How to Travel Cheap : Your Guide to Traveling With No Money

How to Travel Cheap : Your Guide to Traveling With No Money

what’s up guys it’s Alexander travelbum
and today we’re going over one of the questions that you guys always ask and
that’s how to travel cheap I was asked to do more of a beginner’s guide for
people who are just getting started so we’re gonna go over some things that a
lot of you might know about if you’re seasoned travelers but if you’re kind of
new to it then hopefully we’ll get something out of this so the first thing
my number one thing is to get free flights with a travel credit card so
there are a bunch of credit cards out there that can really help you out when
it comes to getting flights some of them are actually made for travel there’s one
that I use that’s for travel and it’s by Chase it’s the Chase Sapphire reserve
and this really isn’t the only card there are other ones out there what
happens is you get points on these cards and then you can use those for travel so
for my card the points that I accumulate they’re actually worth more if I use
them for travel so I can take it out as cash if I want to use those points just
to take out cash but if I use them for flights they’re worth three times as
much and the good thing about the card that I use the Chase Sapphire reserve is
that when you sign up for it you get bonus points just for signing up so when
I signed up it was about a hundred thousand points and it roughly
translated to about $1,000 worth of flights for free so the next thing is to
get a debit card that charges no ATM fees so you can use these at ATMs all
over the world and instead of getting these fees that you get every time you
take out your money these ones there are no fees and so the
one that I use is the Charles Schwab card so the next thing is free walking
tours you can find these all over the place and main cities and sometimes even
smaller cities but these walking tours are free and you usually just give them
a little tip if you want to but it’s a good way to see the city and see
everything get a little bit of the history and the culture and learn about
it before you go off on your own and along those lines is free pub crawls a
lot of times if you stay at a hostel you can find free pub crawls that you can go
on and a lot of times they’ll provide free alcohol at least at the beginning
and sometimes door the whole crawl so that’s a good time to
get drunk on a budget getting free accommodation with trusted house sitters
this is a website where you can basically house it for people you can
watch their cat or their dog or just watch their house and keep it safe for
them sometimes you can stay in one place for a few days a week or sometimes even
a month you can find free accommodation with couchsurfing I’ve gone over this
many times but couchsurfing really saved me especially in Europe you can meet
locals stay with them make new friends and stay somewhere for free student
discounts if you’re a student or you were a student you can use your card for
student discounts at a lot of Tours and activities and things that you can do
all around big cities all around the world I’ve never actually used this but
I have definitely been with friends and people that I met along the way that did
have these and they always get in for much cheaper than me hitchhiking this
isn’t for everybody but it is a lot safer than people think it is I did this
a little bit in Europe recently and every experience was great and it’s free
and you can get from point A to point B instead of buying a flight which could
cost you a hundred two hundred or more or a train trip or a bus trip just try
hitchhiking and it’s free and sometimes you meet locals sometimes you can even
stay with them it’s a great way to go i highly recommend at least trying it once
in your life next is look for budget transportation deals recently i was in
europe and i saw that there were some deals for example if you’re going to
europe flix bus is a really cheap bus company they’re actually all over the
world but in europe they have a deal five trips for a hundred euros so you
pay a hundred euros up front and then you get codes for a bus trip from one
country to another or one city to another so what you do is you use these
for the longer trips so that you save money that way and if you have a shorter
trip you don’t really want to use one of your Belcher codes for that because it
might cost 10 euros or 20 euros but if you’re going say from Italy
to France or Belgium and that trip alone on a bus we probably cost over a hundred
euros and you’re getting that as one of your five trips all for a hundred euros
you can try your rail getting a Eurail pass while you’re in Europe I did that
my first time and that saved me a lot of money and then there is blahblah car
blahblah car it’s basically ride-sharing and you can find really cheap deals
because it’s somebody who’s travelling from one city to another and they’re
gonna pay for it anyway but this is a way for them to make a little bit extra
cash so you can find sometimes just throw them five bucks and you can get in
their car and go across the country we did this a few times in Europe and it
was amazing the next is pretty obvious but travel to budget destinations please
like Southeast Asia India South America if you travel in a budget destination
then you can travel a lot longer and you can do more things you can try more food
meet more people do more activities because a lot of things are going to
cost much less than if you’re traveling say in Europe eat the street food this
is gonna depend where you are in the world but places like Asia and you can
find street food from half a dollar to you know a couple dollars for a full
meal and if you’re in a place where the street food is good also India don’t be
afraid of it you should try it there are chances that you couldn’t get a little
tummy ache you could get a little sick yeah it does happen but you have to try
these things you have to live a little you’re most likely not gonna die from it
I’ve gotten a couple little stomach issues but nothing that didn’t heal
within a few days the next is to cook for yourself or eat food from grocery
stores grocery stores pretty much always have the cheapest food unless there’s
cheap street food and if you’re in an air B&B or a hostel that has kitchen
then cooking for yourself is one of the best ways to travel on a budget so the
next thing this is a little different this is going to change the way that you
travel but you can work abroad you can do things like a pair I’ve met a lot of
girls that do this mostly girls and that’s a good way to make
your money and have a place to stay you can be a bartender in a lot of these
countries if you speak English really well they might want you in some of the
tourist bars you can do hostel work sometimes you don’t make money but you
usually get free room and board so you have a place to stay and you’re not
spending any money but you get to stay somewhere for a little bit of work and
then on your days off or your nights off you get to explore the place I’ve met
people who were waiters and waitresses you can be a dive instructor it actually
doesn’t take that long to get certified and become an instructor I met a lot of
people in Bali Indonesia who are doing this and they love their life they just
hang out at the beach all day and I seemed pretty good to me when I was
there I might look into it you can be a tour guide this also takes a little bit
of time but you could definitely figure this out and if you’re a native English
speaker or very good in English then this is definitely a good way to go you
can work at a cruise ship I’ve met people doing this and I’ve read many
articles about people who work on cruise ships they’re constantly looking for
people to do this and it’s a good way to not only travel one country but probably
travel multiple and sail the seas the next thing I’m sure you’ve heard of is
to teach English a lot of Asian countries this is a huge thing to do but
really all over the world you can do this if you’re American or Australian
English you know fluent in English and it’s your native language they’re always
looking for people and you can definitely find a way to do this stay in
that country and make a little bit of money and then after you’re done with
your job maybe in a year you can travel with that money a little bit more the
next thing is to work online there are a ton of websites it’s 2018 and there are
a lot of websites where you can find work online even if you don’t have a lot
of skills you can go to fiver I’m a key making videos of my travels
and you can make a little bit of money doing that up work another site where
you can do kind of freelance work and then Craigslist people are always
looking for people to do the odd job and Craigslist is a great place to do that
and to find these things while you’re traveling the next thing is whoof
worldwide organic farming something but you can join that and you can stay on a
farm do a little farming you have a place to stay and sometimes you can stay
there for a month up to I think I’ve seen three months and it’s a really good
way to really get to know the place that you are and stay for a longer period of
time if you have any budget travel tips or things that you’ve done in order to
travel longer better cheaper then leave a comment below because I’d like to see
that and share with everybody else in the comments please like this video if
you liked it and got anything out of it really helps me out subscribe to this
channel because I’m gonna be putting out a lot more videos about travel and
hopefully I will see you in the next video I’m not excited to travel but
thanks for watching you

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  • Great hints didnt know about flixbus offers .. not sure about working in Bali as visa rules for UK citizens and you usually have to have onward ticket xx

  • I have another way of budget travelers. My husband made me 2 years ago a present. He bought me a historic 10 meters boat in Netherlands.
    I am from Romania Constanța. We restore the boat. Its now close to Venlo.
    I think next spring we can start. Tour will go on European rivers. 4000 km and we have space to a maximum of 12 people. We will reach the only UNESCO biosphere of Europe the Danube delta. And we take with other people that can apply. Most will not travel all this time. 2 Americans for example like to travel the romantic rhine valley up to Mainz and than go to Praque to visit relatives. They come back at another place. Some told us they like to go just 5 days with us.
    We share the diesel costs 1-2l/h and harbour costs approx 10.- € for the boat per night.

    Speed is maximum 13 km/h. But expect less 🙂 😙😀
    If someone like to help us to bring the boat to Romania just contact us early. Do have some videos online and a blog. Its a adventure travel and not a luxar travel.

  • did you go to Bali like first or second week of November 2018? cuz I think I saw you there in crystal cay beach.. i hope u can respond to this post. 😀

  • Delightful Travellers says:

    Super helpful video to those starting out. Great tip on the walking tours! Plus that Flixbus deal sounds 👌- Trevor

  • Alexander Travelbum says:

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  • Wow, that's a lot of work, it's like a job trying to find free ways to survive. I have a better idea. HAVE MONEY. Have wealth built up, for you know, having a job and keeping it for a while, putting in some time. Keep yourself together. At 60 I am confident I'm in better physical condition than Alex here and if we stood next to one another you wouldn't see the age difference. I retire in 4 months with + / – $100, a $3500 a month retirement, you know the guaranteed comes every month kind. By the way Alex, I did a LOT of traveling through the first 60 years so it's not like I missed out on that. You're going to be doing what at 40, 50, 60 and even 70 years of age? I don't know, I only know it is going to be scary, horrible and depressing. Your future looks grim my friend. How about you balls up and discuss that, you see you millennials don't think about that, too scary, you never look ahead because the future is so scary, no money saved for the many rainy days coming your way.

  • Adrian Dela Cerna says:

    100 euros for 5 rides for flixbus? its so expensive! I bought 10 trips with flix bus and it doesn't even reach 100 euros. Munich to Rome round trip only cost 18 euro.

  • any of you really need money that badly you can use faucets for small amounts of bitcoin at a time. you can also use receipt hog on your phone too make easy money scanning receipts you get from the store after you make a purchase. The Faucet i use can get me at least $10 every month and thats without filling out surveys. Surveys pay well but the big $$$ only looking for certain people. Link for good faucet and receipt hog in my profile

  • Hey I hope you see this🙏 what if you want to only visit a certain place over and over again what would be the best tips?(very helpful video by the way I'm am completely a noob when it comes to traveling)

  • VBP n a Nutshell says:

    -delete your cookies or search incognito
    -I subscribed to and get really really cheap legit flights!
    -Airbnb is great for staying the night.

  • Beautiful video. liked seeing it.
    Continue with it .I follow your channel.
    I would definitely appreciate it when you give some love back please 😃 ❤&✌

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  • Bonnieli Collins says:

    These are great tips. I love my discover miles card for free flights. I also am a seasonal worker so I get paid to travel different places, its a great option if you want to go somewhere for a long period of time

  • Anthony Flexible says:

    At the end of the video my name was there first Anthony but my name is Anthony Dumitrescu I’m 8 years old

  • This video is so well out together. 💖 It's difficult finding a good video in traveling and getting something out of it.
    I have been traveling on a budget with my 3 dogs and had to make a video. I would love any feedback! 🙏 ❤️

  • Benjamin Salazar says:

    It’s called teleportation dumbasses that’s how you travel without money o wait u normies don’t have the power

  • Communism is great, Capitalism is evil says:

    Do you know if it is possible to get a credit card in a bank that isnt in the country you live in

  • jumanjiwarlord says:

    The Charles Schwab debit card is NOT free because there is a monthly FEE, correct? There is no free account through Charles Schwab.

  • Dana Mae Andres says:

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    Feeling Exciting will be vising Sri Lanka next week . If you wanna try go click the below link

  • This isn't directed at you Alex, but rather people reading the comments…I fully support being thrifty, living like the locals and finding the cheapest deals, but don't be a 'begpacker' or take advantage of the genorosity of fellow budget travellers while offering NOTHING in return. The backpacking community is usually super cool, kind and generous, but selfishly taking advantage of others will see bad karma come your way.

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