INDIA Mumbai FIRST IMPRESSIONS 2019 | Indian Travel Vlogs | India trip | INDIAN STREET FOOD | IN

INDIA Mumbai FIRST IMPRESSIONS 2019 | Indian Travel Vlogs | India trip | INDIAN STREET FOOD | IN

Now on the bus. Now in the airport. Now on the plane. Welcome to India. So hello welcome to Mumbai. Good afternoon. Yes. Here we are after a very long travel day. Yes we were travelling for 30 hours yesterday
and we’ve woken up to this beautiful Mumbaian weather. I know it is el-scorchio. Yes it’s lovely and I have got my flannel. You need already love. Yes I know covered. We are going to get our bearings today, we’ve
got a bit of jet lag so hold on guys just hold on with us. So we’re outside the Gateway of India which
was erected for the visit of King George the 5th and Queen Mary. It’s a very touristy area here of course but
it’s not that busy. I thought it was going to be rammed and actually
it is quite peaceful. You’ve got touts asking if you want a picture. Just say no that’s fine. It’s free to get in isn’t it, you go through
some gates but it’s free to get in. We’ve had a couple of people asking us for
selfies already. Just had a selfie attack. Ahh they’re so pleased. I tell you what no one is sort of mobbing
you, they are just coming over. And they look so excited when you say yes. They are very inquisitive. Well who wants a picture with me. Are you desperate? Whereas as me, well. Yes it’s an excuse to have a picture with
Corinne of course. Great, everyone is really friendly and we’re
having a good time. Just had about ten to twenty selfies already. We’ve just arrived. Guys we’ve gone for some traditional Paan. Yes. Don’t know if you can see it here. So it’s a very popular digestive here in India. And there’s, Adam said to me earlier I don’t
know if we are going to be able to find Paan straight away. It’s everywhere. Yes there are little street stalls everywhere. Yes and they are sometimes filled with sweet
goodness, cloves, cardamon, betel nut and they are made with betel leaves. So you are supposed to chew on it and then
spit out in red. OK to you swallow any of it but I start this? Not these ones, you do the flaming paan I
think. Right OK. I think they are quite addictive, they love
them over here for some reason but we’re going to try one. All in one hey. Um, strong. Um. We just saw some giant bats. I said to Adam look at those huge birds they
are not Eagles and he went they’re bats. We just saw loads of giant bats. I mean they are massive. What are they, a fruit bat? Let us know. Anyway I’ve got a nice little tingle from
that paan now, feels like I’ve had a coffee. No thank you. Ah OK. Yeah. I spat mine out too soon. Yes just feels like I’ve had a coffee. The effects of paan, maybe I was seeing those
flying bats! This area we are staying at Fort, I mean is
really sort of plush isn’t it. I was going to say swish. Yes, you see all these lovely colonial buildings
here, they are stunning. And it’s quite green. Yes it feels leafy and open. It’s really chilled out. it’s really peaceful I was going to say. Not what you would expect of India. No. When you read about it, you come here and
it’s got a really chilled out vibe. Yes nice little introduction. Yes loving it so far guys. Nicely dripping. But guys guess what? What? I’ve brought my flannel with me. Forgot to remind me to bring mine out with
me didn’t he. She got one with her, never forget your flannel. That’s why I’ve got an unruly fringe today. Yeah. Anyway let’s get on. Welcome to Elephanta Island. So we’ve just rocked up to Elephants Island. And it’s well chilling over here guys. Oh it’s lovely about an hour boat trip from
the Gateway of India. Which is 200 rupee return. Bargain. Which is quite reasonable. Yeah. It’s a nice little. Weee Corinne’s just fell on the train track. Yes it’s really chilling. There are loads of boats coming over here
but when you get over here it’s peaceful. Yes it’s lovely. And it’s cooler here. The breeze. Feels like you are in the middle of the ocean. Yes lovely. Let’s go and explore. Right lets just get my flannel out. Oh yes that’s better. Anyway after a very sweaty hike. Oh my god it is isn’t it. Yes it is sweaty. You get to the top and the admission is 600
rupee for entrance. For a foreigner. Yes for a foreigner. 40 otherwise. But it’s not bad. Well we’ll tell you if it is or not. The phenomenon of the Indian selfie. Well that was marvellous wasn’t it. Absolutely beautiful. Yes if you are in Mumbai get your butt down
to. Elephanta Island. So we are walking along or strolling down
Marine Drive here in Mumbai. Yes and what a cracking spot to come and catch
the sunset guys. It’s amazing and I’ll tell you what it’s bloody
chill here actually. It is yes, a lot more chilled than we thought
it would be. Yes I thought it was going to be a lot more
hairy and chaotic but this is Mumbai. I’d say it is probably India’s version of
LA, you know if I’d put it anywhere. Lovely enjoying it so far. Feel very relaxed, everyone is friendly. Very very friendly. Yeah. Lovely. So this is called a vada pav. The pav is the bun and inside they’ve got
a potato fritter. It’s called a bombay burger I think isn’t
it, the poor mans burger. And. There’s some nice green chilli’s. Um. They are delicious. Right vada pav. Um. Um. It’s a bit like a mashed potato burger with
chilli, onions and a chutney in there but it’s quite hot. 12 rupee. The bombay burger, more of this please. Mumbai. We’re back in the room, wow, is all I can
say. First impressions are top notch. First impressions are amazing we’ve only just
begun as well. We’ve had tasty food. Food has been amazing, outstanding actually. The architecture is stunning. Yes because it is old like colonial buildings
just left to go to ruin and I love that. The history, teeming in history. And what is your obsession with willy shaped
balloons? They are selling them everywhere. I’ve been ripped off. The balloon this guy had was four times the
size of this.Why I have I got a small one? Yours hasn’t got as many dots! That’s not my fault! Anyway, I mean it has been brilliant. And the people are so friendly. Oh my god people are coming over. All we’ve been warned about is people trying
to scam you, rubbish, couple of people saying oh I’m a priest and putting things on your
head and asking for money, otherwise everyone is just coming over, welcome to India, where
are you from? They love the fact you are from England! I don’t know why, I’m embarrassed! Anyway enough of our dribble guys. So that was the end. Of a hot, sweaty willy shaped balloon Mumbai! We’ll see you on the next one.

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  • In Mumbai please visit global Vipassana pagoda near gorai. Also visit Sanjay Gandhi national park, go to worli, marine drive, elephanta caves

  • Oh there you are guys I got worried of you haven't heard from you lately. Good to see you again guys. Hope you have a great time. Cheers

  • You look like a local people now, when you have red spot on your forehead… hehe..
    India is interesting though! you made it looked like that and unique from your view!

  • you seem to like chilled out places more . then you should visit south india or north-east india , each completely different from north . south india is less crowded, cleaner and north-east india is very less crowded, clean . If you like beaches, temples and nature then go to south india, if you like mountains , nature and peaceful places then go to north-east .

  • if you want to see best in north india you can go to himalayas . you should visit to places like Manali, Shimla , Spiti Valley, Dharamsala , kullu (Himachal Pradesh); Mussoorie, Nainital, Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) ; Gangtok, Lachung, Pelling (Sikkim) . you will find great landscapes and amazing people . oct-nov is great time visit the himalayas .

  • unowho travel channel says:

    Have been looking forward to your new series, especially after seeing some of your Instagram pics! Flannels at the ready๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  • unowho travel channel says:

    Those waters and surroundings look beautiful! Impressive temples! Selfie madness, they must have seen your channel๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

  • always try taking uber or ola for travelling shorter distance . both uber and ola have tuktuks/autos in india . if you are to take trains always go for AC class both for local (short distance) and passenger (long distance) trains, never general/sleeper class . official site to book train tickets is – . for long distance trains you should book 2-3 weeks in advance .

  • TREAD the globe says:

    Hi both . wow – have a fab time in India – that's somewhere we've always wanted to go – so planned for the future. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a fab time Chris & Marianne ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸšŽ

  • Hey guys. Looking pretty cool. The cow eating off the bin though. LOL. Enjoy and hope to see you trying more food ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy travels and greetings from currently Western Australia ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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    Do they want the selfies because you guys a famous or do they take selfies with all foreigners? The prices are extremely cheap over there. Thank you for including the US currency conversion. Welcome to India!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • My son spent the month of February in India for work, and people always wanted to take selfies with him, too. He does stand out as an obvious foreigner, being tall and blond.

  • Josh the Travel Guy says:

    Oh nice! Glad you supported the local economy with your wee shaped balloon! India (so far) looks quite different than I was expecting! Looking forward to seeing more of your sweat filled adventures!

  • Hey Dudes,
    How yuz guyz doing?! AND, Adam, NICE ๐ŸŽˆ balloon!! You look VERY happy!!๐Ÿ˜€
    BTW, the Bombay ๐Ÿ”Burger looks nice – I think I'd enjoy one. Anyway, have a great time; I'm looking forward to watching your adventures in India. I just wanted to let you know that I DON'T just follow YOU in Poland ; I follow you in ALL countries/continents!! Seriously, I'd even watch your review of a Walmart McDonald's๐ŸŸin East Bumfu*k , Mississippi- YOU GUYS are THAT entertaining!!๐Ÿ‘

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  • Ha we really just missed u guys in India. Love your intro on this video! So funny how people come up to you and ask for pics. People were really friendly. Really enjoyed this!

  • So cool you guys were in the same hotel.. wonder if it was the same room.. lol!.. we loved the breakfast at the hotel, and the staff were amazing, but the construction of the train right next to the hotel kept waking us up. we really loved Mumbai.. everyone was so friendly.. and the selfie requests.. totally went to my head! Surprisingly.. people kept pushing Daniel out of the shot as they just wanted it with me.. hahaha!

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  • The reason they want selfies is with you is because they're just curious to see a white face. Just like any other country India has its share of bad and good people. See most of these people will never get a chance to go abroad so clicking a selfie with white people is like a vacation for them. I know it gets tiring after a while. But you don't go to India to relax. You go to India to live again.

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