Brandt a stripped with AUB USB outlet is good too that’s why I
should have said Robert you’re right I had a link to one of these power strips
that had I think three USB port plugs and plugs for the irregular volt 110
volt very good very good unit and I’ll try to I’ll find it and I’ll repost it
again I’ll repost it on my Facebook group page I’ll post it there let’s see
here cool Jess Tom Henry there will be a quiz tomorrow make sure you study Robert
Brandt they don’t want bottle because they think it’s booze and there you see
there’s the vodka the people bring in walk on board inside water bottles and
that’s why they don’t allow water bottles that’s the reason it’s not
because of the water they just don’t want you sneak an alcohol inside other
kinds of containers how about that right that’s why a can of caffeine free diet
coke they’ll let that go because they know there isn’t any booze in there but
a bottle of diet caffeine-free could be half and a half could be half cola half
rum that’s a no-no you don’t wanna be caught doing that
excuse me um let’s see her packaging has to be unbroken and sealed Blaine a
saying cooljazz bottle might be a hazard if they break that’s the other issue
isn’t it with glass if it falls you have a hazard especially with people walking
with flip-flops bad news yeah that could be a problem that’s why last week was
such a godsend but in the sea it’s not a good idea so there you go back and forth
isn’t something bring along one of those right there
steamy bean I am really not a drinker but on the ship I will indulge you’re
not driving have a good time steamer absolutely and show off those painted
toenails to everyone who wants to take a look and why not well there you are
folks I think we came up with some pretty good tips today for all these new
cruisers there’s so many more a Robert Brandt I can I can tell you how to get
the top of water bottle without breaking the seal see there’s tricks tricks
always tricks Tracy don’t last time on Carnival you can only bring the small
bottles twelve ounces or less yeah there’s all kinds of restrictions Cruise
Lines just don’t want you cheating and bringing on the contraband that’s how
they make their living they sell you booze or at least some of the people
they sell booze do and that helps pay along the bills go to the casino and get
a free drink there and you know what you learn in the afternoon and you get a
beer and you have a quarter of the beer and then you leave the casino with your
beer no one’s gonna stop it go to the pool deck and enjoy the rest of your
beer on the pool deck in the evening uh go in there and you know play for a
couple of minutes get a free drink and then leave and hopefully you haven’t
lost $10 to get a free drink play the minimum I suppose but there’s ways let’s
see your cruise cool Jess look on YouTube for bottle hacks don’t do it
don’t do it and Jordan these are bhp free recyclable bottles for water our
our our bhp free cycle balls for I don’t know what that means
Jim Thomas have a good day and see you all tomorrow a great show gamers cool
Jess saw a guy refill a Listerine bottle with booze with
breaking the seal yeah I don’t recommend doing that Tom Henry I recommend a
Europe power strip that converts to us and has a USB I bought I bought on
Amazon several years ago and it is great smaller Norwegian ships don’t have us
power in the right spots interesting very interesting Tom a good point there
again these new power the newer power strips that they have now have five or
six outlets you know three four like your phone cameras can be recharged
perhaps and these things were computers tablets and then you’ve got your regular
outlets they’re so versatile it’s incredible Tom
Harvey Tom Henry ever hear of a sneaky Butler it’s a way to pull a cork on a
wine bottle refill and record call man huh you’re too crafty you’re just too
crafty job here yeah bringing Roos on the ships that was the cruise Wars theme
that I went on there yeah he’s saying he won his argument bringing cruise on the
ship I say wear a kilt just wear a kilt and guys you can tape a 36 ounce on the
inside of thigh here 36 ounce are on this thigh here no one’s gonna look up
the kill cuz what’s up there stays up there’s private no one looks up there
you don’t want to know what’s up there and this walk on the walk on board with
those bottles taped your legs it’s all fine that’s what I said on travel on
cruise Wars cool jazz you can wear this die you can wear this time with a shirt
soft for Father’s Day you can wear this time with assurance soft for Father’s
Day I’m not sure what you mean is it a tie that holds booze I’m not sure what
you mean I don’t know some of the comments are kind of getting out there
get no further away from me to understand guys thank you for watching
my show today we had a pretty good crowd today
how we doing four thumbs up so 25 thumbs ups today if any of you haven’t given me
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shell I look for senior Bell and the steam you mean Blaine be nice laugh out
loud the Blaine especially if being as a killed on my goodness and urine I wish
the cruise lines would stop charging Ricky’s charts for bottled water well
and I I agree with you about there like I say there’s ways around it on port
days you know when you’re going off the ship you can always bring back a 6-pack
of bottles water it should be a bringing on board without too much hassle there’s
ways around it but you know these sport cups can save you a ton of money if you
use them right I use them for my caffeine free diet coke I put my ice
cubes in there put in two cans of caffeine free I’m good for an hour –
it’s fantastic drew of chemicals Bruce oh thank you and Jordan for explaining
that to me that bhp the chemical thing blamed the onboard water isn’t a badly
price better than hauling it around there you go and Jordan free oops the
steam you mean now you have more Fonzie’s than viewers I have more I have
more thumbs ups then people watching me right now how about that I got 30 up and
32 up and 30 watching how about that they’re slowly leaving me but they
should be at 40 say my goodbyes anyway the show is at this is the end of the
show I’m packing in and I’ll be here tomorrow
for two shows five and eight thanks everybody for joining me thanks for the
affiliate linking on Amazon I would appreciate you doing that when you buy
something there thanks for the donations on paper thank
you again and and thanks for picking up the merchandise picking up travel with
Bruce stuff twb I’ll see you tomorrow five o’clock have a good evening
everybody and take care we’ll see you then see ya

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