How To Travel Around London and Buy an Oyster Card – Important Tips!

How To Travel Around London and Buy an Oyster Card – Important Tips!

Recently a friend of mine was in London and didn’t know which Tube ticket to buy or whatever it is that you use to travel on the buses and tubes in London now if you’re from the uk you can just use your contactless credit card about which more later, but if you’re from abroad, you just arrived And you don’t know where you live, what your name is, or where you’re going; you probably don’t want to pay all those foreign bank fees on your transactions So it’s probably easier to get an oyster card now don’t be that person who hangs around for ages and gets in everybody’s way First thing you want to do is come over here and hit get new card You can decide here how many cards you want, but there’s only one of me So I want one new oyster card hit confirm You then have to decide how much money you want to put onto your oyster card It’s pay as you go so it depends on how many journeys you do per day and Then it’ll cap it as a day travelcard Now a lot of people panic when they first arrive in London at Heathrow for example and say look, do I buy a weekly pass, or do I buy a pay-as-You-go top up now, so I think the best thing to do is when you arrive just stick 15 pounds credit on to an oyster card and then that buys you some time to decide what kind of the journeys you’re going to be making after that, So start with 15 pounds. the oyster part is a five-pound depo sit, which you pay and the pay as you go Cedit is 15 pounds so altogether it’s 20 pounds now don’t worry, you’ll get your deposit back when you return your card plus any unused credit as long as it’s under 10 pounds and VOILA! why nice fresh oyster card ready for use Now the left side of the escalator is for people who are much busier than you So as far as londoners are concerned if you’re standing on the wrong side you basically have no human rights And you will be ploughed out the way by people like me Excuse me get out of the bloody way please! Your’re on the wrong side of the escalator. Did you honestly not notice that everyone was… alright! Pretty obvious isn’t it? I didn’t see the signs On no account must you speak to anybody make sure that you keep your head phones in… You’re not allowed to speak to me We’re in London Oh, you’re not a Londoner I keep meeting northerners, what’s going on They actually speak to you on the tube. you really are amateur, you haven’t even got your headphones in amateur Excuse me. I’m going to stare at my phone now So if you’re in a real hurry, you can just swipe your credit card or your debit card as long as it’s got this Contactless symbol on it now that will work in exactly the same way as a pay-as-You-go credits on an oyster card but you don’t have to top this up at the machine or anything . you just take it and you just scan it straight onto the machine and don’t be one of those people who gets in the way and stands in front of the ticket Gate. Sorry Remember you can’t use cash on the bus so you’ve got to use your card The thing about the oyster card it that you can use it again and again and again and if you use its a 50 times in one day it won’t go above a certain amount so you can just continue using it all day long. They call it a “capping” I think it’s mout sort of six or seven quid or something I Particularly like the number 15 bus because you can get one of these old routemasters, and they’re really good They follow a route all the way from trafalgar square past the royal courts of justice The monument Sweeney Todd’s [Barbershop] and it finishes up by the tower of [London]. There’s so much more space on these as well I just feels so much more comfortable and you can even open the window here look at that I hate those horrible new ones this seat over here in the corner ….my friend used to call it the molesters seat weirdos and pervs used to sit in this one. I rather like it You can sit at the back of the bus [and] just sort of observe everybody gets on from over here thank you. You can even use it on the boat, but it does cost a little bit more But you really have to remember to swipe out It’s very important otherwise you get charged extra Sometimes the gates are already open and a lot of people think I know I won’t get charged if I just walk straight through But that’s not the case you’ll get charged eight pounds! some stations Don’t even have ticket gates so make absolutely sure that you touch in and out properly otherwise you can get absolutely skinned on the fare be careful You can even use it on the emirates airlines Excellent it cost’s £3.40 for an adult and £1.70 for a child if you have an oyster cost In many ways there’s no need to pay for one of those expensive guided tour buses with so many joolz guides online You can just access them on your phone and with an oyster card you can get around London for a reasonable price If you enjoy my films do please subscribe to the channel Bon voyage!!

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  • peter feltham says:

    Having lived in Lodon for over 50yrs my advice to potential tourists is……..go to Paris or Berlin etc.In those cities your travel passes are much cheaper than London which has become europes biggest rip off city.

  • I have not been in London for about 7 years, I get the “cap” and that is great (you know how much it will be for weeks time) are there still the zones or is that all in the on e cap price?

  • It might be a load of rubbish but I'm sure I heard somewhere that travel is cheaper with an Oyster Card than without one. Is that true or rubbish?

  • It is basically just like any other tap card everywhere else. The only difference is in here a card costs US$ 1 dollar, in the UK 5 pounds (7.5 dollars!!!).

  • charles single says:

    In Vancouver , B.C. WE have the same thing. It's called COMPASS CARD. It's the same thing as OYSTER CARD in London. Anyways, chip, chip, cheerio.

  • Stephen Mellor says:

    I enjoyed your how to use the travel bit around london one things for sure i love the Routemaster for godsake bring them back . Somebody out there build them again please please . What is london with out the red
    Routemaster . The boris bus looks like its been filled with helium . Its horrible . Actually they look like boris . Bring back London Transport.

  • I recently traveled to London from Manchester for a day trip. I took all zones one day Tube Rail Tickets 🎫 with £13. It was more than enough as I had more than 12 trips in one day in and around London with the same. Oyster card seemed expensive compared to this option.

  • If you want to be monitored by TfL and their spies, use Oyster. If you value your privacy-as I do-get a paper ticket….

  • Taking a bus instead of Underround is much cheaper, and you see more, so I only Underground it when in a hurry. And keep your card for your next trip to London!

  • Raquel Magalhães says:

    I found your video amazing! I learned about the airline with it, and found it really interesting! Thank you very much! All these information helped me a lot! Looking foward to meet London!

  • You forgot to mention, when using your contact-less bank card, if you have more than one bank card, make sure you swipe in & out with the same card

  • So do you think London Pass is not helpful? I'll be in London for 2.5 days, I'm thinking what kind of tickets should I buy online here first, any suggestions?

  • Dreaming big Living life says:

    Can I use my contactless debit card on the bus from trafalgar square to tower hill. It is is the only bus service I want to use as the rest of the attractions I would like to see are walkable. I noticed you used an oyster card.

  • AvariceUntied says:

    Get the Visitor Oyster Card for tourists, they don't expire like the regular ones (which you can return for money as the video explains but you have to remember that). Last week I used mine which I hadn't used for 7 years without problems. The regular ones expire if they aren't used for 24 months. You can't get it from the machine, only by ordering online.

    Oh and try to take a train instead of the tube when possible (you can also use the Oyster Card for them). They have better air conditioning and don't smell like someone dropped a can of engine oil).


    Oh, nice. I have a 6 floor building newly built in 2015 in Tanyin, Henan of China, which has 105 million population, she is the biggest population in China. My house is built for a hostel or company branch office with stores, car parking etc. Hope you can join hands with me or take it for 5-8 years long hire.

  • I teach travel classes to Britain over here in Austin, TX… am in awe of you Joolz. Extremely fantastic stuff you are putting out here! (Plus, it's a good giggle!)

  • Shove traveling round London right up your arse mate that place is done for me and thousands of others up here in the north it's gone to far shove the multicultural shite right up it !!

  • Don't a fool. The use of travel cards is a way oof the system to get money out of circulation which is what they're aiming at. They will tell you that it's cheaper (in fact it is) easier and more convenient for you, but they're ultimate plan is that money is out of circulation and they will have more power on your accounts and control on what you spend or buy. If they don't like what you buy or where, they'll only have to block your account.

  • The so called new Routemasters are used by people who have no intention of paying. TFL must be losing money hand over fist by these ‘entitled’ leeches that blight, what is an excellent service. How do they do it! By getting on at the middle and back doors and often sit at the back so they can make a hasty exit if inspectors should get on.

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  • Vitantonio Delvecchio says:

    Hi Joolz Guides,
    I'm an Italian boy and I'll come in London for the first time on the next summer. I'll stay there two weeks. I've decide to come in London to meet my relatives and to improve my english (that is terribile 😄). Which is in your opinion the best choice for the Oyster Card?
    Thanks anticipately .

  • Luis Manuel Tena says:

    The next station is Angel… Oh my God.. That's in Islington.. I used to use it everyday for work.. Those were the days Lol

  • I never visit London without taking a black cab ride. Its like magic riding through the west end in the evening.
    Great videos, so glad to find this channel. Its got me pining for the fjords of Kensington. Thank you.

  • Hello everyone! If interested in London, come and watch this latest video about Angel in London 🙂

  • Using the Oyster Card from the airport isn't always the the best way to go. This is how it works.
    Heathrow – the tube goes right into the airport so buy a card from the machine and off you go. 50 pounds will be about right for a week.
    Stansted – no Oyster available so all you can do is take the express to Liverpool Street and use the Oyster from there. It's a pretty decent ride of almost an hour. Tickets are cheaper if you buy online in advance.
    Gatwick – this system was designed by a civil servant so of course it's confusing. You can use an Oyster to get in to London but if you do you will pay full price. You are better off buying in advance online and then using the Oyster once you arrive at Victoria or St Pancras.

  • Of course if you think the oyster cards are a bit too complicated you can still get an old fashioned paper travel card which are about the same price and do the same job.

  • London fares are a RIP OFF, with 9 ZONES alone on the underground WHY ?? , oyster card > £5 / Los angeles NO ZONES, Tap card $1 ( 70p ) dash bus service 50c ( 30p ) bus and subway $1.75c fare / London tube £42 weekly zone 1 – 3 that's only half of london city, LA is massive !

    Los angeles subway £18 weekly all around the city no ****ing zones ! Dayhopper introduced to london buses use you oyster card again within an hour and it's a free ride 2016🙄 san francisco buses offer 2 HOURS 1998 !!!!!!!!! 😲 LONDON IS A SHITHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😠 When it comes to transportation the uk is WAY BEHIND the rest of the world ! ***ing crossrail bollocks !

  • excellent, so long as you know where you are, and want to go to. Only been to LUNUN once, got on the underground, and arrived in Cornwall.

  • Just came across your video – fantastic! thanks. Will be in the UK for the last week in October – first stop Oyster card vending machine, second stop No15 bus. Fabulous thanks again. Pity the stand on the right rule is not so effectively enforced here in Aus. (Nice to keep the Ashes as well :-))

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