Les Gens Que Je Hais

There are people I can’t stop myself to HATE, Even for a split second because They are not baddies, but they have the ability to make go from : TO : Anyway, for once I’d like that my videos are not only a way for me to express my frustration. But I’d prefer they serve to everyone in general by trying to give a solution to every case i’ll expose. I hate people, that makes a PRECISE pronunciation mistake ! Thats not spelling mistakes I have few examples that everyone knows about : there is the famous “Comme même” (French spelling mistake) replacing “Quand même” (equivalent to basicly instead of still) We love it, but there are others, like “Aussi non” replacing “Ou sinon” (or else) “En revoir”, replacing “Au revoir” (Goodbye) “Pas rapport” replacing “Par rapport”(compared) “Je suis pause” replacing “Je suppose” ( I suppose) Ha ! (This one hurts) “Chez pas” replacing “J’sais pas” ( I don’t know) *sight* I’m far from being a reference in spelling but I can’t bear THESE spelling mistakes ! IT FRUSTATES ME TOO MUCH ! I feels like that the people who do that
just writes sounds they have heard in similar situations without really trying to understand what the sentence mean… SOLUTION ? Just try using the right words ! And if you want i’d do a list of sentences where your fake expressions can be good. This is useless. I hate the delivery men who give my packages to my neighbors. Where do you think I’m living ? In Smurfs land ??? You think that my neighbors are the Smurfs relay point ? Every time I have a missing package, I call the delivery business and they answer : Did you check if one of your neighbor taken it? NO SIR I HAVEN’T, AND I WILL NOT. I will not knock to the 60 doors of my building ! No ! [insane laugh] I don’t understand why this shit is legal ! EVERYBODY ISN’T NICE ! That’s a scoop ! I have succeed to recover a package in neighbor homes I think 2 times out of 3 and this is large. (*free shirt*) Others times, I think I make my neighbor happy, and I must fight to have a refund. And somtime, some people give me back my packages but ” accidently opened” by the neighbor. Fortunately, I had never buy something what cannot be assumed cause I’d never taked it back *selly voice* Ok I let him one day to come and take it or I keep it for myself ! I let him 10 seconds ! Solution ? Don’t give my packages to my neighbors ! I hate people that sticks their chewing-gum under the desks You have RUINED my childhood ! I have say a lot of time : BUT WHY ? WHY ? Why have I catch the edge of the desk during sitting ? *Selly voice* – Owh no ! Miss, can I go to the toilets please ? – The break just ended ! – But miss I just… – The break just ended ! – I know but I had… – The break just ended ! – Owh no…. *cry* – THE BREAK JUST ENDED !
(At the same time): ha no no…
-THE BREAK JUST ENDED ! SOLUTION? If it’s hard to split it into the fucking trash can, Stick it where we cannot touch it accidently ! I dont know, on the legs of the desks or put it into your a** I hate the people who refuse you to watch something in French version BUT WHAT MATTERS ? *INSANITY* Do you want to make Brigite Lecordier (Famous French dubber) jobless ? Do you want to make Donald Reignoux ( Other Famous French dubber) jobless ? What do you want to do everytime you ask me rudely : – Wait no, you’re watching in VF (Version Française) “french version” ? *Ear rape* SO WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT ? So… So… Solution : I haven’t any solution but watch something while drawing is very cool. Before the last, there is some honorable mentions cause I look at my list and there is too much very particular things I think I’m lonely to have seen that Cashiers who do not slide the items after scanning ! *laugh*
damn I’ve noted that People who hang out on twitter until 2 A.M. just to tweet: *big sigh* I can not stand my insomnia anymore ! Then go to sleep and sleep on their two ears. *choked laugh* it’s so precise !!! *psycho laugh* And to end Those who think that that ghost is called “Gasper” I’ve seen this all my life damn it’s CASPER! And him it’s Celestin
I just talk about it because I like Celestin, But why do you call this “Gasper” ! It’s CASPER ?! I hate peoples that don’t understand the second degree. So I separate them into two groups : those who understand the concept but never manage to find it and who answers you to the first degree I do not really blame you or not at all It’s not always easy to spot with people that you do not really know And even less when it’s written. Then all those who think that second degree is a synonym of “Joker” Usually they will say something super stupid or directly attack somebody and as soon as they will be displayed : OBJECTION “second degree” “Hello” It’s not just a temperature It does not work like that ! The second degree, it just means that you think the opposite of what you say ! “A.K.A. irony” I took some example on twitter completely randomly by typing second degree in the search bar. I do not know these people at all and you will see that it is very easy to decelerate a bad of the use of the second degree *fart* (The real name have been changed) So here we have Paul talking about the fact that a guy who resembles him be in a relationship with his lookalike ex Then Pierre, who is obviously a person who Paul did not know, said to him: At the same time, you go out with all Paris! Paul answers him: Can you go make friends elsewhere ? And Pierre answers him: The second degree eh … Dot, dot, dot. So indeed it can be the second degree in which case it would mean that he thinks Paul did not come out with anyone and so he makes fun of him, it’s still quite light but as Paul says So I like the second degree but I have a lot of difficulty with the heaviness and the familiarity coming from an unknow person So I like the second degree but I have a lot of difficulty with the heaviness and the familiarity coming from an unknow person So we still assume that these two people who don’t know each other interacted several times in the past in more or less similar contexts That’s why I say I do not want people who do not always spot the second degree written and coming from stranger it’s totally fuzzy and it’s a better thing to do with people who know you a minimum Go second tweet ,
we have Jacques who tells us : “Imagine you prefer Digimon to Pokemon.” what Sasuke answers to him : “Imagine you realize that tastes and colors cannot be discussed.” and Jacques retorts with “Imagine you do not understand the second degree.” So it was the second degree, Jacques? so that means you actually prefer Digimon to Pokemon! Last example, George who is visibly
teacher tweets this: “Before being a teacher, I didn’t believe in the lag of the years 2000.
(how french people call kids born in 2000) But now that I’m grooming all the kids who are born after … ” Jeanine answers him: “me, being a “2000” I don’t understand that you dare say that. that is totally machaean and furthermore unfair to reducte use to that minority ” What George the teacher answers: “Type” second degree “in your Google search bar, *wink* *wink* So that’s what I’m going to do Mr. George the teacher, and I’ll take advantage of it to type Manichaean, Manichaean : who’s seprate without shades, good and evil. An adherent of Manichaeism. So indeed that word is totally coherent in this sentence. So i hope that you learnt a thing And so second degree: “Shape of irony and humor that implies the opposite of what we really think.” What mean Georges the teacher is actually making a huge compliment to all those people born in the 2000 They thank you warmly. Perhaps you are wondering throughout this video: “But who’s this guy and what’s he doing here?” Unless I’m mistaken, it’s certainly that you’re used to seeing this person in my place, Which surely means that you subscribe to this channel, In which case I thank you! If you just watch without being subscribed I thank you too! Nevertheless I urge you to ring this little bell to make sure you do not miss any video! (bugged voice) anYwAY i’M DIAbO and now it’s me who have total control over the body envelope of this little rascal, but i am not as selfish as him, I can make him come back. I can make ALL OF THEM come back *explosion* (Thug Clown) maaaan, what the fuck ?! *explosion* (Angry Snowman) ohh, back to the game *explosion* (Extremly sick Guy) OH, My torture is not finished *explosion* (Hallowe’en-hating living pumpkin) I am traumatised *explosion* wh-what ? Thanks to all the tippers who donated or supported by watching an add on Tipeee Thanks to everyone who put substiles on the videos My Instagram : @Deotoons

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