[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2013 – Surabaya & Madura – Episode 8

East java was very awesome man! Today I’m gonna walk down the beautiful Bromo mountain and head for metropolitan city, which was called Surabaya The second largest city in Indonesia Some says that Surabaya means Sura=shark. And Boyo=crocodile The city itself was awesome, besides they were so artistic But there’s local folks riding bicycle like a hipster On the other hand, Surabaya happens to be in war In order to help keep Indonesian’s liberty Hence, it’s called a city of hero And the most awesome thing was to this point I’ve yet seen aliens Turns out it was only a dream, just a myth.. These means that naya should be alright Here you are Turns out, Surabaya was still very far from Bromo Nay, it think you should be alright There will be no aliens that comes after you Let’s just explore Surabaya And we’ll see why Surabaya was named the city of hero But first you gotta take a bath, you’re stink You stink ammonia First impression of Surabaya The traffic wasn’t that all difference from Jakarta Don’t it’s not a reason to be angry Make it so that it was supposed to express yourself If you want to sightseeing in Surabaya You gotta ride these Oohh there’s a ticket And the map With these your bus, you’ll be taken around Surabaya These was so exciting like riding a buss
abroad, but this time it was domestic Now this what I called tour of history Now I know why Surabaya was called city of hero This city was a remain from the colonial era There’s a hotel where our people climb to the top and tearing the Netherland’s flag and make it to our own flag Now there’s a hero for you! At a point where they built a park to remember our heroes Up until now it’s still visited by many youngsters In Surabaya, heroes we’re so cool! And the awesome thing about Surabaya This city has a very large port Where people from around the world has a history in here So the principle of Bhinneka were ever present We’re going to a temple where the Bhinneka was strong Cos there’s Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism It was so Bhinneka Tunggal Ika And in Surabaya, other than tour of history You can also do a culinary tour Chocolate street It’s gotta be sweet Besides chocolate street There’s also a restaurant… Now we’re going to eat ducks In Kayu Tangan Ducks! There’s only a ducks on the menu They notoriously fame in Surabaya And now I know why The chili was so awesome! Tips on how to get yourself filled Order two of them The chili was mixed with a bumbu rujak And it tastes kinda sweet yet there’s kick in it And it has a spicy fragrance To your eyes thru the soul! They say eyes are the window to the soul Spicyyyy! For you mutants and robots that didn’t interested in eating Surabaya has other kinds of tour Religious tour! Mr. Abu says behind this metropolitan city there’s something unique and reflects the traits of Surabaya And that is the Arab Village In these local area, the residents were majority Arab’s descendant Cos we’re inside the area, we have to use hijab It’s kinda easy just use your jacket and buttoned it.. There you have it, a hijab Easy, simple and efficient Ding! Assalamualaikum they say this here it’s the biggest Arab market in southeast asia let’s go to the market, it feels like we’re in Egypt it’s the biggest in the Southeast Asia if you want to look for something, they have almost anything this makes me remember a scene from harry potter it’s like a diagon alley but in Islamic way I’m sure these kids later on will be going to Hogwarts Besides that, here we can find a mosque that has been there for a very long time It was built from year 1400ish We’ve yet born anyway Those who heard this right now have yet been born If they are, than that means they were immortals or a vampire The cool things about this place was Everyday there’s loads of people visiting the cemetery This is not an ordinary cemetery It was Sunan Ampel Whose he? Googled it A reservoir which the water came from where sunan ampel first dig a well And the well still running as of now And the belief was whoever drinks it, it can heal you Will it make me more like a musafir? Yeah Yeah, like musafir I feel more like a musafir It’s a right thing I walked with Mr. Abu He really has a vast knowledge of things Mr. Abu is a travel guide And musafir was a persons on a journey and wise Mr. Abu is a travel guide on a journey and wise I want to know why Mr. Abu was like a musafir Some say if we want to know more about
a person we have to go their house We have to go their house It was like house of musafir I didn’t think it was very much like a musafir This place was mostly used for a religious gathering And he has a complete sets of books I feel like knowing mr. abu better Ooh they’re gonna pray together The musafir were leading the prayer And he inspire me as of now He never forgot to pray and always pray 5 times a day And he will always closed to God no matter we’re going And it really inspires me I wanted to be like him I wanted to be a musafir Cheeeeerrrrs!!! Come on Mr. Abu let’s go I’m not coming Whyy?? Because you’re now a true musafir I’m a true musafir! Today I was gonna test how far I have been a musafir And I invite Naya This is Kenpark or Kenjeran Park Cos it’s located on Kenjeran There’s a lot of cool looking temple Unfortunately it’s very hot in here You have to be prepared to bring a drinks Braw help me! I was right! There’s an alien! I’m gonna save Naya! (angry mumbling) It’s because of you! Braw! Braw!
Help me! Nayaaaaaa!!! I know! Wind direction takes me to cross Madura strait A strait which connected between Surabaya and Madura with a bridge that spans for 5 kilometers which called Suramadu Shark that’s been screwed No I was joking It was a short for Surabaya and Madura What’s in Madura? Let’s find out Now I’m arrived in Madura It’s time for me to get my level up So I can save Naya from the aliens This is my first time in Madura My first impression on Madura The island was very plain After you cross the bridge you will be
on a plain road for 20 minutes Before you reach to Bangkalan city Hello ma’am According to my superior true traveler instinct I have to go there If I was wrong, let’s beat the shit out of it And I was right! The Gods brought me to a karapan sapi community Fixed! I have to learn something from here That was so cool And now I’m on karapan sapi community Karapan sapi was like a race between cows But this culture were only in Madura And now I’m on their training ground to participate with the training Let’s go practice man! This was very cool I recently know that the driver has to
be a children with a small body Because the mount was small A stoic man like me will fall while riding these How the hell did they find their balance I can’t do it, I’m sure I’ll fall That’s for sure! Yeah that’s for sure I think And the cows we’re not the ordinary one The cows can’t be the one that has mate before So they we’re never mate from they we’re born If it’s after they mate, they can’t run well Yeah, cos they will only be thinking about..(mimicking mating gesture) And because the majority was muslim The owner were prohibited to train their cows with ill-treatment Look it for yourself the cows were given
drinks, messaged, bathed to keep them cool They regulate the food intact, they we’re given eggs And also be given with herb drinks, Wicked! 2 times a day They we’re given herb drinks? Yeah.. Woow..drinking herb drinks (mumbling) I just know now that karapan sapi were originated from long ago where they plow the farm with a pair of cows And while the chores was excites them karapan sapi was born And there’s a cool philosophy behind a pair of the cows It represents a teamwork That includes in the family We have to discuss with a family according with a pancasila value So I can’t do it if I were alone And it has to be together That’s the key Right Teamwork!!! We’re not gonna win if we’re alone! I need a teamwork to fight the alien And now it’s time to race with karapan sapi Why is that? Because….. I have to race with cows to train my stamina, fight the alien Let’s do it now! Let’s goooo! Don’t you ever run with cows I almost win! I’m so tired! I’m in despair Nayaaa?!! Jebraw! Jebraw! Nooo! I can’t give up! My first try was a fail My second try outs I’m gonna use motorcycle We’ll see if you still win cows Even with motorcycle I still lose! This is crazy I’m so tired! I leveled up! And now I’m ready to face the alien Aliiieeeeen! Alien! I’m ready for you! Get out! Where is he?! There it is!!! I need teamwork! Help meee!!! Wow..who are you? Are you gonna help me?! Who are you guys?! The power of teamwork or group fights Get him! It’s time for you to die! This is for Naya! True hero… Nooo! Because I’m a true hero I’m gonna put your needs ahead, alien! Don’t let it be violence Naya?! Nayaaaa! Turns out Naya playing tricks on me! She’s fine! All of these were only a scheme They are friends from Spheres Community! Sphere was a Tokusatsu Community based on Surabaya They usually make their own cool webseries You gotta watch them, you’re gonna end wanting more I was originally came to this town to see
the studio where they make the costumes And I invite jebraw because I know he’ll be excited to the max! This is so awesome! Now I know why they call Surabaya as city of hero There’s a studio where the youngsters making a hero! But a super one And the quality of the costumes they made were very fine But I still don’t understands why she lied to me And pretending to be abducted So what’s is this all about?! These were all a tests for you, can you really protect my heart In the end you came thru Congrats..you leveled up! I am?! That means I’m…traveler super hero! And that concludes my travel in a place where heroes resides This is the true hero to the max! A true hero doesn’t need a praise It was so like me! Freedom!! Now jebraw leveled up to be a true traveler super hero And with he’s new status, he can read
start charts to find he’s next destination Nay, why do you always have to tests me? Do you not trust me? Not yet Why? I’m stress you know! I need vacation With my new power I can read skies And I know where to go now Braw! Keep adventuring, true traveler super hero!

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