La Rumba at Andres Carne De Res Chia |  Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca

La Rumba at Andres Carne De Res Chia | Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca

As day turns to night, my Avianca flight touches
down in Bogota, just in time to hit the town. Vamos de Rumba, in Colombia it means “Let’s
Go Party” and on weekends people from Bogota make an exodus to a small town called Chia
where there exists a Rumba so cool I’ve been dreaming about coming back for the last four
years. This is Andres Carne de Res. Imagine a circus, an art gallery, a nightclub
and a killer steakhouse all under one roof. That’s Andres, but even that definition seems
limiting. Since 1982 this sprawling den of eccentricity
has been luring up to 3,000 people through its doors and into a world of complete fantasy.
Every where you look, there’s something or someone to dazzle, to delight, to make you
wonder, who in the heck dreamt this up? What is it about this place that makes you
and all of your friends come every weekend? Every detail that you find here, you won’t
find anywhere in the world. It’s just so weird. It’s the weirdest place
I’ve ever seen. It’s so different. What is the rumba?
Smiles, people and music. And guaro!
Try it! Overstimulation central, it’s hard to even
focus on your dinner. But you should, because it’s quite spectacular.
Diego, what is this? This is what we call Arepa de Choclo.
The best thing you can have here is the lomo al trapo.
So this is the famous Carne de Res. Really simple, really tender, I can’t wait to dig
in. Performers roam the space all night, and just
when you least expect it, something fantastic happens…
Alleluia Hermana! Then, the rumba kicks into high gear — from
the table, to the dance floor, even out into the streets.
Aguardiente, fuels the night and it’s customary to share your bottle with complete strangers.
But don’t take my word for it. Andres Carne de Res, is a place you just have to experience
for yourself.

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