How to travel full time!

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  • Emma Chiara Jean says:

    I look forward to your stories and insight every week! I'm leaving my job in July and traveling full time after that, so this video was just what I needed today. I'm also from Minnesota and keep hoping I run into you sometime…

  • I recently committed for every Wednesday video and I always dropped interests. When it comes to expenses I think I eat too much crap haha. It's sad really when you realize you just ate a flight ticket 🙁 All good advice thank you x

  • loovee this babe! my husband and i have been traveling full-time since dec 2016 and we get asked allll the time "how do i do what you do" lol we are like you don't even know what we do so how do you know you want to do it lol… but rad you worked in Costa! my dad lives there so i grew up bouncing back and forth between there and the states. where are you based at the moment??
    kels xx

  • It's so annoying, I had the same thing! Now I don't travel full time but I travel a lot and lately I was out for 9 months backpacking and so so many people thought my parents were funding it.. NO just NO
    It's especially sad cause then they don't understand that they can do it aswell. They just get jealous and think- yeah whatever her parents payed for that, she must be rich I can't do that. It's so sad cause so many people don't realize if they save up and work for it they could do it aswell, + it is really not that expensive and you can always work on the way (or volunteer).

  • Life as we know it says:

    Well, being beautiful, having one the most accepted passports in the world, plus living in the country that pays you with dollars and not some useless currency like many others countries have, CERTAINLY HELPS.

  • Melissa Marinucci says:

    I love this video. i am a freelancer, i lived in italy before teaching english but now i work from home but want to start travelling again

  • Cinthya Vargas says:

    Wow! you've got guts! I am a NYC native and haven't traveled much. It actually makes me anxious to think about traveling by myself and here you are traveling the world all by yourself! I can see that your spirit is so full of joy, you are truly living life and that is awesome!

  • As a grownup your advice sucks.
    First, no one over 22 suppose to be anywhere rent free. So that's out the window.

  • This is so helpful! travelling full time is my ultimate goal and working away at it. started our channel a couple months ago and its been so incredible but got to keep working and growing to get there!

  • I relate so much I've been saving up for a year so far. I'm 15 now and my goal is to get to norway for my junior year of high school and study abroad since I won't have enough money for sophomore year.

  • Yes! Iv started traveling and iv been able to get out and on my own for a couple of months now.. truly just going for it, you’ll be surprised at what opportunities come your way! So inspiring, great advice and tips! 🙂

  • Jodie Dewberry says:

    Wow, that's a crazy list of jobs! I was going to make a video like this but you've done such a good of it, I'm just going to tell people to check out instead haha.

  • Christopher Nicoloff says:

    This is the best birthday present I never could have imagined asking for this year. I am starting this journey in less than two weeks and I am as prepared as I can possibly be, but of course, never enough. Thank you so much! This is my dream too for 2018, at least the summer.

  • In terms of working abroad, did you have to acquire working visas in these countries? How did you go about that?

  • I needed this video right now thank you so much!!!! I have been hesitant thinking i need to save more because i dont know exactly what i will do but you made me see that i can do it I can move and be fearless!!! Thank you so much! Also can you tell me more about how you would network and meet people?

  • How did you go about work visas is there a visa that will allow me to use 1 visa to work in multiple countries, can i have more than 1 visa for diffrent countries

  • Costa Blanca Living says:

    Great video, love the energy you give with it. Lots of great advice, have subscribed to your channel thanks

  • Lorna Rosenblum says:

    Great Vid. As someone who also travels full time I find it frustrating that my friends just think I've just been sitting on the beach for 2 years!

  • figure work find you in small towns and cities .. house cleaning , yard work . farm work . love . find some one smitten .

  • I loved this video. So energetic and down to earth without all the hype. Very inspiring, thank you so much! You've gained a new follower.

  • I just started watching your channel😊 I'm 15 and I REALLY want to travel the world❤❤ and you are my inspiration 😊😊😊 I hope that I can do it😊❤ love you

  • fatturnip779 says:

    Very good information, loved the video. One thing I wonder about is while living this lifestyle is it hard for you to save up money? If not, any tips? Or maybe it’s just part of the sacrifice of the lifestyle? Just wondering 🙂

  • Laura Martin says:

    YOU are my hero/heroine (lady's choice)! I am about to go abroad for the first time in my life. In 6 days I will be on a plane (again, a first) headed to Europe to attend a creative writing program through my college, for 10 days: structured, housed, fed, itinerary, surrounded by supportive people. Afterwards, I will be on my own for 5 days: unstructured, no place to stay (yet), ?eating somewhere? and alone and on a shoestring budget. I have a cell phone but that's it. I'm not a young person, like you–I'm 53. I'm scared but I think I'll be o.k. Thanks for your great and inspirational videos and for sharing your experience.

  • Can you tell me more about au pairing in Spain?? I am hoping to do that this fall but struggling with my plan

  • You missed noting that you are able to return to what I assume is your parents home as a base in the US? That’s a pretty big factor in supporting what you do.

  • Mona AlBabtain says:

    Great video and awesome tips.
    And don't forget that genetics and looks help out; white, blue eyes, and blonde hair – in some areas. I'm brown with dark features, so in some areas, it might be for my benefit.

  • victoria pownall says:

    It's amazing to see someone so positive when it comes to the idea of fill time travel. I've recently become very interested in traveling having enjoyed it so much! And I can't wait to go to even more places so thanks for the inspiration hahaha

  • Ermmm . Easy to get job wherever you want with an American passport . For people like us , we can't even get tourist visa without applying for months in advance , n work permit is a dream !!

  • the infectious enthusiasm that pours from your entire being… literally… LITERALLY… makes me sick… good God it's amazing!!

  • Hi Shayla!

    I just really looooovee this video of you! You just unconsciously gaining my courage to travel! I'm 22 early next year, and I'm just afraid that I'm losing my time to explore more as you do. Thank you so so much for making this video, I feel really helped and inspired to be braver in making a decision 🙂

  • Well when you’re a hot girl like this, things kinda just pan out. Like it’s not as easy for a guy, nothing is. Yeah they’re always on the lookout for rape but at the same time the world basicly holds the door opens for girls in a way that never happens for men

  • Is this legal though? Working , even part time, overseas. Europe and Australia can be very strict, and any work can get you deported and banned from the country.

  • Really solid recommendations. I like how you didn't get too specific, it really is about the will to do it and be creative and disciplined. I'd add HelpX onto the site list, it's better than WWOOF, not limited to organic farms and it's one membership for the entire globe instead of a separate fee for each country. Coolworks is great for seasonal jobs in the US, not sure about other countries.

    Thinking my flow will be to work as a gardener in VT since it's a good job I like that pays well enough and I get to see my friends and feel the comfort of familiarity. Then get the hell out for the winter and travel. Avoided getting a credit card for so many years since debt sucks, but solely as a way to get flyer miles sounds sweet. Only purchase things I have the money for, unless it's a huge emergency, at which point a high credit rating and a card with a high limit and low interest rate would be great to have.

    It's time to finally get out of this country and start seeing the world. I'm 37 now, gotta get out there before i'm old and my body feels like shit. Keep the juices flowing for as long as possible and feel ok about dying when it's finally time. As is, I've done a lot, but recently have been more on the boring side and feeling shitty about it. Time to face some fears and just fucking DO it!

  • good way of sharing your knowledge. Nobody knows what your reality is, every life is different but loved knowing your method. Keep it up.

  • What a shame Mary Jane says:

    Hi, I am a full time traveller since one year and I've been living on savings so far. Now I'm looking for jobs, but whatever job I think about there's always one issue that I have no idea how to solve: if I want to work legally, how do I do this in all different countries and for any different kind of job? Are travellers doing this always under the table?

  • The Global Curious - Travel Blog And Vlog says:

    I'm sooo the same! A good starter but I was kind of a quitter lol! The great thing is that I'm not like that any more! I've tamed the quitter-beast 'cause now I do something that I love wholeheartedly

  • Robert Leger says:

    Lol..not one specific useful thing…….all mumbo jumbo…..that everyone already knows….Wonder why? .The world works on specifics….not on generalties ……"Online job"…..What kind of online job…..?? ..Go on craigslist and say I'm looking for an online job ….see if you get anyone to help you……Online job doing what??? That could be 20,000 different things…And you need to have a strong online presence to get any of them… ..Want to do coding /programming OK…so that requires a lot of experience….online or not….and time to learn. Anyone that actually gets an good paying "online job" knows it's not easy….So maybe that's not how you earn your money .Sure, you can do something easy…….Something easy doesn't pay $2000 a month… way. A lot of people online writing articles for $2-5 a piece…..Millions of other people looking to do the same thing….Sounds like you dont' really earn your own money….It's Ok…you're photogenic …that counts for something…and can help…..No one wants to watch a homely person….

  • After watching this video, I'm so inspired to travel and do what you have done! Once I've finished my degree, earned some more money (to fund flights and health/travel insurance) I'm going to do this 🙂

  • Fascinating stuff, I am glad you 'broke the wheel!' I will have to check out that website you mentioned, where you can work at hostels and live and eat at them for free. I am currently working on the 'domain thing ;)' you mentioned.

  • Thank you for your honesty. We need to know the plusses and minuses of traveling full time. There is a lot of sacrifices involved. I would love to be a risk-taker.

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