100 thoughts on “Legacy: Peter Molyneux’s newest game I Levels”

  • tell me hype, tell me hype,
    sell me Godus, sell me Godus Wars
    Ride the Fable train, make a Populous game
    Leave the Kickstarter backers in the dust
    Black and Wwhite – the name of a game
    Ethical treatment is a gray area.
    My Early Access non-refundable, not completable, unplayable
    That's not understandable

    Molyneux, Molyneax, let's waltz again.

  • Bonheur Éternel says:

    Don't get to hyped about this game. Peter might very inspirational yet, he's wrong. He has said the same exact things over the past. Peter is all about passion and dedication. He's all about caring for casual versus hardcore player. He's all about this amazing feeling of being godlike for all and every unique players. He's all about these little numbers and he can tweak to balance the game and I could go on. It was the exact same thing for godus and he failed, not a little, but dramatically. On the other hand, if I didn't live the disaster (and let me being clear; it was more than a disaster at a gamer's scale (considering it's a peanut compare to more concerning disasters at the planet's scale)) that godus was, I'd say this video was full of truthfulness and very inspirational. It is full of truthfulness, follow your heart in life this is what everyone should do, but it's also potentially a big bunch of beautiful words that are again way to hype-full than what's truly going to be this game. You can't expect to insult an entire community just to start again and do the exact same mistakes that are unforgivable and unforgettable. I really hope he will succeed this time because his games looks very interesting, but he ain't getting my time, money and help (as a community member who spent a lot of times answering questions and traducing articles about godus in the french community) again. Anyone saying Peter is being wrong by posting this video is completely right. At 1:30 in the video, his best games are mentioned. Of course, none of them have been created by 22cans and they did create three games. The first one was a free to play and a promise (yes Peter Anderson what being promise he would be the god of god in godus, not just something Peter said, but a real promise) called curiosity which was never fulfilled. The second one was an epic fail called godus and the third one was just not really a great game and was called The trail. There are about two pictures about the third game, one about godus (second one) and none about curiosity. This is a great thing. Sell a product advertising things using your name showing only the great stuff and absolutly no apologizes or mention of what are his plan for godus. It's been more than 1412 days since godus was last spoken about from 22cans and it's still being sold in early access on steam (this is almost a crime, selling an unfinished product mentioning it's not finished and planning on never finish it… that's absurd). If I have to pay to enjoy this game in it's integrity, I won't and no one should give a single piece of money to 22 cans as of now. I'm really not being rude. Some people can't do what they love in life because they made mistakes way less serious than what Peter made (He was founded near one million dollars on kickstarter for a game he didn't nearly achieved). If Peter has the right to pursue in his domain, he should find better ways to coax the community. Here are my thoughts on this video I just listened to.

  • Hey Peter Molyneux, remember Godus? the game we backed with our money? and you ran away from it like a scammer? yeah…. Thanks!

  • Disgusting. Peter is a liar and a con-artist who is incapable of finishing anything he sets out to do. He may sincerely believe the things he says, but he has no grasp on reality. Doesn't he realize people are on to him already? I'm a fool who gave him chances up until Godus, and even I'm not buying his nonsense anymore. I feel sorry for all the employees who no doubt work VERY hard for this man, only to have their reputations lumped in with his. They suffer because he is a maniac. He needs a boss. He should not be in charge of anything.

    Minor amendment: I don't necessarily think he is a bad guy. I don't really believe he is maliciously lying. I just think he overshoots the fuckin mark every time and over values a deadline. It seems like he can't separate his "vision" and what is actually feasible with limited budget, technological constraints, and man power. He never learned that fans can handle delays better than they handle unfinished, unpolished content.

  • The Medieval Nerd says:

    Oh boy. I'm not spending a single dime on his new ventures until I see the finished product reviewed to death. Godus was such a horrible failure that it's left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm definitely not going to be blind about any projects this man undertakes.

    I'm not sure if it was conflation but comparing hardcore gamers to 'inexperienced' gamers isn't entirely accurate. And when you pit "casual" versus "hardcore" interests and expectations. You will get diametrically opposed viewpoints. It's OK to make a game more geared towards either group, and it's even better when it's made that way. Because there isn't any concessions being made to either side. Just be honest with the type of game you want to make and don't try to ride the fence.


    Godus turned into a scam and a disappointing statistic in the early access era of gaming. This man is inspiring, but has a track record of making games, updating them to crash on startup, and never touching the game again.

  • Instant 0/10 this man deserves nothing but failure. I hope you all don't put too much money on this he might run away with it like he did his last two games

  • Peter molyneux makes good games, but he doesn’t make great games, people always get way too excited and that’s the problem

  • Taylor Manoogian says:

    He actually looks like he could be a character in fable lol. His mannerisms seem like the inspiration for the characters themselves. He never deserved the hate he got tbh, this guy has so many amazing games on his belt.

  • José Carlos Sierra Sánchez says:

    Molyneux is the best smoke seller ever. A jack of all trades, this is but a show of his true marketing/commercial skills. He took part in the creation of some of my favourite games and he has a great mind, but he raises too much the hype bar.

  • Jesus Christ editors you can hold on a shot for more than two seconds! You don’t get a bonus for the number of cuts in the video.

  • Schizo Frenzia says:

    Peter will always be my favorite game creator he got me into the industry..BUT i understand the controversy this man is not from out time…one day we will have the technology to achieve games like the ones he wants but not yet

  • Sorry I need to be honest, I love his game concept like Godus and The Trail, but I need to warn everyone who's going to invest tons of money in their games.
    They literally made tons of empty promises, later abandoned the game and decided to create another new game to milk your money.
    It's a vicious circle, at least that's how I feel from both the games I mentioned.
    It's a shame… but at least it's enjoyable, just don't invest your feelings too much in their games I guess lol

  • Its a shame what happened to Peter. I loved playing his games when i was a kid. Populous the beginning, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White, The movies. All good games that i enjoyed playing. And now he is making mobile games with a little studio. Im still waiting for a Black and white and Dungeon Keeper sequel…..

  • Most annoyingly filmed video I've ever seen.
    You don't need shot-reverse-shot for footage for every sentence of ONE GUY TALKING!

  • I wonder if he felt like he was flicking people around when he came up with Godus?
    Do you like flicking people around Peter?
    At least he seems to have learned not to open the septic tank called his mouth quite as much….

  • Pathological liar is back, still pathologically lying – story at 11. It was more than FOUR YEARS AGO that RockPaperShotgun actually finally confronted Peter Molyneux over the shameful way he'd abandoned Godus, prompting both a pity party and a stream of oaths that Godus was absolutely not abandoned. He then went on to completely abandon Godus. (Godus hasn't received an update in over three years, and 22Cans went silent about it without any apology or official statement of shutting it down. They still sell the game on Steam for money.) John Walker wasn't trying to drive you from the industry, Peter, but I kind of wish he had.

    Don't give this charlatan a goddamn penny. Not again.

  • Philip Balfour says:

    Are you going to abandon whatever the fuck you're babbling about too? Go finish the fucking games you haven't finished yet you
    useless old relic.

  • Shane Fatzinger says:

    Get out of here Molyneux. Why don't you finish the games you promised before pretending to start new stuff. We've heard this tired old story before. The Molyneux Motto, "Promise big, mislead consumers, take money, don't deliver, and finally… start a new company." Pathetic. How proud are you of screwing everyone over with Godus? It is a posterchild Molyneux scam.

  • I see "stickers" and "build times" like 6 miuntes… It looks like it's going to be a game driven by waiting time again. Making you pay as you go. (Godus…) There's also money and gold as currency. I wonder why… The idea looks stunning, but I'm sure the implementation of these mechanics will make it worse than any other of his games.

    I do not see other rationalization for making in-game time the same as real time, unless time is a mechanic. And that's what games based on microtransactions use.

  • That feel when Molynrux is so devoid of credibility that the only company willing to cover him any more is red bull (?).

  • Oh wow another game to disband halfway and steal all the money. Like how you didnt list Godus under the games he's overseen huh. Reported for promoting a fraudulent scam

  • Nobody should pay a single penny to this notorious liar, after he scammed all customers of Godus out of their money.

  • promises promises. the kind that are never made true. this man thinks he's capable of more than he is, and i can't tell if hes ever intentionally lying or has his head so high in the clouds that he's too optimistic to see his own shortfalls

  • 'this game is going to be played by millions and millions of people' bit generous there, Mr. Molyneux. you let me down as a kid over and over. i know better as a man.

  • Phil Thompson says:

    "Finding the soul of what is going to be a great game." Um. It looks like it's going to be a microtransaction-fest for mobiles, so it looks like finding a new way to make money now that Kickstarter isn't an option is really what this is about.

  • Calling it now, it too will fail to live up to his hype. Like every other game he's made.

    Still waiting for those trees I could grow in Fable old man.

  • Daniel McIsaac says:

    Why not just finish the games that you started before? And before moving on to another you'll abondon? Like GODUS! We're still waiting. Years later. Godus Wars was the face-slap you decided upon instead?

  • peter molyneux want to steel your money , again . tu mas deja niker avec ton godus pas finit , maintenant je fait la pub de ton nom , escro

  • I thought this guy said he was never talking to the media again. I threw a freaking party! Lair lair lair, go back to your hole Peter!

  • I love your games, peter, but i hope someone tapes your mouth shut until the game releases.
    Too much hype is never good for a game, no matter how good, and YOU of all people should know that.

  • If this was a sim game from Peter Molyneux before Godus, I'd be on board and genuinely excited to play it.
    Now I see the gameplay here and all I can think of is how they'll try and force microtransactions into it.

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