Kyoto Hidden Spots: Japanese Tea Town Wazuka | Kyoto Travel Guide

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  • nice vid. really like it. totally enjoyed it.
    a procrastinator
    (now back to work…. cant wait for holidays to go to Japan T.T).

  • Angela, I love your videos. Started following you before our recent trip to Japan but have continued to watch your videos after coming back to Melbourne. One suggestion: maybe invest in a gimbal?

  • Nic Flynn ニック フリン says:

    You are one of the channels I always check when I'm looking to make plans in a new city!!!

  • Hi Angela, I loved all of your videos, it features a lot of Japan which I have never seen before. I am travelling to Tokyo very soon. As part of your hidden spots, I was wondering if you can do a trip to Kawagoe the little edo?

  • Wow this is such an amazing place, it really does look so zen like. I would love to try some of that delicious soba. Thank you for always sharing such magical places.

  • Adimas Guntur says:

    after a long night shift in hospital, your video is a great cure for my boredom and tiredness. thanks and keep making one 🙂

  • Notes of Nomads says:

    What a cool place! I love tea so this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Loved the ending, btw. 🙂

  • There is no name says:

    ONLY 9K MORE AND WE WILL BE 100K STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PHAiley ANIME says:

    Do you know a broad in Japan named Chris? Chris Broad. He is Abroad in Japan. (I worded that as confusingly as possible) You and him are my favorite Japan vloggers. Your sweetness balances out his edgy salty British spunk, and it really makes my YouTube watching adventure a harmonious trail mix of sweet and salty splendor. Thank you for doing what you guys do! I will probably just overdose on euphoria if I ever see a collab between you two.

  • Khalil'S Vlogs says:

    Hi I'm glad ur making videos from Japan cause I'm enjoying that very well I live in abu Dhabi and I would like to visit there

  • You should visit Guam when you have a chance! It's a beautiful island and it's awesome! I live in Guam my whole life and I'm still loving the island breeze! I want you to try the local food! Like red rice, chicken keliguen, kado, and bbq. It's an amazing place to visit. I want to see more of your travels! Keep making videos and be always happy! Watching your videos always makes my day happy. 😁

  • I've always wondered how accessible Wazuka would be and I'm sooo glad you visited the place and share it with us 😀 <3

  • Hi,

    What was the month and week of the month that you were there that has cherry blossoms? Thanks! I love Kyoto! Been there twice, but couldn't catch the cherry blossoms.

  • , Yes happy touring Japan through YouTube, haven't got chances to visit Japan , perhaps someday soon , I keep my words

  • Marlon Gutierrez says:

    4:37 I felt like I was stabbed in the heart as I was reminded of the movie 5 centimeters per second… Such great quality and completely different from the norm. These videos are great

  • I really like your videos! Very informative and inspiring about hidden gems of Japan, while being personal, light hearted and positive!
    Wish your channel existed back when I lived in Tokyo 2009. 🙂

  • What I really like about your videos is that you show us exactly where on the map that city you're going to visit. Also, your friendly voice and informative talk makes the video better. It's not too long or short and your editing is great. Thank you for all of those videos and if you come back to NZ lets hang out ^_^

  • This makes me one to take a different route than the usual. I'm just wondering if the people in the cafe and restaurant would be able to understand English as I don't speak Japanese. :/

  • Anne-Sofie Rydal Jørgensen says:

    Your videos on Japan are simply the best and most helpfull on Youtube! Can' t wait to make use of all your great insider tips on my upcoming trip this winter. Thank you so much! Btw, do you know if end og January will be too cold and barren for visiting Wazuka? Cheers from Denmark 🙂

  • Haha what an amazing video! Keep up the great work! It's be fun to hang out with you since you have a great personality as well!

  • I visited this tea farm last week because of this video and it was AMAZING!! We were unable to reserve the sky cafe but still had the chance to see the beautiful fields 🙂 Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your videos because if it wasn't for you, we would be stuck at all the typical crowded touristy places in Kyoto.

  • I would definitely suck at travelling food wise cause I would honestly choose something the most familiar to me. I wouldn't be all I haven't tried this so I gotto

  • omgg angela!! I watched this video a while back and I went did a homestay in Wazuka this past December but just came across this video again haha exciting that we were both there before!

  • Verónica Arasanz says:

    I really love your videos!!! I am adding this hidden spot to my trip. Thanks so much!!! I want to ask you if it would be possible to see Wazuka and a little of Nara in the same day, from and to Kyoto . Do you see it possible? thanks so much for your help!

  • Ryan Studebaker says:

    6:05 the covers on the tea field are used to shade the tea 😊 it’s for producing gyokuro, a shaded green tea! Love this video!

  • Hi. Very informative video. Will go back to kyoto soon to try this. Any recommendation on best month to go here?

  • Florent Guillermin says:

    So glad I came accross your video , visiting Osaka pretty soon and I am definitely adding this town to my list !! 🙂 I already know I am going to love it …Thks again

  • Hi Angela. I recently went to Japan and went to Wazuka. Thank you for posting this video. The experience of biking in this place was great. I enjoyed the serenity of this place. There’s not a lot of tourists in this place. Good recommendation. Deborah here from NZ!

  • Katherine Bowers says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the tea fields, food and journey. Thank you for lovely little video! Matcha, YES! I wonder how many frogs in that pond?

  • YOU GUYS HAVE TO COME HERE IT'S A MAGICAL PLACE!!! I went here last week by myself for a day trip and it was the best decision I've ever made. I was a little nervous travelling to a rural place with little to no english signs (warning, the bus going to wazuka does not have any english signs/announcements at all so be extra attentive when listening to the stops) but everyone there was so helpful. The station officer was kind enough to go out of his way to show me where the bus stop is. The greatest part about this place aside from the beautiful scenery? It's. Not. Crowded. With. Tourists. For the 8 hours I;ve spent there I've only seen about 2 other tourists biking around. It was bliss!! Went to the sky cafe and I was the first person to go up there. I literally felt like I was the only person there LOL This place took all my travel stress away. Thank you Angela san for bringing me to this place!

  • hi from 🇵🇭 wish get the chance to meet u and go to other places like what u dis (2014 last i went to japan) im a big fan here 😊😊😘😘👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 more vids please

  • Greg Johnston says:

    This looks so great! I'm loving all of your "hidden spots" videos, I'm going to visit a lot of them!! Maybe your other viewers have already visited and made them not so hidden anymore? 😛

  • Sophie van Hamelsveld says:

    Has anyone been to Wazuka in autumn? I would like to go there in November but I don't know if it will still be as beautiful in autumn.

  • i love your video and i would like to go there next week. But i have no idea and how long to get there from kyoto . Can u provide more information for me ?

  • I live just 10km from Wazuka and love it here. There's so many beautiful places to visit and I post lots of pictures on Instagram @wheelers_den_kyoto .

  • Mam i lov japan so much that i want to settle there .. i m from india … Would u like to marry me so that i can be a parnment resident of japan .. and live with u so that i can see the beautiness of japan ..

  • Hi! Thank you for your video. I will be going to Kyoto in November and wanted to ask you how you traveled from Kyoto to Sky Cafe. I look on Google Maps, but there is only a driving option, which is less than an hour. Is there a bus/train that can take you there?

  • I just went to Japan with my family for the first time ever. We went to this place and it's all thanks to you. We actually had a friend of ours from Kyoto who had never even been to Wazuka, and she was amazed. Thank you so much.

  • I love your content. Found your channel today and I gotta say that I like it. I'm looking forward to traveling to Japan this or next year. I'd prefer to travel to Kyoto and than explore the area by train. Your videos about Amanohashidate and Wazuka inspired me and I think those two are going to be 2 of the many places I want to visit in Kyoto. the only problems I do have are the prices of the hotels and I don't ahev a travle mate so this gotta waite 'til I have a mate to travel with 😀 hoping to see more content 'bout Kyoto. 🙂 Greetings, Fabian

  • Hi Angela! Thank you for the video. Is it easy to get around Wazuka by bus as well? Do you have any recommendations for tea farm tour?? Visiting Kyoto second week of April. I've watched lots of your videos. Helped us a lot in planning. Thank you in advance.

  • I went here today and honestly, it was best experience ever! I highly recommend coming and exploring the area. It’s such a beautiful area and such a nice contrast to the bustling cities of Japan. My cousin and I went from Kyoto station took the Nara line to Kizu Station before taking the Yamatoji line to Kamo station! If you want, you can google map to Kamo station, but you won’t find a direct route to Wazuka. Once your at Kamo station, take the west exit and you’ll find a bus stop immediately to your right. That’s the bus that takes you to Wazuka! You’ll want to get off at Wazuka Yamanoie stop, which is a 480 yen fare. Once you’re there you can direct yourself to Wazuka cafe where you can make a reservation at the Sky Cafe! I highly recommend the hot match milk! Everyone there is absolutely the sweetest! The bus driver recommended some places to eat and instructed us where to go. You can get around with knowing little to no Japanese. They offer English menus at their restaurants and are very attentive. I was able to get to the Sky cafe, rent a bike, and order food. The restaurant owners of Yamanoji shared with us pictures taken of Wazuka in the past and her favorite teas with us! Thank you so much for sharing this video, one of the highlights of my entire trip!

  • As an American I love traveling away from touristy places. but in Japan I feel not speaking the language is difficult

  • Michael Blodgett says:

    Great video of a day in Wazuka! Thank you! For those of you travelers who want to spend a night or two in this lovely tea village, my wife (Ikuko) and I (Michael) run a small, friendly bed & breakfast. We would love to have you!

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