LEKI Super Micro Travel Cane

LEKI Super Micro Travel Cane

Delivering ultra collapsible performance with
the quality we would expect from LEKI, the Super Micro is perfect for travel or every
day use on all types of surfaces and terrain. This pole is a three section telescoping pole
that will collapse down to a mere 18.1 inches. This is perfect for travel when you need to
throw it in a suitcase or when you need to col-lapse it down and it is just very convenient
pack size. The three shaft sections of this pole are
LEKI’s very durable, yet lightweight aluminum. And they back their aluminum shafts of their
poles for a lifetime guarantee. So that just speaks to the durability and the quality of
LEKI. Let’s take a look at the locking mechanisms
here. You have LEKI’s Super Lock System, which is an internal locking mechanism. And
the way you adjust this pole is really easy. You just loosen it up to adjust the pole and
you basically just put it at whatever length is right for you and give it a little bit
of a turn and just tighten that up. So the Super Lock System is very, very secure. On the bottom section is the same way. So
there aren’t any markings on this pole. The usable length of the shaft sections are
the entire length of the shafts. So there is one marking and that is just the stop max.
That just means that you shouldn’t go above that line. But pretty much anywhere else on
the pole you are able to tighten that up and have very, very secure fit. Moving up tot he grip you have the LEKI Aergomed
grip. And you can use this in a couple of different ways. You can use it as a traditional
cane style handle. You have a little bit of an extension there, so you can also use it
more like a traditional trekking pole. You can use it that way. You also have a nice
safety strap there that can just take some of the pressure off of your wrists as you
are walking for long days with this cane. Down at the tip you have LEKI’s carbide
flex tips. And that just means that this is a replaceable piece. So after years of use
this is just a press fit tip. You can get replacements, take the old one off, put the
new one on. And it also comes with a rubber tip on the end. So this is great on improved
surfaces or walking indoors when you need that extra grip, that rubber grip there. But
if you are outside, if you are traveling or walking on different surfaces, you can use
that carbide tip end. This is the same material that is used in a lot of other LEKI trekking
poles. So this is going to give you a lot of traction on different types of terrain. This travel cane is going to be great for
anyone who needs a very compact, but also very sturdy and secure pole. And, like I said,
that usable length you have a lot of adjustability with this pole. But you can also collapse
it down to be very, very small. There aren’t very many other travel canes like this that
will compact down to be this small with that 18 inches collapsed length. So all in all you have reliable performance
from LEKI in a very easy to use package. It is the LEKI Super Micro Travel Cane.

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  • I have found on some of these poles that when you go beyond the extend mark it breaks and you can't put them back together or tighten. Has anyone found that to be the case with this pole?

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