I Found Out My Dad’s Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1

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  • I definitely see the german in her
    But honestly the point of donations is not raising a child but helping a family raise a child when they can’t, I wouldn’t have done that.. it is just blood

  • I think she was smart. My oldest brother found out the hard way in the hospital while his dad was dying. He wanted to donate well he had the blood type that was impossible to be his dad. His mom had died already so he had to do research from grandparents. We got a email from him and he was my dads from when he was a teenager. It was hard

  • At SOME POINT every child deserves to know if their father is not their biological father. Esp. once they're 18. It's selfish not to tell them. It's not your place to keep it from them. They have a RIGHT to know.

  • I wouldn't lose sleep over these test because I personally think it all a bunch of crap. Always want you to buy more tests. Oh. You have matches 25-50 generations ago, so what new. Show me on paper the records!

  • I get wanting to find your relatives, I really do, but I also think this man has a right to remain anonymous. There's no reason to think he wants to be seen as a father or have a relationship with any of these children, which seems like something he should have respected because he was just doing a favor to future couples wanting to conceive. I mean, it's one thing to find out your health history, it's another to find a new 'father', which puts a lot of different pressures onto the person.

  • Pandora's box… not referring to the young lady in the video, but the sperm donation and all the other genetic tampering we've been doing and will continue to do over the years… Glad she was able to find her biological father, I believe it is crucial to have this information. Best Wishes to you and your family.

  • This is SPARTA says:

    Honesty is the best policy, but from the start!!! The Truth does not hide for long and the later someone finds it, the worse it is and can hurt

  • Your bio father was a sperm donor that make your parents happy having you and your siblings. Your father is the one who loved and raised you as his own. That's the important thing.

  • Brian has a couple of companies. One ot them deals with stem cells. It looks like he is using the ones from china, from placenta and he is injecting it in his body very heavely. Since placenta cells are to make babies grow faster, thats the intention of mother nature, he is growing his face and body again, so his body dont need to grow orgams or bones because he is 55 years old, but he is forcing his body the way mother nature didnt intended, since this cells are in premature steps no body knows how it works on adults. The same happens with bodybulders and growth hormones, thats why they look awfull and they have a huge stomag, becuase their guts keep growing and the muscles break. The same happens with brians face, his nose grew too much. He is young, 55 is really young but he looks like he is 75. Funny is that this thing he does in china is backfiring him. In the states is not allowed. Finally, he is happy he has goten biological kids, so he can blood or cells in case he needs it. The whole 3 parts of the story are really sad. Curiosity killed the cat, and I see sam really awkward because she doesnt know what she is doing to her feelings but she films the whole ordeal, mibght to be someone on the internet and taste fame, who knwos, but sadly it backfired her just like his bio father with the stem cells. Sad documentary, I dont see the point. I guess it is what internet feed us, I we dont know if it is good or wrong until we see it. I wasted my time.

  • Alexx Turner says:

    It's not 'a slap in the face' or selfish to want to find out about your biological parent/biological family. I have a half brother who was told at 17 that my mom was six months pregnant when she met my father, and his stepdad. He cried for days over it, and still calls my dad dad and nothing has changed about that relationship. But he still wishes that he knew that side of his family. And that's completely understandable. He could have siblings or anything, really.

  • CENTURION2501 says:

    Can't help but think; spoiled selfish brat, what a slap in your father's face, he wanted you so much he needed another mans sperm to bring you into his life, he loved you, took care of you and raised you very well by the look of things, but you threw all that back in his face going after another man. One that tossed you into a test tube for money and walked away.
    The brother… he must be a lovely young man that makes his father proud.

  • monica bullock says:

    I just learned the same thing a few weeks ago. A simple, for fun, AncestryDNA test brought out 30 year old secrets. I wanted to make a family tree, see my genealogy, where my ancestors were from, find 3-5th cousins I’d never heard of. Instead I found a half sister and a first cousin who I didn’t recognize.

  • Gerald Fiore says:

    I found out I was adopted by accident, I found adoption papers whilst I was cleaning in the cupboard, it messed me up big time, I made this video today about it, come watch it if you have the time, feelings of rejection are real you cant get away from that, also a crisis of identity comes, I wish I never knew.

  • Entitled millennial moron outs father who loved and raised her. Guys, stay far away from creatures like this. Not only will she talk you to death, she won't hesitate to publicly castigate you or proactively punish you at every opportunity. You have been warned…

  • My experience was hell my husband who eventually divorced overcompensated the first child he spoiled her he did not discipline her he was acting in the manner of overcompensating which we were told could happen and it got worse and worse over the years he bought her he spent so much money on her I couldn't compete with any of it then at one point after 40 years my daughter turned on me she kicked me to the curb and moved out of my life taking my only grandchild with her for some reason which I believe her father manipulated it's like I know she isn't mine but I am going to covet her and take her from you to punish me because he really didn't want to do it he didn't want to participate in the donor but he didn't tell me about it he just punished me over and over for 40 years with financial abuse emotional abuse cruelty because he knew deep down that I was the biological mother and his blood was not in her he couldn't deal with it he should have gotten therapy everybody said he was acting like a man who was in need of therapy so he took her from me as much as to say I took her from you she's not mine but I'm going to take her away from you and he did and she went willingly and I'm furious it's like I kept your secret for 40 years I protected you and now you don't want to protect me and talk to my daughter about making a reconciliation with her biological mother he never did anything the talk to her it was so painful I'm in therapy I'm in two kinds of therapy I have post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression because my daughter left me she abandoned me her father abandoned her for 14 years when he got married but when his wife died he came back into her life so there it was daddy's home! And back she went into his life and now she lives with him since he's a widower it's sick and twisted and this all happened because we weren't forthcoming about the sperm situation we should have discussed it with the kids and now I'm in a position where I'm about ready to spill it because I am one click away from a breakdown! Someone help me with this anybody have this experience I'm about ready to call dr. Phil

  • amanda roberts says:

    My mom had an egg donor but the funny thing is me and sams story have absolutely nothing in common. The eggs came from my moms half sister. They had the same mom but different dads. My mom told me from the start that I was not really her biological child. (even though she gave birth to me) And now I see my biological mother regularly but I still consider her an aunt. So sams story of donation was quite different. 😂

  • Tropical Alien says:

    "I know the person literally just came into a cup for money but uh…That's totally my parent/dad and my actual dad that raised me for all my life is not my dad"
    Is the way this feels spun, idk if it's just editing or something but this is cruel to the dad that actually raised her

  • Donna Reynolds says:

    Anyone who would keep this information with rationalizations like"if there's a emergency" or "need to know" doesn't care about lineage or DNA . No bloodline is not more important but honesty and trust are they may have never told the children at all

  • I just found out my biological father was a medium sized,firm turd…I'm half turd and I can read and write! People think I stink,but I don't smell anything…

  • Thank god for islam, this is why islam prohibit sex outside marriage or this kind of pregnancy ways, so that this kind of problems don’t occur. She was lucky cs maybe she had the means to look for him, well imagine the ones that couldn’t or just her other 7 half siblings, i mean a man can never know who’s his sister and end up marrying this person that finally is his half sister!!! Wallahi brothers and sisters do not let these circuler liberals eat ur brain with ideology!

  • I don't think it matters, he was there day in and day out taking care of you, raising you, teaching you a bunch of stuff, but I think since it's a donor, leave it at that, cuz your real father was there all along.

  • If I may add a view in, I'd first like to say I have nothing against anyone. Your parents cared about you, they wanted to not worry you with your mothers health or mislead you. With that said, here is what I think. I feel they should've told you once you were of age, like 20 or so because naturally by then, you do get curious enough to try DNA tests anyways. I'm happy they didnt let you open the DNA test and get shocked but instead told you theirselves. But it really should have been done sooner. What bothers me most is, the parents seemed to have no intention of telling the kids, ever. The most important thing you can teach your kids is honesty and that mother hid the truth for so long. In sure they can forgive her and I am not one to judge, I just hope she wont hide anything else from them.

  • Johanna Cooney says:

    Be truthful from the beginning saves a lot of upset. What if there was a medical emergency and her parents where not around any longer how traumatic that would have been.

  • I found out the hard way. By a guy I knew, and dated in high school. He told me my mom, and his grandpa had an affair, and I was a product of that affair. We had a DNA TEST, and it came back, 99.99 percent, we were related to each other. My mom denied it, and I told her about the test. She didn't care. I tried to explain it to her, about how it works. She took it to her grave, denying it was a a mistake. It hurts, even to this day…I know the test couldn't have lied.

  • bippity boppity boo says:

    I want to take one of these but I’m afraid of finding out my parents lied to me. My aunt told me year ago my father wasn’t my father. My parents refute this but I can’t help but wonder why she would say this to me, before my step father passed away he told me that he felt he was my biological father and that he had met my mother much earlier than they’d ever told. My mother says he was just being his playful self(he was a big jokester) but I can’t help but think there is some truth to it, especially since all my life I have heard I look more like him than his bio kids. Especially at his funeral

  • Imma be honest , this was absolutely rude to her FATHER the man who actually Raised her and took time to make her memories and everything, I do understand the curiosity but he was a SPERM DONOR he did it anonymously and for money and to give people a chance to have kids, But the fact she kept digging and digging this must’ve been a real slap to his face like was he not good enough?

  • It should be against the law that children are left out of the loop about who half of their parentage is! These kids would never have been told had they not decided to get DNA kits. Everyone deserves to know the truth about what brought them in to this world. The fact that Mum seems to find it funny unsettles me greatly!!!

  • Does the father then become nothing more than a babysitter? This stuff really troubles me because it negates the role of the man who did all the work and raised the child.

  • tay harris-smith says:

    this is crazy I donate some sperm I don't expect the sperm to come back looking for me what the hell she is mad disrespectful to her parents to the person's privacy everything… there should never be a way for you to contact the person ever ever ever ever

  • I don't really understand the daugter's reaction… This man just gave his sperm. Sperm donnors usually don't want to be found

  • The sad part about this is that she may have died old not knowing if she hadn't brought the DNA test up to prompt her mother. Notice her mother was more worried about what people might have said about her sleeping with different men rather than wanting for her daughter to know where she came from.

  • A lot of people are saying that they understand the need to meet the biological parent and that's not "abandoning" the "adopted" father…..but this isn't an "adopted family". This is a sperm donor situation. Somebody gave sperm- they didn't have a relationship with neither the child nor the mother. There should not be abandonment issues. Also, these donors are not looking to be parents in the sense of being a part of these children's lives. I don't think she should have gone looking for the biological father. Her father for the purposes of this discussion was a cup full of sperm.

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