Let’s play Tomb Raider 2 #40 Fathoms

Let’s play Tomb Raider 2 #40 Fathoms

Hello hello hello Welcome to another episode of Let’s play Tomb Raider II. So today I’m going to progress to As you can see I can’t hide the fact that I did record few episodes after this one. There are all this saves from my previous games. There are all this saves from my previous games. “Wreck of Maria Doria, the deck ect. “Wreck of Maria Doria, the deck ect. And in the moment I’m going to explain why. So today we are progressing to
tip tip tip (wheel of fortune sound). 40 Fathoms it is. So the explanation behind me recording so many videos in advance. When I first published my Let’s play of Tomb Raider 2 on this lovely you Tube account. I received an astonishing response of two subscribers in very first night. I was so so happy, that I though that I’m going to die. This motivated me to record more and more videos. So like a crazy person.I recorded about 10 episodes of Tomb Rider 2 play in three days. Up to level called “Wreck Of Maria Doria” And when I tried to re-watch one of those episodes now, they seem rater dull. I’m rather shy and spare in words in previous recording. So I decided to give myself another try. So now about the game play. Lara Croft ended up in the middle of the ocean. And now she is trying to find a way in to this ship wreck. And now she is trying to find a way in to this ship wreck. And now she is trying to find a way in to this ship wreck. And now she is trying to find a way in to this ship wreck. of Maria Doria. So now please look at the right. Did you see that Shark?? So now please look at the right. Did you see that Shark??It seemed to be waiting for me:). Like a dog. HA HA. So when I played this level of Tomb Raider 2, I had to repeat the beginning sequence three or four times. So when I played this level of Tomb Raider 2, I had to repeat the beginning sequence three or four times. But this time I succeeded in the first try. Yey. I’m a Tomb Raider master now. Master or not, it will not stop me from saving the game now. Where should I save. Hmmm, I don’t know. I have so many precious saves here :). As you can see I need to save a lot:). Let’s just override the previous one. Yey Lara Croft, Let’s just go out. Now we have to go back to the water. And swim into this little room. The one which you can see now. Here we have to just go out, and pull the lever. Here we have to just go out, and pull the lever. Lever…hmm I’m not sure how to pronounce it it correctly. You have to excuse my accent…I’m not a native speaker. So that lever has drained the room out of water. So that lever has drained the room out of water. So that lever has drained the room out of water. So that lever has drained the room out of water. So that lever has drained the room out of water. I have seen so other Let’s play of Tomb Raider, where players were saving a lot of time going through this room when it was still flooded. Unfortunately I did not succeeded. Not sure how is it possible for them, but you got to love Tomb Raider glitches. I find it very amusing to discover an “illegal” paths through the levels:). So now I need to climb on this crate. And jump from it to the box right behind it. In order to jump to the highest pillar on Lara’s left. I’m not very successful though. I’m not very successful though. Perhaps I should call this Tomb Raider fail in stead of Tomb Raider play. Perhaps I should call this Tomb Raider fail in stead of Tomb Raider play. Yey, I made it. So now let’s jump ahead. And again. What i love about my version of Tomb Raider 2, is the lack of Lara’s heartbeat soundtrack. When I was watching other let’s players they were complaining about this creepy soundtrack. What i love about my version of Tomb Raider 2, is the lack of Lara’s heartbeat soundtrack. When I was watching other let’s players they were complaining about this creepy soundtrack. It freaks them out. In my version of Tomb Raider II for Mac In my version of Tomb Raider II for Mac You can hear sounds of the kitchen:). And water drops. So now Lara is going to be attacked by the guy with a very big gun!. So now Lara is going to be attacked by the guy with a very big gun!. So now Lara is going to be attacked by the guy with a very big gun!. So now Lara is going to be attacked by the guy with a very big gun!. aaa here it comes. hahaha yeah Now I can hear some very keen steps from down below. very very keen steps. And this is the first secret of this level. And this is the first secret of this level. And those are very excited guys with wrenches! Wow they are on fire!, So excited about Lara’s visit!. Saini I am NOT K school donde 24 cut are years so did you don’t and that’s when
you play this game please don’t do that’s because it won payoff huh scum Anna to shift music hasn’t started yet her chance hi on safe here eyes only one you to watch on thing and my stuff was the safest manner
on that’s I’m hoping not to play at this level
again hey a it’s not the best penalizing AHA yeah red her how all and the phrase guy she not hiring fast net this sign at this time how so even though I played this game hello and we have a clear evidence I did
go for this level because all the other ones were there kayaks excess keep data plus mark which
I didn’t even though not so well this AM in and I
played this game before call for all incomes ranks can will be grateful to be able to take all
cull a sly aids K %ah some from haifa slam but he said hosts
he track hi wasteful was led to dislike of flipped a sexy it kinda her starts and kids know where in critical for so hey yeah America man yea didn’t expect such a big success in
the first right with your the project he’s never knowing
when Ryan I swear I i delicious sec and lack and now I’ll say ladies and gentlemen this is Nina
which I for Cox I know it doesn’t look like I’m
being very truthful I clearly I’m totally forgot he was
there ok I ask this look up here someone will
do one thing that killed us haha is leaving
gym I’m going to tell you it a fleeting to
a.m. angry dragon so he actually was a secret her leg well he didn’t need to which was
already use the battle his hideout were all and that takes us out to this
wall wonderful underwater adventure I feel like in them Australia and the
whatsup Oct mom no Laraque command wall for full k done did that than that because this this ad just EDS a me yet so a at seven number two he is so crazy fish number one I know
what they are and one that Dana someone special
because they like salted fish well 40 in this quickly run away in a piranha SP out mass small and this month %uh
long and me on maybe I should look it up hundreds herpes you’ll find mouse she on thing that is really wise to just
say if not way steel time I have plenty of her
a must-have cutting slave by Scott com well yes so that little I’ll come back did action s alright quiet was my life one likes to push
things yes see say this kind of camera tree which was
taking place this second ago if it persists suggest us where to find
the secrets lecture if I guess it did cheeky any
case you know that he pays pretty well he
then and the only reason why I used its now was because I literally
bumped into it and I just yeah I just had some let I was recalling from different
manner thanks Sanford number that though we
just opened it would be a random guess will be
around and get now ahold will pay off yes like 380 she’d go for this level cut CEO and other levels you have to you yeah so I think I read messed up I think
I’m running I’m living circus months at the slab Clara their 0 he Larry founded week lowered its hey now I’m actually really press sale now is the first place of and then the second one is of which
rankles sets and I i think that could I will
wait here I’ll wait here to have a look how long
does it take for the time to run pronounce so this is asked me to watching program allow if you ever experienced anything
like that there this one and the kinds I will just have illicit on the loveSac
so be right back yes I’m back right on time was in many long was it she sir not I’ve done many reminder to all this
so counter-strike 2d just one first funfair yeah Carolina round round round
round I a at a know this love this because on on on on on saving saving K her keel you let’s hope will be unto
you on guns %uh K fun was beautiful but denied them school so I don’t know if I’m being very clear
will what I have to do so the uplink leave us all I one accident was the way to go on an hour K a nonsynonymous lost while I known locally as the best skewed stuff fly Anna ban how some on the mysterious spoke has
open for us which is in hand this is this see Hannah hush waking me when I can be to decide if I S meh k here in defiance if I is here and look at this video good was it ski racer rain I am ready and me are a hug yes clearing been here known names such frustrating how a Laird is costly and the stalls which
often and they’ve already first lady’s those
lovely day to be honest it’s not so much easier K and this one this no this fund it’ll happen Montaner all testing was in time then right this one is me mom nah nah nah this is the beginning is
in it if beginning yes not points I’m size you can see nothing blindness clay
yes I managed to get lost round well that many me to congratulate
my fellow such a clever name orkut and say they have the inflation
rate and the words I want that hun askin Thank You Clevite because no he said the fire llamaste declines a something has declined cuz 6 innings this is the way here idoney wanna go
here gained like my done crash now has to cut this out to
something and AM let me distract K come the fuck
angled lost him not all Kyle sorry as his father had
massive in six Mike Colpitts on no its actually like some kind of fluff and I’m are can I’m CR Don no a non-member non damiana classic kresa mysterious time %ah of high and gosh she’s good day wasn’t
I’m not ok play so for rent why seen this second era is Andy doesn t take long should be fully
expires surfing this is the first for them moderate noises clumping K ion on yet say I will try to do this from the best of
my ability and talks he had the sense outlets how what I can multitask sell it was a
big say I’ll manage see what minutes it was very
difficult ap pashas she married and the words from
the App Store UK advocates like you probably don’t know
this yes I’m a very silly SN for purchase this sip a heap expense mock and a yellow ski crates some really advanced
3d animations close yeah I like animation I’m man and his people for thing they
can create something for you I did I in life in it and talk at the same
time I’m not a cop I so like I’m she’s because there is no one else with
me and the house so they come clout and actually itself
like I needed so yes I run that turned on the word on hi marika hush well we running away love him just like her yes this is once you get song %ah K hun maybe I will talk about it she read it
she now i think im sidetracking too much so here
we are and what’s up have to go alway to divert tell yes Lara show us we go all way to to Sol to pull the
Levis and he s to pull this lever there and its mom its good idea to pressed the wrong
button someone’s we do that’s dis this rooms opens and we have to you well another leave their and then the very top saying opens of RTC yeah
it’s are Alan Huish I just made its so safe yet and I will
try to Colfax for this secrets well which was in some
way he then was it I’m nah nah nah nah nah that’s very
silly let’s just get this whole cool her half a fresh air yeah yeah so us older than john has passed now I can
tell you Anna yet so I don’t know how many he has late you made and wonderful I kids I actually I’m one of his key key people war so many hot they honor yet so I want this geeky people also not what fish like that like hull hull
at No they going to they to it home lesson a dash showing up on me she take
the secrets K well mean %um so sorry I will go back to the topic
from be folded fish so I won this Kiki people well was that for Camilla I just press the action button
she turns her us to you the secrets mom stetson one its mom sorry just some I’m not getting I’m getting
prepared for this for this min meanness yeah has a scraper hand let’s I’m not impressed with this fish I’m
impressed with myself this so far for your so if any company ASCII yes I am and that is correct and
England’s on the day of reprimand for very serious
music like come no nothing on K are hun your area and guessing there must be a way called comment para not I’m hearing yes in my geeky sorry about tonight to I purchased it on that day and was
released and you know it was okay you have any word was okay I N E okay this isn’t the way to do it I don’t think I would tell you the story
of its right down went and good just like am cut the long story short I’m it wasn’t anything special you really
like it much an marijuana’s am affects posts with had crossed keys and
stuff and the graphics was nice yeah nothing really I haven’t seen before and higher I K she show it not hmm these dunno their just on the way to be %uh compare sexual better and I had to
drop to so fast and yet so the two made and it
was great I am haunted on this time and there’s this instant
music karma so a yet well saying that nah I’m went up today so it didn’t look special ans the game was okay tryna I know I played by this he read
this that’s why I was really shocked when I come on it now after I’ll sing like 4 yes was it for years I may be I may be wrong if I’m wrong
please please excuse me email in my age even forget about think at yes
sir am I was real impressed because I don’t really know and if any
have you played nixon made and work by its scotch accrue beautiful game dislikes so stunning a calm stop staring
la Rosa seriously it’s like she is cell crazy
hair and its neck if you couldn’t ask I hope
regular A’s is just the whole getting I can get an
oscar De in looks so I’ll IOC k this is not the way it should be I’m I don’t know what to call a fish on
the water levels ask sir much fun I’m selling yen at what
at the people in this place they’ll tell you what they think 19 the
highest nanking the day gosh like everyone anyone complain about
that home credit for that was kinda like some Brian high drama its strength and it’s not dan K saddam has began impossible %uh yes asthma this must be this must be the
way I can see any other option system I got underway some maybe PlayStation 2 and piece he
slashed my has them maybe that the hostels I’m not
sure about that that is just such a great game swell every penny perhaps was remastered I well after have to watch and the
people that’s claimed and now have to deal with
it far at PlayStation high heels I think PlayStation 3 PlayStation
freeing my plate it’s idea so the let’s go back to seem ready to you
so that neither has opener the trapped I’ll from the previous room and
has struck some rubbish into this one so I really no I’m not
supposed to so stray guns because that’s a sudden
death style and I did not want to repeat its so I decided see go back to discern has previously I was unable to reach that goal a 16 that there was a slight next to it and
now situation is very different and in knots I’m will can I yeah you can see this has hits very nosers inefficient
way down not I’m always being a bit lucky eight this is a slight slides an kind of thing I just roll simply here you 9.9 how it rang I think we shall I think the shower and we fail K say and this is to mind the walk free yeah I can tell
you do not do this I repeat you play yourself to not do you
know it existed because you’ll waste less time I i think is better to go there from
unless signs I’m having this feeling an I don’t know what’s coming from EA
exactly so right side row on left side that a and eggs also very good it’s chick lit
your hands ok & Clear Channel even here or weeks opened a doll for their routine weather is no wanna a few watch Anna some people’s conch shells I actually have seen them
succeeding came dropping two then remove all dying I have well I haven’t read exactly thats
I am I tried things from they from the speech
Iran’s and it looks like I’m not us experience
STI to know when to all like take ok this lets loose a stuck one centimeter of nine call wah X conduit a try I tried I will miss rights suffering will be
interesting addition to mine is clay effecting like Charly of this ego cuff lace her is very difficult likes it would be easy
everyone would do its idea so I’m talking about this this clay is and I’ve got to tell you so and the very bottom and action like
quite confusing ans when I played it for the first time
and now nothing serious i got quite at this place cut because I
have not noticed it that that she wakes out and they become available after we trust or dislike rubbish I’m to the as arian so and it just slipped in there is only
one so I was getting %uh sucking for 20
minutes getting lost company offering stories I’m not saying anything ok this is one
of the reasons cried the sign it will be better to records this cosplay if anyone wanna see the crowd was fun
please let me know I have a good day her very very d hiring see if anyone wants to see the other less clay and I
do not recommend this so country expecting anyone requesting
it from might many many many fans Anna I think the plaudits but you will
get so bolts that you will Donnie and will be very
dramatic I love with Greg 60 year nonetheless it’s exciting moment
has arrived weekend that’s Reina have another wats ur how much you’re okay or yes this is this a full points he needs he let’s just slim of no on a firm can I just touched n I will definitely
try fam yet no all is not like early yeah all good day excited guy wilkey shotgun for I R know I’ll I will reload this because it’s not going very well and
feed her was happening then sonya left behind yet the back man is with us my Sarah function kilo us from his how turned out love her and
ask her hot sexy fuck now why do you have the crystals why now for heard on yeah lost I’ll ask for the key many packs per I have how foale how good it a six-year Clelia so now hi let’s play shows you how what not to
do in team raided the coasts it well eventually get here care send her Klein teen mom ass going to open this room and fee sorry sorry I don’t have this number coming so
I on 67 minutes I’ll thank you very much for watching
and yes route I hope to see a game person in my neck
fix-up next week so friends from national accrediting I

13 thoughts on “Let’s play Tomb Raider 2 #40 Fathoms”

  • Wow you did so well on this underwater sequence from the beginning of the level.
    Well done! That timed lever at 16:43 was my nightmare!

  • So true, the beginning is very confusing when you play this game for the first time! You seem like an experienced player, which Tomb Raider is your favourite one?

  • I'd have to say Tomb raider 2, I just love the enemies from this particular game the most. The divers and gunmen are really annoying, but at least they're fun to kill. Plus the first level has TWO T-REX DINOSAURS.

  • Ten poziom mnie zawsze wnerwiał! Szczególnie początkowa podwodna sekwencja.
    Ile razy przechodziłaś zanim wyszło Tobie tak gładko?

  • Lever as (Lee-ver) or (Leh-ver) are both fine, just depends on where one is from.

    The speedruns you mentioned, were they tool assisted?  I've got no major problems with tool assisted speedruns, though they do set a standard that's pretty impossible to match, and then the people doing the TAS seemingly begin to lose reflexive skills the further below 100% gaming speed they play at, tool assistance makes for perfect games, but it also becomes a crutch. End of rant.

    Have folks suggested a gaming controller for the computer?  Not sure if you're still having any issues with the keys while playing by the time of this comment, but they have controllers that are Sony knockoffs for easy playing.  I'm more of an Xbox fan, but the Playstation controller was always better.

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