Intex pool wall skimmer install

Intex pool wall skimmer install

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  • Couple of comments, I installed the skimmer door backwards no biggie. I also have the pool light that works via magnet and works great. These pools are worth every penny. We put ours up on Memorial day weekend and take it down on Labor day weekend so 4 months of pool and the rest of the year its put away.

  • Thank you for posting this! My Hayward skimmer came in the mail the other day and I am having a crazy time finding at "quick and easy" way to attach it to my Intex sand filter. I have a pool vac that I also want to use. Your fix is the way I want to go, hopefully you are still successful with it. QUESTION: Where did you find that gray pipe and the spa hose? Home Depot did not even have a clue what I was talking about. Thank you!!

  • Andrea Perkins says:

    We have the rectangular intex 12 X 24 and love it, we've had it for 3 years now. We have an over the wall skimmer and it's OK but I like the idea of a thru the wall skimmer. Do you mind if I ask where u got your skimmer and those awesome umbrellas that hook right onto the pool, loved that !

  • Thanks for the excellent video. I have been looking for the same skimmer but can't find it. I only can find the round one. Can I ask where you got your skimmer?

  • Jstar since it has been a while since u uploaded this video.. how is the circulation as far as the top now that u have switched the discharge outlet to the lower hole? I just ordered mine and I basically have the same pool and pump u do.. I was just worried about the actual circulation for the top of the water considering that Intex put that hole (original intake hole) so low.

  • Where did you put the skimmer? Did you put it over the old intake hole? And how do I connect the hoses to my skimmer?

  • What size is your sand filter and where did you get the thru wall skimmer? Also the vacuum as well, where did you get that? I have a 16×48 intex and would like to do the same set up. Looks efficient and clean

  • Sorry for the late response I forgot about this video. I got all this stuff mainly on Amazon except the grey pipe and spa hose was from Ace Hardware. I got the umbrellas from Costco but I don't recommend them as they have a cheap plastic part that breaks pretty quickly. Luckily I have a friend in the liqueur industry and he got me some really nice Jim Beam, Skinny Girl, Makers mark and other umbrellas that are very nice. I cut the upper hole for the wall skimmer on the upper intake hole but I would recommend cutting the opening as high as possible so put the original hole at the very bottom of the new opening so the skimmer is as high as possible other wise you can't fully fill the pool as you can only go 3/4 to the top of the skimmer opening. The skimmer and sand filter work so much better then the original stuff its not funny but I'm pretty sure intex now puts them in with the new pools.

  • Tasos Vasiliou says:

    in 2:53 you say "dont be afraid to cut it, just do it!!" 🙂
    Yeah i think we afraid to cut it
    Nice video, thank you

  • Melissa Lightner says:

    Do you have to cut the gasket so you have one for the inside and outside or does it come with 2 gaskets?

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