Irish Travel Industry Road Show – February 2018 – TTR

Irish Travel Industry Road Show – February 2018 – TTR

(energetic music) – I think it’s an ideal platform because you have so many suppliers
all together in one room which makes it so much
easier for the travel trade to go around and meet and
greet all their suppliers. One stop shop, rather
than each of the suppliers going into each individual agents, so it’s an ideal platform, one we’re always delighted
to support and to attend. – It’s been very useful, in fact having met some of the agents, the quality has certainly been there and we find the people we’re meeting want to talk about specifics. – It was really great to see everybody and really kind of, give
them a bit of knowledge and a bit of update on
what’s happening in TUI. And fair play to for bringing the guys down from Waterford. – For me it’s really
positive because I don’t get the chance necessarily
to meet people face to face and I think if you’re
gonna make a difference to the decisions that they make and their customers
will make in the future, you’ve got to actually be
there and talk to people. – The Roadshow’s been brilliant because it gave me the
access to a lot of agents that I probably wouldn’t
have had otherwise. – Absolutely brilliant, it’s great for us to come out and just be able to meet all the agents in one go and to build them relationships. And then to take them further,
outside of the roadshow so no, very, very good
road show, very happy. – Brilliant, really good turn out from all the counties that we visited. We’re very well organized as usual. – The roadshow has been great fun. And the last few events have
had really good attendance, very good quality agents and
I’ll certainly be coming back. – Yeah, it’s been great to
meet all of the Irish agents. I think Holland America Line and Seabourn are relatively unknown here. So it’s been great to meet with everyone. Meet with some familiar faces
and also some new faces. And great to meet with
other suppliers as well. – For us in the airport, it’s about explaining
some of our new network. Our network this summer,
our new destinations. Also looking ahead we can
put that into our research. What people are looking for. – It has been fantastic roadshow. Great opportunity to interact with the travel agents in Ireland. – Very good agents around. They’re very keen to learn. It’s great to see that even though they don’t
know the destination. They’re very interested. They’re happy to find a supplier that can do packages for them. – Yeah, we’re delighted
with this evening now, I have to say. There was a great range
of suppliers, airlines, ground handlers, tour
operators, tourist boards. Yeah it was super. – It was very good, really enjoyable and great to meet some new suppliers. For example, Switzerland
Travel Center was here. – I found tonight a very
knowledgeable night. We have visited loads of stands and learned loads of new knowledge. Overall, it was very good. Excellent. I’d definitely come back, yeah. – Very useful. Always is, to be fair the
Travel Media Roadshow is entertaining and informative
all in the same breath. – I love the whole concept
of going from table to table. Getting a bit of
information from everyone. And I enjoy talking to
our chap from Jamaica, Donald and he was very informative. – Yes I found it very useful. It was very nice to be able
to interact with suppliers and see them face to face as we only ever really talk
to them over the phone. – Very beneficial, yeah. Learned a lot from certain suppliers that I wouldn’t have met normally. Especially, actually about
our own Dublin airport. And about the new services
that they have to offer. Especially for honeymoon clients and for the elderly clients
on their new Platinum Service which I found very, very interesting. And we have a lot of clients
that would be beneficial to. (energetic music)

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  • Michael Collins says:

    Great summary video from the TTR February 2018 Road Show. Great feedback from the agents and suppliers. Well done all involved.

  • Michelle Ryan says:

    A great group of both suppliers and agents alike. Thank you to all for your continued support wonderful feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the next round!

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