KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Mark Brown

KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Mark Brown

Off Camera: “Do you guys like to go to shoes
though like at home during your free time?” Mark: “No, not too much. Between the two jobs it’s like ‘I don’t have…’ I watch a couple of TV shows, you know, there’s
a couple that I shut down and watch, but other than that, you know, we stay home… we don’t
do a whole lot, you know, we’ve got a kid in college now, so. He’s studying Advertising and Marketing, so
we’re telling him that maybe he needs to work on being a BDM for a resort line or something
like that, you know.” Off Camera: “That’s a lucrative career, for
sure. And, a fun one. Seems like it.” [Laughter] First name’s Mark, last name’s Brown. I’m a army veteran, spent 20 years in the
military. I’m also a Michigan State Police Officer,
I’ve been doing that for about 25 years. We are Island Breeze Travel, and we’re based
out of Jackson, Michigan. We’re going on our 10th year now, so we joined
back in 2008. I believe there was about 2000 agents at the
time. We’ve been doing it for quite a while now,
and enjoying it. Before the travel business, you know, I always
had that entrepreneurial spirit, but didn’t really know what I wanted to do. So, like a lot of people we got involved in
doing eBay. I went to this eBay conference that was going
on in Chicago, and happened to be sitting at a bar and talking to another guy that was
there having a drink, and telling him what I did with eBay. He said, ‘you know, you gotta check into this
company called KHM Travel Group, because that sounds to me like something that would be
a good fit for you.’ After I got back from the conference, I did
my research, and I’m looking for something that’s gonna be negative, and I couldn’t find
anything. So, you know, I got ahold of ’em, and I started
talking to ’em a little bit more, and it just seemed like a really good fit. You get to help people realize maybe a dream
that they’ve had for a long time, of taking their family on a just some kind of a wonderful
vacation, where they get to spend time with each other. You get to be a part of something that’s really
special. Just being able to be part of people’s lives
and meeting more people, and helping them out Your clients tend to turn into some of your
best friends. I absolutely would recommend KHM Travel to
somebody who is searching for a great host agency. Because we’ve been in it for quite a while,
we’ve developed a large, repeat client business. And, we’ll get these FaceBook messages from
people saying ‘hey, how did you get involved in the travel business, and I was thinking
about it myself, is there anything you could tell me and maybe I could get involved with
that, and what would you suggest for me?’ And I just point them towards KHM Travel,
because I know they’re going to get taken care of, and they’re going to get that training
that they need, and it’s gonna work out really well for them if they work it. KHM Travel’s service and support is second
to none, and I feel that way because, as you go, I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years
now, and as you go even as long as we’ve been in it, we learn something new every day. And the neat thing about it is it just keeps
getting better year after year after year.

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  • Michael Oliver says:

    Met Mark on a FAM when I was with another host. Very nice and engaging. Also willing to sharing his tips. A year later to my surprise when I joined KHM I discovered he was to. Great spotlight

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