“Khidkya”..Live story of nonliving!  An Award Winning Short Film

“Khidkya”..Live story of nonliving! An Award Winning Short Film

(These windows) Silent, at times At times Stifling, These windows… Sometimes carefree Unbridled, sometimes
These windows…. They’ll go agape with a smile Or give the ornery some company for a while..These windows.. They open wide for the true devotee They’re the bedrock of technology,  these windows.. They can be the evidence of life Or the epitome of lifelessness Sometimes, these windows… They’re a ticket to recreation They’re a conduit for communication, these windows.. They’re a beacon of hope, these windows.. Sometimes, they’re the face of an enterprise And sometimes the channel for vice, these windows.. Helping with government policies Or tugging at the heartstrings of memories, these windows.. At times, they stand alone, in defiance And times, united, cheery, in celebration, these windows.. Introspective, introverted on occasion Or then free, wide open, these windows.. Showering blessings, at times Those of teary goodbyes at times
(these windows) Faithful companions on journeys far and long Defenders of sovereignty, true and strong, these windows.. Some rusty, some beleaguered Some festooned, some festive, some drenched windows Windows, these windows…. these endless windows….

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