Kim Kardashian Got in Trouble With Kanye for Letting North Wear Makeup  – US News

Kim Kardashian Got in Trouble With Kanye for Letting North Wear Makeup – US News

EXCLUSIVE! Kanye West is not ready to see daughter North West wearing makeup just yet, Kim Kardashian has revealed  While at a dinner party for the launch of her and supermodel Winnie Harlow’s KKW x WINNIE collab, held at L’Avenue at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City on Thursday, Kim explained that she got in a bit of “trouble” with her husband for allowing their 6-year-old daughter to wear some beauty products  “I think he had it, he changed all the rules,” Kim told E! News’ Zanna Roberts Rassi in an interview alongside Winnie “I’d let her wear, you know, she has a little red for Christmas, I’d let her wear a red lip, or I’d let her do one pop of something I’d let her, if she’s wearing a black dress, a black lip.” The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also revealed that sister Kylie Jenner would give North some of her Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits  “So, I kind of got in trouble for that,” Kim shared. “So, it’s now no more makeup ” But, as Kim noted, her eldest daughter is “absolutely” still allowed to “weigh in” on fashion  During Kim and Winnie’s E! News interview, the duo had a FaceTime call with North, who showed her “favorite person” Winnie her modeling pose  “She thinks Winnie is like the most beautiful person she’s ever seen, and she’s figured out how to spell her name,” Kim shared “So, she’ll FaceTime Winnie when I’m not around. She’ll be like, ‘Can I see your phone mom and play a game?’ And she’ll take it, and I’ll see her on the phone, walking outside I’m like, ‘Who are you talking to?'” “I got a whole tour before I came to the house,” Winnie laughed  Take a look at the E! News videos above to get more scoop on the celeb duo’s collab!

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  • THANK GOD!! I saw that a long time AGO !! I'm like what the HELL is going on !! she is too YOUNG to be wearing makeup and doing her nails let her BE a little GIRL!!! I'm SORRY (not sorry) to say THAT WHITE GIRLS are SICKENING with that CRAP!! they start them OFF this DAMN YOUNG and it's DISGUSTING !! Next IT WILL BE BOTOX at 12 years OLD !! She has natural beauty you will make her have a complex and there is no need for THAT!!! I don't CARE what ANYBODY says it RUINS your skin I wasn't even allowed to put Vaseline on my lips till I was 17 18 and to this DAY I do NOT have to wear makeup and I'll be 61 September 18th. Kanye know the DEAL.. different cultures are raised in a different Way.

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