Jaipur City Guide | Rajasthan India Travel Video

Jaipur City Guide | Rajasthan India Travel Video

Well good morning. Today we are in Jaipur (जयपुर). We’re visiting the Pink City. Neither of us is wearing pink. No we were color coordinated for Jodhpur the
Blue City but yeah I don’t think we have anything pink in our wardrobe. Nothing pink. Maybe we’ll pick something up today as a souvenir. Um but yeah today we have signed up for a
full day tour from 9am to 6pm. And it is basically a bus tour that is going
to be taking us to the main highlights in Jaipur (जयपुर). So busy day. And we don’t have a lot of time in Jaipur
(जयपुर) and this is a city I visited several years ago and I did this tour and
attractions are really spread out here so I think this is going to be a good way for
us to see everything along with my parents. And yeah, we don’t we only have one really
full day to do this. So yeah we are trying to cram in a lot today. So yeah let’s get started. Alright the bus is here. Let’s go. So we are finally off the bus. We drove around for about an hour picking
up people. A little longer than I was expecting and we
have arrived at our first stop. It is Laxmi Narayan Temple. A bit of a complicated name. And we only have 15 minutes here. So we’ve got to run around and visit this
quickly. Also known as Birla Mandir, this is a Hindu
temple, dedicated to Vishnu and Lakshmi. While Hindu deities are depicted inside the
temple, the outside walls showcase figures from different faiths. Oh this 1st stop was quite rushed. We had 15 minutes but they force you to leave
your shoes outside and pay for them. So it is like 5 minutes to drop them off because
there is a really long line. Then maybe 5 minutes to actually visit the
temple and then another 5 minutes to collect your shoes and rush back to the bus. So yeah, I hope the whole day isn’t like this. But yeah I’m not too impressed so far. So Sam paid to go in to the temple. Actually well I just had to pay for the shoes
yeah. 1 Rupee. Didn’t exactly break the bank. What did you think of it? Yeah, it was an interesting temple. It is really large obviously marble and white. And inside you can’t take photos or videos
so unfortunately I can’t show you what it is like inside. Womp womp. We then hopped back on the bus, drove past
the Albert Hall Museum, and continued to the next stop on our itinerary: Jantar Mantar
(जंतर मंतर). The name Jantar Mantar (जंतर मंतर)
translates to ‘calculating instrument’, and it is a collection of 19 structures that
date back to the 18th century. These instruments were used to predict eclipses,
track stars, and measure time. So we are currently visiting Jantar Mantar
(जंतर मंतर) and we’re having a bit of hard time keeping up with our guide. But from what we gather this is basically
like an observatory and it was used to track the movements of stars and planets and the
sun and to study everything related to astronomy. So there is a lot of like really cool instruments. There is like these weird constructions so
we’re going to show you some of that. Is our guide around? From there it was just a short walk to the
City Palace. Like most of the city, the palace is also
painted pink, which is the colour of hospitality. This was done in 1876, to welcome the Prince
of Wales and Queen Victoria when they did their India tour. Inside the palace complex, you can visit a
museum and the armoury, or just walk around snapping photos. So Sam ditched the tour group to go shopping. I did because I’ve been like in the past I
collected hats and I still do but these days I’m collecting polo shirts. And India has the coolest polo-shirts. This is like the um Jaipur different colors. I saw a very similar shirt of like an old
polo shirt in one of the museums and it looks so much like this. So I’m really happy to get this colorful one. And then of course Jaipur (जयपुर). Jaipur is the pink city. Oh la lah. I can’t to wear those. So I’ve already got Jodhpur and yeah I’m going
to keep collecting them. Hopefully I can get one in Kolkata as well. That is going to be coming up soon. So we have ditched the guide for now but he
knows we’re going to meet him at the exit and this is so much better. We’re just walking around freely, enjoying
the city palace and check out these colors. Everything is pink and outlined with white
designs. It is really really cool. So yeah, I’m having a good time even if I’m
not enjoying the tour necessarily. We have ended up at a place called Shopping
Paradise. I’m pretty sure we’re only here because the
guide gets commission. So he’s trying to force everyone to come in. Even though some people have already been
shopping. So yeah. Not impressed. So we are now at the Jaigarh Fort (जयगढ़
क़िला). This is again a very quick visit. So we basically have 20 minutes to see as
much as we can. Uh, you get some pretty cool views of the
area. But the landscape is quite barron. Uh, so yeah we’re just going to have a quick
walk around. From the Jaigarh Fort (जयगढ़ क़िला)
it was a short drive to Nahargarh Fort and Palace. I wish I could tell you we got to see a bit
of the palace, but as you’ve probably already noticed, the theme of the day was rush, rush,
rush, so we grabbed a quick bite of food and carried on. Hungry. I am. So we got pav bhaji (पाव भाजी). I think that is what it is called. I’m guessing the pao comes from the Portuguese
influence. Pao is bread in Portuguese. And the bhaji came with cheese. I don’t even know what this is but it has
got melted cheese on top. Should I add some red onions? Sure. I’m going to have some onion breath all day. And Sam is sitting next to me. So lucky me. How is that? Mmmm. Tasty. It is like a sloppy Joe. Indian sloppy Joe. That is a good way of putting it. So we just finished lunch and now we’re visiting
Nahargarh Fort and Palace. We’re just wandering around aimlessly because
the guide has disappeared again. We didn’t want to eat at the restaurant he
was taking us to. Um because it was really expensive so we had
a fast food instead. Um, yeah right now we’re visiting one of the
old step wells and it is pretty cool. People would have liked to climbed down the
stairs to go fetch water. You can see that behind me. And yeah we only have a few more minutes left
here so we’re going to try and see as much as we can before we move on. But the tour is almost over. I think we only have like 2 or 3 more stops
for today. And then that is it. We then hopped back on the bus to go visit
our third fort of the day: the Amer Fort (आमेर क़िला). On the way down, we got a quick glimpse at
Jal Mahal, the Lake Palace, which sits in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. We noticed there were men with row boats,
so if you visit with a bit more time, that’s an activity to consider. Next stop of the day is the Amber Fort (आमेर
क़िला). It is a little backlit at the moment. But there you have it in the background and
there is Sam taking some photos. What do you think? This is your second time here. Well we’ve been to quite a few forts today
so we decided not to take the jeep all the way up. Instead we noticed there was some nice light
coming down from the ground level and from the lake. So here we are. We’re exploring it this way instead. By foot. Making friends Audrey. Yes. Who is this. My new friend. My pup. Hello fur buddy. Hello pup. Hello fur friend. The little fur friend. Fur friend is feeling shy. Hello fur friend. Hello. Hello fur friend. The rest of the day went downhill quickly
when our guide started making commissioned based shopping stops that weren’t on the
itinerary, so we just stopped filming, but we got back into Jaipur (जयपुर)
well after dark. Well it is now time to wrap up our time in
Jaipur (जयपुर). Yeah, so confession time. We’re actually in Agra right now. Whoops. Got on a train yesterday. Got on a train yesterday. Uh the day after our tour we just chilled
out. We didn’t film at all because the tour was
kind of exhausting. It was. It really was. It really was. It just ended up going on for an hour and
a half longer than it was supposed to and it was already a long tour. And it was mostly shopping stops at the end. Yeah, so like in terms of because there is
all of the different forts so spread out it is not a bad way to see them but at the same
time you are very rushed and you go to so many different places I almost think doing
it independently would be a little bit better. That would be our tip. But anyways yeah the adventures here in Agra
are about to begin so do follow us for that. Bye. Bye.

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  • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos says:

    Compared to some other cities in Rajasthan, India the main attractions in Jaipur 'The Pink City' are relatively spread out (especially the forts) meaning hiring an autorickshaw for the day or taking a tour is your best bet to cover them in a short period of time since walking is out of the question.

    However, we made the mistake of joining a tour with the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and quite frankly it was awful. Our guide was disinterested and lacked any passion for the places he was showcasing. Moreover, he didn't care about the whereabouts of the tour group as he often vanished. The only concern he had was making sure we made plenty of unscheduled 'commissioned' shopping stops along the way while rushing us through the main attractions that people actually joined the tour to visit.

    It was honestly one of the worst experiences we've had on a tour since we've been traveling together. I'm sure it seemed we complained a lot in this video (and we did) but it is just an honest 'in the moment' reaction to how frustrated we felt on this tour. Do visit Jaipur and do check out all of these attractions but don't take the same tour we did. It sucked!

  • Thats what happens when you go with tourist bus guides, i hate it.. They rush through the sites and spend alot of time in tourist ripoff shops… I had a bad experience in beijing when the guide refused to leave a jade shop because no one bought anything… Then few of us were forced to buy cheap jade.. Sucks… I prefer to just plan and travel myself…

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    Jantar Mantar is one of the most expensive pre-modern stone laboratory. Awesome. Never go with guides. Most of them are not versed with the history or lack an outdated version.

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  • Janet Buckley says:

    just catching up with your india vlogs. Love the polo shirts Sam I can imagine Audrey saying ' ooh la la ' everytime you wear one lol. Keep having fun and stay safe x

  • siva krishna says:

    Main purpose of tourist guides should be showing us attractions in the city, but in India you should never book tourist guide… his mind would be more on commission and he won't let us do our own shopping exploring complete forts etc.. better don't take tourist guide the next time you visit india and by the way this my 14th video of yours 🙂 Cheers!!!!

  • Saurabh Siaag says:

    Nahargarh fort has an amazing view of the city in the evening and at night. You rushed one of the best city. Spend some time here next time. 😊

  • Vishwas Singh says:

    no hawamahal? no Albert hall? no chokhi dhani? no doll museum?
    that tour ruined your jaipur visit…….
    you need 3 days at the minimum to see jaipur……
    in a few years, do give jaipur another chance…….
    there are tonnes of amazing little cafés in Jaipur where you can sit back, relax and enjoy good food……
    those forts need half a day each…..
    So much to explore in old city……
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    Samuel and Audrey, you should never pronounce a South Asian (Hindi, Sanskrit, etc) word that contains an "a" as "ay" or "at". Always pronounce your "a" as "ah" or "uh". That is how "a" is pronounced throughout South Asia. Example — Rama is pronounced "Rahmuh", or sometimes "Rahmah".

  • Delphinium Flower says:

    Petting another wild dog. That's dangerous. My friend, who lived in the Himalayas for many years, adopted a "bazaar dog", which she kept for about a year and a half. The dog was very territorial, and it attacked any stranger who entered the yard. The village gossip was that the dog had rabies. Once the dog attacked, and nearly bit, the landlord's adult son, who had come to visit his family temple, which was nearby. My friend would not take the dog to the veternary clinic 20 miles away, because dogs were not allowed on the public buses. Eventually, after she had the dog for about a year and a half, the dog died from — guess what — rabies. Fortunately, the dog didn't bite anyone. That's why most Indians disapprove of people befriending wild dogs. "India has the highest rate of human rabies in the world, primarily because of stray dogs, whose number has greatly increased since a 2001 law forbade the killing of dogs. An estimated 20,000 people die every year from rabies in India — more than a third of the global toll." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabies

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