Is BELARUS safe to travel to?

Is BELARUS safe to travel to?

Привет! Прывітанне! So did you know the
Belarus is the least visited country in Europe and a question I get all the time
is is it safe to visit Belarus so in today’s Tip Thursday that’s
the question I’m going to be answering I’m Conor Clyne this is the tsar experience
let’s drop another video So right now I am in a very calm
tranquil park in the center of Gomel and that is a great metaphor for the crime
rate here in Belarus because Belarus regularly ranks within the top 10
countries for the lowest crime in the world right so if you were thinking that
Belarus is dangerous because of crime then clearly it’s the is the opposite
basically this is one of the safest countries in the world if you look at
the crime statistics so why is that so well first of all Belarus has a very
strong tradition on rule of law so they don’t really tolerate crimes being
committed and someone not being caught for it people are taught to respect the
rules there are heavy fines for breaking those rules and there’s actually a lot
of police as well I remember I was in Minsk with a client and he went
to the gym and there something was stolen apparently from one of the girls’
lockers and they sent seven police officers to investigate it so you can
imagine in Western Europe if you know I don’t know what was stolen it was a phone maybe it
was some other personal item from a locker in a gym I think the mostly
whatever since maybe two police officers in Belarus it’s seven right so you can
see the difference about how seriously crime is tackled and how seriously it’s
taken in general I’ve already spoken I even made a video about when my phone
got lost here in Belarus I’ll link it up in a card above and down below in the
description if you want to hear more about it but basically my phone went
missing I’ve flown out of the country and when I came back the Belarusians had
found it the police they took it the extremely serious and they put a police
officer on the case he wanted to know too about everybody I’d spoken to where I’d
been all morning before I flew out and see who’s gonna track it down for me so
there you go that doesn’t happen in very many countries in the world so you see
that in terms of petty crime and serious violent crime Belarus really ranks as
one of the lowest countries in the world so in my experience
in Europe this is definitely ranking in the top three you safest countries that
I’ve been to on my travels and I’ve been to all 50 countries in Europe so take it from me on the crime level Belarus is extremely
safe So the second point is actually going to be a corollary of this first point about the crime rate being extremely low in Belarus and that is the risk of
scams / you know having your drink spiked which is obviously part of the
scam and you know I’ve talked a lot in my videos about Ukraine and how these
risks are extremely high there and in fact the US government has actually had a
warning from a few years ago about this city Gomel about romance scams and you
know you being drugged or being assaulted as a result of women that you
meet online now of course these scams do exist to a certain extent in Belarus
like I outlined a lot about them in my videos from Ukraine so they can run the
gauntlet from just a girl wasting your time and wanting a free meal all the way up
to you know being in a club with two big burly bouncers demanding that you pay a
bill of over a thousand euros when obviously what you ordered what the
girls actually ordered who had encouraged you to go there it’s not
remotely that price level at all now I’ve never heard of that extreme level
in Belarus personally now there are a few scams
I’ve heard from friends and clients attempts at very minor stuff like I said having your time wasted in a restaurant up to maybe up to some girl asking you to buy her something on a first date so
that’s as far as I’ve seen it go here in Belarus and my experience my friends’
experience and my clients’ experience here is that it’s just a tiny fraction of
a safety concern compared to Ukraine maybe you could … or Russia so overall as
I said the Belarusian police take these things extremely seriously so something like having your drink spiked, being unconscious and being robbed I cannot
imagine that the Belarusian authorities will not take this extremely seriously
and the police will hunt down the perpetrators and romance scams are
probably not so common in Western Europe and North America not a big issue at least they
are probably just slightly more here then you’re going to be used to maybe
you should be used in your home country but definitely nothing like the danger level that comes with you know such endeavors in neighboring Ukraine and Russia So point three on whether it’s safe to
visit Belarus is the issue of terrorism now we should be able to see just behind
me there a Soviet tank that obviously liberated this city in Belarus from Nazi
terror of the 1940s but you’re probably more concerned about a different type of
terrorism that is of course generally Islamic terrorism that afflicts Western
Europe in particular now Belarus has actually had a terrorist attack in
the last decade it was in 2011 on the Minsk metro but basically the country is
not afflicted by terrorism per say it has not had a revolution like in
Ukraine so you don’t have to worry about terror attacks on the Metro public
transport that hasn’t happened once in the last 10 years that was in 2011 and
the perpetrators were apparently caught well two people were executed for their
involvement in those attacks so basically if you compare that to say
obviously going to London or Madrid or Paris or basically any big Berlin any
big European city or a city like Nice that attracts a lot of tourists who do
always have that risk unfortunately in the last few years that particularly
terrorist acts with will target visitors to the city as well as locals so that’s
something you do not have to worry about here in Belarus so that is something
that obviously is dramatically different in terms of safety level or danger level
compared to other cities in Europe further to the west is the risk of
terrorism it’s pretty minimal here so you can rest easy taking public
transport on the metro and going to all the cultural sites here in
Belarus. The next safety concern that you probably heard about Belarus is radiation now this is not some sort of nuclear holocaust zombie parallel
universe in Eastern Europe there are no mutants here with you know animals with
two heads and six limbs and whatnot right that doesn’t exist in Belarus or
actually anywhere in any of the region also in Ukraine where the nuclear accident
took place which is just across the border from more or less here I’m in Gomel and unfortunately fortunately for Gomel and southern Belarus the majority
of the fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident actually fell over here
and not in Ukraine now that said it didn’t actually fall really on the city
of Gomel and you’re probably gonna go to Minsk you know reality which is of
course a few hundred kilometers from here so this wasn’t where you’re going to be
traveling to was not actually the center where the radiation fell there is a
exclusion zone also in southern Belarus similar to what you’re gonna see if you
go to Chernobyl in Ukraine to see Pripyat the city the model Soviet city
that was abandoned there you can go check out my video boom up above on the
card and down below in the description gonna link that so radiation where does this
concern come from ugh obviously you’re probably watching this series about
Chernobyl on TV you know on TV but actually the British media in particular
have a lot of articles talking about how dangerous the dairy produce is from
Belarus how it’s all radiated and I would take all those stories with a
pinch of salt because Belarus actually exports its dairy to a lot of
countries around obviously and which already to Russia but also into the
European Union and I’m pretty sure that if it was super radiated they wouldn’t
be able to get it any sort of significant amount of time because obviously the EU’s health standards on agriculture pretty
high so I would take all that kind of media sensationalism with a pinch of
salt along with a pinch of a lot of other things and I would not be worried about
that remember that the Chernobyl accident took place in the in 1986 and
whilst it did affect the local population here terribly you know just
in the aftermath I even remember growing up in Ireland
that we had associations that would help children from Chernobyl basically was
actually children from here in southern Belarus that was 33 years ago when I’m
shooting this video and whilst there was a spike in cancer related deaths in
the aftermath to the accident in the region that is not the case today
I wasn’t able to get government statistics on the actual radiation
levels but you go look at my video from Chernobyl where the actual plant is
based on has now become a big tourist attraction you’re gonna see that
actually the radiation levels in nearly all of it are pretty low and that’s
actually where the accident took place never mind a city that’s a little bit away like here in Gomel and a lot … considerably away where you’re gonna
travel to most likelihood in Minsk whilst it did obviously have a big impact
exactly at the time and in the years afterwards today 33 years later it’s like a
tourist attraction people who live there there are soldiers living basically two
weeks on 2 week off at the power plant in Chernobyl and obviously local people
here live all year round and they don’t die in their droves from being radiated
there’s no one glowing green if you come here to Belarus there’s no you know
people with six limbs walking around regularly with their cousin was two
heads that kind of stuff so forget all of those kind of scare stories and
sensationalism I personally would not be worried about undue radiation levels
if you’re coming here just for a visit it’s not gonna make any difference whatsoever so radiation and Belarus just sensationalism So the final point I’d like to address
in this video is the perception that Belarus is like a European North Korea
that is basically a state in which if you criticize the government in private
you have thought police that come along and they take you away to torture you and lock you
up whether you happen to be Belarusian or a foreigner now that is absolutely
not the case this is not North Korea I can understand North Korea obviously it’s a very different regime to what you have here in Belarus Belarus is known as the last
dictatorship in Europe probably a misnomer considering their neighbors further to
the east in the way that their government has evolved over the last
while but basically Belarusians express their support or their
antipathy to the current regime openly not worried about being picked up by the
KGB because they had said to some foreigner I don’t like the current
government and you know it’s kind of split in terms of opinions what
people say to me so definitely they have in private
freedom of expression obviously if you organize a protest here you come here
and organize a protest that is not authorized then you’re gonna have problems but you
have problems everywhere in Europe if you organize a protest basically without
permission so I don’t think that’s dramatically different and remember that
I openly film here in Belarus it’s not like I have a secret camera I mean I saw
some British documentary makers maybe from a few years who came here and
secret cameras they weren’t allowed film they claimed
and I have this big camera here this 80d
on a tripod I am on Sovietskaya which is the main street here in Belarus’ second city Gomel and I have absolutely no fear about filming here and no one is
going to hassle the police are not going to come up and arrest me and ask me if I have permission to do
that I would say that in terms of actual filming it’s more free here than in Italy in Italy you know there’s some Mussolini era laws from the 1920s and
30s that actually prohibit filming or taking photos of historical monuments which is
basically means that every time you take a photo in a … tourist photo in Italy it’s actually technically illegal but they only really enforce it if you take out a camera and start to film so
I have actually had more issues filming in Italy than I have in Belarus
so don’t be concerned about coming here in terms that you should be
worried that you’re going to be thrown in a gulag or something like that it’s all complete BS that doesn’t happen to visitors to Belarus So in conclusion I would rate Belarus
very safe to visit in comparison to other countries in Europe I visited all
50 of them and this is definitely one of the safest and Belarusians are just so
welcoming to all visitors in my experience my friends experience and my
clients experience regardless of like nationality skin color ethnicity sexual
orientation if you’ve heard any rumors like that in our experience in my
experience absolute BS don’t be scared to come to Belarus so you’re at the end
of another video with me Conor Clyne the tsar experience and I have a
question for you what are you planning to do next weekend because you could be
here with with me in Minsk in Belarus I’m actually about to leave Gomel tomorrow
and go and meet some clients up in Minsk the capital and if you’ve been watching
this video and obviously a lot of my other videos you may be wondering how
can I Conor live as the tsar experience and that is something you have to take the
first step on and that is to write me at [email protected] by email or reach out to me on Instagram my handle
there is @tsarexperience and then what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna send you a
questionnaire you can answer those questions if based on the answers I
think that we’re a good fit to work together where you are gonna jump on a
short strategy call together and if that goes well could be you in Belarus
next weekend with me living the tsar experience now
the tsar experience is not for everybody and I’ve been saying that pretty
much the last month or two in my videos because I realize with the more and more
viewers that I speak to reach out to me exactly the kind of person that it’s for
and exactly the kind of person is definitely not for so if you are someone
who is like let’s face it in their 50s or 60s bald fat doesn’t take care of
themselves cannot get women in your hometown and you think that you were gonna come to Eastern Europe and there’s gonna be a
bevy of hot twenty-year-old Instagram models waiting for you on the tarmac you
are delusional and that is not the tsar experience you’re actually gonna have to
work I can provide of course the environment and the coaching and the
entire experience of coming here but you’re still gonna have to do the work
that is a fantasy that many unscrupulous dating agencies marriage agencies dating
sites whatever matchmaking services will entertain you and they will relieve you
of your hard earned cash to entertain that fantasy believe me there are a
couple of genuine matchmaking services that are probably a better fit
for you if you want to be realistic and I’ll link those below in the description
some of the videos that I did with those so if that is what you’re coming to
Ukraine for or Belarus then just there’s no point in writing me unless you want
me to vet some of your correspondence I have helped some of those people who
have reached out to me in that way and save them a lot of money and stopped them from
being scammed so that is something that who could reach out to me by email but
you will not be living the tsar experience here with me in Eastern
Europe equally if you are interested in coming to Eastern Europe and just
basically banging a load of girls like not interested in quality only
interested in quantity so basically anything above a whale you are
interested in sleeping with then please do not write me there are other to be
honest charlatans a lot of them in my opinion pick up artists on the internet
you can find them on YouTube and they are probably a better fit for you if
they actually happen to give you a good experience when you
show up and they’re not completely faking their videos with the editing but that’s not the tsar experience like it’s not it’s about quality over
quantity I only want to help clients who are interested in meeting beautiful women
intelligent women just women of higher value than just coming here and trying
to get a lot of notches under your belt fair play to you if you want to do that it’s
a free world but it won’t be with me so if you’re not interested in quality then
again don’t write me there are other people on the internet who will relieve you
equally so if your hard earned cash or your money and maybe maybe they’ll be able to
help you with that I’m not entirely sure some of them some of them I’m sure are
pretty honest but a lot of that industry is complete charlatans haven’t dealt
with some of the individuals involved but go check them out да пабачэння! До свидания! See you in the next video!

35 thoughts on “Is BELARUS safe to travel to?”

  • I was looking forward to this video. It's really encouraging to know they is no rise of racism, therefore lack of tolerance against visible minorities. Definitely will visit sometime between Mars 2020 and June. Thanks Conor.

  • thank you for this video!
    as I‘m going to visit Hrodna and Brest in October this is some good source of information.
    thank you, Conor! 🙂

  • Thanks for the video. I keep hearing great things about Belarus such as the safety factor. How about the flip side of the laws their enforcement? Are there draconian type penalties for minor offenses? I sense I’m missing something. How does a country who’s ranked among the highest in alcohol consumption at the same time garner such a high ranking in safety? My imagination takes me to an old Star Trek NG episode where they visit this planet that’s a perfect utopia full of perfectly curated landscapes and beautiful people; however, when the boy Wesley steps on some flowers, he’s sentenced to death. I’m guessing that’s nothing close to Belarus, but are there any parallels to that anecdote?

  • I think you should be careful as a foreigner getting involved in any opposition political activity or producing negative commentary about Belarus, if you want to stay for any length of time. The BBC will likely be seen as state sponsored producers of negative propaganda, to some extent they probably do have to hide.

  • Альта Fedelta says:

    Belarus is a dictatorship, so it has too much police that has nothing to do, that's why the smallest crimes are investigated with vigor.

  • Excellent video Conor, give up on the Odessa girls? Might mention that in order to get "automatic entry" to Belarus, I think you must enter at Minsk. Heading to Kiev myself soon, the game's afoot, brother. 🙂

  • Connor can you show us the country with beautiful women and where weed is legal or at least you won't be harassed by dictatorship? Beauty and freedom!

  • high trust society, one primary culture and ethnicity, tradition and resistance to western degeneracy. I'm surprised USA isn't trying to invade already.

  • latinamerican1000 says:

    Conor Clyne is one hundred per correct to have stated that Belarus is an extremely safe country as I can testify myself after going there as an independent traveller. Travelling around Minsk, appeared to be safe and free from hassle, considering this was my first time of travelling totally independently. In other Eastern European Countries, I have encountered prostitution on a regular basis, whereas in Belarus it is non-existent. I actually saw young women and grandmothers sitting by themselves on benches in Central Minsk at mid-night without any sense of menace. Belarus must be really one of the safest countries in not only Eastern Europe, but in the entire European continent!!

  • OK, I hear you loud and clear that Belarus is safe. But since you've been to all 50 European countries, now I'm curious, which are the least safe in your opinion?

  • totally agree ,I have seen a drunk sleeping on a park bench in minsk. His mobile phone was on the ground beside his outstretched arm , nobody went near or tried to steal it,imagine that in any other capital city it would be gone ASAP.

  • 0:02 the first second of your video you started with false information – Belarus is NOT the least visited country in Europe – the least visited is Moldova

  • It's definitely very safe from a rule of law perspective. I went there in July, watched your videos before and after. There was something magical about it. I did get lucky. I want to go back. However fascinating it is, it is probably the most vanilla country and the whitest place on the planet. I like it though. Everything in order.

  • You're wrong about crime. You can be robbed or beaten on a street at night. Human males tend to be violent when they get drunk. No law can change that.

  • Let me break it down for you: if you're a white stingy male who prioritize saving money over comfort and looking forward to shag local girls – you're totally safe and all your expectations will meet the reality. But beware of drunk men, they can beat you up. I hope one day all delusional "tsar" pricks like you would stop coming here and stop giving tips on how to get yourself some flesh for cheap.

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