Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Other Recreational Protective Service Worker Career Video

Swimming at the beach or a pool, hitting the
slopes at a ski resort, it’s all for fun and fitness. But when an accident happens, or someone needs
help, lifeguards and ski patrols come to the rescue. These recreational protective service workers
monitor swimming and ski areas to aid and protect the public. Lifeguards and ski patrols look out for hazards
or safety problems in their assigned areas. In emergencies, they examine injured persons
and administer first aid or CPR. Lifeguards watch over swimmers at pools, lakes,
and ocean beaches. They may patrol on foot, with a vehicle, or
observe swimmers from towers. They also keep beach facilities clean and
maintain the right balance of chemicals in pools. Ski or alpine patrol workers monitor trails
and slopes from vehicles or on their skis, often checking trails for hazards, and conducting
a sweep of the area at the end of the day to ensure the safe return of all skiers. Recreation workers inform participants of
the rules, and ensure that equipment is used safely. They also keep records of weather and beach
conditions and warn participants when bad weather is expected, or other safety hazards
threaten. Although these occupations generally have
no formal educational requirements, significant skills in swimming or skiing are necessary. Some positions require lifesaving and CPR

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