Indian Trains I usually prefer riding sleeper because it’s open air and I don’t get cold easily but this trip I thought I try the 3AC Class. It’s a step above the sleeper with air conditioning and they give you sheets and blankets in the evening. There’s generally a chai guy going around the cars and someone who sells chaat or a snack. But it’s always best to take your own snacks and water because your options are limited on the train. We’re going to New Jalpaiguri It will be a long ride. It’ll be at least a good 14 hours, I think. Eleven to 14 hours, and that’s why there’s all these sleeper berths. Unfortunately I’ve got the bottom berth. It’s a full sold out ride. The bottom berth is the worst place to be sleeping because once it’s time to wake up, everyone wants to sit down in the seat. So you got to pack up and go. So that was the only thing that was available to me. That’s the name of my train they put this train from Sealdah station.” And then we’re going all the way to well… This is the mirror, if you want to freshen up, I guess. [Lights] You’ve got your handy little hooks to put your coat on, I guess. Some interesting situation has occurred. I’m in a full house. [Music] I took the 3AC just to avoid sleepers because I’ve done sleepers and I just wanted a nicer experience. That baby was crying and throwing up, all night. Charging my battery for my camera. By morning a lot of passengers have already gotten off. So you might have the whole bench to yourself. Check out this aloo paratha on the train and this cost me 80 rupees. Actually, it’s probably not too smart because I’m supposed to get off the train pretty soon. They need to take something of my medicine, my cold medicine It’s always best to bring your own food on the train. I got the aloo paratha which is like a pancakes with a thin potato-spread sandwiched in between. I ordered this once before and I actually forgot the taste. Could use a little more spice. You can’t really taste the aloo in it. I think this is more like wheat. Because I’m not getting the flavor of the curried onions. Not quite worth the 80 rupees. You can find something way better on the streets, but for a temporary fix it’s okay. Does a good job. But I would save my appetite for when you get off the train. I’m finally in Varanasi. I’m at the railway station. I think the thing that can be mentally hard about traveling in India is just the visual aspect of seeing so many people. It’s just kind of overwhelming to see so many people, the crowds. Finding your right taxi, or finding your way around can feel a little disorienting. Today we’re traveling during the daytime. We’re going from Delhi to Pushkar… or Ajmer and then we’ll take a bus to Pushkar. The CC chair car: It’s a great business class train especially during the day. It comes with a simple meal and drink. They even give you a complimentary newspaper. So the adventure of traveling in an Indian train, it’s always full of surprises.

82 thoughts on “INDIAN TRAIN TRAVEL | CC + AC3 Class | SOLO FEMALE INDIA Travel Vlog”

  • The Wordless Traveler says:

    I watched some of Food Ranger's videos on India and it's good you're also doing it. Would like to go there and just fill my stomach~~~

  • Ajinkya Yadav says:

    I will say never buy food inside trains and train stations in India, it always feels rip off in price as well as quality wise. Food on streets or any restaurant close to station is always better.

  • Saurav Sharma says:

    The top bunk is the most snug, comfy and private, if that makes sense. Also you will get the best sleep, the motion from the train adds the magic. 😄 However if you are a solo traveller you might not get the window seat during the day as it will be occupied by the one whome the lower bunk belongs. That's a slight bummer.

  • Travelling by train in India is such an experience everyone must try – i loved my first train journey overnight from Delhi to Varanasi, but not so much the second from Varanasi to Agra. Great, informative video about the different types!

  • These trains remind me of the NYC public school system in the 80s/90s, lol. I'm half expecting a portrait of Regan somewhere.

  • Exposing Liars says:

    That looks like the sleeper train I took in China. There was an entire family on the bottom berth. Actually looks overwhelming!!

  • Paul Woolveridge says:

    Hey Grrrtraveler, I was in Varanasi and Delhi a few weeks back and I know what you mean about the visual aspects of both places, it's all a bit full on, particularly Varanasi. Love the vids and jealous of your travels 🛤👌

  • David Velilla says:

    Awesome vids!! I truly think you are one of the best travel bloggers!! Keep up with the good work! Cheers!

  • Dominika Dudova says:

    GRRRLTRAVELER – Is it possible to get tickets to sold out train rides at the station (through 3rd party travel agencies)? Or if its sold out, (waiting list or closed), that's it? I'm going to India alone and for the first time in two weeks, can't wait! Love your videos, thanks so much for making them!

  • Ryan Stevens says:

    Thanks for this! I've been wondering how to navigate the train system in India. I plan to visit next year and it's always helpful to learn from someone who has done it.

  • Please update somewhere when you come to India. I stay in Siliguri, NJP Station.
    There are more awesome places to visit from there, along with Darjeeling. Would have loved to meet you.

  • Statutory warning : Dnt travel in month of April to Sept..its hot humid here in India. this girl is clueless about india's climate


    good that you travelling in 3rd Tier AC 😀 sleeper would be nightmare for you in the month of May-june in india,all the success and wish you all best mam ! stay fit stay strong,sending good vibes from india only 😀


    hats off you pulled off your vlogging even when people around you stare like as if you are some alien 😀 i really found it difficult to talk to camera especially when i am crowded but you just nailed it !! liked you video without any doubt 🙂

  • I took the NJP to Kolkata train in December and had a full extended family in my sleeper and had the bottom bunk too. It was a great trip though, really loved meeting people and the scenery.

  • Im indian and if I ever travelled around india, id never take the trains unless I really had to. To most major cities you can find a flight, might be more expensive but you can literally get there in a short amount of time. Went from delhi to hyderabad in 2-3 hours, I couldnt imagine the horror of having to deal with a slow train that has delays.

  • India has got to be one of the most intriguing countries to me in Asia. Do you ever feel self conscious about people staring at you when you vlog?

  • if anyone face any issue while traveling in Indian Railway feel free to
    tweet to Indian railway official twitter handle " @RailMinIndia " just
    make sure to add your PNR ticket number so that officials can track ur
    traveling details and assist accordingly. ( pass this message to your near and dear if they are going to travel by Indian railways )

  • I just love that you did this video! I was so afraid of what I might encounter in an Indian train and now I'm not.

    Wish you also showed the Sleeper class. I hear many foreigners use them.

  • Christine, how far in advance did you book your train rides? I found a site yesterday that wrote out the 20 steps people have to take to register and book a train. I think it only took like 18 steps to go to the moon. I want to have flexibility when I go there in November (going to Nepal too) so I'm not sure what to do yet about the trains. Thanks

  • Nate & Adriana says:

    I am loving your Indian vlogs, they are so well edited. You need more subscribers Christine!❤️😊

  • Thank you Christine! I will be solo backpacking India in October and your vlogs have helped me a lot in so many ways! Liked as many videos of yours as I can last night and I think you are the best girl travel YouTuber. Hope you have Shimla and Manali Vlogs as well? I have been lookin around your videos, didnt find any.. – Jaycee, Philippines

  • oh dear lord! you're such a trooper! I've been on those trains and it's rough to get a booking sometimes. good on you for making the most out of it!

  • For roughly $40 you got to travel to different destiantions and that too for the most part with a bunk bed and on one journey some complimentary food. Where else on the planet can you get such a deal.

    Added to that you can order meals from restaurants along the way and they deliver it to your train. So most places for roughly $2.50 dollars you can get a phenomenal meal.

  • Wrong. The bottom berth is the most preferred. This is because there a huge lot of oldies who cannot climb into the top bunk. You can easily exchange berths with anyone having a top berth. Ensure destinations are same.

  • Tiffany Varela says:

    I really enjoy your vlogs since I will probably be a solo traveler as well lol so it gives me courage to go for it !!!!

  • GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa says:

    I love traveling by train in India and I like trying different classes to see what the differences might be. Here's a peek inside the experience for those who are timid about trying train travel in India. For foreign tourists: When a train is sold out, then a fallback option is to use the foreign tourist quota. You can learn about it here:

    Please remember to leave Comments below. Written travel guide is on my blog, linked in Description box. You can follow behind the scenes of my travels and life on Instagram:

  • Trinoiste #yeg says:

    Hey how do you book a train with international credit card? will not accept International credit card and directs me to IRCTC website who needs 100 rupees payment but in amex card? So confused!

  • hey what camera do you use? I used my phone and i didnt get quite the vlogging vibe, but once I saw your camera in the mirror in the beginning, I was intrigued!

  • Ayngelina Brogan says:

    Christine I just found out I'm going to India next month and I'm scouring your channel and site, I hope you gave tips on what to wear!

  • I am an Indian and I commend your ability to travel and prefer the regular sleeper class! I used to enjoy the experience as a kid but as AC classes became more economical, the habit is all but gone! Nice video! – #newsubscriber 🙂

  • I can only imagine the problems you would have faced during your travel. But to keep up the spirit and get through this, just to learn about India worth our appreciation. Hats off to you!

  • khan of goregaon says:

    Don't waste your time by visiting this useless stupid nation.
    pls visit bharia town Pakistan. also visit east Pakistan.

  • khan of goregaon says:

    when those black Indian will rape you then you will realise your mistake
    my advice never visit this poorest, rapist, super poo💩r by 2020 😂😂😂 country
    visit Islamabad -the second most beautiful capital city on 🌍..

  • Thanks for your videos. Its great to see someone else here who loves Indian rail travel. I love travelling by 2nd class sleeper too. Its chaotic and noisy, with tons of vendors and things always going on, but that is its appeal. The AC classes are nice too but you sacrifice atmosphere for comfort.

    What you say about bottom berths is very true. During the day it isn't just your space anymore since you have to share with others who need space to sit. Also, at night there are many people moving about in the aisle right where your head is, which can make sleeping a challenge. Its why I always try to get (and am usually successful at) getting a side upper bunk. Upper bunks can be occupied during the day without depriving others of sitting space. Side uppers in particular have more headroom than a regular upper bunk and are also a little more out of the way so you are above the fray:)

  • Mike Thompson says:

    I'd probably have a nervous breakdown with so many people. I'd literally be in tears as I freak out with large groups.

  • Shourov Chakma says:

    You are a brave traveller for real. Travelling alone is not anything close to safe in any of the South Asian countries for the female travellers.

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