Japanese BEER: Things you should try in Japan: Japan Travel Guide

Japanese BEER: Things you should try in Japan: Japan Travel Guide

Hi, it’s YUKA.
Yeah, I like to drink. Usually, I drink beers, whisky, wines, sake
and syochu, do you know Japanese Shochu??? Shochu is s a distilled beverage actually,
from many things, barley,sweet potetos, rice, sesame and so on. Well, shochu is kinda popular
in Japan. When you go to Izakaya, which is Japanese
casual resutaurants, you’ll see a list of Shochu. I think it’s because they are reasonable.
Every time I travel other countries, I really enjoy drinking local alcohol there.
Well, actually, I went to Mongolia last year and had vodka and as you can imagine, I totally
passed out. That was fun. I think that’s a part of travel
Anyway, I think now you know about me.at least a little bit!
So, let’s move to what I’m going to share today! I’m going share with you about Japanese
beers today! Yey. Not Shochu?
No, no, Beers. Because Many people say Yeah I like Japanese beers!
So, I thought it’s a good idea to make video about Japanese Beers.
Ok, then beers. I know you don’t have any problems to find
beers. I think we can find beers in almost every country, right? Is there any country
which we can’t find beers??? I haven’t checked Do you know about this? If so, please leave
a comment OK, now we have 3 different types of beers.
First one is normal beers. You might have seen before, like Asahi super dry, sapporp
black label or Ebis. And second one is we call it Happosyu, which
has released in 1990. Normal beers must use malt as much as 2/3 or more and happoshu use
less than that. Because of that, selling price is set low compare to normal beers.
And the third category is called the third beer!
Yes, just as it is. The third beer is the name of a new kind of
alcoholic beverage. It tastes like beer, but is brewed fromingredients other than malt.
The third-category beer uses various ingredients such as peas, soybeans, corn and so on, instead
of malt. And of course, the third beers are cheaper
than Haposhu. Well, in Japan, alcohol tax for beer is based
the percentage of malt used, and not the percentage of alcohol. So the less malt is used, the
less tax is imposed. So, normal beers, which use malt to brew,
their price is high and haposhu is less than that and the third beers are cheapest.
Also, we have functional beers. We have zero calories, restricted carbohydrate
or no carbohydrate. Plus beers contain no purine.
So, you can enjoy beers even though you’re on diet
Yeah, these beer contains no calories, no carb and no purine. So I can drink a whole
case! Oh well, of course you can’t do this, though
So, let me know what you think. Also, let me know beers in your country!
Leave a comment below. May be you’ll let me know happenings when
you got drunk??? Leave a comment below.
OK, don’t forget to thumbs up if you like drinking like me. And subscribe to my channel,
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too. Well, thank you for watching and I’ll see
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81 thoughts on “Japanese BEER: Things you should try in Japan: Japan Travel Guide”

  • How much does a foreign beer cost in Japan? Is drinking beer by ladies is ok in Japanese culture ? If drinking beer with friends or family is there any rule or non spoken rule as to the role of a host and guest ?

  • @4.22"I can drink a whole case" Greatest line ever. I literally laughed out loud at that. Awesome video. It was interesting to learn that the tax is based on Malt level, and not alcohol content. Great video! thank you. 

  • I absolutely love japanese dry beers ! In the UK we have Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo ! Looking forward to my April trip so I can try more rare japanese beers ! Thanks Yuka for another great video !

  • I like the first beers supporo black star the prices are good !!!!
    I like the 500 ml size . Also Kirin is nice beer u should make a long vid about the popular selling beers and your choice on the tastes u like ?? ; )

  • Asahi Super Dry is the choice for me!
    Sundays on the beach with a cold Asahi Super Dry!!!
    It's really refreshing to enjoy on a hot Guam day!!!
    Great Topic & Video!!!

  • Mischievous MaleFox says:

    I live in Poland and we Poles drink a lot, though not as much as some Western countries 🙂 1. vodka 2. beer (Żywiec!!); I get drink too quickly, so I tend to be the first to start make a fool of myself XD

  • Hendrik Schokker says:

    Ill return to Japan for holidays around April. Looking forward to the beers. Not mentioned here but Japan already has some special brewed beers which are very good. Microbreweries such as Konishi (osaka area) make some of the worlds best beers! Good place to eat and drink beers with friends is a Torikizoku, it's also quite cheap. 

  • "sooo…I can drink a whole case"

    yes! nice video…that's interesting how the beers are categorized in Japan. I wish I could bring some IPA's from America for you to try. I'd have a beer with you : )

  • Hi Yuka san! I wanted to ask you if it is impolite or offensive to refuse an offer to go out and drink by a Japanese coworker or a boss in Japan? I'm asking because I don't drink alcohol 🙂 

  • im glad to here about beer in japan. this my first time  i hear . now i  can drink beer MORE with no wories. thanks alot for the info. hoping we can met someday in japan and drink more beer hahaha.lol. doumo arigatogusaimasu

  • The most beers I've had in one night was two; I started feeling light-headed after the second one so I simply walked away–with my former college roommate laughing at me because I douldn't handle it anymore! 😉

  • "You had me at 'Beer' ". Well, actually a video or two before. I'm making you my official Go To Guide to Japan. keep it up! and yes Im drinking beer right now.

  • Your hilarious Yuka! Thanks for the videos! If you were still wondering what countries you cannot find beer in, I would say some countries in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Their religion prohibits them from consuming alcohol.

    I'm coming to explore Japan in March 2016. Your videos have been helping a lot! Perhaps we can have a beer(or a case) sometime 😉

  • Traveled to NYC for our 5th anniversary to  one of the best shochu bars in the USA. I still have the picture album on my desk. It was amazing!


  • this is why i like your channel! i love trying different types of alcohol everywhere i go and ive been curious about the selections in Japan. I look forward to sampling as many different Japanese beers as i can find!!! 🙂

  • I spent a week in Japan with a friend last year, and we went to a karaoke. We had planned on singing and drinking for an hour or two; we did the unlimited alcohol option. We ended up spending six hours there… I was totally passed out by the end! So much fun!!! 

  • Prashneil Mudaliar says:

    Japanese beer/alcohol is the best.

    Went to a night club called g3 in osaka which had a unlimited drink policy for around 2000yen and pretty much cant remember anything after that hehe. Good times ☺ and friendly to gajins lol

    We drank alot of beer called "kirin" aswell which was the best tasting beer the best to me.

  • This has me missing my favorite Japanese beer. Can't find it around here anymore. Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale 🙁

  • saltygrasshopper says:

    Chu-hais for the win! We used to load up on the train to Tokyo for Saturday all nighters. Is it still legal to drink in the trains?

  • Really good video on introducing the most common types of macrobrews! It could be confusing for some foreigners on which is real beer and which is not.

    日本の地ビールのビデオを作ってくれますか? アメリカ人はもっともっとクラフトビールに興味持ち始めてますし, 大阪に地ビール結構あるみたいですから。

  • Avalon Phoenix says:

    if you love drinking, you have to come in Italy, we have several beautiful wine, and many awesome beer, so in the next holydays come here in Milan!

  • areasevenpro says:

    Orion used to be my all-time favorite Japanese beer, but after Asahi bought the company, the formula changed and it's not so good anymore. For now, Kirin Ichiban and Sapporo are my top two favorites. Suntory Malts isn't bad, either.

  • Our government in Finland is trying its hardest to hide beer in shops from people, which does not make any logical sense. Can't even advertise about them anymore in public ._.

  • We are kindred spirits with our love of beer (and other drinks)…who wants to visit a country that forbids booze anyway?

  • Hi Yuka. Just watching some of your videos as we are coming to Japan for a week next month.
    Your videos are the best, funny and informative! Thank you for sharing

  • Alejandro Torres Ruvalcaba says:

    Hola Yuka, this is Alex from Mexico. I am traveling to Japan in a couple of weeks, and on the beer topic I have a question. Is it allowed to drink alcohol on the streets? Thanks for your videos 🙂

  • Angela Morris says:

    I love to drink! And we went to a Japanese style pub where there was no english menus. We ordered whatever foods looked good!Adventure!! And several things on the menu were no longer available so we ended up with fried squid, which was amazing!! We had Sapporo beer with it. My husband and I each got a bottle and it was LARGE, so we got fairly tipsy. When we got the squid, the cook kept thinking we'd be grossed out or something and had a happy look on his face when we complimented him and said everything was great. He kept saying "You ok?" And we were like "FANTASTIC!!" Afterwards we stumbled home to the hotel in Kusatsu, picking up more Kirin Premium along the way. Which by the way, they only sell Kirin Ichiban here in the states, and I can tell its not as good!

  • Mohamed Abdelraouf says:

    BEER and alcoholic drinks are not allowed and treated like drugs in some Islamic countries like Kuwait , Saudi arabia and Brunei . There is also some countries that allow Alcohol partly like Bahrain ,UAE ,Bangladesh ,Pakistan , Some areas in India , Iraq , Iran and Qatar.

    I was in Kuwait and some people who drink buy non alcoholic drinks and add medical alcohol to them and most of them work in hospitals as they have free access to alcohol . so there is always back doors , but still illegal.

  • Dee Donner Ramone says:

    Yuka, Chu-hai is cheap, as are the malt beverages introduced in mid 1990's to avoid the crazy Japanese beer tax scheme. Suntory is awful whiskey, Sapporo Beer is the best – Nihon Shu is an endless stream of delicious brewed rice mash. Akiyo Morita's family were Sake Brewers in Nagoya! So, please enjoy for beautiful Sake Life.

  • gnocchi hayashi says:

    That was sooooo informative! I always wondered the differences! Thank you! I like echo go what category is this beer?

  • We just get the basic Sapporo and Asahi extra dry here in the UK. Both are really nice, would love to try out some of the other varieties. Thanks.

  • Frans Kertanegara says:

    i'm going to Tokyo next year, and i find your channel is awesome!
    make sure you contact me if you come to indonesia 🙂

  • Question about drinking in Japan: Is it allowed to drink in public? (beer, whiskey, etc.) Do other people think bad of people that drink in public?

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