Introduction to the Museum of Reality Television

[intro music]>>Paz: Oh! Hey, I didn’t see you there. My name is Paz and I’m the creator of the
Museum of Reality Television. I’m a big collector-type and want to show
the world some of my collection. For example: This guy in my hands is the Travelocity
Roaming Gnome often seen around the world on The Amazing Race. Behind me is the dress designed by Amanda
Valentine for the infamous Rainway Challenge on Project Runway Season 13. The goal of the museum is to educate and inform
people about Reality Television. My focus is on American shows and mostly competitive
reality. Though I will say I have a weakness for the
Gosselin family. I’m currently working on two different show
Types. “Behind the Seams” will dive deeper into the
costumes and props that I own. And On “Reality Review” I’ll be covering some
of the music and movies from Reality TV Alumni. Maybe when I hit some big subscription number
I’ll cover the dreaded “From Justin to Kelly.” So if this sounds like fun or intriguing,
please subscribe and help me teach the world about Reality TV. I gotta do some inventory, but I will see
you guys later. Bye!

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