HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR SUMMER JOB with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR SUMMER JOB with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

You still work hard all year at school.
– Queue that, Will Smith song.
– The one DJ Jazzy Jeff? *Such* a hit.
– Summa, summa, summa time! Remember that song? I was singin’ it in the makeup chair! I thought you heard me!
– Oh ok [laughs] I sing that song everyday! Ah cha ching! Okay, yeah! Hi, I’m Grace.
– I’m Mamrie! And today… This might get paid, y’all.
– Yeah! We’re talkin’ about jobs. Specifically, summer jobs! Okay, this concept of summer job, for a youngster,
– Mhm. I don’t understand because I worked year-round. Same! I had *multiple* jobs year-round.
– Yeah! Like what is this just workin’ a couple months in the summer? I had a year-long job, I worked at a fine-dining restaurant called, Chili’s.
– [applause] Thank you. Thank you. Uhh, free molten chocolate cakes whenever I wanted.
– [deep voice] Woahhhh. Well when they were mis-ordered by, um, a table. You.
– Yep, me. But then in the summer I worked at Winona Swim Club, at the front desk. Winona…Judd’s…Swim Club?
– Winona. Ryder’s. Swim Club.
– [laughs] Uh, I worked at her house, I skimmed the pool, it was great.
– [laughs loudly] Would you just like, check people in or–
– Yeah, I just like, worked the front desk and I read, uh, all of the Harry Potter books. And because I was in a desk that was in this like, entranceway that had no cellphone reception, and I like, had to stay there. So, all I could do was read. Times were tough!
– I worked year-round at a movie theatre.
– Ooooh! There was a five screen theatre. Star Mall Crossing Cinema 5, what what, miss you y’all. I worked like the ticket and the concession, and it was me and all my buds.
– Yeah. And similar to your molten cake,
– Yeah. I would eat a bunch of the concession stand, but you could the candy if it was like, messed up. Cause you can’t–
– [gasps] So you just throw it on the ground? So I’d be like, I remember my boss’s name was Otis. I’d be like, ‘Otis, can I have these Junior Mints?’ He’d be like, ‘No, you’ve already had some.’ And I’d be like, [whpoosh] ‘Can I have these Junior Mints?’
– [off camera laughter] That’s the most southern sentence ever.
– [together] ‘Otis, can I have these Junior Mints?’ [laughs] But also it was an amazing job because, we’d clean out the popcorn machine at the end of the night.
– That seems gross. It is gross but there’s a lot of delicious popcorn, I’d put it in a trash bag, and then go to a party, and I was Popcorn Santa, [bleep]. Life hack.
– Just saying. There are some perks to some youngster jobs. But today we are talking about specifically summer jobs, and it looks to be that the youth of America, is kind of not working as much.
– You guys are fallin’ off in your employment rate. Especially over the summer time… Last year’s employment rate for 16-17 year olds, was 20%. Less than half its level, uh, as recently as 2000.
– Wow, and 2000 was like when we were in high school. So…
– Yeah. Step it up, kids!
– So we were the end of an era. Man, we sound old AF.
– And, and this our job now. Well, people who are working in the summer time, it says, nearly a third, (Mhm.) of teens who have summer jobs, uh, last July, worked in accommodations and food services. So hotels, restaurants, (Mhm.) all that. 22% worked in retail. Ooh.
– And then 8.8 worked in arts recreation entertainment industry. Them child actors.
– I was gonna say, YouTubers. Ohhhh, (Yeah.) that makes sense.
– Yeah yeah yeah. I mean, technically. That falls in that category.
– Mhm. But today we thought we’d give you a little inspiration if you are one of the 20% of 16-17 year olds that has a summer job, to help you get through it, it might feel a little mundane, it might feel a little boring, it might feel tedious. And so we got, uh, some great advice for you to get through your summer job. Everybody knows, we love a good acronym. That’s what it’s called right?
– I was gonna say, maybe define that for them if they don’t know.
– You know the poem like in a cross stick where it would like be spelled this way? It would be like, ‘Mamrie, she’s marvellous, artistic, magnificent, really cool, interesting, exciting!
– [off camera laughter] Is this just your daily affirmation?
– [laughter] Yes. Exactly. We have one to inspire you and how you can do a good job, at your summer job.
– Yes. And the acronym is
– [together] GET PAID. So the ‘G’ in get paid stands for good attitude.
– Yeah you gotta come with a positive dispostion. (Mhm.) Because I feel like if you come in with a good attitude, (Yep.) like the day just goes faster. And you make more friends, and there’s more opportunities when you’re then one that’s like, doing a good job and being really positive, that your boss is gonna be like, ‘Hey, maybe you get a raise.’
– ‘You’ve got a nice ‘tude.’ ‘Would you like a molten chocolate cake?’ [high fives] The ‘E’ stands for everyone else is miserable too. Right. This is not a singular feeling. You might be feeling stuck, bummed, stressed, whatever. But just know that deep down, everyone else is feelin’ that same way,
– Right. except for the one that has the good attitude. I always think it’s fun to like, create games within like, your co-workers, (Oh.) just to make the time go faster. We’re changing the ‘G’ in the acronym (Games.) to Games.
– Games. The ‘T’, in get paid stands for taxes. Now we have done an episode on taxes (Yep.) and you have told your horror story about not putting taxes aside. Yes.
– If you guys aren’t having taxes taken out of your cheque, put it to the side, y’all! Yeah!
– April’s gonna come and you’re gonna feel like a fool. Yeah! Set yourself up for success! Don’t spend it all in one place. Unless it’s on our future merch.
– Yeah exactly. [laughs] ‘P’ in get paid is for party during your off hours! Life is about balance. Work hard, play hard. We’ve always said that.
– Yeah, exactly. Don’t *just* do your job and like, hermit out for the summer.
– Right. You should reward yourself.
– Yes.
– Don’t forget it’s still summer time. The ‘A’ in get paid stands for, ask for what you want. Now I think this is a lesson just with jobs across the board.
– In life. Yeah. Don’t be afraid to ask for certain things. If you feel like you’re working your ass off, also ‘A’. Uh, then you should feel comfortable asking for a raise. Mamrie: If you’ve been doing a good job.
Grace: Even just presenting the question. Exactly. Don’t be scared to go, ‘Hey, look, I know I’ve been cleaning the popcorn machine. (Mhm.) But I really feel like I could be in the ticket booth. Where there’s a lot less coconut grease, staining my body the *whole* summer. Say that verbatim to your boss (Verbatim.) wherever you work. No matter what job it is
– No matter what job you have, that’s the way that you approach your boss. ‘I’ in get paid, is for interesting. I’m literally just reading this (I know.) off of here. I’m like, wait a minute, what? The ‘I’ in interesting stands for, this is a time when you’re younger, this is just a part-time job. You’re not like, committing to your career. So maybe try something out of the box. Maybe, y’know, work in a place that might not be something you think you’re totally into yet.
– Right. Or that will be your career forever, but you find it interesting.
– I have other ‘I’s. Oh! Okay.
– Investigate. Intern. Oahhhh! I’ve never interned and it’s always been something I regretted, and I know you were like queen intern!
– Yeah, I had like six different internships while I was in undergrad. And it’s one of the greatest things you can do. Yes, most of the time you will not get paid. You’ll get college credit or school credit, but it gives you *so* much experience that you cannot get by being in class. Plus it gives you like the variety that you can do multiple internships in different areas, and then find out for yourself before you decide that you want to go into a certain area, that it’s not for you! Exactly. I know, I had so many friends who they interned, and then they changed their major.
– Yeah! ‘Cause they’re like, ‘I didn’t want to do this for a summer.’ (Yeah.) ‘I don’t want to do this the rest of my life.’ Right. You gotta go on a first date before you marry someone. Well, not according to one of our favourite shows. Married At First Sight.
– Oh yeah that one’s good.
– [Mamrie laughs] That one’s a good one. That one’s a good one. The ‘D’ in get paid (Finally.) stands for…dat hotty doh. I mean, there is nothing more fun than a summer fling. And also a work crush.
– Yeah. We say this all the time, that you just gotta have a work crush, not that it’s a serious thing, it just makes the day more fun! Yeah, just like a little make out here and there. Oh, that’s further than…
– [off camera laughter] Well, that seems like that’s unprofessional but–
– I think there’s levels to ‘dat hotty doh’.
– I was gonna say like just the fantasy of like, liking someone at work, not acting on it, like, cause that seems like that gets you fired… So we need you to get up there! Let’s bump up those percentages. Let’s get paid this summer. Grace, who do we have a gratitude problem with today?
– Today it comes from Instagram user VinnageLife. They said this might get sketchy, and they did this like, sketch!
– Ooh! That looks like it’s all, like, single lines.
– Wow. That’s amazing. That could be a cool neon. You love a good neon.
– I’m sorry that’s what I love.
– [Grace laughs] Thank you so much, VinnageLife! And remember, if you guys want to be featured in an upcoming gratitude problem segment, just tag us on all your social media. Any creative thing that you have that’s inspired by our show. #thismightget
– And in the meantime, subscribe to us! We are here Monday through Friday hangin’ out witchu *every* morning. So, hit subscribe, hit those bell notifications, and have a good time with your two favourite Internet aunts.
– Yeah, we’re a great pastime if you’re bored at your summer job. Get back to work!!
– [Grace laughs]

100 thoughts on “HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR SUMMER JOB with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart”

  • When I was under 18, I couldn't get anyone to hire me. Too many regulations on breaks, and places just don't want to deal with it

  • Wait so teens can legit get jobs in the U.S.? In the part of Europe where I'm from, you can only legally get a job if you're 18+! Most teens still work "illegally" tho. Mostly at fast food places, coffee places, motels, etc bc the proper authorities don't check up on those sort of places too often.

  • FigurativelyBored says:

    I know that I and a lot of my friends didn’t have actual regular jobs because we were playing competitive softball in front of college scouts for the summer. The deal was that if I wanted to play ball in college and try to get a scholarship for it, that would be an acceptable substitute to working a summer job because it was going to take up most of my time and would be the only other way to offset college costs. I worked a couple summers on weekdays still before I started playing at college recruitment camps (I know how creepy it sounds). My first job was as a soccer referee which I was way too anxious and insecure for 😂 I was bullied by literal five year olds. Then I worked as the pool girl at a local yacht club which sounds fancy but was mostly just me making sure the pool had chlorine in it and occasionally skimming leaves and bugs while I read a book and waited for a bunch of waspy people in polos to pick their awful children up at what they decided was a makeshift daycare 🙃

  • Allie Shepler says:

    I've been trying to get a summer job for a month now and everyone is hiring but no one is hiring me ugh kill me

  • Hailee DeVore says:

    Haha watching this at thirteen like, hey I'm 13 And have a job already do so it's the lazy 16-17 year olds slowing us down 😂

  • rhyan felicity says:

    I've been working at this in dining movie theater for 4 months and I now have work crushes and asked to get a slight promotion and I did. Sadly, I fail at least 3/4 times a day because I lose my postivity vibe throughout the day (Customer Service SUCKS!) but I will continue to use GET PAID more.

  • They're 16 let's cut some slack. Underage laws are much more complex, it's easier for employers to hire 18+. Millennials are still taking those retail jobs because no one is hiring them.

  • Can I just say I spent a summer assembling diabetes kits. Every morning I was assigned two positions… One before lunch and one after lunch. I legit just stood there for 8 hours a day putting tiny diabetes equipment into a box.

  • Only a summer job? I have two all year jobs and then one summer just because it is a seasonal kind of job 😂 send help I’m dyjng

  • It’s difficult to get a job if you’re under 18 now because of having to be an ‘adult’ at most businesses.

  • Tracie Irene says:

    Arts recreation and entertainment sounds like working in cinemas and theaters and museums, and being camp counselors.

  • Shannon Hicks says:

    In regard to Dat Hottie Doh: I worked at a Christian summer camp over a summer and two of the counselors got banned from working for the council when they were found showering together so like…be wise in your hottie interactions.

  • Jessica Lovins says:

    The peeps that are following you, don't have a job, though I love watching. My son is 13 and is
    Making 70 a week before he is legal to. All kids want to make videos(and have free money), so you are showing them something unattainable. But, your merch😂😩🙄 this mom ain't doing it! Sorry, I'm your age, but don't care for this type of "work"

  • Kelli Gibson says:

    lol I work one job throughout the year while going to college full time and I currently have 3 jobs and an internship this summer

  • Charlie Hutton says:

    I have a fun workplace game to play. First you pick a coworker (not a boss), then you just start acting real suspicious. The fun part is that none of your other coworkers will have had that experience with you, so it’s kind of like psychological torture.

  • High school student here. I play sports, I’m very involved and work year round. It sucks! I took a 2 month LOA and never came back 😅

  • I worked at a bowling alley where we got free soft drinks. Next door was a movie theater where the employees got free popcorn. When our managers were on break, we'd meet outside between the two and exchange cokes for popcorn with our very own "popcorn Santa." We were living the life.

  • KimOlson1993 says:

    I’m like Mamrie! 25, working at a (dine in) movie theater year-round! I’ve had literally every position available – box office, runner, & server!

  • Casey Gregori says:

    That's what happens when no skill adults take teenager jobs. They never learn skills and are content with minimum wage jobs for 40 years. Now teenagers can't get traditional, high school jobs

  • As soon as I was old enough to work (16), I got a job in the kitchen at the local nursing home. Very humbling job and I think about the lessons I learned there pretty often. I also made friends with old people…they kind of became surrogate grandparents. That was a good job.

  • Just reminded me when we helped ourselves to the popcorn when working at the Odeon Cinema 😀thanks guys from here in the UK .

  • I watch this show everyday during my lunch break at work! ✨
    When Mamrie said get back to work at the end I nearly jump off my chair, thought my boss was shouting at me 😂😂

  • Kelsey Charlene says:

    omg I worked at the front desk of the city pools here in Gainesville, FL for 7 years…….. we have so much in common Grace

  • a lot of teens and ppl in our 20's can't find a Job because older ppl wont retire or give up there position. Eye roll

  • I'm a straight lady with all female co workers and one old guy so…D does not work. Unless we're talking the cute guy at the movie store…

  • at 16-17 i didnt have a summer job, but i worked seasonal in the fall. Now (at 19) i work year round while trying to do school and let me tell you, not fun. If you can find someone who will occasionally make out with you? GO FOR I T

  • Maybe high schoolers are only working in the summer because colleges don't care about them, they care about school extracurriculars and sports. That was my experience, being in drama class took up ALL my time.

  • I work a weekend shift that’s full time and I’m technically an adult and I still found this helpful. Thank you ladies!

  • this series started out strong now it's like two old moms trying too hard to be
    hip? what happened? the chemistry isn't the same, gmm doesn't feel like a forced concept ? what happened?!

  • I don't know about y'all in America, but the reason kids here in Finland aren't getting summer jobs is that Nobody wants to hire anyone without experience and qualifications, and generally companies avoid hiring summer help in general because it's not profitable to do so when they can just get by understaffed while some people are on holiday. Maybe don't pin this one on the teens. I'm 22 now and I've applied for at least a dozen summer jobs every year since I turned 15 and I have yet to so much as be invited to an interview.

  • Patrice Linman says:

    I just got my first job at McDonalds since it’s close enough that I don’t have to drive (I don’t have a car) and they are so under staffed that they’ll hire anyone. I work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. It’s really hectic and busy but I’m getting paid and I only have to work for a few months and then I leave for college

  • Christina Romano says:

    How do so many teens not have jobs these days?! I worked all year round when I was in high school. I worked in Old Navy for a while and I hated it then I moved over to Best Buy and possibly hated that even more. I worked in college AND grad school. I’m glad I got that work ethic in.
    I paid my work dues doing retail. I hated every second of customer service but I’m glad I did those bc they taught me not only how to deal with customers but also with difficult/childish managers and other employees.
    Also, take it from me, GET YOUR TAXES TAKEN OUT! I worked at a museum in NYC one day a week and the museum didn’t take taxes out bc I was considered a consultant (which it wasn’t. I started out as an intern then got the one day a week paid gig). Now I owe an arm and a leg in NYC taxes.
    I really wish I had something like this video when I was younger and working retail. I probably wouldn’t have hated it so much.

  • Courtney Zanetti says:

    I'd be interested to know if interning was included in those stats. I bet a lot of high school kids are getting upaid internships instead of low-paying part time jobs over the summer, might make the percentage of kids "working" higher than 20 percent

  • Do they not do co-op programs in school? The program found me my first job at an eye doctor’s office at 16 and it was so helpful to jumpstart my career.

  • I'm so proud of my little sis. She has a job whole year round plus extra curriculars plus she just started a YouTube channel…and because I'm her big sister. I'm going to plug her now.
    Channel name: Macy Sabrsula
    One of the top channels if you search it people…easy peasy!
    P.S. Don't have to if you don't want to, just throwing it out there.

  • Jennifer Brown says:

    YAY for I being Intern! I work for a Career Services office at a university and I was hoping that's what you would say! I'm going to share this video with all my students!

  • Hey I did not come onto YouTube to be reminded of the fact that I’m in my twenties working at a school and do nothing over the three month summer break. I came here to forget!

  • Evangelos Mesolongitis says:

    Americans are so into work work work all the time. In Europe we say rest travel think. Also resting during summer is really crucial for your health in general. I hope you do an episode Americans vs Europeans tourists.

  • I’m convinced kids don’t want summer jobs because education has become so involved and exhausting. Summer is the only time to reset.

  • I job my job last year when I was 17 but my reasoning was literally white privilege
    "My mom said I can't go to Hawaii if I don't get a job by September"
    I went, it was cool.

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