“JUSTICE LEAGUE vs THE FATAL FIVE” Sneak Peek BREAKDOWN! | Watchtower Database

“JUSTICE LEAGUE vs THE FATAL FIVE” Sneak Peek BREAKDOWN! | Watchtower Database

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY BALLS. Yes, that IS how I’ve chosen to start this
video. Well. After much speculation, we finally have an
official look at the “Justice League vs the Fatal Five” movie, and my god, I cannot
stop looking at this thing. If you saw our reaction video, you know I
was consistently orgasmic about this sneak peek. “Oh, my god.” “It’s so good.” “Oh!” “Oh my god…” So before I start getting too emotional, let’s
hop in and analyze the sh** out of it because that’s what we’re here to do and you know
it. The VERY first thing we see if Mr. Terrific
lookin’ terrific as hell, EXACTLY how we saw him in JLU. He’s voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
instead of Michael Beach, but I’ll take what I can get. Richardson JUST voiced Floronic Man in the
DCAU, and like we talked about in our “Batman and Harley Quinn” sneak peek analysis a
while back, he’s also provided the deep, gravely voice of several other past DCAU characters. So he’s definitely no stranger to this universe–WHOOP,
I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Moving on! Mr. Terrific says “we just got a message
from the Fatal Five,” which is…interesting, because…are we to expect that Batman has
any idea who that is? The only Leaguers in JLU’s “Far From Home”
that encountered the Fatal Five were Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Supergirl, and SUPERGIRL
stayed behind. Though, I suppose one of the green boys probably
laid out the details to the other Leaguers, and this IS Batman we’re talking about. Plus, GL and Batman have already been on a
time travel adventure together, so they probably have, like, a super secret little time travel
club goin’ on. We see the Fatal Five in various locations
throughout this teaser. Sometimes they’re in what looks to be their
own time period, fighting Legionnaires or creating all around chaos among a futuristic
landscape. Sometimes they’re on top of more modern-looking
buildings or they’re in a forest. So, it would appear time travel is definitely
involved. We do see the villains coming down to Earth
in a bubble-like ship very reminiscent of the time machine used in “Far From Home”
(the JLU episode I was talking about before, not…not the new Spider-Man movie. I can see how that could be confusing ’cause that trailer just came out, too). There’s little snippets of Legionnaires
here and there, including designs we’ve seen before in the DCAU, but most interesting
(besides Saturn Girl, who we already talked about in our last video) is the design for
Brainiac 5. He’s bald and a little less “human”-looking
than we saw him in JLU. Now, he ALSO looked different in the “Superman”
episode “New Kids in Town,” so it’s not out of the question for members of the
Legion of Super Heroes to change costumes or character designs in general. Maybe Brainy just gets less and less hair
as he ages? Wait…there was that fan theory that Brainiac 5
is a descendant of Lex Luthor…oh, man. I’m so sorry for your head, dude. Starboy is pretty cool to see. He’s a character I’m not personally very
familiar with because, well, the bulk of my comic book knowledge comes from the DCAU,
which he never really made a proper appearance in. I am LOVING the costume, though. The movement, or lack thereof, of the stars
on his suit reminds me of…some old cartoon I used to watch as a very small child. It was, like, some guy that wore a plaid coat
and whenever he would move, the plaid texture would stay in exactly the same place–is this
ringing a bell for anyone else? ANYWAY, we finally see a glimpse of Wonder
Woman here and she looks JUST like she did in “Justice League.” HOLY crap. This was the point when I realized this is
gonna be a special movie. Not only are the voice cast from JL and JLU
returning to voice the Trinity, but their character designs are THE. EXACT. SAME. DESIGNS. It’s surreal. It’s like they made a JLU episode back in
the day and then accidentally shoved the tape under a desk somewhere until it was found
in 2019…and yes, that IS a Spongebob reference. Wonder Woman’s only design update seems
to be that she’s got a sword at all times, at least in this sneak peek. Since the conclusion of JLU, Wonder Woman’s
typical character traits and history have certainly evolved in the comics and other
media, not to mention she’s appeared in 3 live-action movies, for the first time ever. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the
sword was added because that’s pretty much a part of her these days. No shield that we see, but other than the
sword, she’s copy+paste “Justice League Unlimited…” and that makes James a happy
boy. Same goes for Superman and Batman, who are ripped right off their JLU model sheets. “Batman and Harley Quinn” Batsuit, who? I’m so excited to see this version of Batman
again. It’s like a dream come true, and I feel
like I AM dreaming just looking at him. I can draw the dude all I want but it’s
not the real thing until he’s standing right here in front of…wait, are these Justice
Leaguer statues? Looks like Huntress, Captain Marvel, Zatanna,
Doctor Fate, and Batman, plus whoever this one is that we can barely see. It would be weird if that wasn’t Superman,
right? And where is this? The Metrotower lobby? Or maybe this is in the future–that would
make a lot more sense…we’ve even seen a hall of statues like this there before…would’ve
been funny if the statue was in the “Batman and Harley Quinn” costume for when Batman
says it looks nothing like him. I would laugh at that. Ha ha. We also get a peak at Miss Martian in this
little scene, who we see again many times throughout the teaser. AGAIN, I’ll come back to her more later,
but for now it’s cool to see her character design is rather reminiscent of her season
2 “Young Justice” look, which may or may not be intentional. She’s described as “fun” here, and that
she makes a good foil for Batman, which, while that sounds entertaining, brings up spine-shuddering
“Batman and Harley Quinn” memories for me, as that was their approach to comedy in
that movie as well. Jessica Cruz also has an interestingly unique
character design, different from her typical longer hair in recent comics. But I like it. It’s always great to see the creative team
incorporating more minority characters into these productions. Case in point: the swap-out of Kyle Rayner
for John Stewart in “Justice League.” And speaking of the League, the producers
seem to bring up the roster of the team several times in their little blurbs, but we never
see any more of the expanded membership, besides, I guess, their statue cameos. So I do wonder if we’ll be seeing any others besides Mr. Terrific. They do reference Terrific being the “third
smartest man” in the world, and “the smartest guy in the Justice League,” which was sort
of alluded to in JLU’s “Panic in the Sky.” “Someone took over our fusion cannon by remote control. “There are maybe 3 people on Earth smart enough to pull that off– “2 of them were already on the Watchtower.” Dammit, I’m getting off track again. He’s got some coolio floaty disc things
like Mister Miracle usually has, or other New Gods, so that’s…cool. And we finally see his T-Spheres do more than just
try and hit Flash-Luthor… F…Fluthor? Jessica Cruz is described at the lead character
of the movie, which I think is a great choice. She’s a character that’s new to the DC…A…U…question
mark? So we don’t know a lot about her. We know enough about Batman, Superman, and
Wonder Woman to fill an encyclopedia (trust me, WE’RE WORKING ON IT) so just seeing
them do literally anything together again for the first time in 13 years is phenomenal. But a new Green Lantern, and one that’s
young and inexperienced, it seems, is a subject that really intrigues me. She’s also mentioned to have some troubles
with anxiety, which I think is really great of the creative team to bring into this movie
because of how conscious of these types of disorders we are as a society these days. Starboy’s story also seems to be based around
lack of medication for an illness he has, so the intertwining of his relationship with
Jessica may be more powerful than any of us expected. Back in 2006, when JLU ended, we may never
have gotten characters like this, so having them now is tremendous. Plus, I have to appreciate Bruce Timm’s
inclusion of characters and themes like this after a movie full of double-butts and cartoon
Hooters. It looks as though Starboy’s story will
take us to Arkham Asylum as well, from the looks of the uniforms on both the staff and
patients, not to mention the fact that Batman and…Dr. Bartholomew…maybe?…are watching
events unfold up above the main floor. Does this mean we’ll get new glimpses
at other Arkham inmates? Like Riddler or Two-Face or–OOOH, what if
we saw the Joker?! That–that would at least confirm that this takes
place before the “Return of the Jo–” JAMES! STOP IT! Gotta get through this part first… I have to mention this shot with Jessica
Cruz’s eye lantern…thing. I love it so much. They mention they didn’t directly draw on
any specific comic book for this movie’s story, which to me is great. As I’ve repeatedly stated on our podcast
“12th Level Intellects” (which comes out every other Monday on iTunes, YouTube, and
WatchtowerDatabase.com), I MUCH prefer an original story to one I’ve already seen
done in a comic. You can do an interpretation of that story,
sure. But a panel-for-panel recreation in animation
just usually doesn’t do it for me. I know I may be in the minority on that, but,
so be it. So this gets me even more excited for this
movie (which I didn’t think was possible) because it now means that anything goes. Emerald Empress finally says something in
this teaser, and it’s enough to make me think she’ll become a part of Jessica Cruz’s
story, which should be fun to see. And it’s great to see that the Fatal Five will
have more of an earned substantial presence in this movie (I mean, they’re in the title),
since their appearance in “Far From Home” (the non-Spider-Man one) was pretty lacking. I don’t know anything about these characters
because all they did was some punching and stuff. Now I can really get a good sense of who they
are and why they do what they do, other than just “they’re the bad guys.” Overall, their character designs are very
similar to how they looked in JLU, but everyone is at least slightly different. Tharok, as he did in JLU, reminds me of Metallo
2.0. …I just wanted to say that. The Fatal Five is a super goofy team…and
I love it. They’re pretty much the epitome of wacky
comic books villains. I mean, they were invented during the Silver
Age in the ‘60s, and they’re the most Power Rangers-y, over-the-top group of baddies
I can think of for DC Comics. Oh, also this: “They’re…teenagers. All of them. It’s like your worst nightmare.” [Music, “Teenagers scare the living sh**
outta me!”] So. Let’s talk timeline and continuity… …’cause…we’re us. There’s not a LOT to go off here, but…here we go. Emerald Empress looks…different, perhaps
younger, than how we saw her before. And I’m not talking costume, but…face. Much less Rita Repulsa, to use another Power
Rangers metaphor. This struck me as odd at first, but really…Superman’s
face has changed. Bruce Wayne’s face has changed. THE JOKER’S FACE HAS CHANGED. When is this movie set? I would say it’s gotta be AFTER JLU in present
day, since something’s gotta be up with Green Lantern, and Miss Martian…exists. How do we explain her, anyway? Typically (and this is a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT), she’s actually a White Martian. But since those guys don’t exist in DCAU
continuity, could she be one of the aliens from the “Justice League” premiere, “Secret
Origins”? You know, the ones that aren’t called the
Imperium? Because this guy is the Imperium? They’re white-colored, they’re aliens,
they have shape-shifting powers…or maybe she’s, like, actually an OG Martian, and
J’onn wasn’t the last of his kind after all. The lack of J’onn in this sneak peek is
disturbing. Or maybe…maybe she’s a Cadmus clone…like
Galatea or Doomsday, but from J’onn’s DNA–ooh, this is too good–Miss…Martian…Clone…Theory…there. MATTIE: But we haven’t even done the Poison
Ivy one yet! SHUSH! Either way, I sure hope we get an explanation
for her character in this movie or else I’m gonna be a not-so-happy James no more. But…Miss Martian DOES specifically say that
all of the Legionnaires seen in this shot are teenagers…which, despite Brainy’s
unfortunate hair loss, would likely place this movie’s future-set scenes closer to
the events of STAS’ “New Kids in Town.” Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl are listed in their
official “Superman” bios to be 16 years old, and with that episode’s future set
in 2979, and the “Far From Home” future set in “approximately 1000 years into your
future, in what you’d call the 31st century,” which is AT LEAST 21 years later, or 25 if we take the “1000 years” thing literally, this would put THESE Legionnaires
in their 40s…which DOES seem kind of odd, and the showrunners have actually admitted
that the “31st century” comment was an oversight. But if Miss Martian is correct about the…teenagability,
then the future segments of this new movie would more than likely be in the 2970s or
2980s. That…really has no IMPACT on the film, it’s
just something I…felt…like…mentioning… Other than the Miss Martian thing, which we’ll
hopefully get an answer to, I really can’t think of anything that would keep this out
of the DC Animated Universe…as far as we know right now. I kind of hate that I’m not gonna be
able to watch this movie without thinking about these kinds of things constantly. But…that’s my life now. I did this to myself. All in all, I am PUMPED beyond belief for
“Justice League vs the Fatal Five.” Honestly, I feel like a little kid again,
getting ready to tape the next JL episode onto a nice crisp new VHS tape. Susan Eisenberg said I would love this and
I do. If you’re listening, Susan, holy balls,
I do. I’ve said “holy balls” 3 too many times
in this video. And you know…it’s really nice to see people
talking positively about Bruce Timm because of this movie. Everywhere I’ve seen conversations about
it…there’s nothing mean, just people praising his involvement. So if you’re one of those people but you
were bad-mouthing his other recent movies, I just have one thing to say. “WHERE HAVE. YOU. BEEEEEEEN?!” Are you excited for “Justice League vs the
Fatal Five”? If not, WHY?! Let us know your thoughts on our thoughts
in the thought place, aka the comment section, below! And be sure to subscribe for more overly-produced
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18 thoughts on ““JUSTICE LEAGUE vs THE FATAL FIVE” Sneak Peek BREAKDOWN! | Watchtower Database”

  • “ I won’t stop thinking about continuity and time placement when watching this movie”. Ah James u never cease to be relatable

  • Does anyone else think Ms. Martian is kinda hot? Yes, I know her true form is a horrifying alien monster, I'd still hit it.

  • I have a different theory For Miss Martian! She actually John's daughter in this universe, after all, we did see John transforming to a dragon on the Great Wall of China and he was talking to a lady that had a relationship with clearly! Not to mention she constantly remarked she's a teenager!

  • Francis Rivera says:

    I was always saddened by the replacement of Kyle Rayner for John Stewart. Nothing against John Stewart, but I always found Kyle's story so interesting. Also, considering Kyle Rayner is half Mexican, they basically just replaced one minority with another.

  • Sebastian Joseph says:

    I loved the movie. Not only do we get the DCAU heroes with their OG voice actors but we get three new heroes in Star Boy, Jessica Cruz Green Lantern and Miss Martian (this is the first appearance of Megan in the DCAU world). Love her chemistry and dynamic with Bats. Kinda reminds me of The Dark Knight Returns where Carrie Kelly and the older Batman have the same chemistry. Always loved Jessica Cruz and I'm glad she's being adapted in media outside of comics. But for me, the main star of this movie (excuse the pun) is Starboy. I had little knowledge about the character but his struggle with mental illness especially that ending scene was really tear jerking. Mental illness is such a taboo and its great to see a superhero endure and struggle with it. Its kinda refreshing and makes you empathize with Starboy. Overall, a brilliant movie for any of DCAU fans and new fans alike. Especially with those those remixed theme songs of Batman, Superman and Justice League themes. The only thing that I have gripe about in this movie is that massive feminism propaganda at the end where SPOILERS

    Jessica beats the Fatal Five just like that when the Emerald Empress had already sucked the power from the giant Lantern from Oa. Not to mention how she had like around 18 percent charge in her ring at the start of the movie and she didn't even charge her damn ring to beat all the Fatal Five in that overpowered fashion. As much as I love Jessica Cruz, that just looked like a pathetic catering towards feminism and what not.

  • In reference to chronology issues: The Legion of Superheroes are emortal aliens in the far future. They may all still look like fresh faced teenagers, but they are actually all in their thirties. Didn't you know?

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