KGF Recreation with Rdr2

It was destiny’s act Two incidents occurred that night ! The land was discovered… And he was also born! Shetty… He is the king of Bombay! What do you want? The world! It seems, that my blood is also red! You think, Bombay belongs to you father?? No, It belongs to YOUR father! But your father is… Me !!! You have to do a job for me You have to kill a mammoth He Left … He didn’t know about the path he was taking He didn’t know about the destination he was reaching! Nor did he know about its monstrous history If only one ounce of blood frightened you Then you must leave before the ocean of blood flows Don’t get emotional There is no value for that here That won’t affect the stone hearted!! If you gain courage because a thousand people are standing behind you Then you can win only one war But if a thousand people gain courage because you are standing in front of them You can conquer the world!

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