I Caught my FIRST Swimbait Fish!

I Caught my FIRST Swimbait Fish!

Welcome back to Hoosier State fishing I
took off a half day at work to go to a test the test is at 1:30 it’s currently
1222 there’s a little pond up here on the way kind of right down the road from
the place where I’m going to take the test and I just had a thought I’m gonna
try and do like a quick 30-minute swim a challenge I’ve got a couple big
hard-bodied swim baits join it swim baits and I’ve got a glide bait I think
it’s the S waiver of the big one and figured since I’ve got at least 30
minutes I just will give it a shot so that’s what I’m gonna do if I do it’ll
be my first fish on a legitimate hard-bodied swim bait so we’ll see you
there okay we made it I am NOT gonna be using the giant s waver because the rod
that I was gonna use that on is out of commission but I do have this I do have
this big I mean it’s not real real big but for me I mean I’ve never caught a
bass on it on a swim bait like this it’s just a big jointed shad looking deal
well that’s what we’re gonna try we’ve stained up water yeah by no means is
this big compared to some of the stuff that people use man like big 7/8 inch 12
inch swim bass but I’m gonna give it a shot
like I don’t know if I should slow roll this swim bay or if I should just twitch
it I have no idea swimming on the bottom let’s fill this water oh yeah water is
pee warm by the way if you haven’t seen the video yet I’ll go ahead and link
that in the corner this is where I got kicked off a pond for ice fishing that
was my very first video that I ever recorded no no no no get off there thank
you let’s try it again right here real close
to the bank that’s either a carp or something that keeps hitting the surface
right there I’ve seen some big old bugle lips come suck up on the surface
okay so right now we’re on the dam side which is I figured we’d start there
obviously because it’s right there when you get out of your car but it’s also
the deepest water it’s gonna be the coolest water naturally and also you’ve
got the oxygenated water going through that spillway over there
keeping it kind of stirred up and moving but there’s also an inlet or a Creek
outlet whatever you want to call it a feeder creek that feeds into this pond
way over there that’s I believe it’s the most shallow in but there will also be
oxygen and cooler water over there as well
we’ll make our way over there if we’ve got time I need to keep moving though
because we’re limited on time you’re not gonna believe this I was just
splashing around right here just trying to okay so check it out there it is
right there oh my god there’s a fish there’s a bass there’s a bass dude okay
so I saw the video of this Japanese dude right with a swimbait and he just slaps
it around the surface and it had a technique I can’t remember what it was
called but I just figured I’d give it some slaps right here just to see if
they could attract something and a freaking bass came up twice to it I
think he might have saw me though let’s try it again
let’s try it again that was cool that was too cool for school dude dude you’ve
got to be kidding me do it again but basically they had these big there goes
there’s some basically they had this big I don’t know a giant swim bait right and
they’re doing like figure eights like they would with a when they’re muskie
fishing slapping it on top of the water I think it was on wired to fish or
something but it worked and they freaking caught fish dude and it’s got a
name I just can’t remember what the technique is called it donkey slaps or
something like I’m not sure but twice he freakin mmm there was again that was
like a 2 pounder that came up and nosed it two or three pounder what if we just
swimming on top like this we’ll get it up here close jig it
that was insane alright but this is where I wanted to go am I glad to give
it a sip from way back here don’t scare anything there is no there’s a little
bit of flow coming out of that pipe oh it’s a duck that scared me
there’s a fish chasing that duck no effing way dude there’s a fish over here
wait in this current no freakin way right now I can’t get it over there oh
my god I just got hit I just got hit let’s do it again again there’s fish over there in that
current look I’m telling you right now that there was a duck over there okay I
can still see the duck the duck slipped and fell in the water that damn fish
went after that duck areas again just duck feathers everywhere over here
dude this is this is gonna happen come on this is gonna happen this is gonna
happen this has to happen I got to pay attention of the time this is got me
fired up dude that fish was literally sitting in that little current right
there and went after that ducks foot I’m not gonna give up yet I can’t wonder if
I should give it the old slapper ooh you know I’m saying
eel Japanese slapper ooh that’s what I like to call it I just I just came up
with that if you liked it let me know in the comments they’re not wanting to commit guys but I
do know that I’m running out of time I might have to come back dude I might
have to come back cuz I can’t accept the feed not I don’t know man I don’t know
what to do they’ve been going for it like coming to
the surface for it so what time is it oh boy I better get going my test is I
gotta go I have to go right now okay all done with my test I did absolutely
terrible let’s go get back to that challenge swimbait challenge see if we
can catch a fish okay back at the challenge I’m really
kind of upset about that test man I did absolutely terrible on it I’ve seen a
lot of top water activity right now one cast over there oh man there’s fish
jumping everywhere this is a challenge got to do it gotta stay with it oh look
at that garbage man come on oh I’m all very true I think I’ve made a mistake
I have pissed off some birds I just had one dive bomb me let’s get out of here
found a spot where I can go down let me catch a bass on this one babe please did I see like a big school of baitfish
over here I think I think they’re a bunch of shad let’s get over there oh boy
that test was something else I felt like I needed to be Einstein to freaking
understand what the one over here but I don’t know if it’s a fish feeding or
what but he was over here feeding yes swim bait fishes swim bait challenge
fish completed whatever you want to call it freakin Bank flip your ass right here this is my first legitimate swim bait
fish right here I’m like I’m wondering now if I should put on the S waiver my
first swim bait fish ever hard bait hard swim bait right on man right on
get your butt in there good to go good to go should I try the S waiver or
should I try this for a little bit I think I’m gonna try this for a little
bit longer cuz that fish was hitting the surface that’s what I was doing I
started swimming it on top and that’s exactly when he slurped it in see I see
a ball a bait fish over there probably shad on the surface up there my cast
right over top of them swimming on top that’s what I did before when I caught
that one fish so I casted right over top of the bait ball and swam it on top like
it’s a wounded fish and he smoked it just kind of pop it every once in a
while let it come up and then float down something smells like poop I think I
stepped in the mud and like cause the air to stir up and make a poop smell but
uh let’s get let’s get over there I seen him go that way that’s kind of a cool
accomplishment man I’ve never caught a fish on a hard swimbait like this all
right I’ve got it tied on Peyton just want to say that if anything happens to
this I’m sorry in advance mm-hmm and I promise I will buy you a new one I’m
sure how to work this thing I think it’s just crazy
erratic reels like this we’ve got thunder I might take this off
of it’s getting to be pretty nasty it’s gonna start raining here soon
holy crap dude it’s getting bad as soon as I see you lightning I’m out of here
yep here comes the rain the inclement weather no bueno oh yeah oh yeah yeah
all right well doesn’t look like there’s any signs
of it letting up anytime soon so I guess we’ll call this little challenge
complete I caught a fish on a hard hard body swim bait it’s my first one ever
and I planned for there to be more thanks for watching thank you stopping
by will see on the next one

3 thoughts on “I Caught my FIRST Swimbait Fish!”

  • Spot at 4:56 is 👌🏻 for poppers in the evening.. and when that pond gets all weeded up casting to the right with a frog is also 👌🏻

  • I have 2 swim baits that I have never had any luck on but keep trying if your ever in Greenwood would me sweet to fish

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