Katadyn Vario Microfilter

Katadyn Vario Microfilter

We are going to take a look at Katadyn’s Vario
microfilter. This is used for water filtra-tion. It is an excellent option for anybody who
is doing backpacking, camping, anybody who is in some sort of a situation or a worksite
where they need to filter water. Also for anybody that is looking for a water filtration
system for some sort of emergency or sur-vival options. There are two things about this filter system
that make it kind of stand out from some others that are available on the market. One of those
is that it has a very high flow of out-put. You will see that it has a dual action pumping
mechanism and what that means is that it is going to pump water through the system on
the upstroke as well as the down stroke. Another stand out feature on this filter is going
to be it is kind of a dual filter be-tween a synthetic and a ceramic. And Katadyn actually
gives you the option with this filter to choose which one you are going to use based on the
sort of water conditions you have. Let’s take a look at those actual filters
inside the Vario. Taking the top housing with the pumping action off of the filter you can
see it has exposed the ceramic filter that is in-cluded here and attached underneath
of that is going to be your synthetic filter cartridge. There is a carbon core to this
as most filters include. It does reduce taste as well as some chemicals by having that carbon
core. And one of the interesting things about this filter is that it is replicable carbon.
So as time goes by, as you use that, you can replace the carbon in it, which will long
term will increase the taste of your water so it will taste better. It removes bad flavors
from water and it also can reduce some of the chemicals that may be found in your drinking
water. It is not removing the chemicals, it is just reducing it. So that unique feature being able to adjust
which filtration method you are using here, the synthetic versus the ceramic, based on
your conditions of your water, is a unique feature {?} exists on most or any other filtration
systems. You can see on the side here it says, “Father
flow” and you have got an arrow mark that is pointing towards it. When this arrow is
lined up over top of that it will be using the carbon core as well as that synthetic
filter we looked at earlier. So this allows a lot of high output of water to be pumped
through the filter at that one point in time when it is set up to use that synthetic filter
system. That is good for water that looks relatively
clean or you know it is coming from a rela-tively clean source. It doesn’t have a lot of particulate
and junky mater and it isn’t kind of a murky color. If you are filtering for more of a dirtier,
murkier water system there is the other side of this which is marked as longer life. And
all you need to do is remove the housing, the pump housing as we have here. And you
are going to turn that arrow so it is going to line up with longer life. And what this
is going to do is it is going to transition the filter to use the ceramic. So ceramics
pump slower, but they are very good at cleaning out particulate matters, even very tiny stuff
that is hard to see. So it is going to pump a little bit slower, but it is basically going
to catch a variety of stuff that is underneath. And what that is doing is keeping the life
of the synthetic a lot longer than a basic synthetic filter would be doing. So some other items that are included with
the Vario is a nice hard cap that fits over the bottom portion here. This is the point
where your output hose would come out to the at-taching your hose, running it into another
bottle, or, in a case where you have a bottle that will screw on to the bottom you can just
attach it directly. When you purchase the Vario it includes this
output hose. So here is going to be your pretty filter that you would put into your water
source, a little… this is kind of a buoyancy piece that keeps it from hanging in the bottom
of the creek. This end would attach to the filter as an input hose. And, as you can see,
we have included a nice bag. It says, “Outlet hose.” Don’t really want to match up your
clean hose, which would be the one in the bag, the outlet hose going into your fresh
water source or your filtered water source versus your input hose. So they have given
you a nice bag to store the clean hose in and labeled it for you. That is in here. This
is included with the filter when you purchase it. You have got this nice little design. It is
like it fits all bottle clasp. So this piece is kind of… you can hook this up. It fits
over the end of that. And this… it kind of functions like a large paperclip. But then
you can take that hose and, you know, pretty much attach it on to any sort of a bottle
system. Your hose would be attached to that and anchored into there if, for some reason,
you have a bottle that doesn’t actually screw on to the bottom of the filtration unit itself. For cleaning the ceramic filter they include
a Brillo pad. All that is needed to do is kind of scrub that down and you can remove
the dirt from it and continue to use it. There is quite a few O rings included here for maintenance
purposes as well as some lubricant to lubricate that pump and keep that mechanism working
smoothly. You also see there is a nice black bag you
can kind of pack the whole thing into it and it easily fits into a back pack or any sort
of an emergency kit. So the output capacity on the Vario microfilter
is going to be about 530 gallons or 2000 liters. This is really depending on the quality of
water that you are filtering. So you need to take that information with a grain of salt.
Filters do need to be replaced. Once they are completed and clogged you need to place
them for further use. A little bit of information about the output
flow is going to be that it does about two quarters per minute, which is pretty quick.
This filter is going to be really suitable for folks by themselves, but definitely anybody
who is backpacking or camping with a group of people and needs to filter a lot of water.

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  • Thanks for the description. I wish you'd using it for real. One of the things I've found that makes the most difference in the life of the filter is starting with the cleanest, non-silty water possible. I've seen a couple Boy Scouts just wade a little way into a slow river and start pumping, which stirred up the silt so much that they totally clogged my Katadyn Hiker filter in about 15 minutes! Man was I ripped – $20 down the drain. Thankfully I'd brought a spare filter.

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