Kenting National Park SECRET MTB TRAIL! (outdoor activity heaven in Taiwan)

[Applause] [Music] god it’s freaking hard today you know this you bike is one of the best bike sharing system in the world and all you have to do is buy it’s kind of easy card and the register we just have to register your mobile phone using the kiosk then you can start cruising around in Taipei City like a champ it’s really easy to get good cup of coffee in Taiwan oh it’s too hot so heavy during this time really makes me on a hit the beach talking about rapacious in Taiwan I think the most famous and popular one are in continue so I think today I’m gonna interest to use a bit of candy into you guys Andy is in the southernmost part of Taiwan this area circled by blue line is candy National Park let’s take a look it is time as the first national park covering the south and most area of taiwan the Headington peninsula these national park is well known for its tropical climate in sunshine people come here many to hit the beach and play all kinds of water activities but what I usually don’t know is that Kennedy National Park is also a perfect place for economical tool and hiking of course for cyclist they are tons of rules for us to sai Kwong I personally love the stretch starting from a shar-pei to one beat home where it’s my favourite place to watch the sunset so what about a sunrise well the lone Pampanga tears from there you can overlook the stunning coast of the Pacific Ocean just cycle down the highway number 26 towards the east after passing the south and most for Napa Taiwan the l-1b lighthouse you can see the long Pam Park on your right-hand side this section is also considered the most scenic highway in Taiwan but today I’m going to take you to a secret route for the man Marlowe mountain trail where as perfect off-road mountain biking the world Malou Marlowe Mitchell II means can’t find a way in Taiwanese couple months ago my friend Juan Dean and I tried to find a way in a failed a few weeks later we visited there again and were so determined to tackle his challenge first we went to Hong Kong featuring harbor to find a whole bunch of seafood then had a barbecue feast in a shar-pei resort which was phenomenal then the next morning we set out to explore this secret cycle trail we cycled all the way to hunting Township that enter a County Road number 200 soon after we arrived at the intersection of the Marlowe Trail but still we hit a dead end [Music] lamagno mountain is situated in the southernmost part of the central mountain range it’s about 300 meters above sea level it was the historic trailer for transporting sisal which was an important catch crab invention since the roads here was so complicated even a Reston’s open got lost after talk the most famous attraction here was this couple trees but they were blown down by a typhoon as I said this place is perfect for mountain biking of course we can way to go for ride [Music] [Music] afternoon hour we were so exhausted and decided to call it a day then we went to buy my favorite energy drink it is just the best thing ever invented but I want you know now in Tokyo people have to wait in line for six hours to get one of this thing you might as well practice I want okay let’s say for today I hope you liked today’s episode this is just a small portion of candy National Park because they are so many things to do over there so if you want to know any information about conditional Park or if you want to know anything about I want or anything about me and my story please comment down below and hit like button if you liked this video consider to subscribe because really helps me a lot okay I’ll see you in the next video peace [Music]

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