How your immortal consciousness will travel the universe | Michio Kaku

How your immortal consciousness will travel the universe | Michio Kaku

We physicists are now looking into the brain
itself. And we can see blood flow. And we can even see thoughts, thoughts as
they’re being created. And we can now show that certain old wives’
tales are correct. Every parent, for example, believes that their
teenage children suffer from brain damage. It’s partially true. Scanning the prefrontal cortex of teenagers,
you find that it’s not fully formed. And that’s why they take risks, because they
don’t understand how dangerous certain things are. Another old wives’ tale is, when a man talks
to a pretty girl, he starts to act stupid. Absolutely true. We have brain scanned men talking to pretty
girls, and what happens is blood drains from the prefrontal cortex. And they start to act mentally retarded. Absolutely true. We can quantify the effect. We could measure it by measuring the drop
in blood flow to the cerebral cortex. Now, I personally believe that one day, we
will digitize the entire human brain. And what are we going to do with it? I think we’re going to shoot it into outer
space. We’re going to put our Connectome on a laser
beam and shoot it to the moon. We will be on the moon, our consciousness
will be on the moon, in one second, one second, without booster rockets, without all the dangers
of radiation or weightlessness. We’ll be on the moon in one second. We’ll shoot it to Mars. We’ll be on Mars. In 20 minutes, we’ll be on Mars. We’ll shoot it to Alpha Centauri. We’ll be on the nearby stars in four years. And what is on the moon? On the moon is a computer that downloads this
laser beam with your consciousness on it, downloads it and puts it into an avatar, an
avatar that looks just like you– handsome, strong, beautiful, whatever, and immortal. And you can walk on the moon. You can then go and explore Mars. In fact, I think that once we have a laser
porting perfected, you’ll have breakfast in New York. And then you’ll go to the moon for brunch
on the moon. You go to Mars for lunch, and then you go
to the asteroid belt in the afternoon for tea. And then you come back to Earth that evening. This is all within the laws of physics. And I’ll stick my neck out. I think this actually exists already. I think outside the planet Earth, there could
be a highway, a laser highway of laser beams shooting the consciousness of aliens at the
speed of light, laser porting across the galaxy. And we humans are too stupid to know it. How would we even know that this laser superhighway
exists? How would we even detect it with our technology? Our technology today is so primitive, that
we wouldn’t even be able to know that this already exists. So in other words, I think laser porting is
the way that we will ultimately explore the universe. We’ll explore the universe as pure consciousness
traveling at the speed of light, looking at asteroids, comets, meteors, and eventually
the stars, at the speed of light– all of this within the laws of physics. When will this happen? Perhaps in 100 years. The Connectome Project will map the entire
brain in about 100 years. And then, what do we do with it? I say, we shoot it to the stars.

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  • "We can even see thoughts" rofl. Scientism, feh. They still believe in the dogma of consciousness as an epiphenomenon of algorithmic Turing machines. Whereas Consciousness as a fundamental Universal Field is the last great 'anomaly' of physics staring them in the face. However since no Laws of Physics imply or require the existence of consciousness (except the quantum observer MWI paradox) they cannot see it as the anomaly that it is. Investigating anomalies that were long swept under the rug, is always the way forward in science. Let us resurrect the insights of the Dhyana masters, Vasubandhu and Dogen zenji and Awaken to True Nature with all Beings Bodhisattvas and Mahasattvas! They are waiting for us to join them in the nonlocal timeless field of Universal consciousness! In that sense, Dr. Kaku has an inkling of what is really going on: the timeless realm of Light is holding the universal field of all conscious beings yet we do not 'see' it until we stop our random mentation to allow the superposition of the universal wavefunction to arise. Or something, hahah.

  • Wow! Now this is what gets me excited about science! New concepts no one could've thought of before. I'll personally be the first to volunteer for laser travel!

  • WRONG…!!
    Consciousness is everywhere in the universe as knowledge, you do not need digitalize and send with a laser or whatever. Is already there.
    What you develop during learning the the channel to access that info.
    The fully prove are the indigo children..!!

  • If anyone wants to know what heteronormativity is this video does it within a minute. What would be interesting is to see what happens to the brain when men are talking to a very attractive woman versus what happens when it's a very attractive man. My guess is way more often than not the same "blood draining" happens.

  • The issue I have with this is you will die every time your upload and shoot your consciousness because all it’s doing is making a copy and printing a new self. The new consciousness will not even realize that the old on died.

  • Chonrie Lemieux says:

    When a guy talks to me unprofessional, I try to think of a way to politely get rid of him. Like I have a lot of work to do. Or, exhausted, going home. . . . LOL

  • After watching many videos on NDEs and listening to different professionals state their opinions, I feel a sense of obligation to finally share my experience, which, with the help of Hubble, has definitely been verified…

    My NDE happened over 47 years ago when I was struck by lightning while talking on the telephone in my living room. According to several doctors at the hospital, it was a miracle that I was not physically damaged in any way. When I was able to talk, I kept telling them about the beautiful light and the magnificent journey that I'd taken through the stars etc, to meet it, but none could explain where I'd been. It was my home doctor who later suggested that I had possibly been momentarily dead. I described the unforgettable Light to many people in the years that followed – some seemed to understand but most thought it was probably just an illusion.

    During the 80s and 90s, a lot of doctors who made comments on NDEs described them as something that was programmed within the mind to take place during death, in order to help people deal with the dying process. This came as a big disappointment to me because my beautiful experience with the multi-coloured Light had taken away the fear of death and helped me move towards a path that would eventually allow me to understand much more about myself and the world/universe around me than anyone had ever taught me. I reluctantly began to accept the doctors' explanations with deep regret, until one day in 2003, I was glancing through a newspaper and came across a picture taken by Hubble of the Cone Nebula. The picture was in colour and instantly took my breath away – I trembled and my head spun. It looked exactly like the Light that I'd visited in 1970 and had been describing to people ever since – (even Today, it seems like I was there only a moment ago).

    The Light was the most beautiful experience of love and security, that even after all these years nothing has compared. It felt like I'd found my way home after being lost in a scary jungle. The Light's multitude of vibrant colours all blended together in what seemed to be perfect harmony. Each of the colours seemed to be intelligent – it was as if they were alive and sending me a loving welcome. Then I was sucked backwards away just as quickly as I'd arrived. I burst back into the bubble that I'd burst out of before I'd entered space to head to the Light.

    From then on, I began questioning everything that I'd been taught about God. It was as though something inside me had been switched on, exposing me of a far-distant extension of my reality and it was very scary. I was left with a huge void to fill and no knowledge of how to fill it. Motivated by an underlying driving force, I began searching for something with no idea of what it was. I went from one country to the next and to add to my dilemma, I seemed to arrive just in time for a disaster, including revolutions, typhoons and earthquakes etc. There were so many times that I could have been killed like the many others around me that were.

    Then one day while I was napping in Hong Kong, I had a dream and in it I was informed that there was, even more, chaos to confront before my destiny would take me to a country, where I would meet my best friend (future friend that is) who would take me to the foot of a great pointed mountain. Once there I would find the truth that I needed to find. I told friends about the dream, who laughed and joked about it – I also laughed with them. Not long after the strange dream 500 hundred people were killed by landslides all around me – an apartment building a couple of doors away from mine, fell over knocking the top 5 floors off the empty building being built beneath it – there were cries of horror and the smell of rotting bodies. Unable to cope, I jumped on a plane and headed for Manila, arriving just in time for a record-breaking flood and the revolution that ended the Marcus ruling. I had to run for my life and leave all my belongings behind to get on a rescue flight back to Hong Kong.

    By then I was drinking heavily and so depressed that I was even thinking of suicide. An agent was in Hong Kong looking for a replacement vocalist for an American band that was playing in a Tokyo club. Next thing I knew, I was in Japan trying my best to perform with a very wild heavy metal band (no easy task for a cabaret singer). At the club, I met someone who became the best mate that I'd ever had. He taught me to chant the words Nam-myoho-renge kyo and took me to a beautiful temple at the foot of Mount Fuji (I knew right away that it was the pointed mountain that I'd been told about in my dream). As most religious groups do, the organisation promoting the chant, claimed to be the only ones right while all the others were wrong. The chant had an amazing effect on my daily life – it was like an awakening and somehow it connected me to the beautiful Light – there were even moments while chanting, that I experienced some of the wonderment that I'd felt at the Light.

    I stuck with the organisation to learn as much as I could and then spent years trying to divide what the actual teaching was from the added politics of the organisation. I eventually left the organisation and have since depended on my own volition to sort things out. In doing so, I have studied other beliefs and discovered that some of what they teach is almost the same as what Nichiren taught (Nichiren was the first person to chant NMRK and teach it to others). The one thing that became more and more obvious to me was that the three major Laws of (Nature – Cause and Effect – Communication or oneness of past/present/future) represented by myoho-renge-kyo, represent the underlying fundamental Laws of everything, no matter what we choose to believe or not. I also gained a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus (not by what was written about his lessons by his disciple's (who all denied even knowing him when he was arrested) but by the example that he set 'between the lines'. He also taught Nature – Cause and Effect (reap what we sow) and prayer = communication. But it appears that the disciples didn't get it right, even though when they asked where the Kingdom of God was and Jesus told them that it was within their own lives, they still believed and taught others to believe that God was a man in the sky.I also got to understand that, minus all the added misconceptions, Nichiren taught many of the same things as Jesus did.

    Scientists now say that our solar system was born out of a nebula – that physically everything, including ourselves, is made out of stardust and that energy never disappears or ends. Nichiren taught that our body is a small planet, which relies on Earth's environment to exist, and that our life-force is a small universe that contains 'everything' that exists, even though we are only awake to a very small part of it. Like Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is within (which obviously must mean that's where God is also) Nichiren taught that Enlightenment (Buddhahood) is within. He also taught that there are millions of other worlds like ours with their own mountains, rivers and moons and that there are also places that are wonderful far beyond our present comprehension to conceive and understand. In the physical sense, they are scattered all over the universe – in the spiritual sense, they are all located within each of us. (one way to understand this is how TV works etc.) It doesn't matter how many TVs there are, they are all able to present the same thing if tuned in.

    The one thing that confused me after seeing the pictures of Cone Nebular, taken by Hubble back in 2003, was how could I have possibly travelled that distance and back, as even at the speed of light it wouldn't have been possible. Yet, long before Hubble was even built, I accurately described the Cone nebular to so many people. It's only in the last few years that it has finally made sense to me. I went there and back within my own life-force – I travelled across the universe that each of us contains within – not physically but spiritually. I now know that NDEs are journeys we make beyond our physical/Earthly limitations, into our own unknown selves. I also believe that, by way of continuous physical rebirths, we are on a journey to within to eventually discover our true selves – reach a point where we can understand life as it truly is and awaken the wisdom to comprehend and know the real meaning of 'God

  • So stupid… Just dumb. Furthermore: how is a copy of your connectome "you". The real you is bound to your biological body, and dies with it. Also, who needs a connectome if you have artificial intelligence (which you basically have if you can "plug" someone's connectome to a machine intelligence)? What would a human level intelligence add? Just discard everything human and let a completely alien super efficient AI take over.

  • Imagine an immortal consciousness going into a black hole, tell me…what do you think would happen? Give me your theories 🙂

  • Ive had an out of body experience on DMT and this life is just a phase but our time here on earth is prcious we are here to love. live life and experice… Past this facade we call reality lies the truth of it all. But for now We are all one … One love

  • Gilbert ENGLER says:

    This laserpointing strategy is transporting EM signals. In what frequency domain? Are we really not able to detect signals of that kind when we are able to detect gravitational waves and the microwave background radiation? I think Michio was looking to a beautiful girl when recording this video! (sorry, I know you are a super intelligent string theory physicist)

  • Your conciousness will travel on a laser beam to the moon where you can shop at dollar general, then your mind will travel to mars where you can dine at a Popeyes restaurant, then return home to earth !
    Cant wait !

  • the purpose of life is to do this without man made technology. You must connect with the light inside of you and get close to christ consciousness so after passing you may be free

  • We're all theoretical physicists when we do drugs…
    lol every time I hear them talk I think yeah had this exact conversation before.

  • Simon Berntsson says:

    But how would we be able to remain in one place if we are laser beam? How can we stay on the moon for brunch, wouldn't we just continue forward as lasers do? What if we hit a planet, and the laser is interrupted, do we die then?

  • You forgot one important detail, whatever you shoot to the stars it won’t be you, just a copy of your consciousness. You will not achieve immortality, you will die when your flesh body fails to keep your brain alive that hosts your consciousness.

  • They say you’ll be able to see things in the universe while zooming past it but if you’re uploading your consciousness into a space highway where are your eyes? Where is the rest of your brain that you need to process all that information? I think these highways will be much like taking a nap because there’s no way you can keep your consciousness alive while travelling thousands of kilometres an hour. It’ll just be like being put under anaesthesia until you wake up in your new Martian, avatar body.

  • The Sounding of the Horn says:

    This man is wicked and knows nothing about the heart of nature. He's just a celebrity physicist which is an oxymoron. Physicists aren't trying to garner attention or praise. They are busy working on physics. Don't listen to these puffed up sensuous minds who won't do anything about the real problem we face on this planet.

  • He said we'd need a computer to create our avatar wherever we want to visit. Sooo, if we wanna go super far, we need physical interaction first. Computer on the moon? Done. Mars? Done. Alpha Centauri? Yikes.

  • Valerie Angell says:

    What a marvelous idea!I wish that I were very young,so that perhaps I could avail myself of all the new technological breakthroughs .

  • Tadas Jakubauskas says:

    Consciousness can't be reduced to binary code because such lingvistic systems express and describe objective facts while consciousness by it's nature is subjective. Consciousness can't be expressed in code for the same reason why you can't explain color to a person who's blind from birth. Therefore, laser-beaming consciousness, uploading it to a computer or programing true AI with binary language is impossible. This whole notion is just another materialistic interpretatation of human nature which mirrors the metaphysical presuppositions of contemporary, secular western culture.
    The observations of brain show nothing more but a correlation between biochemical processes and mental events, assuming the subjects of these experiments aren't lying about their inner states. Mere possibility of such lies demonstrate the epistemological limits of methodology used to observe and study consciousness through 3rd person empirical observation. In short: drop the naive materialistic conception of consciousness already. It does not account for what mind is and it even devalues it.

  • I think there might be a false equivalence fallacy going on here with Michio. He is equating the brain with consciousness and they are not the same things. The brain is intelligence, and you need an awareness to be aware of the intelligence happening there. Consciousness is awareness, and you need awareness to be aware of the workings of a brain. A camera or an AI cant actually see or be, because you need awareness for that. Awareness is empty and universal as there is no difference between my awareness and your awareness, only the content of what the awareness is aware of which is what Michio wants to map. Everything exists within the empty space of awareness itself. So, Michio cant say that mapping your consciousness is within the laws of physics because physics and biology has no clue what awareness is or anything about it for that matter. There is no evidence that awareness is produced by the brain, brains occur within awareness and not the other way around. The evidence for this is that you can look at your own brain with your awareness.

  • Everything is always in a 100 years. Big flaw in the thinking. If a computer is required on the other end, we would have to travel there first to set it up. The beam might be at the speed of light but regular travel speed would take hundreds of thousands of years to Alpha Centauri. This would work locally only. Then there’s cost. Who would pay for this? Then there’s moore’s law. The computer set ups would be outdated very quickly and require upgrades.

  • Nope!! According to scientist..once ur dead ur dead thats it nothing goes on or lives on…so this cant happen….unless….. You dont really know and your going by "faith" and calling it science

  • William Jayaraj says:

    Basically as Einstein said that, " imagination is better than experience ", that drives the human engine. It is only a matter of time to achive those great things that will come into existence in the world of science for the benefit of the humanity.

  • You are right about the humans being too stupid. The aliens can power their technology with their vibrations. We are in a battle with our own people who keep us from it.

  • "When a man talks to a pretty girl, he starts to act stupid. Blood flows to somewhere unrelated, don't ask where…."

    OK Doctor. Fine… At least cause of the problem is defined. But now, how can I overcome it?

    Should I tie my belt around my neck to stop the completely unnecessary flow and stay focused?

  • Yeah ok, but is that actually you or is it an electronic copy of you and you are just left here on earth still stuck in a biological body? What I'm asking is how does mind uploading theoretically work?

  • Jeremiah Dalton says:

    One thing I have always wondered, when thinking of the transfer of conciousness, is how would be changed by a lack of chemical influence.
    Think about it, love, sadness, anger, these are all chemical reactions. But what is humanity without them?
    Our consciousness and our emotions are two separate parts of our humanity. I dont feel that you can remain human without both, and perhaps, without those chemical influences we wouldn't even be able to appreciate what we have left.
    Just food for thought.

  • This is a silly idea. We should hope that this technology never comes to fruition. The moment that your consciousness can be digitized and manipulated, becomes the moment that anything can happen to you at the hands of anyone who comes into possession of a digital copy of you. Countless copies could be made of you, to be enslaved, tortured, altered, and tormented. Someone could run a program to make you feel pain and anguish over and over, forever. Think of the drowning magician in “The Prestige,” or the death row souvenirs in the “Black Museum” episode of Black Mirror. Yes, as many good things could happen to you, but unlimited fates, over which you have no control, could await you once you become a digital entity. Be thankful that there is only one you (at least that you know of).

  • 訓練によって自分の意識を物理的に遠くに飛ばせる人は、既にこの世に存在しているみたいです。だから、レーザーを使用するなどという面倒な手段を使う必要は無いんじゃないでしょうか。

  • Nothing guarantees that the avatar is you or just a perfect copy of you after the transportation of consciousness. It's far more probable that it's just a perfect copy of you with perfect copy of your memories and perfect copy of your consciousness.

  • Allegedly there are aliens inside the moon existing as avatars or cyborgs(AI and mechanical functions keep them alive in some capacity). The moon serves as shield to protect them from anything outside of the moon. And they radiate energy that affects us on Earth negatively, hence why some studies show that there is more aggression during certain parts of lunar cycles. But maybe that's all BS, who knows.

  • so there will be a computer on the moon to download the laser beam and turn it into an avatar. and a computer on mars and a computer in alpha centauri? left unexplained. how is it going to get there? what form the computer is going to be? 🤔

  • Wait but if the digital economy includes post-human and artificial personas and competition over resources, you may need to change yourself to be interoperable with the work required to justify expending computational resources over time. If entities entirely unlike your human person are necessary for increasingly profitable tasks, humans will need to become increasingly inhuman to maintain their competitiveness. If so, it may be that not long after becoming a digital version of yourself, you must become some other digital entity and give up what made you "you" in the first place.

    If at the same time the biological organism which also bore an instantiation of your brains information is dead, then you'll not have survived at all. Only an impression which vaguely sources itself to your decisions exists.

    Reads like murder to me!

    It's more than a Theseus' Ship paradox. To make it work for the ship, every time you need to replace a piece of the ship you also have to upgrade the ship with the latest technology. But you're doing this in an ecosystem in which you will only find parts for 20th century warships after only a little bit of entropy. Either you'll have to trade out all those wooden planks for so much plastic and metal or be blown out of the water. After a while do you have anything resembling the ship Theseus sailed in or something resembling any arbitrary 20th century battleship?

  • Michael Davidson says:

    Digitizing the brain, no matter how great the resolution and detail, will never include the interior feeling we have of self-awareness and experience: e.g., the experience of the color green, the smell of a rose, or the feelings of love for a mate. How could numerical quantities and data structures ever have that? Consciousness IS NOT created by the brain when a certain level of complexity is reached; the brain is an object within consciousness.

  • Does it take the same four years to deliver and install the laser-receiving apparatus to the nearest star? Presumably, transporting physical objects takes way longer than beaming the data, right?

  • He mentions physics but not in the quantum sense. Quantum entanglement suggests "travel" at the speed of thought is likely. Time is irrelevant.

  • So this gentleman is under the assumption that consciousness come from the brain. Consciousness comes from the firing of synapses in the brain. That assumption is wrong.

  • All the respect for Michio Kaku as a physicist but how can we talk about consciousness in such absolute terms when we don't yet know what it is? Potentially, our whole body is embedded in the role of cognitive function. Our heart beats when we're feeling lust. Our nervous system feeds back to our cognitive capacities in preparation for fight or flight. Being in nature improves our mental function. We respond instinctively to the ebbs and flows of mob collectivism and form neural connections from information given via popular runaway narratives. Our limbic system and amygdala work to form associations that structure our world processing. PTSD changes neural pathways in the brain which in turn dictates our relationships, inter-personal connections, emotions….
    How can we 'download' something that is so inherently dynamic? Who we are is connected to our own bodies, our society and the earth. 'Consciousness' may only work within this environmentally closed system.
    It is glaringly apparent that we need philosophy in this century more than ever. We cannot take for granted the language we use to explain these ideas or what we imagine for the future. My hope is that scientists are more willingly recognise the value of higher levels of abstraction in thought and language used by philosophers. Understanding our world is a team effort. Poetry tells us as much about consciousness as cognitive science does.
    We need to naturalise the methods and dignified attempts of those who are prepared to approach the murky territory of reality mapping with the insufficient explanatory models provided them. It is often a thankless task and at worst a ridiculed one. I would really enjoy if Michio Kaku were to incorporate theories of 4E cognition into his consciousness theories or maybe give more fundamental reflection to what he is proposing. I have the upmost respect for scientific inquiry. I would like to see that respect reciprocated to philosophy departments in the form of research funding and platforms for inter-disciplinary discussions.

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