HOW WE MET | Interracial Travel Couple | STORYTIME ๐ŸŒโœˆ๏ธ

HOW WE MET | Interracial Travel Couple | STORYTIME ๐ŸŒโœˆ๏ธ

it’s so nice I wish I could sleep here all day
all night but I need a very very thick jacket I know big blanket because it’s
so cold right now in Chile these are apparently snow-capped
mountains all in the winter if you look at the satellite you can still see
little patches of snow up there but if you look at the satellite like right
behind this Ridge is an entire ridge that’s covered in snow but unfortunately
we’re not able to see that while we’re walking and exploring Santiago we wanted
to also do aq a there are a bunch of questions that is in common some of the
popular questions are like how do we find our traveling how do we land money
my traveling when we marry we have a baby especially how did we meet
specifically so the first question we have can you both share your love story
like how did you both meet and how did you both get together and what started
this channel we both met in South Korea I was stationed in South Korea for my
first duty station and tau is there going to school the main thing is that I
did plat time job on a summer vacation I work for the Thai restaurant nearby
or the army base and that is what I meant to me technically we don’t even
know when is our anniversary because things just happened naturally I would
say so how did we start the channel the channel wasn’t actually meant to be this
tau is working in the finance field and and she had been training me and
teaching me how to trade Forex and we did that for like six months full time
but would traveling and trying to travel and trade we’re we’ve found ourselves
focusing more on the travel part but it’s raiding fun and so the trading part
became very unstable because we weren’t putting our full 100% effort into it
like we had already bought all the camera gear to like document our trips
and everything prior to us leaving I think that is one cool thing about when
when you do two things at the same time your life so then you decide better
which one your 10 fits you yeah you tend to go for more what you always think
about when you have free time what you always work for and for us it’s always
come down to like traveling take a picture make a video I actually got
inspired by la soie my Christian bomb when I was working for finance back then
in Thailand you have only one week vacation
whereas Korea for traveling but I can’t really do much so I watch other people
travel travel and leave my dream on them is that the way to say you live you
dream through them oh I live my dream through them and then one day I watch
crystal ball video on I quit and then I shot a video to Jimmy and I was like I
want to try to do the same thing as well what are the things that often make us
argue about what cultural differences you can face just differences in our
outlook on how we should do things for work it depends on if I happy really
hard well we don’t not go about any other thing we both are so easy when it
comes to other things but yeah because we work together 24/7 and for example to
me I did the picture and I don’t like some detail that he did or when I edit
video and he doesn’t like something that I did that comes the problem we argue
about that and then we have learned to let go the culture different you guys
face oh wow she eats ba la that’s not a culture
that’s my this is my favorite food finally found an Asian market and boy oh
boy is too happy it stinks I have to hide myself in the bedroom and
eat my favorite food because it’s in Jimmy’s and he’s that perspective the
thing that it’s very sting but I think it is it smells so good me and Jimmy
I mean culture is part of them but I think most of them come from the
communication because she a quiet person and doesn’t like to speak her mind when
she is upset with something in my language
it’s very complicated like some certain things I can’t even find the right word
in English to express like what I think clearly and then to me understand it in
his perspective of Westerner in which it’s not the thing that I would like to
say and then that sometimes cause argument and then when I’m mad at Jimmy
I don’t know how to speak English anymore and I meant to speak Thai and
then we don’t know it don’t understand it’s not anything about Thai culture you
don’t understand why sometimes I think that American are two straight Falls
inside the dowry a dowry I don’t understand it at all I don’t understand
it but it’s my job and it’s my responsibility to accept it from
sunflower which by the way I love your name tell us three major things that
drew you to each other okay let me start first canal yeah
things that draw me to Jimmy is okay this is starry Tom when we were on the
period of dating and I remember that we went to the bar together with his friend
his army friend magnin Jimmy he was still in military by the time of my I
think about 11 o clock because Timmy and his friend got the curfew it’s been
taught to me that we can leave at 11:40 it’s okay we have plenty of time but to
me was like no not 11 14 11 8 p.m. we got to leave I’m so impressed by like
the way that he he is there to leave everyone I’m not sure if he’s aligned
when you got to go get into base everybody’s trying to get in at the same
time if you don’t make it um I want in a lot of trouble the next thing is of
course the physical appearance appearance I’m damn sexy
I like his I like his eyes together with a combination of his eyebrow and I like
specific and you look at it it just so it’s just so handsome to me and six-pack
oh my god I know it is someone with six-pack before the next thing we spoke
epochs you a hardworking person so my three are of course one of them is the
same as work ethic next I would say caring personality you walk by somebody
that is needs money like Todd will always go out of her way like even if
she has nothing in her pocket sense of humor as well like ty it has a really
unique person when it comes a sense of humor I would say different well I would
say it’s like it’s like borderline like sense of humor borderline childish but I
absolutely love it because it like brings you back to who you are when
you’re like I mean you just have an amazing amazing sense of humor been
around her so long I’ve kind of adapted that childish sense of humor and now
we’ve all become it’s so stupid it’s like SpongeBob and Patrick that’s what
I’m saying it’s like who at 28 years old most funds on Patrick okay so this is a
question that we get asked all of the time how we budget fund our travel the
way that we can afford to travel can be like divided categorize into like I
think three main stage first year of our travel it’s basically straight from our
savings our personnel saving because Jimmy and I were already planned and we
give ourself like ten months three a time that we still work that is what we
use to fund our first year of traveling we earn No
money we also get support from patron community as well yeah like our patreon
community helped us out a ton because at that point that was like the only source
of of money coming in at all and so we were doing behind the scenes videos
teaching what we knew was exclusive content something that we don’t normally
post on YouTube and then we post it there and then we pay like
subscription-based like and then the second year things start to get better a
lot there’s a lot of different things we do it’s not one revenue source that
generates our income we have our written blog which is monetized through a
monetization company that’s for blogs and then we have like YouTube which is
Google Adsense and we have affiliates which are like Amazon and booking sites
so every time that you guys like use our link that we put in description box and
you use that link to buy whatever either be vacuum machine either it be the mob I
don’t we made money off literally like dog food yeah all of these affiliates
though are like they don’t cost you anything to use them plus we have the
new merchandise that just came out and we offer free shipping we make a little
bit not much the other affiliate that we have is like the music sauce that we use
is epidemic sound and septillion which is the travel insurance as well year two
we also start to get money from brand collaboration and also the year two is
the year we start to do more collaboration with small business in
each country that we visit and for example like last year we were able to
cut travel to Castle Stan because of the tourism board do you have plans to
settle down and have kids you have no idea how much I love kids good things
she can return it of course we talked about this like all
the time we think at two years he’ll probably settle down like get a house we
have a house in New York probably move in have more of a home base but I don’t
think we’ll ever stop traveling we still feel like we need to be off our
financial stability first before we decide to have a kid you can’t bring
another little Jimmy in the world without any money all the countries you
are already with said which top three or top five you like the most and why I
can’t specifically generalize the whole package but like there’s some certain
aspect like for example when it come to food my number one country is to be at
nom I love Vietnamese Thai you’re in a same time food next I really like
Peruvian food the spice and everything that they put in the food it’s so unique
generally when it comes to major I like Philippines I like Indonesian I
love castles time yeah those are my top three or Philippines Indonesia and
Kazakhstan for that specific reason of their being like like my type of travel
that I really love is adventure outdoors a lot of country in Southeast Asia I
love the fact that we can write as good and like just explore just explore by
ourselves like Bali is really good it becomes so popular popular and so
touristy what are your plans now with the Wuhan the coronavirus actually what
we plan is that may is my mom birthday birthday so we plan to go back to
Thailand I need to see my mother on her birthday I really hope you get better
we’re trying to travel heat at least like five countries in South America we
start already in Colombia then we go down to Peru now we are in Chile then we
are going to attend I end up in Brazil and then Eurasia go to Georgia what do
you take pictures more of in less of a nowadays you’re getting these two tree
questions in what helps you guys keep the bond alive I’m not a big fan of
selfie at all firstly a second the I don’t know
okay so people I rely also take selfies more of me and Jimmy together like
really very well I think I used to take pictures of damn near everything and
then we never used any of them and now I only like taking pictures when I I
believe they’re beautiful like whether it be local portraits or portraits of
tah or the composition is correctly correct for photos like if this come to
the sky I feel like Jimmy take the picture more of the street instead of
Pele architecture yeah so you said what helps you guys keep the bond alive and
don’t let tiredness and knowingness get in the way
this year we’ve noticed you have to create more of a work/life balance me
and Tom figured it out one day like the u.s. in the u.s. you have every Saturday
and Sunday off and then you have holidays and then they have like two to
three weeks vacation off on top of that and then when we work in Latin our year
two we took under 20 days away from a computer this year we’re like watching a
movie at night together or you know laying in bed and just relaxing for a
little bit every night like it’s just doing something for ourselves
traveling helps a lot as well in term of like strengthening the relationships and
bond between us to like traveling together see the new place together eat
new food together try something new together we have to solve a lot of
struggling that come along the way and I feel like that when we solve the problem
together when we get through the trouble get through the problem together when it
come to traveling makes a bond stronger for sure yeah how old are both of you
how old am I I was born in 1991 Jimmy was born in 1990
– so technically I’m one year older than jell-o a woman so funny they’re like
some people that got stereotyped of like I see like some like once in a while
that people come and say that Oh a typical old man we time with young Thai
women yes I guess I’m younger I was like dude I’m older than you how much money do you save per month
that 100% depends on how much money we make that month I mean that’s the scary
part about what we do right like is our income is not stable we’re not on a
salary $10,000 in one month $300 the next month because we had to
buy camera gear buy a whole bunch of plane tickets or buy this and buy that
you you literally that’s the scary part about it so that’s why you always have
to try and save as much as you can because your job and your income is so
unpredictable well so that’s why it always come down to like you think
opting in term of this age so for us we always try to make sure that we same
about 40% 40% in that is also categorized into three things we have
two were living business account in which we save up for something like in
case you want to purchase the camera we’re gonna share something like for
business we put 20% there and then forty to Jimmy person account 42 my personal
account my son asking what country are we
Caribbean and what is the best tips for travel for sheep we are currently in
Santiago Chile we’re sitting in the park right now as you can see there’s dogs
everywhere – it’s amazing and a busy for travel sheep
my best tip was there is no what you need and what you don’t need the army
has taught me that you can survive on little very very little like you don’t
need everything you think you need everything is a comfort you need water
and food and if you don’t waste money on drinking
or going out or living in a lavish expensive place and it’s not gonna cost
you a lot to cheap it cost you a lot to live there stay there I think like the
key to our ship is even the personality that you have to practice before you
travel like if you are high maintenance person you are not down-to-earth
you can’t do what Loco do you are being picky you are not flexible
we are not adjustable then you can’t travel for sheep yeah because you cannot
tend to go to like the – a package that tend to charge you more then you go
explore by yourself or you probably gonna like eat at a fancy restaurant
instead of either locals or you tend to like go with a private car instead of
taking the bus or the subway so I think that is the personality that you have to
practice or you just have to know it if your goal is to travel cheap it’s
possible trust me go back don’t actually don’t go
back and watch our videos but but it is so cheap on the first day unbelievable
like I think about $400 per person for hunt like sometimes in Bali we spent
like 150 dollars in one month per person for an inspiring youtubers starting from
scratch what advice would you give at the first state that you start building
up your YouTube channel I was asked you I would encourage you to
actually create every day go out and seen every day edit video every single
day non-stop I do believe in terms of quantity over quality
in the first stage because that is the period of time that you are still in the
process of learning by doing that you can cut your learning curve in half you
can learn faster on what style do you like better you can know that’s gonna
work as well yeah you can know faster as well on what works for you like what you
perform this which video you create that perform best for you devil living
in the first year you can see that we upload every single day and I think that
helps me a lot in terms of like learning and developing like my editing skills
and then the second stage come to quality over quantity in my opinion I am
a big fan of Matt dia Bella yeah he more like a theme maker not like Steven
Mithen cinematographic cinematography cinematography so I like the way that he
tell the story and I don’t whether he give meaningful content if his titles a
specific thing you get that specific thing that specific thing in the video
and that is I think what did you stick with it the key how would you say don’t
worry about numbers just keep creating well I do strongly agree on the number
because if you care too much about a number there is a high chance that you
do it you will use the wrong strategy on your channel you’re probably gonna end
up doing too much click bet something like click that doesn’t last long
hey traveling can be unpredictable how do you stay patient when things go
differently than expected so it’s funny I have zero patience I never had
patience my entire life that’s the one thing my dad and Tom all of my family
members and friends tell me I need to work on his patience but I believe that
traveling has given me patience or taught me patience because a lot of
things don’t go as they’re predicting I would say at a
moment you have to think of what can you control and what can’t you control
because if you have no physical control over any of the situation then getting
angry getting upset and losing your patience literally will just make the
situation I really had that I’ll give it in my book maybe I switched it is that
what I would say is not always have the plan B that is what I absolutely always
do that’s the way that you can prevent yourself from getting too disappointed
upset with thing that’s go wrong also have some entertainment some sort of
intimate on your phone like for example when your flight delay or whatever try
and stay business you can like play a game on your phone and watch movie you
download on your phone read the ebooks that you have on your phone so having
some sort of entertainment can queue time and make you forget about like
what’s going wrong

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