Let’s Review this Wicker Man Recreation in Planet Coaster!

Let’s Review this Wicker Man Recreation in Planet Coaster!

so today we’re gonna be looking at a
rollercoaster that a lot of you guys have told me to take a look at and that
is the wicker man roller coaster it’s a wooden coaster that’s very very heavily
themed and I also wanted to kind of give a
shout out to a creator named Loakin who also uploads quite a bit of planet
coaster content on YouTube and he doesn’t just upload planet coaster
content he uploads high-quality planet coaster content and I want to stress the
high quality part his rendition of this ride is really good but his showcasing
of it on his channel is even better it’s really immersive it’s well done so I’m
gonna leave a link in the description for you guys to go check out his channel
his workshop all that kind of stuff like I do with all these videos so go ahead
and give him some love give him some support merry thing but before we get
into this rollercoaster I want to point something out really quickly so one
thing that I noticed when I installed this ride was the amount of stuff I had
to download to get everything working properly and for some reason I can’t get
the sounds to work in any of the creations I’ve downloaded recently but
the one thing that does work is the like pictures that he’s added and I am really
blown away by this cuz I don’t even know how he got his hands on this specific
asset that’s used on this rollercoaster and he even has like the height ruler
that I’m assuming is probably on this ride in real life so I’m really blown
away but another thing I want to point out is this gift shop which I’m assuming
is accurately recreated and I I don’t know how he made this I don’t know what
pieces he used I don’t know how he got these pieces but everything looks so
good I honestly don’t even know how he made these walls and everything too and
I believe he used around around or over 50,000 pieces to make this one creation
which is definitely way more than I’d ever use in a full park to be honest so
I’m really excited and my expectations are very high for this ride so without
further ado let’s go ahead and get into the queue so we can get onto this
amazing recreation so there’s something I wanna let you guys know and that is
that I am NOT the biggest fan of wooden roller coasters I’ve had very little
exposure – this coaster type in real life you
know every single wooden coaster I’ve been on has left me in pain or I’ve just
not liked the writing experience it wasn’t very fun it wasn’t very exciting
it was just kind of uncomfortable and unbearable so I’m not the biggest wooden
coaster fan but the thing is seeing stuff like this makes me you know want
to change my mind you know if I experienced a roller
coaster like this or wooden coaster I feel like my mind will change but until
that happens I’m gonna have my super biased
you know steel coaster bias in the back of my head but I’m really excited to see
this roller coaster and I really want to see how low can executed this roller
coasters shaping because after all I still am a huge roller coaster fan and I
have in the past tried making a wooden coaster so if you guys have been a
follower of mine for I guess like six or seven months or so like half a year you
guys might know that I tried to make a custom GCI in planet coaster and if you
saw that you probably know how it went it didn’t go too well it did not go well
at all I had a very very very hard time trying to capture the feel and the look
and the experience that a GCI offers and I believe correct me if I’m wrong but I
believe this roller coaster is a GCI and they have a very unique writing style
that I’ve never really seen anybody else to replicate properly you know people
say they can do it but really I haven’t seen anyone do it – at least my
standards of excellence when it comes to roller coasters and planet coaster I’m a
perfectionist so I expect things to be just like they are in real life when
honestly that’s not something that’s usually achievable in planet coaster but
based off of what I’ve seen so far from this creation I’m thinking that I’m
thinking that this might be one of the best GCI isn’t planet coaster that’s
what I’m thinking because the amount of detail he’s incorporated into this
creation you know just with the coaster alone ignoring all of the scenery that
it surrounds this roller coaster it looks like loken is really about this
roller coaster so I am excited to see how this thing rides so let’s go ahead
and skip up to the front of the queue so before we hop into the
station I want to point something out really quickly and that is once again
just like a lot of the recent creations I’ve shown you guys on this channel this
ride has a ton of scenery pieces and this area right here kind of showcases
the number of pieces and I believe he used individual pieces or individual
wooden poles to kind of create this fence structure and if you look
obviously there’s hundreds if not honestly thousands of these poles
scattered throughout this ride and he’s also done the same thing I believe with
this kind of structure right here I don’t believe this is a prefabricated
wall that you can kind of build out of building pieces I think these are
individual smaller scenery pieces that he he’s compiled into a pretty much just
like a whole building I think okay so I want to be completely transparent with
you guys I took a peek inside the station and I was shocked I didn’t want
to completely spoil myself with it but you guys have to see this especially
with reiha shade on I really really want you guys to see this this looks
absolutely stunning you can’t see anything now but give it some time
you’ll you’ll see what I’m talking about look at this look at this I guess like
pre station entry area this I’ve never seen anyone make anything like this and
plant a coaster before ever like I’ve never seen this much effort for such a
small area of a ride like look at all these individual pieces he used to make
these walls like this really crazy like weird texture of like wood and tected I
think I don’t even sticks like what is this this is absolutely insane and my
fps has not gone down at all I have no idea how he pulled this off but past
these doors is the station so look at this station look at this masterpiece
this looks so intimidating like the lighting the building pieces everything
looks so cool like this looks like such a monstrous ride like I feel like this
thing is gonna eat all of us alive I really can’t wait to get on this thing
and just really the lighting is just so well done like that’s the main thing I’m
so blown away by that and once again we see the sticks
we see the sticks they’re back oh man alright let’s go ahead and get on this
roller coaster all right so that’s wicker man so I’m
not gonna lie I’m not too blown away by the roller coaster itself this
recreation though Loken you did an amazing job on this ride it’s pretty
much perfect I honestly don’t even know where to critique this ride I don’t know
what areas are bad if there are any bad areas on this ride but the ride itself
more this is more me critiquing this rollercoaster in real life I don’t think
there are the weird kind of unorthodox GCI track placement and all I can stuff
in this ride I don’t think we see that in real life mostly because this rides
pretty small and it doesn’t have an opportunity to gain a ton of speed I
guess but hey this is coming from someone who’s not too much of a wooden
coaster enthusiasts but just look at this dude like just I keep getting blown
away by the amount of detail he puts into everything but just look at this he
has the on ride photos in planet coaster he even has the assets that they use to
kind of I guess like crop out that like like how did he even do that like how
did he even do that he even has the movie the shot from the movie I’m
assuming they have here like what the heck this is actually insane and then we
end up back in the gift shop where we started but man I’m really blown away by
this he did such an amazing job with this recreation I actually speechless I
really don’t even know I don’t even know what to say anymore so anyway look and
you did an amazing job with this roller coaster this thing looks absolutely
beautiful you even went out of the way to custom support this monstrosity of a
creation like just look at this it looks absolutely beautiful I just I don’t know
how anyone can do this in Planet Coast year and still be sane afterwards and he
pumps out plenty of creations and everything and like I said he has a
YouTube channel and I’ll leave all of his information in the description of
this video so please you guys please please please go subscribe to him so
show him some support download his creation like it all that kind of stuff
on his steam workshop and like I said I left all of his information in the
description of this video so you guys know where to find him so anyway I hope
you guys enjoyed the video if you did please please please do leave a like and
subscribe I do review rollercoasters constantly now so
if you guys have anything you guys want me to look at if you guys have a
creation you want me to review go ahead and leave a link to it in the comments
of this video so anyway I hope you guys have a good one don’t forget to stay
positive and I will see you guys in the next video peace out

54 thoughts on “Let’s Review this Wicker Man Recreation in Planet Coaster!”

  • Rizumu GoldenChezt says:

    Honestly the best traditional wooden coaster in terms of ride experience and smoothness is Ghost Rider GCI at KBF. Voyage and El Toro I hear (haven’t ridden) are getting rougher in the current years, but Ghost Rider is still the at the peak of smoothness, like its the 1st day it opened.

  • Stuart Mchale says:

    Big fan of the channel and really enjoy your analysis of peoples work. Ive uploaded my first youtube vid a planet coaster RMC creation using full track pieces, which I have managed to get relatively smooth and would like if you could check it out, any tips on improvements would be great https://youtu.be/bJ1kRnqBUko

  • X7future 3.0test says:

    Just a few weeks ago your videos weren’t getting more than about 10k views now you’re in the 30-60k range this channel is blowing up keep it up

  • Hi Variable – which wooden coasters have you ridden? I used to be like you where I didn't think I liked wooden coasters but that's because I hadn't ridden any good ones yet. Once I went out to some of the midwest parks like Holiday World it totally changed my mind!

  • I wish planet coaster would fix their smoothing. Everything in these creating look so great, but they the occasional jerkiness really ruins the effect. I haven't watched this whole video yet so Idk if that applies to this ride, but I do know that wooden coasters can be smoothed to perfection.

  • Wooden coasters are the easiest to smooth for me and I never get any jerkiness. Like im talking smoothness like no limits

  • JBravoEcho09 says:

    How have you never even heard of the infamous Nick Cage bee scene from the Wicker Man remake? I was cracking up when I spotted it 😂 This designer is a genius.

  • Revelation 20:7-15 says:

    Here is a ride I think you would like to watch. This roller coaster came out June 18. The brand new Intamin launch coaster Taiga will have a height at 52 meters, Finland's longest track length of 1,104 meters and a maximum speed of 106 km per hour.

    Taiga Linnanmäki Amusement Park located in Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮


  • You haven't been riding the right woodies if you say you dont like all of them lol. Sure plenty suck, but many newer gen woodies or some of the better classics like the beast kick ass.

  • JellGames Gaming says:

    the link is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754588223&searchtext=Jungle+runner

  • Clare Laurence says:

    I went to Alton Towers about 2 weeks ago, and wow this detailed. Even with the gift shop, he did an amazing job! The coaster is surprisingly smooth, and actually I loved it, even though I've had bad experiences in the past (Gwazi, looking at you!).

  • Hey is there any chance you can share you RESHADE PRESET? I'm trying to make my game look THIS real, but I can't find any presets for this game. I looked at your download Reshade tutorial from last year, and you said you'd make a video later for your presets. But I have not seen such a video for almost a year. Any chance you can share your preset in a file at least or something so I can use?

  • OK as a person who has ridden this coaster multiple times; it seems underwhelming but honest to God it is an incredibly fun coaster. It has genuinely become one of my favourites at Alton Towers. If you ever get the chance, definitely give it a go. It will change your perspective at least a little, planet coaster can't do it justice. Also; The scenery is absolutely amazing, trippy to see such realistic recreations tbh haha.

  • I haven't watched this yet but if there's the preshow video thing I'm gonna scream.
    Edit:There isn't the thing but there is the area and those fences are literally the exact ones

  • Demetrius Scott says:

    Would you be able to recreate a roller I created years ago? I never had the No Limits Simulator, but could you follow what I tried to do o my YT channel?

  • Wicker man was my first coaster I grew up with alton but I was scared to ride all the rides so when I went on wicker man I loved it! ♡

  • R2-D2-RC3PO-2 2 says:

    Try to build Six Flags St Louis. (That’s if you can) jk just do your best cause I also wanna see who can build the best Six Flags St. Louis out of all the people who play planet coaster. I need to get a gaming pc before I do anything with planet coaster.

  • Went on this ride in real life last week.. Its soooo good. Smooth and fast!
    This is a great remake of it. The shop is very similar. The queue is similar. So good!

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