KRUI 30th Celebration

Mike the microphone all delivered this Mikes no yes after it works him yeah yeah 1g will you be here or reader old are at you located because you’re not armies so we’re me her for those do you know any my many Hill made it here %uh are you word plant enough whose the all was loom and with her any you the mall is you were all the bold you’re here so yeah everyone here %um wherever you are every wrong over well really is really moral your which Norwood you if they want yes you want you so you want me and the only area years 11 only sure you own your keys so your uses you call in way you one thing using and you know yeah rule ok he said was a botnet you here same you our out there in brentwood years sure you you racial work for you you money million hey mob mom you want why the nightlies resent yes he he who you him well and yes here UK hey are you okay he here okay do you have you yeah new or carry-in and anymore here yeah I’ll you so you yesterday you want for the moving energy but the one thing I you know hear you I behind rear so my job today is you a high who envision mass for so Louis year point you the is you do you think supply even issues hell is a is all overwhelming we agreed from here you know or and
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got years began broadcasting but its below all good he and then in 2000 in the 2013 we can live streaming over the internets these football and
basketball games in this is exciting because you’ve ever tried to you listen
to you listen to you what is the name of the company that I guess issue if you’ve ever tried with
your black ass you know that requires a subscription fee you’re the only station the market where
you can hear escorts why at the game for free which is incredible if you’re if you’re if you’re if you read about you wanna
listen to carry why shoes if you wanna hear one here play by play check this out
where the only idea market bypassing is a great thing that we’re
trying to you try to embrace more more you just a few
miles past they have a few if you when you go home if you’re
missing here you I go check out there is a great content
here as well she and now finally this national lead into
a little bit what Emily talk I’m so I’m going to
spare you details I’m gonna give you up you then because
they’re important I’m the office the Vice President for
Student Life assess care you either sinister and the goal is to learn a little bit
more about the impact I’m here you why this she the impact okay rely on
students at the University while members there were three is %uh stickers
first this directors and SS the be the General Staff and then finally a
want to assess you all city for that so the responses we got are service urinary and really excited sir
you can read this all I actually have a hard copy over
there check out I’m this was her say maltz’s normal say soon perhaps 15 how much they agree us using way don’t use profanities Hill next word head think think that if responding
positively would imply carry I have a huge huge
impact on their lives and in fact it does things all get much
better than this and we’re thrilled well if I thought we
probably already know the importance and the impact carry why
humour showers there have the mall airlines rejoice significant number responders he the margin mean more passion other chips which is
exactly well to be fair what I expected now we
have to try to prove it while I’m the you yes what’s what six killed carry either
contributed s communication with an interesting to be fair most like that I think yeah great resolve we’re really happy to
see them make sure you check out the full packet
over there when this is over because it’s really interested and now this includes my portion the
events so I’d like to call to the stand doctor
david grady so she buys presidency life and you see well a remarkable should up it’s hard to be here thirtieth anniversary a KO a rewire I gotta be honest with you man the mid
90’s outward where you are years there were some issue cell other places here and by whose I’m somewhere I’m here you acting came through their is is Tony said here I is whose his is a great way to go pursued get extra
dollars up I’ll Martin I’m rely activities a real-life job there’s a responsibility here %ah yeah
you know i unlock you know are very every hour gotta your
station ID to meet the SEC requirements or 10 pages I’m going to anecdotal up survey hair you are using something
today in your job the issue Mar your
experiences thank you so a great day love you you know it’s where
you know Saugus have a new radio are radio collars here said make or is awesome are pro-clinton skills you learn to some
music for leadership Martin Amis the mall learn how to deal with people that were
up may have been tough call Johor hospital your costume air rip-off you 3 a.m. your responsibility his alarm clock so that you can get up his actions over see to use so we’re glad I did lectured I this serious cell this size rottweilers a her made a nice I’ll they are love fun memories that I’ve got here I
and one thing I do wanna say it once hi hear you I was own place here I women’s basketball on the year I it would be the broadcast those days now
so Deerfield Beach and never goes things hear her I hear pose like ryan slater are only here
today your radios cycles for this or a local radio stations here US
Route she was sooo I’ll there was all our members is John
workers show here song the eyewitness sure here hardware so that other tradition i think is gone up it’s no longer celebrated people holes a these changes are up its ok maybe country urs songster class home users rosso maybe so I will bring that back up
next all who something whatever topic up our news I’ll and the other thing i think is a significant back to iraq your it was first usual a lot that goes creditors John R soaker and others whose up together all a or ok ok big large amount
of money here us our under yeah and better members 0 but get a significant amount of money to
do that so when this Station make this who a from
were journey worries carrier I love you his
ass balance on their exchange James so of experiences our race primary was here’s your house that carrier carrier they are you are male do perot Visual C++ this their I’ll can we appreciate you
being here I’ll were liar you up jurors here I was was was only movers you acted laying mirror weekend reconnect our holidays who you rent or does up also handout re necklace univers hope you’ll come back after dating for
ground floor about over ho-ho-ho they are rock from down there else that to stay this that’d or again right places third Hirsch hi think proper coming here today my name
is on leave with very and and the president soon broadcasters
incorporated that some love you remember that’s kinda ominous Ford but helps out hear you I directors find the scenes
I’ll also a news director from 2010 to 2012 and it’s just it’s so great to see all be here today
the station means so much to me and I can’t even express how cool it is
to see how much it means to you and I can say without exaggeration that my career and my life she’s been so hard
directly shaped like a real I an hour a talk-show producer I’m public
radio on talk by Leonard a river and he
realized really where I learned all the skills they need it for that job how to
edit sound work equipment you know interview
effectively work with others and when the most
profound things I got to teach people to do that hehe which i think is the best
way to learn sometimes and it really helped me get my foot in
the door on in public radio and like me I’m sure you’re all
influenced by your time here I know I heard some things last night it
no that’s you you know AD carry why brought you out of
your shell when you’re fresh any didn’t know anyone here or you know
how deeper improve your communication deal and that first job on and again from last night when I can’t
allies he made some great long-term friends are they hope to you know make some
friendships tonight but certainly all to you on I’m just so grateful for the
opportunity to had this radio station here naked
University Isla I didn’t think that I was going to get
into broadcast or news release but is fell in love with it and any you know when I talk to other people
about their college radio station everyone so jealous they just say oh you know our college
radio station no one listen to it was in you know something closet in the back
door and I know week near you but we have to make a little
money envied the best serve it so I don’t know just my most precious
memories are here and I love to see you’re right right three
years to come help I’m back here in 30 years you know watching and you say to people
talk about what they’re doing if they’re and you know just like tony mentioned the
assessment vice president’s office on pay reading here that it was so cool
not only with their numbers but they were quotes from people who said just the
best thing it was just very cool to read what they
said and I think a really short well I’m gonna just sums it up the bass
Bayside hear you I’m provides an invaluable service
independent radio to the local community and the
University and I’m so proud to be a part of it on so if you want to share some things
like that their son sheets on each table hands arm like Tony said the last for
the assessment is hearing from alumni about what the station met you he could
just take a few minutes and fill out arm those but few names
that would really be helpful and you know share what the station 19 hits on up next is Dave long he’s a fellow where number and we like to call him she
realizes story enhanced historical presentation on the station and if you’re coming in the mail tonight
for the pub quiz and I hope are you wanna pay attention because
there’ll definitely be seated it’s in here to help unity me is see alright a well thank you tony thank you think home for an excellent introduction many
day one I everyone here right in the back getting up okay awesome arm so I today I’m gonna add presentation gonna
talk about a couple different points talk about the history of care carry
wine soon radio University file um will have a little bit I’m
participation participation I’ll in the middle and then in the end I
want to talk about them that means I that we found what we went back and
looked through here US history iight the 30 planning committee the
group to help plan this fall arm with a lot as with a lotta soon
record station I we went through doctor a lot
care US history so much so there are like I don’t know that
anything to this extent has been done by sometime maybe like in the past but nothing and we feel
like the past ten years ago home so we up there with your humble
storyteller like it bastareaud or you know may be ok
for anything at nearby gloss over a certain influential part very life
history um but I will see you he he mention II people here know that that survey to the book have
on hand okay great I’m if you haven’t I they required or
the late age about that I hear you I what you
working on a book from where it part combination alumni
responses and or I material more historical
archives so media book is a lot more difficult than
initially thought right be the ideal but the survey out November
and then we’ll publish a book in March at their Hillary by at element operation able in what happened
but that I he is still alive it’s just gonna a just a little bit longer alright so but see to start off with pursued radio
or CD radio started University of Iowa back in
nineteen issue with a wide know the couple guys started I got over you transmitter and I quit in
air at Greylock passing women and put it in a room closet over
and quadrangle residence hall and at this
time it was I was calling hear your current station I which meant that you had you have you could pick it up in a building that
you read use like the wires in the wall in and basically I like on your radio
into the wall get it any really didn’t have any coverage
outside a building that you were it better than a king he’s I the station popularity stand it started moving on you I
broadcast another storms across campus like Westlawn
things like that I operates the summer the defender
different equipment the studio head arm and the other had from few steps to ok programming way on the head program
where customers would answer our questions
about certain topics will be covered final exams and right now not questions
themselves you know what these two engines study for her like I econ 101 exam or
something I like with you the interview I governor
law Los at the time and broadcast that on a waterfall then and I’m 1858 Rd also unchanged ASER as Asian ruin more popularity and iight actually moved from that
quadrangle to this to southpaw at that point I while things here with that he ACR become really popular with
students as it was the only I like rock-and-roll
Asian in the area you know might seem a little strange to
us be nation bingo you know are like usershare is being at
home like things on the fringes are play here by I was only outlet I’ll see you that music and because that
when the meetings with that Eser or did I i pretty much higher the
by advertising underwriting I generating from local businesses so they had
they’ve gotten into the market you know being the only source in 1975 other station changes callers hearing
why %uh started broadcasting on the FM an
ambiance but still only in here your current I set up you
know so it was broadcasting ended up in the only in the normal you
couldn’t hear elsewhere um at the time think that role iight that changed when he a CRT Argy ways I radiation I love Cedar Rapids at
least you 103 at the time are the prices for key 103 arm the applying to the SEC call it a risque
I see our I and says today’s station here and I
would have an official playing on that since they were only
broadcasting to the dorms they were able to keep those all letters
so that was what broke that changed hairy why also around the same time k
army moved into the hive City area and
started and started broadcasting rock and roll
music on the FM dial so this is kind of a major blow to carry
why because they deserve they lost that niche market a little bit
they’re using did get underwriting to help support the
organization the late were a have a rocky really carry my son arm back in seventy six there was I new I residence hall odd as it is government president you could
say that was elected and he decided that he didn’t like a
reply so he just came in one day and change the
locks in what everybody at the station II you with a day that didn’t didn’t go over well at all with a with
issues you’re running he relied I and solicitations actually off the air
or about three years I’ll wallet work
through all those different issues um eventually got everything sorted out me I the radio station an issue
government and hear you I’m back on the air 1979 I again I sticking sorta with that you like
alternative music or what not before Carrie why it you know how to
play some rock kinda place in popular music by in the in the late seventies there
was a question you switch stations you this progressive
or arm and I was headed in some ways the store
the idea of Kari Lizer speech or alternative marginalized War II you know non-mainstream music that you might not hear other place in
the roommate he is I it was really the point
where why under the sink it very beneficial
guys %uh started to move from of your current
app the I work with his alton Massachusetts to help navigate entire whole complex rules at I’ll I the FCC you know is also did things to
worry about about like FM license in your power to effective
radiated wattage in what year um amenities were wrong but what you’re
like broadcasting landscape is like in if you’re gonna bleed over into other
channels and things like that %uh but with the hell there’s been some
carry weight with able to navigate um navigate that whole battle process but channel 6 outta the Quad Cities actually buyout it work
I with the SEC against this idea getting I here you are region was gonna ross et
broadcast that a 129 wats um that could potentially cause
interference a channel 6 at the Quad Cities so sure to visit up as a compromise carry while or their
total broadcasting power 100 watts there’s
also a lot of things to figure out during this time the movie a new appointment you ordered II
leniency located in South Quad point but you know
news to you new studio moment put together ulcers
things to get ready for the run you to you that switch cue up one other interesting stories we about what you’re going through I he
realized archives is that I KY scored a victory at sea in a sense because as they were getting ready to
get the official license from the SEC for the call sign here’s why you realize
that there was an old fishing vessel arm from like the early 1900 s in that
was no longer in use it had long been slapped but the whole fishing vessel still had
call sign hey are you why on because cars II listed for the Coast
Guard right so people in a letter to you the
Coast Guard said you know your postcard University 5 organization here in you
any change the call sign it is possible that isn’t even in use anymore as we’d like to use it for the SEC I the acostar back in such a thing here you go
you know we changed so you is actually I think going just a
couple months between initial letter response but I in that sense here I
scored a victory at sea and everything and lined up it went up
to a point where hear you I was prime to go on you the
air is your so I make any or I it that was the do you do that yes which from carry occurred at them
basically our entire audience expanded from just residence in the door
although I was studying Oroville area peak in a I B Ben shy here I meanie Schneider Sears the had a lower and Alan Thompson
were so many people there at the time they were all have leave all that switch so another thing I mention she was that
while we were going through stations archives home in preparation
for about 30 celebration today home we
realized that we found actually the first broadcast
for the station honor all realtor Realty and that was quite
astounding I’m gonna play click here for you oh and I forgot to mention to um
gradually this is actually 30 first-year a broadcaster hear you I I so I guess
we’re celebrating the successful completion of thirty years and it sixty-three years cool miss you
radio and I but in any case I’ll see if this will work this is so first
broadcast hate this is just a short snippet because it goes on may be about 15 minutes or so kr you why
I always city signs on for the first time this evening kr you why is owned and operated by
student broadcasters incorporated and operates on a federally aside frequency
you have eighty 9.7 megahertz with an effective radiated power up 100 watts in
stereo our studios in transmitter are located
on the University of Iowa campus we hope you’ll join us as we present a
remarkable radio station 89.7% FM kr you live Iowa City yeah University if I were president James all friedman it is a pleasure to
congratulate all those at radio station kr you I what worked what the significance of
interpretation very FM broadcast free with this very music whose public-affairs programs that
until now at the herd only in the residence halls weeks with throughout the Iowa City haro area through the years after a variety
of call letters this to craft station has provided
valuable experience broadcasters it produces during the early 1960s for
example what the predecessor of the station with
Tony k wht evaded alright whatever is the ass to
get out of power now the managing editor
University new services one of the first women it
out with Casey they had now an associate vice president
at the University I am delighted that you are at Camp
capacity will now allow you to reach a larger public its part will be able to receive your 60
I look forward to joining you’re either with I wish forward you
the best as you celebrate the beginning driven you’ll hear a graduation Governor
Terry Branstad and I want to take this opportunity to
congratulate KR you write for becoming an FM station
now not all my characters University lower back but register the I
was sitting area will be able to hear that the music and entertainment on
this very fine station I remember the predecessor que
te vaya bien broadcasting out quadrangle gonna try
when our undergraduates food cap University lower
back in the late sixties obviously we’ve come a long way and I
want to express my personal congratulations kr you ride becoming FM radio station serving the Iowa City area this is iowa
senator chuck Grassley and I’m welcoming kr you are right dryer
was Airways of the students Manning this forecast
operation will be invaluable communications experience and of course
I hope that KRN rival becoming a parking pass gifted Iowa to
play increasingly variable throughout the state and nation
rpm best wishes Krey on your debut you now yeah the so needless to say there’s a lot of
celebration at the time this has been a major achievement
station who from carrier great that and after that
change in the eighties I things were looking up per carry one I
you know there was I more involvement in the students and
more programming that stations doing arm this station was still alive is still very strongly committed to that
idea an alternative spacer progresses space for Musiker Newser other items
that you might not here elsewhere on the dial arm me and and you know it an issue paul
started out just play music but then producing shows that focused on topics
that were relevant for interesting relevant or important I at another interesting fact we found was
that even back in the Eve there was their
songs up remodeling the Union to include a space
for our student communication group both carry
winds doing you freezers studio productions home but that was at the time that was hawk
and I think there’s my views are around but didn’t actually materialize until
several years later back here you I’m is it issues a hero me
I am you in nineteen ninety this is it had another out here carry
one and why I doctor great out little bit I there’s a general manager who was fired
of and directors quips problem looking to the archives seen the
concern here was over I issuing writers I in aid I like a small
monthly stipend for their time working carry why I’ll I think was group concerned that is awesome in
the mid 90’s who were working here you I but we’re
not actually people in rural students at University of Iowa arm and thats so that was one of the things that I to
change without hearing why you’re getting I if your gonna be
involved I had liked it student level with the organization you
have to be if you’d like to write say at carry why you have to be a studing enrolled in classes your
university ever heard this is all there are still
some good things that happened during the day area of you know this %uh listenership
him on that I’ll 39 percent issues were
listening to carry on a daily basis arm be at one point carry on I had a
wager with I St student-run radio station a US or on
the up to move the basketball game it carry Y-one I was city or university by was used to go over
broadcast on the news radio station however james won then aims you to come
over here and ego takeover they hear you I radio station I
like question there was this done I love it doctor treating this year
earlier about hear you I I broadcasting of Country Music Monday my neighbors arm BI the switch there’s a
step or matter this nation alt country he said that border regions came in and I mandated
that carry life going on they had bad acts the hourly news Cassie
with you about like updates with you know the price or and I and there’s also something that they had
to do with a at live I reports from disease in the field
literally I here how to call on a former and so you
know they are giving his regular updates about how to score getting up you know who’s in troubled
times hearing why there’s a lot of good
organization and a lot often involvement and
entertain value but yeah so I the then the name on this day she actually moved from at
this piece in South Quad and a started preparation to move into
your house 129 Grand Avenue home and somebody’s I it was the University one here why
didn’t you KKR you I didn’t do I have to use the space ready for use in
South Quad it’s a moment she was that he was
looking forward their organization grown some and they’re looking forward
to you getting into a little bit bigger space so as they are starting to prepare there um so for wallyball ass out there NY barbershop studio here
in the eye you as they prepare to move from
southpaw over the house 129 Grand Avenue so that was completed
in 1996 have like doctor grady mentioned earlier
hear you I it was that first all-digital college radio
station in the nation so this is a a chance it time about
change here’s why we’re studios by carry why take advantage of
that opportunity to change their infrastructure problem analog set up we haven’t won
shit things connected II in analog fashion that
signaled get converted to digital sent transmitter in this case it is
built everything degil I in the studio so that all the
infrastructure you know you have to like converting
back and forth unit up with a clear I clear broadcast so then died moving ahead in the 2000’s
Qaeda again at the mo I here you I’ve been
involved with the community there and something all hear you I survivor I people you know
the show Survivor right okay at where people you know
you’re on the island and you get voted off in this case it was I the DJ had each student sign up to live in the
care you I lobby at the house 129 Grand Avenue to 48
hours I and then that requires the catch was
that every couple hours they had to do you the this this the participants I contestants had to do a variety of
different challenges and then they slowly got voted off until there was a
single person who won so these challenges included doing
things like 0 you know bobbing for I snickers I’ve fun size
Snickers bars in a bowl putting or you know lay II like playing twister on demand at like
olive oil on it or something um and the interesting is that
technology here but here’s why with that not only did the participants
thought themselves a hoe but they also have listeners 0 online
you know they go to carry what website say I for centuries should stay I think
this person should be also I that was I it was you something that caught a lot of
attention to carry why and also something that in the timing and think survivor just
came out and those are the complications are you know
I guess reality TV type things really had of in 2008 you um that was I have another little bit of
a rough time for Carrie why the universe you wanted to build an
athletic Learning Center and I moved here you I at the house 129
Grand Avenue arm initially the original idea was to
move here you like to a house on Melrose Avenue which was or other way arm that to move to carry out in the house
on outnumbers Avenue his partner way and issues at the time he’s about that at all I’ll I can not the story the sound system
here going to stations archives we found this
clip that they played at the time Mar man demand show on the by and and university also assisting us in it
my spouse instance Phil Jones said in a letter
sent to care you I quote k reliance been given primary
consideration in the allocation of resources for the and called decide for yourself visit www dot you I
would ideally you slash tilly care you live for the latest information on care
US relocation so ISO University want to carry why n carrier lifetime directive a lot of
frustration Jones but it wasn’t even it wasn’t really Dean
Jones who wanted carry out a mover was out to get down there was more the
university as a whole wanted all this athletic Learning Center they owned a serious
houses there one other thing 129 Grand Avenue home
and so there was a there’s a lot I is an
outpouring of students they have protests in you know
a response about things and so from that I from that
conversation though I’ve this gives it up having a conversation
with Dean Jones and I came to in I think I going back to some the letter is in the
documents and things that seem like Ian Jones really impressed with the level mended dedication and passion issues and first in radio dial um in through
discussion in conversation with Ian Jones at the time I speech was looking at the third floor
the Iowa Memorial Union up United injury I’ll for Carrie why um and that was a rather
significant renovation because I think previously was like I
like a staff lounge something that I’ve been up there and
they had like me that entire space so during that time I hear you I’m doubt
129 Grand Avenue and into the basement dying you to broadcast at your down while the renovations were happening on
the third floor another interesting thing that happened at this point with that hearing why a lot of students
were worky lucky students were involved with
this offices nation August were other big
hands like see I see schools ought to see how other schools did
student-run radio so they went to places like University
of Minnesota with your hey there’s a buncha the store
CDs stay with you i think outnumbers a he
had office space for of the doctors and
students in the organization to me and conduct their business
Michigan State University I there’s been one really has a lot of
peace for bands to come and and play in the studio universe people
know 0 they have a setup where you have a big
people sit around a table and have a conversation a lot like so this whole sorta like
fact-finding stations were I with the coldest find get there get a
question out best eight years a lot of different
places and combine them all together into will be home to carry I studios so
I as like a mission here going doubt 129
Grand Avenue on broadcast out of the basement hearing
i’ve you know you’re in for a while while the us to you upstairs was I renovated to a new state
state-of-the-art studio a lot up professional-grade I equipment and
facilities up there um looking at important thing to you that you know
care I really like the house 129 Grand Avenue in some ways I the house wasn’t necessarily the best
apparently it didn’t have air conditioning from what I’ve heard arm there is also I also wasn’t
soundproofed as well as it could be you know so you can hear traffic going by background and he is running
like talking about the weather in think I’m so this is a really great
opportunity carry why I to have a speech that was built for their needs as an organization
%uh all say to from during this time I the family Craig Thomson are the only
university by a long night you died on 9/11 attacks II heard about
the renovation and donated some money to have the lobby in the new space for
the studio dedicated to create memory crate with I involve the station in the early
nineties and I from everything that we found in the
baby I’m archives as well as other stations document it sounded like
he was really very passionate about Carrie why so um I it said story story about a nice
Memorial therefore I for Craig and his his dedication to
carry in 2004 I the renovations were completed and
hearing why opens opened its doors at it open house
a celebration um see if I can playoff spot for this 89.7% care you are is having a party and you’re all invited
has been throbbing party this weekend celebrates for online that’s right hear you I will be holding
a grand opening open house extravaganza people 24th and
25th during River best weekend did you see
the memo on the buttons here are you I will be unveiling our new
state-of-the-art care studio offices and logo on Saturday April 24th
in the state room of the IM you from noon to 5 p.m. oh and I almost
forgot I I’m also gonna need to go ahead and come
in and Sunday to K and Sunday April 25th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in rooms 379 and 380 a bi-annual did you get that
memo come one come all to care you eyes grand
opening open house extravaganza during the river fest
weekend I’ll go ahead make sure you get another
copy them K for more information visit www shot you
iowa .eu slash till duck AR you are am assured so I hear you I was it you know they had
their new studios I everything a lot of the equipment in
this Asia there’s designed specifically for radio station home and in some ways this those I
having the tools in this space in the equipment for II for Ky’s help to
continue to do a lot of great things arm a while back Jimmy Wales founder
Wikipedia studio on and a story I heard was that he said
hear you I studios were in were even more professional looking in
the BBC studios that you’ve interviewed horny so I had a
compare contrast II a little difference there being
carried by but you know if you look at other %uh
student-run radio station that these in state if I woke the heavy-handed away in dark got
corners up University in there University I
buildings and things like that tend to be running a lot of older outdated or
strung together II technologies over his University
human unready armies her when renovation and basically a small of you know Hiyori the I’ll see he was located and ask you
your space that at last been built in or last renovated in the
nineteen seventies the lottery architecture structure of and then War II he recently got booted
out of their location and private residence hall so they’re
currently looking for a new home by a way we look at the great things
that come out very wide today great learning experience that
that students get from be involved carry why a large party that behind back to the professional great
studios what professional rate studio equipment at the station has up on the third floor
jumping ahead a little bit in 2008 the second funny flood for the area here and hear you I actually move from or I mean backed is out water able thinking back to its original of
broadcast area that it had for are many broadcast there
for about a year I want to say and you until 2009 while
logged only here shut down and shut down hour because the flood and everything
people or even locked out I and you we need for several
months while flood recovery is going up since then %uh carry why than in 2009 here I came
back to you our studios and since then died decision’s been
doing a lot it a lot of different things and a lot of
great ways we’ve had a variety of people in studio amber and more Arrested Development
other other media Jimmy Wales founder when he here doctor up but humor I by metals and Public Enemy at all it is videos likewise us at Myers head writer for SNL you rock hasten I’ll was interviewed on here you I just
a couple years ago here Martin general manager righted read up on and about the road as burger back on have all been here
twice two years and then I any number of bands I have
been here twice two years over the years so many that I could you possibly get with them
today you know but act such as like Bo neighbor II Phantogram 8 Nash Chris for the
Concord I am Thurston Moore important sonic use
you max weinberg I just a variety of
accident you carry why studios over the years alright so I that’s ordered the first
for my presentation I mentioned you know
I’ll take a little walk care US history %uh the next part involves the audience
participation that so what we’re gonna do is actually record station ID for use here’s why rate I’ll eso he’s worth going to light up raucous
a them together all one alright first and we’ve got a reporter
here we have another recorder running %uh but basically collectively we’re
gonna say you’re listening to a reply you 9.7
about I was the saddle earn it from all the
work if I was you radio I graduations to carry life in 30 years I every everyone ready you know we can do
this fall thank you at I so these were the light up when
it’s time to say to one to you 3 you are see here I yeah I their Ralph I’ll see great congratulations Carey I 3 years yeah awesome I UK what second cut you think that’s
now I i think that was great so thank you
alright I said no I come to the third party the
presentation thank you for sticking with me through all this where this even he realized history that
rebound while looking through station ass what
are the major in the care US history is the passions
have or other organization and for the universe by for I N for
doing great things recovering I hands are having people in
for interviews or being involved with the community
people are very passionate about here you why and its and and its
connection to the university by a second thing that we found is that IQ
I have a lot of similar struggle has run into a lot of similar struggles
you know so going back to nearly INR in what about every and your so there’s
struggle between airlines government over ongoing you
know about whether Kerry Washington carry oilsands
ask for more funding was your thing government last but they
have their own set of concerns organizations as well like ways to you know a spell over space if you look
at how to carry I started in a group of it I in the offering all the new South Quad Island 129 kinda been in all different places but now they
have a good space up their third floor the iView arm even though he realized now I share
party the dedicated office space up there with another student organizations go mean you to some others me concerns
reorganization happening in the Highland Memorial Union but some other struggles to can be I can be like come from here you
why right so someone struggles with you with
student government summer that is he realized call because
I had a PO the president’s twice I’m and so I the first time very irate he
over soon government actually won and a war that back there historical
display from daddy or that I i America advertises
Association basically a second time that we read you president a couple years ago it didn’t necessarily
go over so well question government and I don’t think you can really blame
them you know arm so but needless to say though there’s
been times where they’ve been tension up between here’s why other
organizations on campus another thing is de Bercy music going back to rest format image back in that started in the late sixties
and seventies to you today here why has always been a
space or marginalized unheard of music Eric marginalized or on less popular
music to be heard and aired likewise cue for issues there
that are important to students and the community arm so for a couple examples of this I
like very light used to be broadcasted on I
will public radio then when that your that station more the ICC merged with the other stations
and I’m a couple years back to be a larger I’ll public radio network
I V drop Prairie lights but I was something very
important I see unity hear you I picked up life are you liking
any continue to broadcast it several years %uh like West you um music has been a major being you know so
that just that the righty that they perceive music I think the winner here on mainstream
commercial radio you know shows like are a gay or
Norwegian rock-and-roll word even local music you know all those
have been featured on carry live over the years when the II wanted what are my favorite especially shows over the past few years
involved a guy who went Josh you went around to
different second-hand stores in town you know so we will issue I like
Salvation Army or goodwill any by all those 25 50 cent vinyl
records they found in the bins their any come in to hear you I make a show
out those records right the hearing all this release crash
your like Brazilian mom but type music from like the
nineteen fifties and it was great you know is really
interesting so just that variety of music that they
perceive things that the help at at cultural fabric that is
scary why your help added cultural fabric a
five-city speaking of doing a lot of the same things he realized at burger eating us order of
several hundred years are separate so is nations here of about the here house is a great name for business in my
opinion home an art form that made me realize that
engine on that fight me i’d 10 hamburgers in one go his blood me iraq okay scrape so and then another example carry light tending to
you live the same things over and over is that are doing things their way that
any hit me here’s one yup me so in both cases students wearing hairy white t-shirts on a flatbed
trailer with the radio our goal that actually bibles and so that I get that but you’ve had any
her like that II you know appointed what radio station is if
you’re going to march in the Homecoming Parade so I the other thing he realized big on is
celebrating our birthdays I’ll both I giving them the event that
we’re doing today having everybody back and then likewise
to what we’ve done for twenty it 15 K 76 the first I like your life very big on birthdays
arms on play this clip have been today me to you had BK you happy any first p and now it’s actually something those
producer carry ice first birthday where that first
broadcast it that I mention at all that I influential people from local regional
and and the San that state government offices and things
for gay rights first birthday I baby went around an interview to 12
students at the University of Iowa quite a lot a great stories people about why the like he realized so
I another another being both from Kari why
and from the Alumni responses from the survey that I mentioned earlier um is I white people line college radio important so said you
know me standing up here telling you like my thoughts on the matter our beautiful useful this year lot the
response is that a long night filled out the survey to mention so for instance and Tony hot summer responsibly about out he went
on after graduation to internet Sirius XM the satellite
broadcasting company and how her interviewing people
away here why I’ll turkey all up more care
than other interns serious when she was working at or
Roseanne Barr crosby Stills Nash & Young white
whatever arm for each WSR United 3.1 FM in
chicago and so these are just noticed some other
snippets from their response but he talked about how here why we helped
prepare her for career path after graduation white
with you I’ll impossible out here why alternate some the skills and
publication are buildings practice skills that
helped her get a job after graduation and out that higher oil a about how to
move to Los Angeles after Islamic area-wide early 2000’s and found a job music and
marketing industry because the work you did here carry why
so he realized helped a lot of people get into the field a radio broadcasting & media production
up but it’s also helpful other ways to from that alumni survey 1 I’m another
common theme with that people found being bald hairy white
really help them public speaking skills II for me
personally i was kind of a terrible public speaker
years ago and then when I got involved here you live in a student here um just the act speaking on the
microphone home help me improve how I in nineteen
pronounce words and how I speak publicly but I was in tears in his for me that
was just like personal experience but then going through looking at these
alumni responses you know I evermore from you go all talks about
the same sort of thing as they read more up from the lake out another brought the military wise alumni surveys that I people have found
a lotta have gained a lot of leadership skills
while working very wide there’s art director positions in the
organization’s a student who’s in charge of the entire marketing Department forest sq was also charged
the entire IT department programming and this opportunity hope a student’s
practice among those leadership skills that can be important
later in life for instance I E R A yeah his response on again snippets rabies is little bit all larger
whole AG talks in atlanta back out meeting
here you I hope Aaron offer his life after the
University and helping he talks about how per he got a lot on leadership skills
Morgan NY and hope to land a job Rocky Mountain
PBS another team %uh the carrier I alumni survey was that he realizes least
help students up find their in their life you know
because you’re when your college student can be a very
influential time I yeah the home environment you’re interacting with
people that you’ve never met before your countering new ideas and concepts and so it there were several responses to that
survey to talk about 200 care I hope people decide what major the
monitors Nick here really nice talk about out you
switch from journals into electrical
engineering because all is how I’m working area why light with
you there bars her response talk about how when he
first came to college she was undecided she got involved here long arm and then
became the programming director and then decided from that experience
you want to go horseman arts management and now manages an art
gallery um down enough Virginia mall who also wrote
in that he met a significant other they met
her husband their white other people in their lives through
Carey wide there were several people I he are healthy years is one example a out something responded to the survey
and said you know carry was the place and that my my significant other has been and you know melting great important people
for for their lives in lightweight you I as far as like in you know which wanna
go on your student I other people wrote that adding that
freedom I for having that age that you think
very wide called manifest whatever it is they want
to do help them decide the what they want you so you know he
writes about arm he made a career out journalism
because we’re here you why interviewing people
question her to be a better writer 0 Joe jostle out out with something it was a useful applicable I he’s
working actually apply similar skill that use learning in the classroom in the real world I value while value no I’ve talked about level freedom
that state that issue at a station II and how
they had that I they had a budget speech to go off and
do things it so when you think about the
importance of Carrie wire what sort of value carry why at this is perhaps one
of the biggest a is that he realizes space it’s a space
for students to do things that the spacers used to showcase I different
cultural things that may not get covered elsewhere you know so things like art or music or interviews or I news or just anything really I there’s been over the years that I’ve
been listening to carry live at several driveway moments people in the radio
business you know you’re driving a car important stop he still sit there and
listen to the radio it’s like oh my gosh this is amazing what were the ones I remember polly was
a student around had I old-fashioned sheeting done you know with like the leather
industry resolve that but anyway it’s is that concept is space and its speech for students to do things
they to try things to learn arm and and sometimes appeal to you you know by I it’s a space for them to
apply those skills rats were the biggest biggest things
appear why in a lot of ways that brings it all back to the mission statement
carry which is a service an educational or for
you i’ve seen interested about radio broadcasting and
providing i’ve seen unity with unique programming
alternative music news and sports so you look back at the history area why
we look back about at think people written about
Carrie why we can see how all of that collect the collective some
of that experience arm shows how cue I have been I meeting things that it set out to do
namely its mission statement so the other thing that I wanted at
issue um is that as we are preparing for the
thirtieth anniversary %uh we found that was broadcast a so
without pay wouldn’t be me if we we created that
he’d I with modern-day counterparts so we did actually so to play that for you
now they can if this going k rely I was city sound
alternative signed on the air for the first time on
March 28 he realize owned and operated by Steve
broadcasters incorporated in operates on a federally sign you can see a PT 9.7 megahertz with an
effective radiated power over 100 watts and stereo our studios in transmitter are located
on the University of Iowa campus we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate
30 years appearing live the mama it’s great on do you the its it the I dead man now on this the this yeah huge release year the the then that yeah the this is Tom Rocklin Vice President for
Student Life the University of Iowa congratulations
care you and your thirtieth anniversary what a great student organization this
is I was City Mayor mass hire I want to wish to hear you I
happy birthday you can I was City sound alternative for
thirty years and I thank you for being an important
community resource graduation this is governor terry Branstad I’d like to congratulate kr you I FM for thirty years on the year serving
University of Iowa in Iowa City Community you’ve come a long way I remember thirty
years ago and I was governor and congratulated you
on the launch okay are you I and I also remember back
when I was a student in the late 60s listening to kW eighty so congratulations to kr you I eighty 9.7 FM on thirty years of service
a special message from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley congratulations KR you why radio 30 long years on the here for thirty years students have been
able to gain valuable experience who’s there were fifty and listener ever
enjoy your music and program now thirty years ago all I wish you the best of luck Woodbridge for today I congratulate you on your
free to copy and wish you many more years to come this is Elizabeth L the incoming student government I just
wanted to take this I gradually KADY a successful 30 years a broadcasting this is bill
Nelson director the Iowa Memorial Union and the
Center for Student Involvement leadership honored to have the opportunity
gradually here you why 9.7 FM on thirty years tremendous service to the University of
Iowa providing meaningful and impactful student learning opportunities past present and I know for the future
hi everybody this is rusty love KWWL here to congratulate kr you ion 30 years of service to the University of
Iowa Community you know it seems like only yesterday I was saying
congratulations on the launch other new kr you I back in 1984 you know I got my start in radio on the
University of Iowa campus station was called K I see our in the basement every no
home in 1969 to believe that was the year so congratulations on the past three
decades and I wish everyone KKR you I many more to come have a great day hi this is Bruce Audi from kcrg-tv9 and
I just want to congratulate kr you I radio for thirty years about standing broadcasting this is
Tiffany O’Donnell from CBS two and box 28 congratulations to kr you live for
thirty years a broadcasting high def with the doc appt share the
Department communication studies at the University of Iowa graduation hear you I on being in the
community for thirty years and prevent that important part so many
students and community members live here although this is proba- prop camera mccloud faculty advisor to cure
you I am here so with you happy only anniversary ASM FM broadcasting radio station congratz hi this is I will football coach Kurt
parents and supporters say congratulations to kr you I for thirty years have been on here go
Hawks hi I’m charity natty up I’ll a public
radio and Iowa Public Television
congratulations to pay are you I thirty years that great music on a rig here haven’t Asian launching broadcast
careers and having a lot of fun here’s to many
many more years have great pride hey there’s
a bed P for a viable public radio I got my start in radio at hey are you
like even before it had an FM air signal and on the line can’t ken Peterson is
William abroad help i cant you were with me we’re together I was with you freshman I
E N back in the early eighties now I’m a
vice president for a large company but I still look back up my gaze a key role are you
like very probably okay congratulations kr you i’d and to
repurpose an antiquated since we’re going back in
time i cant an antiquated cigarettes Logan you’ve come a long way baby this is can hit news reporter and DJ Heru I from
1983 to 1986 congratulations on thirty years Krey Iowa City you don’t know how good you
happen with the station like this I this is my tour and I was on the air
on 89.7% fmk are you why from nineteen eighty 8 through 1989
while two semesters in a summer school tonight I’m very proud of my time with
KR you I am glad to see that you guys are still doing what you do n so happy
anniversary and here’s to another 30 years care you I congratulations hi there this is Heather Creswell TJ 8k
are you a ride from 1993 to 95 congratulations on thirty years have
been I was city sound alternated hey this is Adam Campen are from on
spotting the podcast at UBC radio show in Chicago just wanted
to say happy birthday kr you like got my start their on 89.7% back in the early 2000’s doing my movie
show burn Hollywood burn the inspiration for a lot of what we do
here on film spotting which we’ve been doing since 2005 really wanna longest running
podcast and radio shows out there couldn’t do it if it wasn’t for the experience I had
Krul he’s air combined KY programming director
from 2007 to 2009 graduation scary I’ve been here for 30
years the best how much they’ve never I this is our fourth survivor 30 to any
university viola lesson I just wanna say congratulations the care you I for 30
amazing years I it here’s to the next 30 and beyond KK
realize this is Chris Burch and but happy wish you a Happy 30 anniversary PKR you why happy 30th this
is Dan McKie from trauma Hawk and your studio used to
be in my office at the South Quad emmons got some great
fights left over hi this is that was nervous in with the
Jones County greens hey are you a happy 30th birthday we
love you go for fifty this is holly Heart with the Johnson
County grains thank you hear you I for being a fantastic example public alternative an excellent sound public media this and I seeking this is
Frankie Lord pain JD we just wanted to wish a very
happy me take a K a go done E

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