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  • Just got into snowboarding last season and I really want to try to get good. Definitely will be referring back to this. Thank you for posting!!

  • Thanks. This is a great video. I wish more people get to watch this video. For some reason this video doesn't show up in search, maybe you should do something to improve the SEO

  • Im always confused what type of turning you have on snowboard (like skidded one,carves etc),when to use them,and what type of turning you learn on begining(are those just some regular turns to get the feel of snowboard,or are they basic technique for example skidding where you ll get better by practicing,and than you can learn carves,or after you learn to turn,you ll again need to learn those different types of turning,if you know what i mean cause im little bit confused,im just starting to learn by myself)?
    Thank you!

  • I've got a friend who learnt to snowboard all by himself and then tried to improve his riding by watching this video. Well.. as expected, still a ton and a half of mistakes.

    Reason? This video isn't really consumable at once. Even if each part and each exercise is done over and over again – there will still be some ineffective or outright harmful moves that so many snowboarders do.

    "What does distinguish an average snowboarder and a good one?" is the question that no one ever really asks. Well, the answer is – aside from the bag of tricks and billions and billions of time spent on the board – they're holding their edge a lot. Depends on the terrain of course, but still. Check this out – https://www.facebook.com/mauro.bisol/videos/10215994374751938/ – 80-ish percent of the time it's a carve.

    What can be done in order to reach the level when you can hold the edge most of the time, at least on mellow slopes? Well, first of all, mistakes need to be spotted. Link to your video in the comments is just one of the options.

    Then these mistakes need to be addressed, with certain exercises. Some of them are in this video already, and we will be making a new video showcasing what exactly helped my friend over here. Yes, I crossed the line and gave him an actual lesson, like 1 hour, so the experiment lost its value. However, we still have quite some time here in Innsbruck and I bet I will see this transformation from a drift-turn beginner to a beginner who can already carve. Which kind of puts him above 50% of the rest of snowboarders 😀

    Ok, so I said it. More videos coming your way. If I will forget my promise – please remind me in the comments 😀

    P.S. we're in a need of a filmer here in Innsbruck, if by any chance you live here, can ride and hold a gimbal, and you want to contribute – let me know. We can make a lot better quality videos than the one above!

  • Hi Gregory,

    This is an excellent beginner snowboard instructional video. It is very informative and enjoyed re-learning the basics. I agree with your approach of simply using weight shifting as the core of the explanation and breaking each component down in details. Of course, now watching your videos make sense to me after learning many different types of explanation from different school of thoughts/instructors. But I believed they all trying to achieve the same outcome/results at the end of the day. Keep up the good work.

    Are you going to create more advance content on learning to carve?

    Question – In regarding to carving, a lot of videos talks about push-pull (ignoring other complex movement), basically when I make a turn from heel to toe (for example) I will un-weight my board to change edge. I believe most snowboarders will un-weight their board by standing taller. Then once edge has changed we gradually bend our knees gong into the turn… and so on to change edge again. I also came across another technique when changing edge the rider un-weight by bending his knees and gradually extend their knees going into the turn and the process repeat for the next edge change. So, it is a complete opposite. What are the difference? Is the latter more advance carving technique? How would it handle bumpy terrain if we are standing taller going into the turn?

    Apology for the long question. I hope it make sense with my question above.

    Thank you.

  • andrew.storrie mclean says:

    Hi there, just starting out boarding and really glad I found your channel. Much appreciated. Learning on a dry ski slope which many people say is harder. Falling certainly is! Thanks again and I’ll keep watching and telling others of your great vids

  • IPTHUB 360 Virtual Tours says:

    Man, you are an awesome instructor. I think is the best video training, I enjoyed a lot the graphics used to illustrate how's to lean, etc. Awesome!

  • I wish I found this video earlier, I am having trouble committing my weight to the front leg so I hope the exercises shown here will help me.  This approach seems to be better than the others so I wonder why all the schools don't follow it?

  • Sorry, I some how missed that part. I think I skipped forward looking for a falling lesson and missed yours. That was a pretty good safety demonstration @ 15:41. The last kid I taught, I also mentioned as to why you need to fall a certain way, and what could happen with an arm injury. He did not like the sound of a sprained wrist and broken forearm. He got the idea real quick. lol. Again good instruction and detail. I wish more of us would teach that same lesson. Anyway, happy teaching and happy riding. Original comment deleted.

  • hey der i learnt to snowboard watching snowprofessor and ow going back too basics to fix bad habits ive been watching ur tutorials i didnt even know bout weight on front foot while skating i have a video on my channel titled snowboard progress and last day snowboarding if u cld check out vids any feedback will be appreciated

  • Strange question..i live very far from the mountain and can only access an indoor arena..what is the differnce in learning between this and real snow?

    I guess what im asking is whats easier to learn on?

  • Toejam D Cheflokomotive says:

    At the latest you will be thankful for all the theory when you start going switch and you feel like boarding the first day. I'd pay money to learn personal from gregory!

  • Gregory. Thanks for the video. It was a great effort on your part to put it together!! I’m a beginner snowboarder and will certainly try your tips to improve my riding. I also look forward to more videos.
    Now, I really have to ask… what made you choose “El Chicharrón Peluo” as soundtrack? 😄👍 That was certainly unexpected…!

  • Hi Gregory excellent tutorial. Can you explain which foot is supposed to go in the front or back? Is your dominant foot supposed to go in the back or front? I keep getting mixed answers. My dominant foot is the right foot (i prefer it for kicking etc). When I slide across the floor I prefer the right front in front also but I have heard the way you slide across the floor is the way you are supposed to ride. In which case, my right dominant foot should be in front. Is that right?

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