Lenovo’s Mysterious Google Valentine

Lenovo’s Mysterious Google Valentine

hey there everyone Josh Teder here
from 6 Months Later and this is a first for the channel because this video
is not going to be on a particular product at least I don’t know that yet
but the reason for that is because we just got a box shipped to us from Lenovo
and I have no idea what the heck is inside this box so I figured I would go
ahead and open this box up for all of you so you get the same reaction that I
get to whatever the heck is inside here hopefully it’s something worth reviewing
but with that let’s just go ahead and open this up and see what’s in here
oh hey you’ve got some fun confetti in here are you appropriate for Valentine’s
Day oh my goodness I have a Lenovo smart bulb and then a Lenovo smart plug which
I didn’t even know Lenovo made smart plugs or smart bulb so that’ll be
interesting to try see what else we got here hey that’s cool that’s actually a
nice shirt nice little Lenovo computer shirt very
nice they really went all out with the Valentine’s Day theme here which you
know I did someone a marketing I certainly appreciate Valentine it says
from your nerd friends at Lenovo to from and that all the back that says even
control-alt-delete couldn’t end what we have all right whoever on your marketing
department came up with that like good for you this is delightful I feel like
I’m gonna get fired from my own marketing job there
doing me okay I hope no one that works eveness give me like Josh why haven’t we
thought of this for our campaign Bob I don’t know is a Lenovo smart display
this is going to be interesting and they probably know this but I actually chose
the Google Home Hub over the smart display for my residents because I liked
Google’s ambient light sensor and I like the smaller form factor although to be
fair I was curious about this specifically because lanova decided to
put a camera in the smart display and Google did not put a camera in their
smart display and they actually have a physical button that will go over the
camera so if you do want to put it in a room and you don’t always want the
camera there all the time you can just cover the camera I would definitely be
making a video on this thank you again to Lenovo and just for kicks I really
like smart home anything so I will I didn’t even know Lenovo made a smart
bulb and a smart plug smart plugs a little bit more interesting because
there doesn’t seem to be a dominant player in this space for smart plugs yet
so we’ll definitely test this out smart bulb obviously we’re going to be testing
this and comparing it to the Philips hue to see how it works
stay tuned to the channel for all of these products and thank you so much for
watching this video subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see these
products and any other products Google products especially or anything smart
home we do a lot of videos on the channel for those again thank you so
much for watching for 6 months later I’m Josh Teder

6 thoughts on “Lenovo’s Mysterious Google Valentine”

  • Hi Josh 👋

    Congratulations on your
    Lenovo "recognition" 👌.

    JaneLee ^_^
    7:48 AM

  • I first bought the Lenovo 10 inch. Then I bought the Google Home Hub, and recently bought the Lenovo 8 inch. They are all fine devices. I thought I would have trouble seeing the 7 inch screen, but it worked out fine. The audio quality of the Lenovo's are nice. Enjoy the gift!

  • Well I checked and I didnt get one, hummm. Must of got lost in the mail. lol Good for you Josh. I have the google hub also, got it for christmas. But always thought i would like to check out the Lenovo as well. Well i/we will just have to wait for your review. Thanks for the video.

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