Lehigh Gorge State Park Rail Trail Safety and Etiquette Video – Presented by: PoconoBikeRental.com

Lehigh Gorge State Park Rail Trail Safety and Etiquette Video – Presented by: PoconoBikeRental.com

Hey, folks welcome to the Lehigh Valley State
Park. The amazing Rail trail system that we have to offer here. Today we are going to
talk a little about safety and trail etiquette. There are a lot of thing to pay attention
to when your on the rail trail. Especially, In the Lehigh Gorge State park because we
have a beautiful class three river along side it. So once again folks thank for watching
the video today, and be prepared your going to learn a lot. A couple things to keep in
mind while your out here on the trail. First, and foremost always gotta wear your helmet.
Another great thing is a pair of sun glasses keeps those bugs out and keeps the wind from
bothering your contacts if you wear them. A well makes you look cool. So, fools keep
in mind there’s a lot of things out here on the trail that you have to be concerned with
people is the first and for most be prepared to see people on the trail. Today, with the
new fitness culture rave everybody is out on the trail trying to get in shape, so undoubtedly
your going to run into more people. So, be caution ride up on them slowly. When your
approach them approach from the left hand side and yell I’m on your left and then pass
on their left side at the same speed try not to pass them at a accelerated rate of speed,
and please if they have children be very respectful and caution around them even so much you have
to get off your bike and pass them while walking. Hey, folks with all today technology out there
be careful when you’re wearing those earbuds and those headphones out on the trail. Keep
your volume down low so you can hear other people approaching ,and if you are stopped
make sure you are cognizant if the other people around you. If you are on your cell phone
make sure that your standing far enough away that people aren’t being influenced by your
conversation at a high volume. Hey folks, once again another quick while riding the
Lehigh Gorge trail. You want to pay attention to all the animals that are out on the trail
don’t scare them. Leave no trace don’t bring any food that your not packing out with ya.
Make sure you take all your garbage home with ya. As well you wanna make sure you stay on
the trails. Don’t got off the trails, the trails are designed for bikes off the trails
that’s designed for the animals. So leave them alone, don’t feed them, don’t try and
pet them, they are wild animals they may act wildly. Once again try and stay away from
the river you can go down and play a little bit touch it you know splash around but no
swimming in the river no swimming in the Lehigh Gorge State Park, okay once again this is
a class three river you need to pay attention to that. We’ll go into more detail about that
in just a minute. Wow, the river looks great folks, its so inviting its a beautiful
feature we have here in the Lehigh gorge, its also a very dangerous one. We run whitewater
rifting trips on this river. Let me tell ya its very challenging, so you as a hiker, or
biker. Your more then welcome to come down to the river, touch it with your hands maybe
splash in it with your feet, but there is absolutely no swimming allowed in it. Lehigh
Gorge State park, class three whitewater river you wanna be in a raft, kayak, or canoe for
that. So, once again folks look at the river enjoy it don’t go in it. Hey folks once again
thank for enjoying the video if you do wanna go white water rafting on this river just
give us a call or check our Pocono fun page. We can set ya up with a bike raft combo, or
at least just make a rafting reservation with one of our partners, thanks a lot have a great

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  • Charles M Rinehart says:

    Very nice video and info. I live in Florida and am dying to get up to Pennsylvania to bike. From the many videos I've watched the paved trails in the state are fantastic. I'll be checking out more of your videos soon. I just subscribed to you. Hope you can return the favor soon. Stay safe. All the best.

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