LA VLOG – Travel With Me to Los Angeles! *My thoughts*

LA VLOG – Travel With Me to Los Angeles! *My thoughts*

it is the morning of so I got these at
Walmart these cargo pants this is kind of my option number one and I don’t
really I don’t know I don’t kind of like doing the block with that I feel like I
want to wear this you look super cute this was the sweater from H&M I’ll link
it for you guys down below this is what the hair looks like I call it the
straight way that gets super straight overnight after you kind of sleep on it
and this is the wave that I absolutely love I’m just ready to eat but I’m so
tired I went to bed last night like 145 watch yourself
look how cute guys last time I wore a backpack was legit in elementary yeah so
you’ll just take it when you’re there then you don’t want me to take any for
you okay I’m right next to Starbucks I’m thinking
of stopping there you guys have never seen our airport
this is what it looks like there’s a mock right there and Starbucks
is legit right over here hello behaves I’m updating you guys
because last night I couldn’t really we got here so super late and it was so
pitch black the flight was good it wasn’t as bad as
I thought to be honest I didn’t have to go to the washroom so that was good kind
of flew by because funny enough the couple beside me was from LA so I got to
chat with them they were so super sweet and so nice and I got a ton of
recommendations from them and their thoughts and everything the airport is
huge but I wasn’t expect I was honestly expecting it to look a lot more
glamorous and a lot of you guys were mentioning that the air is super dry but
I really don’t find it like right now you guys can tell how glowy my skin is
and I did put some oil on my face but I feel very muggy and I feel like there’s
a lot of humidity so this is what Inglewood looks like you guys our
neighborhood is so cute and all the homes are making me so happy because
they look so la Starbucks for breakfast they sweeten their matcha in the states
and there’s only like certain states that don’t so my drink is a very very
sweet I asked for a ham and Swiss sandwich because we don’t have this one
in Canada I don’t think and I got both of them guys I just picked up sunscreen
today and took mine on the way to Beverly hillz guys
my god I am linked I don’t think I’m gonna get over these palm trees and I’m
super excited I asked you guys where I should go I’m not really sure where
we’re gonna go yet but Rodeo Drive is definitely one of the stops be the
traffic is oh my god you guys this is everything I imagined it to be
lined up on tree this is on the way to Grand Central Market to find something
to eat for lunch probably gonna drive around downtown LA you forward to see
what the market looks like on the other side looking for that Hollywood say those
mountains were like bu except oh my god that modern condo you guys run I have yet to see bumper-to-bumper
traffic because we haven’t seen it yet also trying to IG story at the same time
home depot on Sunset Boulevard on the on top of the garage I guess they call it
it looks better in person but yeah hey guys let me update you so day two of
LA and I feel like today I’m gonna try to make time to go see the Grove I don’t
want to do too much shopping to be honest got to see the sunset a night
which was just like honestly just beautiful and all those palm trees down
the street was just amazing I feel like the heat is completely wiping me out I
can take heat but the Sun was on us all day long and that’s what kind of just
wore me out a little bit but I definitely feel like because you guys
have the heat I feel like the humidity is just different I literally feel like
I’m sweating it we just left I’m loving it because I love humidity for my skin I
can’t stand dry heat so I was kind of Concerned LACMA the museum Griffith
Observatory trying to see a little bit of Santa Monica it’s not too far away
from us well I’m on the way to IHOP I know it’s a very like franchisee sort of
a place to eat breakfast but I’ve never had I hop think we have one in Agra
Falls but I’ve never eaten that one anyways so I really want to try it out
and I love my breakfast as you guys know so it’s french vanilla delight oh I need
a serve thank you I’m getting this play where I
have pink eggs and a little bit everything I’m sorry but the bacon in
the u.s. is so I just you know my god look at these consider real you guys the amount of gorgeous homes on
top of hills was just I don’t know I guess it just blew my mind because you
don’t really see that here and I guess it’s everything that I imagined but just
seeing in person there’s just so many gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous homes guys Starbucks right here I’ve never
seen a Starbucks that looks like this in my life you guys see these homes like I
just cannot it looks like he’s even like adding on
to that home is just insane and the little homes that you would see like
downtown Malibu are honestly such my style I definitely would say Malibu was
or just see these light posts all over IG and I was like I have to go here feeling kind of hungry but I have dinner
later on so I don’t want to get too too whole but a lot of you have been saying
go check out earth cafe got the chicken curry guys the matcha
dream but I didn’t get the boba and I put almond milk night why am I so living for this like okay I just casual just you know
drive into your house yeah super cash just park your car up there you guys we
made it we hiked the whole entire trail all the way up to Griffith Observatory
we did not do you think watch yourself I’ve got some really clean air as you
can see here next we’re going up there smog it’s like insane I’ve never seen
anything like this Wow the drive up here was just beautiful at
first I was like move am I really gonna like coming up here but it’s definitely
a must you’ll get to see the Hollywood sign really clearly if you want a
picture in front of it just feel like LA is like the mountains on mountains and
mountains like it’s just never-ending look at this view you guys crazy the moon is already out
I don’t you guys can see I actually haven’t caught any nighttime footage so this is Beverly Hills at night you
guys just driving around rodeo a little bit and seeing at nighttime look how
pretty these trees are lit up it’s their version of a Caesar salad kind of look at my steak and peppercorn
sauce I always get peppercorn this is day 3 I wanted to show you guys
my travel kind of routine 1 you can’t bring a lot with you and you just kind
of want to get ready to get out and start your day currently I have my
little mini tripod on the soap dispenser bottle I think this is the top I’m
wearing today by the way put a little bit of my vitamin E cream inside of this
little tropic container and then I also brought my huh bobo oil and I actually
put some glycerine inside of here as well you can hear the planes flying
right over you love it and i actually have sunscreen item to make up i’m gonna
put it on after gonna be using the AL name healthy glow makeup gradients of
tan this one has already SPF 30 in it and then we’re just gonna do an extra
step this one I have in the color medium I love this one I love it because it’s
just an all-in-one foundation that you can kind of build up if you want a full
coverage look look at that it’s like the perfect match for me what I’m Tim they a
San Diego discovering day you guys and they try well I just like want to stay
here forever with a honey and nude sticks I love this guy and I put it just
all over my cheek it’s kind of like highlighter bronzer it can be used for
so many different things I light there and I like to put it all over my lid too
as like kind of like a base to make me very glowy on the lid I love to bring a
lot of duo brushes while I travel because they’re super smart and
obviously convenience and they also like using wet highlighters and bronzers
while I’m driving instead of powder because my skin is very strange
sometimes it gets super dry this is literally how fast I do my makeup so
this is like it’s not me rushing this is just it’s like these quick looks I just
lift for him it I can’t spend so much time do makeup I just can’t justify it
this to brush off my eyebrows or if I get mascara on my lids hard candy
highlight and contour again duo stick because it’s just really amazing has the
concealer on the other side if you want to use it it’s just supposed to do this
I like to put this all over the lid bring wine eyes shadow brush I don’t
bring like palettes anymore with me we like to blend it out worth because it’s
just going to kind of open your eye because I’m really tiny
you guys I’ve cannot least some mascara and we are almost done I feel like this
was like five minutes was it not never really put mascara on my bottom lashes
anyways but when I travel I most definitely don’t because if I’m going
somewhere really high it’s going to like I touch to the bottom of my lens over
here underneath and I just got mascara my hair is still wavy like my thought
you guys it would be free of baptise what I do every time I travel just
something super simple we’re ready to go first Dunkin donut I love the pink and
orange lemon for it the egg and sausage croissant it’s lots a vanilla flavor and
I did the unsweetened vanilla it is perfect it tastes so so so good and
almond milk so this is breakfast and we’re on the way to San Diego so much
more convenient to kind of park wherever you want go wherever you want I have to
worry about the public transit so if I thought it in I guess the Laguna area
right now seems really different here loving this iced latte we’re at the Gaslamp right now and I am
so excited I think I’m gonna go to bully matcha a lot of you guys recommend it to
go to bully matcha and there’s one super super close so I think I’m gonna pick up
and watch a drink cuz I’m done my Dunkin Donuts such eat
they you too full drive just all these valleys and these homes on top of hills
and I even thought like a portion that looked like a piece of San Francisco so
it was just like just so so so beautiful and then by the beach in the water was
just so beautiful guys the palm-trees here just looked at
different I don’t know but they just look so much more brighter guys look how pretty these condos are
this would be my style oh my god that’s so so I got two continents out of it okay this small I thank you guys so much
for recommending this this was honestly all big big big highlight of my trip
this mall is the epitome of my style and I just oh my god I just I can’t say
enough about it so this is the Grove this was another place I was really
recommended to go and shop but I felt like Westfield was way more me the
Century City location and yeah I kind of just drove by the Grove just to say that
I saw it hello babes I am back home and I don’t look or feel the greatest right
now because I caught something like on the way back yes it was just a culture
shock like everything is so different in the u.s. as good things and I feel in my
opinion there’s bad things but my neighborhood was so quiet
no one was outside at tons of big dogs like I hope that’s an LA thing but
massive massive dogs like being like I’m here and I’m watching you
like already I don’t want to be out at night so when I got there I was like I
don’t know what I’m going to run into I was getting a lot of mixed messages I
heard a lot about and it’s not what you think it is it’s not all this glitz and
glamour I agree with that to a certain extent and I’ll tell you why personally
what I saw was you were either rich or you were like on the low side that’s
what I felt while I was there I felt like it was really hard to find a middle
class you would see home really like oh that’s a middle class home and then
right next to it you were like huh like it just it was so mixed up I felt like
the middle and low was mixed up something you don’t see here except for
in Toronto it was really shocking like I didn’t expect to see that Beverly Hills
is everything that I would have imagined and more and it’s always finishing my
mind you see Beverly Hills I feel like that’s what la is really famous for when
think of it you do think of LA as this glitz and glamour plays but the majority
of it my opinion I feel like it’s not it’s really not glamorous there has to
be in the high-end areas you have to be in Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive I enjoy
seeing different parts I was just really shocked a lot of people brought up the
homeless I did notice there was a big homeless issue it was really sad to see
that you know Toronto you’ll see it too we’ve also seen it in New York but I
honestly I’ve never seen it this bad as I did in LA didn’t they didn’t really
they weren’t aggressive like a lot of people were telling me I’m the
air-quality I didn’t find affected me I thought my skin was gonna break out
maybe I would call here and there which is something I never do unless I’m sick
I am gonna be honest with you I don’t know what you consider dry heat I was
not dry heat I’m extremely sensitive to dry atmospheres and like air and did not
feel dry whatsoever every time I would walk into the Airbnb it was like this
mugginess a little bit more of like a wet sort of feels I kept referencing
like this feels like you bah this feels like the tropics guys the traffic that I
saw that’s like to me it was like my light to like normal light to medium
traffic I did not see heavy traffic it was every single day in the rental car
I’m going here going there and going there going there I did not see the
traffic that everyone’s talking about except for the last day and we’re coming
back in Beverly Hills even that traffic is normal like it
could be very normal here like I just New York is definitely worse like when I
was seeing cars driving on the street whether I was sitting at a cafe a
restaurant walking around there was near not even nearly as many cars as you see
in New York I didn’t see nearly as many people like I thought LA was
overpopulated but the amount of people that I saw I was just really shocked I
was like why am I not seeing a whole bunch of people crossing the street it
was nothing like that so that’s your assumption I don’t know if it’s because
of where when I went during the week but people work during
the week so I wouldn’t see them like crossing the streets and like going in
their cars it was la was way less busy than I thought I was going to see I
thought there would be people everywhere and there wasn’t when in San Diego
strangest thing oh my god San Diego is a like I don’t know if this again just
where I was located we went to Gaslamp ghost town
like it just was I don’t know if that’s normal is anyone here like it’s so quiet
Oh shocked I’m like am I missing something there were certain
neighborhoods and there’s so much in LA that I cannot get here I can’t get those
like honestly I was obsessed with those beautiful palm trees outside every
single day just puts you in this amazing mood the weather is just everything you
have every single season every single day like that I’m extremely jealous that
you guys have that and it’s such a good thing overall as a whole I think people
like us on the outside of LA feel like when you go to LA we think that the
whole place of LA is gonna look like Beverly Hills I think that that’s what’s
in her mind that the people were so friendly no matter where way super super
friendly I can’t complain about that I’m just one driving y’all are a girl right
there like if that thing turns green and you don’t move you’re like what and in
New York it’s actually really rude to honk at people I don’t know why I was
expecting this I may be because the only thing I have to compare it to is kind of
like in New York I was expecting more uncle hustle and bustle and I guess I
was expecting a little bit more of a fast-paced lifestyle but man y’all are
relaxed like you guys I’m not in a rush people on the streets around the phone
are like yeah ya know like I told her that you know and like it just doesn’t
seem like yeah just like a Wednesday in the middle of the day she knew you were
you know what that phone call would be like no like I told her and like no way
she’s not getting it guys are so chill in Cali this is like the beaches there
you guys have a lot of surfers there’s not that like the competition for
everything else except for like Fame I feel like it’s not there where’s New
York it’s like like there’s so much more competition
we’re saying would you ever move there I would have to find the perfect spot la
home aesthetic that very contemporary black and white super modern kind of
Stonewall with the black white accent that is like I’ve seen so many houses
where I’m like oh my god that is my dream and I was thought I’ve never seen
here because that is like the LA vibe I loved it I would go back so that
obviously means I liked it enough so I want to go back and take a fire five
hour flight but hopefully you guys enjoyed kind of coming along with me and
all my Cali babes thank you guys for being so super welcoming don’t you guys
that Cali is actually my largest audience so I appreciate all of your
love and all of your support you guys I love you guys so so so much I think I
jam-packed a lot in four days and you know your thoughts you guys if you guys
have gone there or if you guys are from there because I visited here or if you
guys live here I want to hear everybody’s opinion let me know what you
guys thought about the vlog as well and hopefully you guys enjoyed it coming
along with me you’re on our way together up to a hundred K and I cannot wait to
do it with you guys if you guys enjoyed don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up
follow me on IG it is I stepped you Macedo and subscribe to my channel and
click that little bell right next to it the notification bell it’ll notify you
every single time I post a brand new video thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next trip when
will it be I don’t know I don’t even know where I want to go necks just so
I’ll see you guys in my next video

57 thoughts on “LA VLOG – Travel With Me to Los Angeles! *My thoughts*”

  • When the notification pops up, itโ€™s Steph time! I got some time before school drop off so Iโ€™m here ๐Ÿค— ๐Ÿงก

  • LA native ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ born and raised. Yes we are really chill and friendly. Nothing like NY (New York is fast paced and rude imo)

    The LA smog is real. But Iโ€™m assuming you came here in the middle of wild fire season which makes smog worst

    Homeless: yes we have a big problem with homeless people ๐Ÿ™ itโ€™s sad but for the past couple of years itโ€™s gotten worst bc many homeless people have migrated to Cali bc we have good weather.

    Traffic: mainly a problem in the 405fwy In the evenings

    Palm Trees: quintessential of LA

    The glitz and glams: yeah itโ€™s not like that everywhere. Itโ€™s mostly propped up to be like that in TV. We have beautiful places and ugly places just like everywhere else

    Los Angeles is THE BEST! I would never leave here. I live in Santa Monica and this is my home. Come back you still need to do:

    Dodger Game
    Laker Games
    Palos Verdes
    PCH Drive up North
    Farmers Markets
    Hollywood Bowl
    Runyon Canyon
    Venice Beach
    Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame
    Getty Center
    Universal Studios
    Paramount Pictures Tour
    Walt Disney concert hall
    Mulholland Drive

    And much more

  • Looked beautiful, especially from up high in the mountains! I thought this was a nice addition to the videos you post. I'd love to see more of the shops you went in to, the restaurants, the outfits, etc. A bit too much views from the car. x

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  • Iโ€™m from California and I definitely feel that many people think itโ€™s super glamorous bc of what they see on tv!!! Which I mean some parts are. But like you said you are poor or rich here in California!!

  • I'm so happy you visited Los Angeles ps Inglewood is considered the "hood" next time try staying in the los feliz/ hollywood area๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • So happy you had a great time! I visit at least once a year in October and I love it every time! The palm trees and weather are my fave too. You are lucky you left Thursday because I was there during the wildfires and the air was TERRIBLE!!!! Was happy to get back to fresh air in Maine! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • Nah here in the U.S. itโ€™s known that the west coast is known for being very relaxed and chill while the east coast is very fast paced. Also just like every major city in the U.S. thereโ€™s a strong contrast between the upper class and lower class. Youโ€™ll tend to see that in any big city. Even in Washington DC. Iโ€™d say more people are middle class/lower class in big cities while the upper class makes up a small percentage. Itโ€™s just that movies and Hollywood glamorizes the upper class more in places like LA.

  • Everytime we go visit LA I do love the drive through the mountains. And I get you about the humidity there. I am not really crazy about it since I am from Phoenix Arizona. I can not keep my hair straight in California. But there are some awesome places to visit. โ™ฅ๏ธ

  • You came to San Diego!! Thatโ€™s my city. And feel blessed you didnโ€™t get in any traffic. Itโ€™s bananas always. Did you take the 101? Lol. And itโ€™s not like NY at all. Holy Matcha is my spot. I go to the one in North Park. And Gas lamp is crazy only at night and weekends. You should have went to Mission Beach.

  • West Coast is the best coast, but I prefer OC & SD over LA any day!!

    The reason why Cali has such a bad homeless problem is because they migrate here from other states. We have the best weather and I guess if your homeless SoCal weather is the most live-able for them

  • Iโ€™m from the GTA and when I was in LA I was like…. what traffic? LOL I guess were so use to the 401 taking 2 hours to get you 15km far ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Ashley Vongpradith says:

    Please do not be the youtuber that moves here.

    I am an LA native & no LA is not what most people make it to seem. LA is dirty, traffic up the ass, and stressful. To be honest LA is overrated lol not gonna lie.

  • Ashley Vongpradith says:

    LA is overpopulated in the San Fernando valley area and deep in LA. You went to the rich parts. Where all the working people are is where the traffic and people are.

  • Born and raised in NY and moved to LA… DEFINITELY slower pace!! Which is what I needed for my mental health ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ your phone call comparison was hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚ so true. Haha.

  • LA is not dry heat at all. Iโ€™m from Arizona and the heat here is actually dry. Every time I go to LA my hair is a frizzy mess the whole time.

  • Steph I live L.A! Glad u came here ๐Ÿ˜Š maybe a meet and greet in L.A it will be so cool and loved this video ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

  • L.A is cool and all.. SD is beautiful and all… but northern Cali???? Gurl. YOU GOTTA VISIT. Itโ€™s a whole different vibe. The air is fresh and crisp, the coast is Absolutely stunning, the waterfalls. Ugh I can go on and on. If you ever get the chance, come up north. The city, Berkeley, Oakland, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Bodega Bay. I can go onnn… Watch ya self ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • 2023 Airport will be fabulous

    Also you visited off season
    And you didnโ€™t go to Hollywood walk of fame and Venice Beach you might of seeing more people there

  • Wow Stephanie you look very nice and beautiful amazing LA video well done ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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  • BP - 07MJ - Sir Winston Churchill PS (1555) says:

    ๐”ป๐•š๐•• ๐•ช๐• ๐•ฆ ๐•ž๐•–๐•–๐•ฅ ๐•’๐•Ÿ๐•ช๐• ๐•Ÿ๐•– ๐•—๐•’๐•ž๐• ๐•ฆ๐•คโ˜ผ

  • I definitely like New York better itโ€™s way too slow paced those are the vibes I got in LA when I was there and Iโ€™m surprised you didnโ€™t go to in and out to see what the hype is about

  • Hey Steph itโ€™s steph lol you have to make South Florida your next trip. Iโ€™m telling you you would fit in like a glove here lol I live in Coral Springs which is like 25min away from Miami which is where most tourists like to visit but living in the cities nearby you would also love… like Coral Springs lol muchโ™ฅ๏ธ

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