Jay’s Wish (A Ninjago Ep  62 Recreation)

Jay’s Wish (A Ninjago Ep 62 Recreation)

He’s here! Make your wish that he’s not a gyne! Nadakan! I wish you weren’t..! Where’d he go? I wish you weren’t a..! Ha! You think I don’t know what your up to? Ga! He’s too fast I can’t get the words out! You have to shoot him. Use the poison dart! Ah! Don’t worry I got you! But now you can’t shoot him. And he’s still coming! I am built to protect those who cannot protect themselves. You stepped on my friend. Now I will step on you! Oh really? Give it a try metal man. oh! Uh. Whaa! Hehe, pure scrap! Oh no! Shoot him Jay! Come to me, my dear. If I try and shoot him you’ll fall right into his arms. Hold on! Hold on? Aaahh! Find her…!

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